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Wish I could agree, but I dont have confidence in my hogs beating any power 5 teams. 4-20 is hard to shake
Funny thing is you sound just like Arkansas fans a couple years ago when we hired chaf morris and everyone was giving us crap for it lol
All Mizzou fans ever talk about when it comes to McFadden is the cotton bowl. Our coach was on his way out the door and many players were on their way to the NFL. Sorry to spoil your win but there were bigger fish to fry than mizzou ‍♂️
If trends continue, Carson Wentz will go down before the season ends and Hurts WILL be the starter
As an eagles fan I can admit that we needed a quality backup BAD. Wentz hasnt made it through a season without injury yet. Hurts isnt as fast or elusive as mike vick or randall Cunningham, but he'll be fun to watch
Same here, never even heard of it. Apparently they arent as "prestigious" as they think.
The fanbase is excited about the hire, but a decade of John L Smith, Bielema, chad morris took its toll on us
Had Isaiah Joe not gotten hurt, Eric Musselman would be in the conversation as well
Mason Jones wasnt even that well known throughout the hog fanbase and now leads the SEC in scoring. Hes the definition of breakout player
Funny that I knew Arkansas would be cut out of the SEC before I read the article
Still waiting on that news about Mississippi state. I watch recruiting very closely, and adidas definitely played a part in them landing reggie perry
Finebaum is the king of kissing up. When Bielema was in the SEC finebaum was ALWAYS under him. Then when bielema was fired Finebaum (along with most of the SEC Network talking heads) ripped arkansas for the firing every chance they got because it was a "bad move". Cant take any of these guys or their hot takes serious
John L Smith had a better record than morris AND he actually beat an SEC team. Chad morris never beat a single power 5 team as a head coach. That includes his time at SMU
Isaiah Joe, Arkansas 2nd best scorer and best 3pt shooter is out indefinitely. Jimmy Whitt, Arkansas 3rd best scorer and pseudo big man is playing with an injury. Unfortunately this isnt the same team that went 12-1
Crazy thing is he actually had the line at one point, then he lost Sam pittman and everything fell apart. ArKansas was trending upward until Pittman left
How is Rakeem Boyd not on this list? ArKansas won 2 games last season and he STILL hit the 1000 yard mark. Give the man some credit.
This article isnt about how coaches performed (or didnt), it's about splash hires. Arkansas stealing Bielema from Wisconsin was a huge move that had talking heads all around the country discussing the move
You guys will never admit you were excited about anything Arkansas. When Bret Bielema was hired, heads turned across the country. It was on ESPN for days, CBS, literally everything sports. But yeah it wasnt a big hire at all
No love for Dre Greenlaw? 49ers wouldve lost weeks ago without him
It's sad, but as an Arkansas fan, you get used to be the 3rd or 4th choice.
The comments section never disappoints
According to Mike Berman of Fox 26 in Houston, this is false and King has not decided on a school yet
Actually students started lining up at 4:30 AM! How crazy is that?! This fanbase is hungry for success. Its gonna be crazy across the state if we pull this one out and hit the top 25
Doubt that. He definitely wont be any worse than what we just had