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She's the only reason I check this list every week
Curious how this would affect schools like Vanderbilt. If that school plays their cards right, this could be an absolute game changer for them
Are men supposed to still be attracted to women?! Its getting hard to tell. Seems like they want us to just stop being me
Kj is among the bottom in passing attempts, because he runs as much as he throws. Running is part of the position, and it factors in.
Apparently no one in the SEC west is bad, we just make eachother look bad sometimes
I said the exact same thing but then I thought about it. Ole miss scoring quick is a negative in this game. It keeps their defense on the field longer with an opposing offense that is designed to wear them down
UGA has been fantastic. They play like this the rest of 5he year, even bama wont beat them. Kanell needs to sit on an upside down stool
I think it's fair to say that Arkansas has faced tougher competition than UGA has. UGA is better on paper, but the hogs are battle tested.
Next years schedule will probably be the hardest weve ever had. Our "cupcakes" will be bobby petrinos Missouri state, hugh freeze liberty, and a trip to BYU. Literally no weeks off
A&M is good but I havent seen anything from their games the screams "top 5". We'll find out this Saturday!
I'd take arkansas over BYU by double digits right now
Someone made a point that Chad Morris actually helped us. We needed a coach so bad that when someone good came in, the kids would give their all to buy in and experience success. Thank you chad morris for being good at being bad!
I love that behind the scenes video of AD Hunter Yurachek. I've never seen an AD create a brotherhood amongst the coaches like Yurachek has here. He, Pittman, Musselman, and Van Horn support eachother in ways I've never seen any group of coaches do!
50k for the 1st offense, 100k for the 2nd and subsequent offenses. What's the statute of limitations on that? The last time we stormed the field was 2014!
When I saw her on TV. I KNEW SDS would make her famous!
Biggest fraud of the last 50 years is definitely Chad morris. Dude destroyed 2 programs and now he cant even win high school games. How far the mighty have fallen.
Maybe those sports arent profitable at your school, but at Arkansas and vandy they definitely are. I'd expect Kentucky basketball and LSU baseball to operate on profit as well
THIS is the content I waited all offseason for!!!! Hilariously awesome
Why is the media trying so hard to hype up nix? Hes been middle of the pack at best so far
That 2015 game was awesome. Around these parts its known as the "hunter henry heave!"
I heard Nebraska was good back in the day, but theyve pretty much been an also ran my entire lifetime. I picked Illinois on this one. Congrats on the win coach B!
This one had potential. I see where they were trying to go. The last one with Oklahoma and texas going the the metal detector was fantastic though
I showed my wife the video and showed her the comments. She agreed with Jerim. You could tell she thought she could hit a man and not suffer any consequences. Kudos to the guy for showing restraint. His immediate reaction was to knock her lights out, but he pulled back. He actually didnt swing u till the boyfriend got involved.
So "Liberty v Ole Miss" is a top 25 game but "Arkansas v Texas" isnt? Interesting. Also, "Bama v Auburn" is waaay too low