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Agree. He and Enos already have chemistry. Enos has proven himself to be fantastic at QB development. If hes serious about going to the league, Enos can get him there
I've never seen all of us agree on anything in here
Hes overrated as a QB coach too. Brandon Allen was below average under his tutelage. Dan Enos came in and turned allen into a NFL draft prospect in 1 season
Completely uncalled for. Kelley is a giant of a man with the best arm of any Arkansas QB since Ryan Mallett. If his accuracy was a bit better this discussion wouldnt even be happening.
Wasnt UCFs starting QB out? That makes a big difference
Bortles must have some dirty pics of him or something because there have been several other QBs come through there and out perform Bortles only to be sent packing, that includes former hog brandon allen
There are far too many horrible coaches at the P5 level for me to not take your comment without a grain of salt
Left a lot of good QBs out. Brandon Allen wasnt a Heisman contender or anything close to it, but he is the UofA stats leader in quite a few categories. That doesnt happen by mistake
We know this all too well. The other SEC programs will experience it soon enough
Arkansas Special teams have been dead last in the SEC and near the bottom of D1. Have fun with that Ole Miss
WRONG. Barry lunnney is up there because hes one of they best TE recruiters/coaches in the country. Hes brought in one of the best TE or JUCO TE every year for a while now. Get with the program bud
He actually has a point this time, kinda. It is a one sided deal
May as well go ahead and fight through the growing pains with the young guys
Probably Nutt. Petrinos Harley probably gets in before he does.
Nobody was run out of Little Rock because the University of Arkansas is in a city a couple hundred miles north of little rock smh