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Arkansas has the worst luck and it's not even close. Remember the stoernor stumble? The reggie fish incident? The petrino motorcycle accident? The John l Smith debacle? I could go on forever
You guys are seriously in love with A&M, we get it, but how about we keep our predictions unbiased
Rapaport was wrong on this one. Flowers' contract is worth upwards of 90 million
So glad this guy is no longer part of our program. Seems like he did everything he could to tear us down. Good luck Kansas
Guess we showed up too late smh. Maybe we can make some noise in the tournament
Aaaaaand once again the SEC does what has to do to keep its winning programs at the top
Looks like the ravens wanted to cut him anyway and just needed an excuse. This probably works out better for him anyway
He was on the court, yes? So he probably feels like they were being thrown at him too, you know, being the opposing team and all.
Would you mind explaining to the class how to "knell"? Lol
This has by far been his worst season at arkansas. Really hoping he can turn things around but it isnt looking good
Agreed. Hes a very respectable guy/coach. Good job vandy!
The NFL AND CFL should be putting money into the AAF. This gives them a development league similar to what the NFL has. In return, the NFL and CFL would have a better product out on the field.
Nobody takes herbstreit serious anymore lol
They put a high quality product on the field and the numbers reflect that
We have desperately needed a special teams coach since the beginning of the bielema era
One of my favorite walk ons in any arkansas sport ever. WOO PIG
Arkansas top rated recruit (and entire class) was much higher until a couple weeks ago when 247 did a final update (what can change AFTER the season) and basically nerfed Arkansas, Mizzou, and Kentuckys classes among others. Recruiting services are starting to look more and more biased
Dan skipper and cody Hollister also get rings. Practice squad patriots
Hey SDS how about a breakdown of former SEC players in the AAF and their new respective teams