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How much is a 7 million insurance premium for one game. Can’t be more than the University could fund. How many other first rounders are going to play or have played bowl games in the past? Seems like there should be an insurance option to offer these players some financial security.
Quit your whining. What makes you think you own the State Recruiting rights for the SEC. You CT crybabies are truly snowflake jokes. Speaking of tradition maybe you should put some skirts on those yell leaders.
Does each Team have a Preist, Rabbi, Reverand, Imam, Wiccan, Shaman, etc.? Take the Constitution and substitute the word Team for Government and I think we all know what the answer is. Render unto Football that is Football and unto Church that which is Religion. The coach can hold a non denomination moment of scilence to accomodate for prayer, meditation, or freedom of expression. A dedicated Chaplin does imply the establishment of Religion whereas a moment of meditation allows for a freedom of expression. To each his own but I say keep Religion out of Football but provide a moment for freedom of faith whatever it may be.
Maybe he will let you try on his Panty Hose after the Game Blake.
Every single year there will always be 2-3 one loss teams left out and complaining. This is exactly why the playoffs need to be expanded to an 8 team format. Two wild card games would be great for the 7th and 8th place teams. This would expand the playoff to 10 teams that can easily be established instead of a 4 team playoff where the 4th place spot will always be between 3 or 4 deserving Teams. The fans, bowls, and schools would love the revenue and games. The Nat. Champ will play 15- 16 games instead of 14 and no one will care about some school crying about being ranked number 11 and left out. Nothing wrong with bringing an underdog into the Playoff mix. America loves an underdog opportunity instead of complaining about the system leaving them out.
Why you let some imposter steal my handle Saturday Down South. Show some respect for the one and only ! WPS !