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Much smaller stadium, stadium isnt up to date in a lot of areas, school cant host recruits because it's off campus
Come on saban, you dont have to get all the good players EVERY year. We wanna play football too lol
Good sign. All these media types were continuously talking about how Bielema was going to get it done and how he would have great success with more time. We all saw how that worked out.
Why do you guys keep saying we aren't playing a game in little rock this year? Arkansas hosts Ole Miss in little rock on October 13th
The perfect qb has to have the perfect body. How about a guy that towers over his own offensive line like Cole kelley?
Funny that almost everyone in the media has Arkansas at least making the sweet 16, but SDS isn't even sure if we'll beat Butler
Please don't send us to the east again. There are very few power 5 schools closer to Dallas than Arkansas, yet we've been sent to the east 3 TIMES IN A ROW and set up to lose in the 2nd round to UNC each time. Let's do so.ething different this time
Still trying to make up for Michigan bailing on us
Daniel Thomas? Arkansas needing a win to get into the tournament? SDS strikes again. Its already obvious which fan bases this site caters to by the disparity in articles and coverage from one team to another, but at least make it LOOK like you're trying. Sheesh
I'd rather be a 10 seed than a 7/8 seed. You have a pretty much guaranteed round 2 exit against a #1 seed
McFadden should've won the heisman over Troy Smith
One of the schools is definitely Mississippi State. Another Adidas school that has recently begun pulling in high level basketball recruits (hasn't paid off though)
Looks like Tennessee can't get it right in football OR basketball. This pleases me
ITS ABOUT TIME! They say time heals old wounds, well there are some from the old days that refuse to let those wounds heal. The "old heads" as we call them are still very bitter about the way things ended with Nolan and to this day hold a grudge. Its been said that they wont name the court after Nolan until he passes just to spite him. Many people don't believe in karma, but its a fact that our program has experienced very little success since he left. Its time to do the right thing and give Nolan this honor.
I'll take a 10/11 seed. Im tired of being a 9 seed and getting knocked out by a 1 seed in the 2nd round EVERY YEAR
Going from a SEC head coach to a B1G position coach within a year?! Goodness gracious!
Walrus, I see where this is going. You don't like the new staff. I can understand being skeptical, but the guy hasn't even coached a game yet. Why not be positive until he gives you a real reason to do otherwise? Were you a bielema guy? I was once upon a time, but he isn't our coach anymore. In your attempt to disprove my "handing scholarships out like candy" theory you actually added to my argument. You cant give out 10 scholarships to walkons and expect it to not affect the numbers. As I said before, he had more coming in than he did going out. That's going to catch up with you eventually.
Low attrition is very bad when you hand out scholarships like candy (especially to walk ons). Having more coming in than going out is never good business. Perhaps bielemas commits were more highly regarded, but how many commits did other schools have at the time? We were always going to have a class of about 15 no matter who the coach was. Look at the slass composite rankings. It takes an average of the actual kids committed and doesn't factor in how many players under 25 you are. Composite has Arkansas in the top 25.
It's mainly because of low attrition rates. Bielema was handing scholarships out like candy and didn't send off kids that weren't contributing. Encourage them to go to a smaller school where they actually get to play
The reason Arkansas class is ranked so low is because of low attrition under bielema. We were only able to sign 15 kids
She has nothing on Alex Collins' mom. When he tried to sign with Arkansas, she ran away with his letter of intent.
Don't forget about former razorback Jason Peters. He couldn't play due to injury but he will be getting a ring as well
It's a shame former razorback Jason Peters is injured. He's an absolute monster for the hogs
Trey Flowers from Arkansas. He single handedly changed the momentum in the superbowl last year when he caused Matt Ryan to fumble
He said a while back that he couldn't afford school without a scholarship
Its not that he didn't want to abide by NCAA rules, He depended on the income from youtube to take care of his mother. His options were continue to play the sport he loves or take care of the person who gave him life.