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Arkansas just got screwed on a transfer as well. It's time to ditch the NCAA
I'd be absolutely okay with that. Let him bring sam Pittman back and get ANY defensive coordinator with a pulse. That alone should get us more than 2 freaking wins
Why dont we just go ahead and suspend the whole team Chad. You already lost most of the fanbase and you're clearly having a power struggle with the team. I'm just watching to see how bad he can get it before hes booted
I think chad Morris would be a GREAT fit. I hope they dont come after him *wink wink*
They dont have to make sense because they dont answer to anyone. No one requires them to have public guidelines that they go by. They can pick and choose who they want and there nothing we can do about it
They've been asking some difficult questions lately. This staff just refuses to answer.
If there is a wrong QB move to be made, Morris will make it.
Wolf man you're insane. I like mason at vandy because hes shown what he can do in the past, chad Morris however has shown absolutely nothing. We may be worse than we were last year
Our board of trutrustees wanted to hire who they wanted. Jerry jones (supposedly) recommended chad morris. They used the interim AD as a cover. Our current situation is the result
I'm afraid that morris wins this game and were forced to keep him another year
Allen has played in the preseason for Both the Jacksonville Jaguars and the LA Rams. Not sure if you were counting preseason as NFL snaps
That's what chad morris was supposed to be. Hasnt gone as planned
Norvell has more sec wins this season than chad morris, an SEC coach. Should I go on?
Biggest difference I see between stoops and morris is the improvement from year 1 to year 2. Stoops went from 2 wins to 5 whereas morris is once again sitting at 2 wins with a couple unlikely opportunities for wins left on the schedule.
Ironic that bielema left players for a run, Run, Run style of offense as you pointed out, yet we struggle getting a running game going. The biggest issue we have is there has been little to no progress since last season. The problems we had then are the same problems we have now. At some point you have to realize that it isnt working
Chad Morris making dang near top 25 money to lose to mountain west teams smh
Agreed. The fact that he has not a single power 5 win under his belt leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, but being objective I see that we cant fire him yet. He gets 1 more year, but the assistants he brought from SMU have to go. None of them are SEC level assistants and not a single one of them wouldve been picked up by conference foes. Gets some real assistants and we'll field a real football team
Unlisted is Arkansas, who has a less than 0% chance of reaching the playoffs
How bad did Vandys QB perform for Arkansas to move up to 13? Lol
You're one of those "blame the fans" types, huh? Sorry to break it to you bud, but fans arent the reason we cant beat North Texas and San Jose State at home. That's not even a talent/recruiting issue either.
After reading these comments, I hope LSU destroys bama. Yall need to be humbled badly.
When you lose to the worst team in the mountain west and get out coached weekly, you earn that 14th spot.
I wanted that F. At this point I just want to see how bad it will get
I dare say bielema was doing a great job of recruiting linemen until he lost Sam pittman at the end of 2015. Thats when his downfall began
How bold of you to assume were above Vanderbilt. They beat us last year and I'm sure we'd find a way to let them beat us this year too!
Moorehead has won conference games since arriving, yes? Morris hasnt. Moorehead has beaten power 5 teams since arriving? Yes? Morris hasnt. We thought getting blown out at home by North Texas last year was rock bottom, but this staff keeps 1 upping themselves