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We can match or go above what anyone else would want to pay Odom. Problem will be if he’s happy here or not. He could make the same money at a school that is competing for national titles right now, or make the same here and have to keep helping with the rebuild.
If you don’t remember, Arkansas had Michigan scheduled for this year. Not their fault the non conference schedule is bad. Do some research before talking sh!t about a teams schedule.
Tired of the Cole Kelly hype. Never wanted him to start in the first place. He never takes his eyes off the first receiver he looks at. I personally wanted Noland or Storey. I’ll take Storey over Kelly any day. Idc that Kelly can throw it 70+ yards. Just because he can do it doesn’t mean he can complete the pass. It’s Storey time baby. Cole Kelly will never start another game in an Arkansas uniform.
Uhhh what do you mean they’re not making a trip to Little Rock during the regular season? They are scheduled to play Vandy there.
I mean considering we weren’t favored to win by Vegas or the BPI it really wasn’t an upset. We played terrible basketball all around. Oh well at least beard is finally gone. Was sick of seeing him chunk up bad shots and being a ball hog all year.
Can’t support this rule. It would all buy eliminate being. Able to pin someone deep with a good punt. Guess you could aim to kick it out of bounds or try to bounce it all the way down the field but that would be pretty damn difficult.
You can’t have second thoughts about someone if you never wanted them in the first place. Not one fan has said they want this guy. I truly hope we pull a Tennessee and protest so damn much we back out of hiring him. Come on hog fans. Let’s stop this before it can happen.
Nobody does there research on us. People keep saying we need to get busy on recruiting and catch up. WERE ONLY SIGNING LIKE 5 MORE PLAYERS THIS CLASS PEOPLE AT THE MOST! We barely had any seniors on this team so we can only sign about 13 or 14 guys. We’re over halfway through. Our class is going to rank low because of this but by the quality of player we’re getting we would be around 20-25 if they ranked it that way.
1. He’s not our QB target. We have offered him a blue shirt opportunity because he is Jerry’s Grandson. 2. It’s really too bad he’s only 5’10. If he was about 5 inches taller he would probably be a 4 Star recruit. He has a lot of talent but his height is a major issue. It’s not something he can control but if he wants a real opportunity to play he should probably take the offer he has from SMU. Whatever he does I wish him the best.
Thanks SDS for posting an article about us losing a commit instead of doing one over the guy we got to commit. Quality journalism at its finest.
He is probably going to Baylor. Bert didn’t recruit him hard and we already have a QB commit for this class who has been committed for over a year in Conner Noland. He is the second ranked best player in the state and in my opinion is a lot better than Gerry. Still though I would love to have him. Would be really nice to have a good qb competition on the Hill. Don’t see it happening though. Not Morris’s fault, he has been pushing hard for Gerry but he’s only had a couple weeks. Baylor has been after him hard for a year now. I truly believe he wants to be a hog but again he has a lot better relationship with the Baylor staff. If I were him though I would stay home. Nobody wants to go to R@pe U.
Actually just saw that Oregon is looking for a coach now and the west coast will most likely appeal to Kiffin more so for me it’s Brent or nothing.
You realize all this means is we didn’t offer him the job right? I for one am glad we aren’t hiring him. I want the Clemson DC or Kiffin. Really I want the Clemson DC but I believe Kiffin would be successful here. I just don’t know if he would be committed to the program long term.
Don’t understand these kids decommiting from Florida. They up graded coach’s and will certainly have a much better record next year. Probably at the least 8 wins if not 9 or 10.
Neither will land him because neither want him.
This sucks a$$. F$&k! I don’t want Norvell he doesn’t know how to coach defense and no one knows if he can recruit either. Don’t want Kiffin he will just leave for a better job. Guess we have to accept we will always be in the cellar and I’d rather give up playing the game then be losers forever.
This is great news all around for the SEC. Once this fails as well Tennessee fans should finally realize that they are not a powerhouse program and are just as inferior if not more inferior than my hogs.
Hearing these Tennessee fans beg in the comments makes me want to see him turn the job down even more.
Norville is waiting to see what Arkansas does. If we don’t get Gus we will get him.
We don’t hire people who will leave the moment someone else offers. When we hire people we keep younuntil we fire you or you retire. Or in Nutt’s case we run you off.
Don’t love it but I like this hire. Hope he succeeds here. Only time will tell. WooPig.
This whole thing going on at Tennessee might be the funniest thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life.
I’m really not worried about our coaching search at all. If we don’t get Gus we will get Norville.
And this is why we got rid of the BCS. Wisconsin at one lol
He is most likely waiting to see if Arkansas offers him a job or not.