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The suspension was Hammonds. The special teams comment concerned Hayden.
I wanna give everyone here the benefit of the doubt, but it really seems that you guys are serious. You do realize it's a joke, right? Because they were allowed to pose with him in the uniforms? Please tell me you understand that and I'm just missing your sarcasm.
Another very important piece of information not included: quality of defenses faced. Tua wins, hands down.
Morris won 7 games at SMU with a team that won 1 game before he got there and had next to no usable talent. In 3 years he had respectable recruiting classes and a bowl game at what was a joke of a school. If he can do that, imagine what he can do at an SEC school with a lot of resources.
That's the thing, though. Little Rock DOESN'T have more to do than the Hill. Fayetteville and the surrounding area have every advantage, other than state government offices. Night life, cultural, entertainment, etc., are all equal or better than Little Rock. The only reason for this is rich boosters wanting to feel special.
I am completely okay with that fact. Usually one of the best games of the year in pure entertainment value.
TAMU is 10th against the run? Arkansas is 7th. We also held Auburn, who have a better qb, to less than half that yardage. I have no doubts we'll lose and our offense will flounder, but the predictions for the other side are bold, indeed.
I have no choice but to believe razorback fans are being framed. Even before our loss, no one expected us to truly compete with MSU. I hope they're caught so we can eviscerate them ourselves. My apologies on behalf of all true Hogs to all MSU.
Especially when we had 5 forced fumbles. It was a typical Chavis defense: give up yards, but cause havoc and turnovers. Our run D needs a lot of work, but overall we did decent.
I think "late hit" ended after the fourth step, post-throw. At the point he was hit, it's flat out assault.
Also: less seating means much less money made, and it's over 3hours from campus, which is close to being a road game. There are definite pros, as well (cheaper tickets for fans, easier for a lot of the state to get to), hence the debate.
You've gotta admit, though, that the games the last 3 years were some of the craziest in a long time. And, at least for is, fun.
Arkansas has been getting better every week, beat Tennessee earlier this year, and just beat Alabama on their own court. Yet we're nowhere to be found. I've noticed that every SDS basketball article, even when Arkansas is listed in the rankings OF THAT ARTICLE, we are never otherwise mentioned. Do you guys have extremely selective amnesia, or just consider Arkansas beneath notice?
I'll never understand the hate some of our "fans" have for the Allen family. Both of them were 4 stars out of high school who played very well. Their dad didn't give them those rankings. If Austin had the same linemen Brandon had, he would have been a easy All-American candidate. There was never a good reason NOT to play them.
I only have 2 problems with your method: all P5 champs get in They do not all deserve to get in. Sure there's an argument for OSU (though wrong), but the PAC-12 did not deserve a spot this year. All that would have done is wasted a game and left out a team that might actually stand a chance. If P5 programs are left out, it will be incentive to play better ooc competition and improve.
What dumpster fire would that be? The one with the national tournament basketball team that took the future champions to the wire? The one with some of the highest rated track and baseball teams in the country? The one with the best academic achievements in the school's history? Or the one with a football coach of a historically average team that has taken them to 3 straight bowl games for the first time ever and is in the middle of his first losing season, inaugural notwithstanding? If you consider a single bad season a dumpster fire, you might be an idiot.
Ha ha ha ha! Here's what any school hiring Petrino means: 1) We want a high power, borderline air raid offense 2) Defense is an after thought at best 3) Winning is more important than absolutely anything else, especially academics I truly hope no SEC teams accept that. But then again, I have no doubts someone will.
Don't worry. They'll hire him back after he gets fired from his next job. Then he'll win a lot on the back of one or two talented players and all will be forgiven.
Well, it is Texas. They always assume they'll get what they want. But I'm sure Arkansas would love to renew the rivalry! Based on Texas' last several years, it'd probably be our easiest game each season.
Did you guys really just write an article on a nationally relevant (debatable) sports website for the sole purpose of making fun of a random commenter from a DIFFERENT website? Seriously? I usually like to give you credit when others are questioning your credibility, but this is just pathetic.
All of these teams are doing exactly as most people expected. How is that disappointing? If you want not meeting expectations, try Florida and Auburn. Even those might be a stretch.
I'm not calling anyone a liar because I don't know you or anyone involved, but it sounds to me like you have your own pretty heavy bias as it relates to this. Let's just let the investigation play out before dropping the guillotine on anyone.
The only way to win quickly at Arkansas is to put yourself in a situation like Petrino (miserable players, no accountability, no discipline) or Freeze (near-deadly NCAA sanctions due to recruiting violations). I'm a big fan of the culture change Bret has brought and the way he recruits.
The best defense he saw was OKLAHOMA. Which also happened to be his worst game by far. This savior narrative is getting out of control. Saddest part is, it's not even Auburn fans running with it!
Considering how many points were scored by Bama's defense, I'm not sure points per game is the best way to measure their offense
I was so happy when Coach B let Georgia "steal" Chaney away. I hate that we lost Pittman as well, since he was great at his job, but getting rid of Chaney was worth it. Enos was a huge upgrade.
Shows how little recruiting rankings mean sometimes. Ragnow is one of the highest ranked linemen in the country, but by this standard he's third on our own line. Also, Froholdt was recruited for DL, so his number is basically meaningless.