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Ole Miss 9 hole hitter, CALVIN HARRIS, had a helluva game. He deserves his name mentioned, no thanks to the inept author.
We want to win a bunch of games this year, but lose out before the CWS. Said no team ever.
Hope that was a joke. If not, you are a idiot.
I’ll try to be clear for you. A team with need for a QB. My point was that Corral is not only a baller. He is a determined leader. Much more so than Pitt’s Pickett.
If I was GM of a NFL team, Corral would be my first pick. Hands down. The lesson we are all taught to give 110%, that is Matt Corral. He never quits. Not in any game nor any season. Absolute team player and a warrior. Period.
Yep. Reading comprehension is difficult for some.