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You pushed the Troy Smith button. He won heisman because he went to Ohio state while they were dominant. McFadden was far more dynamic but didn’t benefit from a BCS team and hype
His business. We all have personal things in life that are no one else’s business
Probably the first transfer portal announcement I’ve been upset about. The kid could absolutely boom it! Idk why he was having to split punts anyway
Apparently musselman and the San Diego state staff had bad history from musselmans time at Nevada
Hog fans wanted mike Anderson gone because he didn’t show emotion. Now we have a guy that gets into the passion of the game and it’s still not enough. You guys would be upset no matter what
2008. They won in Little Rock in 2012, but Fayetteville is their kryptonite
Hope y’all are ready for hell to “freeze” over in Auburn!
Nah hogs should win this one. Expect our boys to pull away late
None of the fan base agrees with you. Thank goodnesd
Auburn is consistently the luckiest team in power 5
You know your game sucks when ESPN cuts your audio and does split screen with a completely different sport
Luckily Arkansas doesn’t have just one. Our leading rusher from last year is the qb and the leading rb from last year returns this week
If ole miss’ leading rusher isn’t leading the conference in rushing, then they don’t have the best rushing attack in the conference
Hugh Freeze was the perfect hire for Tennessee but they went with josh hopeful instead. Its gonna play out the same way as the last 3 coaches
Haven’t we learned that the problem is Auburn, not the coaches. They have the 2nd most toxic boosters in the NCAA behind Texas. Prime is doing a great job at JSU, especially off the field. I do think he would be a perfect cultural fit at Georgia Tech though
He absolutely would have had Arkansas not stolen Kendall briles from him. There’s a reason frost stopped having success the moment he lost briles
Today is not a good day to be a kicker/punter in college football
SDS just put a huge target on Rattlers chest, and 2 weeks from now the Arkansas d line will hit that target over and over
And I took that personally -Michael Jordan
Hate to break it to ya bud, but this counts towards his season stats
That’s EXACTLY why he added Drew Sanders. It’s literally the only time Arkansas even gets mentioned in the article, and he couldn’t even get the position right.
SDS always ranks Arkansas lower than where they should be because of their “brutal schedule.” I thought this was power ranking, not strength of schedule ranking