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Before you attack a kids character, make sure you have all of the facts. Fucha tripped over Arkansas lineman M. Soli and fell into the opposing QB. Very unfortunate, but not malicious
Honestly, if Arkansas state was to join the SEC today, they'd be better than Arkansas. Their close proximity to st Louis and Memphis would cause problems for Arkansas recruiting as well.
We have our QB! Now let's solidify the o line and take play calling away from Joe Craddock. We'd instantly jump to middle of the pack in the sec
FINALLY! Now let's develop this Oline and make some noise! WOO PIG
Thanks Bobby! Hate how things ended but loved how fun it was while you were here. Good luck
Reminds me of the Joe Adam's punt return agai st Tennessee that was on ESPN's top 10 so long they had to retire it
I dont care who the QB is, I just want the better guy out there. Starkel may have thrown an interception last week, but he was still the better guy.
I'm just glad we won. This team Definitely has some potential. I look forward to seeing how the grow week to week
Kirby smart, I dont really worry about punctuation in places where the intended audience can easily understand what I'm saying
You guys act like it's such a problem for you to write a couple sentences about our team. We dont like where our program is any more than you guys do, but were still part of the SEC.
New QBs and new WRs. It would be foolish to assume Arkansas passing game would look the same as last year
No we haven't, but this article has nothing to do with wins. Once again I'm just glad we arent ranked 14th. My goodness we really are turning into vandy
Arkansas isnt ranked 14th. FINALLY! I dont care the reason nor the ranking, but thank goodness we arent 14th. Can we keep it like that on the field?
These are the same people that said we would never go to a playoff system
Morris has already shown an eye for underrated talent. I expect these guys' rankings to go way up and the other teams try and poach them. It happened several times last season
Technically the league didnt run out of money. The owner decided he no longer wanted to put his money into the AAF and folded everything
My alma mater used the Kansas State logo. Just so happened we had the same colors too. I believe my school was required to pay royalty fees to k state
Bobby petrinos motorcycle wreck/firing should be on this list. We went from finishing top 10 his final year to a 2 - 10 season this year. The program hasn't been the same since
The collapse of Arkansas Football. We went from playing Ohio state in the sugar bowl and being a top 5 team in the early 2010's to multiple sub .500 seasons
I hope so. The depth there is thin and we missed out on our biggest LB recruits on signing day, that really hurt. The starters will have to step up big time if the defense is going to improve
Prayers for everyone involved. The bramblet family lost a loved one and this kid will be scared for the rest of his life for taking a life
Whoever Arkansas QB is. The O line has gotten progressively worse the past couple years. If the trend continues, the QB will lead the SEC in rushing yards as he runs for his life