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Bobby petrinos motorcycle wreck/firing should be on this list. We went from finishing top 10 his final year to a 2 - 10 season this year. The program hasn't been the same since
The collapse of Arkansas Football. We went from playing Ohio state in the sugar bowl and being a top 5 team in the early 2010's to multiple sub .500 seasons
I hope so. The depth there is thin and we missed out on our biggest LB recruits on signing day, that really hurt. The starters will have to step up big time if the defense is going to improve
Prayers for everyone involved. The bramblet family lost a loved one and this kid will be scared for the rest of his life for taking a life
Whoever Arkansas QB is. The O line has gotten progressively worse the past couple years. If the trend continues, the QB will lead the SEC in rushing yards as he runs for his life
Will strength of schedule hurt these teams in bowl season?! Bold of you to assume we'd be bowl eligible LOL
It does seem that our program has lost it's way but is working to get back on track. The suddenness of losing petrino was definitely a big hit on the program, but the events that followed were even more detrimental. Jeff long CLEARLY had no idea what he was doing when he hired John l Smith. It put the program another year behind everyone else. The last few years have been the worst in school history. Nowhere to go but up though
Not the first time I heard bielema using underhanded tactics as a head coach.
I just want to win an SEC game. Goodness this program has fallen apart
The last 7 years or so has really damaged our program and its perception, not only to the recruits but to the fans as well. I just hope it can get turned around soon
Umps are too egotistical nowadays. Sometimes it really seems like they want to make part of them game about themselves. The goal is to have as little affect on the game as possible
I knew hunter Henry would be the only hog on this list. It's been a rough decade post petrino
Arkansas made the same mistake with Bielema. Hope moorhead doesnt have a 15 mil buyout
Flacco took the same approach in Baltimore and we all see how that worked out.
Arkansas Daniel Gafford is still projected to go in the 1st round
They dont care. SDS has been overly critical and not so analytical of a few SEC programs including ours. Were lucky to be mentioned in a positive narrative without Trent Shadid atound.
At least we got some kind of football news smh
Then again its ole miss. He may do better elsewhere
SEC even has miss America. IT JUST MEANS MORE
At one time they shared the "AU" logo with Auburn. Auburn threatened to sue and UAPB changed their logo
I still cant believe Ryan pulley didnt get drafted. Hes been one of the most consistent DB's in the SEC over the past 2 years. He was the only person we KNEW wouldnt give up big plays