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Welp, it wouldn't be football, definitely not college & certainly not the (undisputable strongest conference) SEC if the challenges & egos weren't flying around! Let's face it, until being proven otherwise(as annoying & for some of us as disappointing as it may be), Bama is the top dog, most likely followed by the Bayou- you can't run it down Bama's throats ( Frnt is a beast & that takes a lot coming from a DAWG that has only ever referred to Walker & Gurley as such) qb play will make the difference on this respect. Then...can't be sure but one of our East's big 3- Gators are just unpredictable- could win it all could make me happy & flop, especially when we play in Jacksonville (neutral site my @$$). Vols- comment before about the cousin you can't stomach so true- but they by all rights, could have their uber smart & athletic qb play, hand it off to Hurd & back up a few more times, finish the close ones & win out right. Then, there is my personal dawgs (backs especially) come out healthy & stay that way (no more breaking my RUNNING BACKS & multiple other positions every season UT!!!) UGA picks a daggum qb & gets the team behind him..& though I love Richt, Smart brings that attitude w/ him & we have a first yr coach take us where noone has been able to in over a quarter of a century!!! Wishful thinkin' on that last'n but most was respectable riiight??!!!
As long as they both are & stay healthy, not so much of a limb brotha!!
Is this really even a conversation?! Obviously the SEC can not be trumped or even paralleled for that matter, in returning &/or up-n-coming BIG names. Most of the comments listed- agreed...& Watson is a phenomenal athlete. I do pose this question though- other than the fact that we all know Bama struggles w/ mobile qbs (like the only weakness on the regular) what kind of numbers would he put up playing an all SEC schedule??!!! AND Fournette & a healthy Chubb are neck & neck for the best players in the country, especially w/ the numbers they put up, against the defenses they play wk in wk out AND THEY KNOW WHAT's COMING!!!!