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You dont have to bash the writer because his opinion differs from yours.
Did you forget the Arkansas debacle? Auburn would be 1-4 without help from the refs
Agreed. The difference between Arkansas this year and last year proves that
It's a clip from family guy. Wont go into context though
Chad morris needs more time. He only has 30% of his offense installed
Eventually you have to stop looking at last season. There is nothing about Arkansas current play that hints at 3-7.
Coach of the year - pittman Broyles award (best assistant) - odom Burlsworth (best walk on) - hudson clark
Now we just have to take out mizzou and Pittman sweeps all the new coaches. Doesnt that make him newcomer of the year?
Arkansas (Barry Odom) also gave everyone the blueprint on how to beat mississippi state
Phrases with any form of "2020 in them are banned through December 31st
They had to release something. There were too many eyes on it, specifically media types with big followings. The botched call was actually trending on twitter
Pile of players on the ground fighting for the ball, whistles blowing, players in pile continue to scramble for ball. We see it every week.
If a QB is hit and fumbles, play continues even after the whistle is blown until it is clear who has possession of the ball. Their explanation doesnt stand up and looks really bad on the SEC officiating office.
We hadn't won an SEC game since bielema was here. For us it really was just like winning the sec west
Weve been experiencing stuff like this long before odom came. This wasnt even the worst experience weve had with SEC refs. All arkansas fans know about the "florida game" and how refs cheated for tebow.
Stuff like this makes me not even want to watch football anymore. There are no real consequences.
Arkansas beats Miss State but stays at 13 below mizzou? Dont let your bias ruin a good article.
So what? You cant expect one side to uphold their end of the contract and not expect the same of the other. Bielema broke the contract and stopped receiving payments just like any of us would if we broke a similar contract. That being said, im ready for this mess to be over. Settle out of court, give the man some hush money and move on.
Wish I could agree, but I dont have confidence in my hogs beating any power 5 teams. 4-20 is hard to shake
Funny thing is you sound just like Arkansas fans a couple years ago when we hired chaf morris and everyone was giving us crap for it lol
All Mizzou fans ever talk about when it comes to McFadden is the cotton bowl. Our coach was on his way out the door and many players were on their way to the NFL. Sorry to spoil your win but there were bigger fish to fry than mizzou ‍♂️
If trends continue, Carson Wentz will go down before the season ends and Hurts WILL be the starter