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Flacco took the same approach in Baltimore and we all see how that worked out.
Arkansas Daniel Gafford is still projected to go in the 1st round
They dont care. SDS has been overly critical and not so analytical of a few SEC programs including ours. Were lucky to be mentioned in a positive narrative without Trent Shadid atound.
At least we got some kind of football news smh
Then again its ole miss. He may do better elsewhere
SEC even has miss America. IT JUST MEANS MORE
At one time they shared the "AU" logo with Auburn. Auburn threatened to sue and UAPB changed their logo
I still cant believe Ryan pulley didnt get drafted. Hes been one of the most consistent DB's in the SEC over the past 2 years. He was the only person we KNEW wouldnt give up big plays
The NCAA is obsolete. It's time for the power 5 to step up and take control
I hate to be that guy, but if you wanted him to stay, you should've done what it took to win more games
The SEC got 7 teams in the NCAA tournament. In mike Anderson's 8th season he doesnt have one of the top 7 teams in the conference. That's inexcusable. The biggest reason for that is player retention. He could get some big names but he couldnt hold on to them. Theres an alarming amount of big time contributors that transferred after 1 season. You cant build and maintain success that way. I loved having mike as a head coach, but he got more time than most do and wasnt making progress
Their commish is a joke. Wasnt it just last week he was found staying in a $7500 per night hotel room? That extra 200 million investment goes to him lol
Arkansas has the worst luck and it's not even close. Remember the stoernor stumble? The reggie fish incident? The petrino motorcycle accident? The John l Smith debacle? I could go on forever
You guys are seriously in love with A&M, we get it, but how about we keep our predictions unbiased
Rapaport was wrong on this one. Flowers' contract is worth upwards of 90 million
So glad this guy is no longer part of our program. Seems like he did everything he could to tear us down. Good luck Kansas
Guess we showed up too late smh. Maybe we can make some noise in the tournament