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It looks to me like he was punching at the ball, and made contact since the came flying out the other side. No player intentionally punches a helmet. DB's punch at the ball all the time to try and force turnovers.
Jim Bob is a former walk on QB at UT and is now the youngest OC in the NFL with the Detroit Lions. I don't think he's ready to be a HC yet, and he doesn't know anything about recruiting. I wish Butch would have tried to get for OC instead of Larry Scott though. It may have made a difference in this season and his career.
Have you watched a single Bama game? Dude, they are on another level. That lucky yard TD would have been a pick 6 against Bama. I dislike Bama as much as anyone in the SEC, but you have to give credit where it is due, and this year's Tide with Jalen Hurts and Jeremy Pruitt's scheme is something to watch.
UT didn't drop after losing to aTm, but dropped 10 spots after losing to Bama. I would think FL would drop with that loss as well, especially if y'all lose to FSU this week. The kicker will be aTm. If they beat LSU, they're in the Sugar. Auburn will drop below them after losing to Bama.
He graduated from Blackman High School IN Murfreesboro, TN. There is no such place as Murfreesboro High School. He was also the state tournament MVP in basketball his senior year, leading Blackman to the State Championship. Truly gifted athlete.
So, you're saying TN loses the next 2 and FL wins out? I'll take that bet.
I agree with you Gator. Even though Bama looked slightly above average yesterday, they played a lot of young guys. Saban will have his team ready for big games. The only way they go down is by getting complacent and their ego cause mistakes, which has happened. The big question right is, is aTm for real? They look mighty impressive so far, but they did the first half of each of the last 3 years, just to fall apart in the back half of their schedule. If they continue to play like they have so far, aTm vs Bama will decide the conference champ. Love my VOLS, but being rational, the inconsistent play and slow first halves will be losses in the next 2 games.
Congrats to Bama and Coach Saban. I think they have UT ranked too high with 4 losses. I believe we should be behind LSU, around 17 or 18. Also, PLEASE SDS, don't start the crap about Tennessee being a playoff team next year, then blame "fan expectations" if it doesn't happen. We have to end losing streak to Florida and Bama before we can even think about winning the East. UT should be pretty good, but us fans know we're not world beaters. We just hope the ball bounces the right way and Butch can lead us to Atlanta.
Jarrett Guarantano played in the UA game. He won the passing skills competition before the game, but obviously Eason, Franks, and Patterson weren't there. He showed good elusiveness and pocket presence, but missed on some throws. He likes to put heat on the ball which made some shorter throws hard to handle. He has a good arm, but not an Eason or Patterson cannon. It will definitely benefit him to redshirt a year, work on his release and touch, and get a little stronger. His footwork looked pretty good to a novice like me.
I don't use twitter much, so I have no idea who this guy is. I can say I sat close to the NW section. I was in the concession line behind 3 guys and a young lady in purple, probably students, that were a little short on cash to get the waters and nachos they were trying to purchase. When I handed them a 5 to cover the remainder of their bill, they looked at me like I was holding them at gunpoint! I think they were a little scared, and know they were surprised. I guess they aren't used to politeness in Chicago, bless their hearts.
I was just in Athens this past weekend for the first time. I have agree that it should be top 10. Great city with a wonderful college atmosphere. Everyone was very nice and had some great conversations, even with my UT gear on. I must admit, the campus bookstore is one of the best I've been too.
Umm, pretty sure our team played on the same field they did. It's called "home field advantage" for a reason. Don't like it, don't take that million dollar check they wrote you for the ass wippin.
The NCAA has rules against using athletic status for personal gain. It seems that using athletic status for the purpose of blackmail would fall inside that same guideline. Don't get me wrong, I am all for standing up when you feel you have been wronged, and these students have every right as Americans to voice their opinions as a collective group against being treated unfairly. At the same time, making a threat to not adhere to a contract (scholarship agreement papers) in the legal sense is considered breaching said contract and means the school should view this as such and consider it null and void. The school has accepted them as students and they can and should remain students, just not as athletes with their tuition being paid for by the school. Obviously, none of these blackmailers are law students. Mizzu's season is in the crapper anyway, I'd tell these guys to suit up or write a check. Protest all you want, but do it the right way. As far as their "demands", they are showing that they are racist as well.
They didn't go there "just for football. However, the contract they have with the school is that they will play football as payment for their education. If they don't play, they should lose their scholarship. They can stay in school, but on their own dime.
It's a Tennessee Walking Horse, not a Thoroughbred. The World Grand Champion makes a lap around the field during halftime of homecoming. Kentucky races horses, just not on the field, lol.
^^^^lmao, and oh so true!
Umm, ever heard of the Tennessee Walking Horse? Pretty sure tractors have taken over plowing duties, but I wouldn't expect a UK fan to know that.
Did any of these so called "analysts" pick TN to go undefeated? Most people were predicting 8-4, with a few at 9-3. Both of those predictions are looking a lot more attainable right now, even with the disappointment of this loss. Nobody in their right mind thinks UT is a playoff contender for exactly the reason they showed Saturday night. Oklahoma is a pretty good team, I think that shows how far Butch has brought these young men. The next few weeks will be very interesting in the SEC East.
I thought the same thing. I assume one of those should be aTm.
Did you not read that is listed as 2nd team? True Freshman on a loaded D line. Win or lose, your O line will wish he were suspended.
I agree that UT's secondary will be able to hold their own, but the front is unproven. The pass rush should be scary, however, they will have to prove they can be disciplined enough to stay in position against the run to keep teams honest.