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His stats show that the kid is a baller! He earned this!
Woo pig sooie chant? It's the "hog call", man! Ever heard the phrase "call those hogs"? Goodness, Where does SDS find these writers?
Well, Venables WAS in little rock calling the hogs earlier this week.....
SMU is a program that has been pretty much broken ever since the death penalty. On top of that, SMU has admission/academic standards more strict than Vanderbilt and some ivy league schools. There aren't many difference makers that would qualify to a school like that. Yes, Morris ' SMU team was 1-4 away from home this year, but do you know who they played? TCU (scored more than the hogs did), UCF, Navy (good team, look at who they lost to), at Memphis, and at Houston. Not a cakewalk
SMU has the Admission standards of an ivy league school. How many big time athletes do you really think qualify? Not enough to win! Were in good hands!
So your 1st game was 1970? That's pretty cool! Im sure you have lots of razorback memories and stories. That being said, this is 2017. The game of football has changed drastically in the last 45 years or so. You have to think outside the box and be a little unconventional to win
Thanks for the generosity Memphis Vol, but we'll let you take this one!
Not true. Most of the people around here are pulling for Kiffin of Venables
We're nowhere near Tennessee yet. Our new AD didn't perform a coup to get his position and we haven't been spurned by 10 potential head coaches.
If we're going by who has the best record, (like they did for wisconsin) Alabama should be in. It's amazing how a team can have 1 loss against a top 5 team and get kicked out of the playoff conversation. The BCS would have Clemson #1, Georgia #2, And Bama #3
8-4 is usually a good season. Under bielema, 8-4 consisted of a 1-3 start and a loss to toledo
LOVE the hire. We wanted someone with Arkansas ties, someone who understands the fan base. Check and check
Why is Arkansas even being mentioned in this? Tennessee I can understand, but the hogs have kept things very professional. I suggest you do the same
10 years in the NFL as a running back is almost unheard of nowadays. It's even more impressive when you remember that he was with the raiders for most of his career. I wonder what type of numbers he could've put up if he'd been drafted by a better franchise
That's awesome. I'm loving Mullen at Florida so far, seems like a perfect fit
This is what ole miss needed. A coach who loves the program and won't jump ship when the NCAA storm hits. He will keep the program in one piece until the sanctions are over and they replace him
Statistically, Bielema was the worst Arkansas coach since WWII, but were supposed to look past that because everyone in the media has a man crush on him
I'm so sick of the "poor little arkansas" viewpoint by outsiders. Have people already forgotten that Petrino had us ranked in the top 5 and in the national championship conversation? You can have 10 win seasons at Arkansas, even Houston Nutt was able to do that. Everyone thinks Arkansas is some hick wasteland, but that's just a stereotype made by outsiders. Much of the state is rural, but the area around Fayetteville isn't. It's a booming metro home to business powerhouses like Wal-Mart and Tyson. Those major corporations have pumped millions into our facilities and put them on par with any in the SEC. Arkansas has the potential, we just need the right coach to get us back to prominence
John L Smith was an interim, he was never a permanent head coach. Arkansas has been through 3 coaches in TWENTY years. On top of that, Perino forced the school to fire him.
Yet Kevin Sumlin waas notified of his termination via text message and no one has a problem with it