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It would definitely be way too easy. That pod would come down to Kentucky and Tennessee almost every year. Also, either of the writers proposals for pods or divisions. Florida gets the short end of the stick. They get Alabama in both scenarios.
That is a shame. I hope he comes back, but I wish him the best of luck.
I think he is talking about when they claimed to be champions after going undefeated a couple years ago.
Something I think Alabama has over Georgia in this matchup is the amount of adversity Alabama has had. While Georgia on the other hand has not really had many close games. The ‘closer’ games they had were usually only close for a half. Georgia really has not had to play a full 60 minute game, because they handled their games in 30. Bama may be more prepared for a full 60 minute effort than Georgia is, so Georgia could be blindsided. I expect Georgia to still win, but it could go down to the wire.
It is their choice to play or not. Getting into the NFL is an extremely hard thing to do, and rather then celebrating your program giving this guy a career. You’re complaining about him for not playing 1 game. From your other comments, it is pretty obvious all you care about is if your team wins. When you should also care about the players who give you those wins. The whole “He has teammates that count on him” is a BS excuse. From what your fellow Vols are saying about this guy. It sounds like this guy was a team player. You are one of the Vols that give your fan base so much hate by others. I hope you reevaluate your position on this.
I am glad Tennessee had a good year. Maybe we will get you next.
I hope he doesn’t. I like the fact the Kentucky Tennessee rivalry actually feels competitive for once, in basketball and football for once. I see a couple fellow Kentucky fans hoping he leaves to point fun at the Vols. I don’t think that is very fair since there are some worries our coach could leave. I don’t think it will happen but still. I just want to watch good football, so I like seeing teams succeed.
This was a good one, but I prefer the ones with all the teams. I think they do their best work when they include everybody.
If Robinson stays the passing attack next season could be historic for Kentucky. I don't think he will stay. He has a really good shot at earning some money at the NFL, and if he thinks he should go he should. However, there is a small part of me that really wants to see what is possible with him here next year.
The stadium as a little over 15,000 seats, so I would say that is a pretty good amount of sales.
Yeah, Florida’s offense did play bad against Kentucky, but I wouldn’t say Jones was the main problem. The blame should go to the O-line for that game.
If any team deserves to win it all, its this one. I hope they don’t lose right at the end. All Kentucky basketball fans know how much it sucked how the 2015 team went out. I hope it doesn’t happen to this team.
And I thought LSU would have no rival in what program is on fire the most
Levis deserves blame, but the lost is not solely on him. Besides Robinson and Ali who is a real deep threat? No one else. That makes it pretty easy to figure out where the ball is going on passes. With this recruit class we got some receivers, maybe things will be different next year. Also got to mention the defense and run game were not playing very well either.
It sucks that they lost tonight, but I will keep paying attention to this team. There is still a lot of things to be happy about. We still have a shot at a 10 win regular season, and at worst maybe 9. Not to mention one of the best recruiting classes in program history. I am still excited for the future.
It sucks that Kentucky lost, but then I think. At least we are not Florida. 21 points scored in less than 3 minutes. That’s the definition of pain.
I hope this year Kentucky does not collapse again