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Haha!!! I think the writers are on Ole Miss payroll too! "They are the best 3 loss team in the nation!" Hahaaha
Bama Time The only reason 64 was split is because some Homer wrote an article and voted for the BEFORE the bowl game. BAMA lost its bowl game and Hogs were undefeated. You know that it isn't legit, we all know it isn't legit so give it up.
God I hope we pull out a win this week! It will be a nail biter, I think! I don't see either team blowing out the other, but I really hope we press some and interrupt routes or Hill will pick us apart!
Step dad didn't make the coach pay him, and yes there is some schools that recruit dirty, but they don't stand on a public stage and welcome the investigation hoping that hiding behind a Bible will protect their dishonesty! Throw the book at them...
Woo Pig! We are under rated and I like it that way. CBB will develope a line and I think AA has the potential to be better than BA, just don't know how long that potential waits to come to fruition ( that means "happen" for all of you corn dogs, Roll Tards, and Barners!) It is a very real possibility, and I try to be objective! But if D is improved as expected, AA doesn't have to put up BA numbers to be effective. Even McElroy believes!
Yep, last year it was 14-0... Then we caught up!
If only Arkansas played Rocky Flop so that statement could be quantified... Like if only Arkansas came to Neyland and played UT... The last two times... WAIT A MINUTE!!!!
Woo Pig! Big NASTY Dan Skipper at the top spot! And for those whining about Cam Robinson... Roll Tard!!!!
Don't count on that in Death Valley? How about on Saturday night? Wait! How about #9 ranked LSU against an unranked Arkansas... In Death Valley... On a Saturday night? Hey... Wait a minute!!!! Bawhahaha! Get you a quarterback before you start running that mouth!!!! Hahahaa!!!
The irony here is that " some fans felt that the ""dirty dealings"" was the reason they (OM) won." See what I did there? Not that it mattered to AR! Woo Pig! And yes! I am from NE Arkansas and was raised to hate OM and BAMA! And I loved it that y'all have beat Bama... But I also like to throw shade because that's what we do! Also, they don't understand irony, so let me know if I need to splain sump um for ya! Haha!
I mean Jesus! All Ole Miss did was commit academic fraud so their dumbasses could get into college! All they did was pay college athletes! All they did was make ineligible players by any other standard eligible to play! Hey, everyone cheats on the ACT! Nothing suspicious going on here... And you know everything... Trust us!!!
Wow tClark! I am thankful to hear from someone of your stature that knows ALL the in's and out's of the Ole Miss football program. Please revile us with more of your in depth knowledge of the situation. I am glad to hear that this is all and that Ole Miss is actually squeaky clean! Tell us how you "know" that it was only $17,000 and that it's not because they can't find proof of the rest of it... What is it like to sit on Freeze's lap before bed? Is that why you sound so pathetic and butt hurt? I mean, sure... We are all well aware of the Ole Miss recruiting powerhouse before he got there and how he was just carrying on that great tradition.... Nothing to see here!!!
Haha! That IS rich... Getting Crootin advice from Ole Miss! Bawhahaha!!!!!
And why are you offended? It is OUT! It would be like getting offended by someone saying that Jack Ruby killed Oswald... Why get offended? It happened on live TV for the world to see and hear! Don't get your panties in a waude because the world knows that Ole Miss is cheating... We have known it for years, just now an insider confirmed what everyone already knew... On live TV! Haha! Maybe y'all should consider academics before letting dumb asses speak on live TV! BTW... Where did Freeze disappear to on draft night? Oh, a fundraising event!
I'm sure we will hear plenty of new! I mean really... He just blurted that out on National TV... So if he is giving that up so easily, it must be like second nature to him! I mean, if he is willing to say that in the open, what is going on behind closed doors? What are the secrets?
Haha! You need to play MEMPHIS State to stay relevant?!! Tearing it down.... Brick by brick!! Hahaha
Candy is the the premier program inTN according to draft picks! Haha!
Brick by brick Tennessee... Brick by brick! LMMFAO!!!!!! This brick by brick thing.... Is that building it up or tearing it down?
You are slow...douche... Yes, BAMA Time, AR is the reason BAMA went to SECCG and subsequently, the NCG. You don't get in unless OM loses twice. Upon the FL loss, they still had Bama head to head. Had AR no won, BAMA would not have their 119th National Championship... Or whatever number you people are making up now. Y'all even got Auburn wanting to make up numbers! Bama Time, some advice... Better to be silent and thought a douche Than to open your mouth and remove all doubt! Just sit in yo single wide and ponder that before you start spouting ignorant sh*t again... Go diddle yo sister or whatever y'all do down there!
That's funny Homey, I recall the Hogs going to BR on Saturday night last year and facing an OVERRATED team... And stuffing LF 2 years straight!
Regardless of what EITHER Rebs or Tigers are ranked, the road to the SECCG goes through Fayetteville... And that's where both teams dreams end....
What do you have on the Arkansas game?
You might want to pick some of that up yourself before you come to Fayetteville this year.
Maybe err one forgot that Ole Miss and LSU both come to Fayetteville this year, and neither team has beaten the Hogs in the last two years. Ole Miss and Arkansas had some pretty big national relevance in 2015. And we all know what happened the last time both teams came to the Hill…. I want to say it had something to do with a shut out! Just sayin… I know it may not be the “sexy” pick, but we put our Oline on the cover of our media guide, so sexy is not as important to us as whoopin that a**!!! Ha! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯