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If were gonna pay 25 million for 2 and 3 wind seasons, may as well cheat and pay 25 mil later
Not sure what that has to do with the article. Let's stay on topic people
Chad Morris liked making car analogies too. I wouldnt wish another morris on anyone
Sad how quickly things can change. It wasnt long ago that ULM was one of those small schools that had a reputation for knocking off power 5 programs similar to Appalachian state
Wild hog you're out of your mind. KJ Jefferson is our quarterback for the next few years
Another former Arkansas state head coach in the SEC. At this rate. We may have to call them "SEC Coach U"
6-0 A&m would NEVER get in over an 8-1 Ohio State and we all know it
Absolutely! Hes a perfect match for them. They'd be scary under him
"He was difficult to play against when he was OC." I hope yall caught that shot at Chad Morris. Well done saban!
This may be just different enough to work. These guys keep starting new football leagues, eventually something is going to stick
Agreed! If A&M had ohio states record, they wouldnt even be in the top 10. The gig is up, the committee and NCAA need to admit it's more about TV ratings and views than the best team
This doesnt hurt our depth. We still have TJ hammonds
It's all good keem. Go heal up and make us proud at the next level!
Gus is never coming to Arkansas. The "Gus is coming home" conversation needs to be buried 6ft deep. SAM PITTMAN is home!
Reminds me of the time McFadden set an SEC Single Game record by rushing for 300 yards against South Carolina. Spurrier didnt even put him on his Heisman ballot. What keeps someone from being salty, vengeful, or just biased? That's the reason it has devolved into a popularity contest.
I keep noticing you refer to Arkansas and arkansas fans as "them" and "they". You arent an Arkansas fan. Change your name and pick a school avatar so we know who you're with.
Why is it that this crap always happens when Marc Curles is officiating our games? He was suspended after sabotaging one of our games in the past. He should NEVER be allowed to call another arkansas game.
Freeze should wait for the Tennessee job to open up. UT under freeze would be an absolute monster
Will muschamp? FIRED?! NO WAY! Who could've seen this coming LOL
I heard it on the radio but that "that can't possibly be what I think it is". Stay classy Florida
Shoutout to the central players that stopped celebrating and uplifted the Fayetteville players
I remember a few years ago when bama beat Arkansas 52-0. The next week Auburn beat us 56-0. The SEC has no room to complain about running up the score. However, if you dont want your opponent to run it up, STOP THEM
Most defensive players have intent to hurt. It's what they are taught. Enforce your will and put them on their ash. This is the result of those teachings
Is that the excuse you're going with? Yall recruit better than arkansas most years yet our team looks much better than yours. That's coaching not recruiting