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Twist it how you want, Ryan mallet was a starting NFL QB. He just couldnt get over himself long enough to stay off the bench
2006 from what I was told. If that's the case, even I have played on that turf since it was last replaced
That has nothing to do with this article nor is it the reason we lost. If you really need to voice your opinions, go to hogville
You dont want a freshman to come off the bench cold, against an SEC team, with the game on the line. That just isnt an ideal situation. Yes if he succeeds his confidence skyrockets, but if he fails it could ruin him
No hes right. We currently have the best recruiting class in the history of our program
Throwing the flag there wouldnt have changed the outcome but it definitely could've affected the final score. This was done on a bama TD play
Glad hes embracing it. The last guy threw dirt on it every chance he got
If this was a college game, that kid would be at risk of expulsion
Of course he didnt watch the video. He saw the title and ran to the comments
Arkansas still leads the series overall though
Great observation on Arkansas. Fact is some of the players ARENT trying. Players being told to stay on field and coming off anyway, players not blocking for eachother, not helping up running backs and QBs, it's all broken down on video by former Arkansas TE DJ William's. It's a mess that wont be fixed until the players get put forth effort
Interesting. I havent circumnavigated the the earth, but I am a detention officer. Stay safe in there brother!
I've always thought it would be cool to see the last place team in each power 5 conference get replace.
After the past 6 years there isnt much faith left
I dont think we could beat half the teams in the state. A state, UCA, Henderson State, North Little Rock high lol
Hes a senior WR and one of the leaders of the offense but didnt have a single catch until week 3? This guy used to be fantastic! What has happened to our players and program?!
Snarky comment because we suck and they wish they didnt have to cover us
Can we just put out a white flag and come back next season?
Why does everyone jump straight to the true freshman? Daulton Hyatt is arguably the most athletic QB on the roster as shown in the spring game. Hes also spent a season getting acclimated to the college game. If anyone can come in and make a difference it will be him
Good to see we picked right back up where bielema left off smh
No one on SDS other than ty Richardson and trent shadid really know about the hogs. The write just enough about us to say that they did
You can't deny the way the energy changed on field when ty came in. That's the IT factor. I'm a cole Kelley fan and never thought storey would see the field, but as of right now he has earned the starting spot and looks like our best qb