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Ol Sam is one if us! We love having him here. He gets all the time he needs.
It's the year of the D lineman apparently
I'm sure they're doing what they can. It's hard to recruit top players when you go 2-10, 2-10, and 3-7. Just give it time
The old saying is you dont want anyone that no one else wants. Seeing other programs come after our coaches shows improvement over the last staff
You put Treylon Burks for his size but didnt mention that he wears 5XL gloves that have to be special ordered! His hands are massive!
Arkansas ended 2014 with a bang! Ended the 17 game sec losing streak by beating LSU 17 - 0 Shut out ole miss 30 - 0 Was on track to blowing out mizzou until brandon allen got hurt Blew out texas in the texas bowl
You might want to watch the Arkansas/mizzou game from last year. Our current guy stepped in and honestly played better than Frank's did most of the season. We'll be fine at QB
A for both. Bama won the SEC and SEC tourney. Hogs returned 0 starters and had their best season since 1995, also deserving of an A
"Alabama head coach nate oats is the best coach in the SEC." That may be enough to fuel Musselman for the rest of the tournament. He takes this stuff personal and our fanbase LOVES it. Arkansas vs Bama in the national championship!
Originally it looked like his momentum carried him forward and he simply hung on longer to prevent himself from being flung forward or onto the floor. After a couple angle changes you could see him pull up on the rim also. That little movement is what caused it to be a tech. They called it right
"Still" gets stuck with a 4 seed? Arkansas is projected as a 3 seed. Were actually lunardis highest 3 seed
"We have the power to make sure you'll never get a job making more than minimum wage." Anything similar would be considered a threat. A threat doesnt always imply physical violence.
Franks in Philly hadnt even crossed my mind. I must admit that he just fits the eagles. If we can get him in the later rounds, this philly/Arkansas fan would be ecstatic!
HBCUs at one point had rosters that looked like blue blood power 5s. Deion has already proved that it can still be done. Hes gotten Jackson state more attention than they have in a long long time. If they can coach/play the way they recruited, FCS bowl games may be a thing in the future
No Arkansas, no LSU, no Vanderbilt. It just looks weird
If were gonna pay 25 million for 2 and 3 wind seasons, may as well cheat and pay 25 mil later
Not sure what that has to do with the article. Let's stay on topic people
Chad Morris liked making car analogies too. I wouldnt wish another morris on anyone
Sad how quickly things can change. It wasnt long ago that ULM was one of those small schools that had a reputation for knocking off power 5 programs similar to Appalachian state
Wild hog you're out of your mind. KJ Jefferson is our quarterback for the next few years
Another former Arkansas state head coach in the SEC. At this rate. We may have to call them "SEC Coach U"
6-0 A&m would NEVER get in over an 8-1 Ohio State and we all know it