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The Big 10 would have been Missouri's first choice 10 years ago. Now there's no way they'd dip from what amounts to college football's G-league.
It's the TV footprint that matters. Mizzou is more valuable (stl and KC) than Arkansas, Kentucky, or the Mississippi schools. Doesn't matter anyway; no one is leaving
I'm 37 and too young to remember Georgia's last natty
Saban is the most prolific coach in NCAA history. Of course he's the best coach in the SEC year in and year out. No doubt about it. However, he's not going to win this award every year because that's boring. "Coach of the Year" could honestly be renamed to "most improved" or "team that most out-performed expectations" W/R/T replacing talent, Saban still has 7 5-stars and 45 4-stars on the roster. It's a talent pool so deep, it doesn't even compare to the challenges that other schools/coaches (even elite ones like LSU) face when a talent heavy class graduates or declares.
They won't be favored @LSU. I was more mentioning their hardest games that they /should/ win.
Most delusional and over-inflated fandom? Vols Nation would like a word. I don't expect Florida to beat Georgia or Bama this year. And they have Kentucky and Mizzou on the road. Florida will be favored for those, but they will likely be tough games. They should clean up the rest of their schedule. 8-4 will be good enough for a top 25 finish, worse comes to worst
For Treylon's sake, let's hope all the defenses KJ Jefferson sees are as bad as Missouri's in 2020.
Mizzou probably isn't quite there yet. Drinkwitz is recruiting at a level never before seen in Missouri, but it takes time to stack those kind of classes and develop that talent. Most fan expectations live between 7-5 and 9-3 for the 2021 season. I think most Mizzou fans would be thrilled taking 2 of 3 from Tenn, Arky, and Kentucky and keeping the A&M, Florida, and Georgia games competitive.
Arkansas is 1-7 in the last 8 games between these two teams????