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I would agree with you Blep, but Tebow won the Heisman and we all know his passing skills. Not saying that gives Fitz or Hurts much of a chance, but there is precedence for a QB winning the Heisman with his feet alone. Fitz did improve as a passer over the past season, but he needs to make significant improvements in his passing game before next year.
I know they are out rivals. But I think the Ole Miss Admirals would be a great. Still, landshark is better than the black bears.
I agree Fitz has a high ceiling with his passing and running abilities, but he still has A LOT of work to do across the board (reading coverage, finesse passes, leadership skills, pocket poise, etc.) to be considered a top QB. I know Dan is a QB guru, so I have high hopes for Fitz this year. Man, is it football season yet?
I would bet that "most random guys off the street" couldn't hit a 30 yard yield goal, or even half their extra points.. I mean, just look at Mississippi State's kicking game the last 3-4 years. My bet is she got a scholarship in large part because she's a two-sport athlete, not because it's a "stunt."
To bad no one else on the Miss State team apparently played in the SEC last year. JK.
This is the worst. The one, and likely only, time State makes a trip to Beantown, and I'll be stuck in Alabama at my sister-in-law's wedding. The world is an unfair place.
Except we have used it that way. From "HAIL STATE HOOPS RANKED NO. 6 IN NATION BY ATHLON SPORTS" Not saying it should become the accepted terminology, just pointing out that our own official sport site uses it as an adjective or as a possessive depending on how you read it. Either way, the context of that article suggests "Hailstate" could be used as a noun. Calling someone an idiot because you don't like their language is not a positive representation of our university. Also, suggesting that its somehow insulting is an over exaggeration. Now, having said that. I don't particularly like the usage either.
hate to say it Coozie, but I'm guessing this is about spot on. Let's hope one of the QB's steps up because if they do, I think we have a strong chance for a really special 2017, but 2016 is 6-6 or 7-5 I think.
I think it's just the default here because the fact is this is going to be tough season for us. I think we are going to be very competitive and stay in some games, but it's going to be an uphill battle with a new QB, an offensive line that clearly wasn't up to SEC caliber last year, and a group of running backs with loads of talent but didn't produce at all last year (see the offensive line problem). I think our defense and Dan's offense should keep us in some games, but I don't anticipate us competing for the SEC west this year. Now, if things go ok this year and we have a QB and RB emerge, State could be really dangerous in 2017 with Alabama, Ole Miss and LSU at home, but only time will tell.
I agree Coozie. It just shows a lack of maturity, professionalism, and decorum (something our whole country seems to be lacking at the moment). If his point was that Ole Miss recruiters aren't very communicative, he could have expressed that in a number of ways. I do worry what message this is sending to our youth.
I think we have to be realistic that 6-6 might be on the table next year. The defense should be stout, but if we can't get offensive production (or protection) its going to be tough to win those toss up games. Having said that, I think with even a modest improvement on the offensive line, we should be able to pull out 7-8 wins. Already looking forward to it!
I think 8 wins might be our ceiling realistically. There's a chance we could pull 9 wins off if the team gels. Regardless of whether we finishing 6-6 (hopefully the worst we would do) or 9-3, I want to see a team that competes and plays hard and looks like it will be in shape to compete for an SEC West title in 2017.
I think it's going to be a tough year guys. The defense will keep up in some games, but if we don't have tremendous growth in the offense line and running game by the start of next season, we are are going to struggle to win 6 games. I see 3 wins (South Alabama, UMass, Samford); 3 tough but potentially winnable games (South Carolina, Kentucky, maybe (maybe) BYU); and then some tough home games that could be winnable (Auburn, A&M, Arkansas). I think realistically 6-8 wins is probably where we will be at. I'm excited to see how Dan handles the off season.
Considering we were picked to finish 6-6 and finished 8-4 and picked up a bowl win, I'll say it wasn't the worst for an obvious rebuilding year. All of which is of course thanks to having a senior QB to get us those two swing games. Now, what will that mean for next year? Who knows. I think the growth and maturity of our defense (from this year to next) will keep us competitive, but we will need to see some major growth on our offense line to put points on the board. I, personally, think Dan has done a great job recruiting in the skill positions, and I believe our offense will be able to compete (compete being the keyword I think with an experienced QB) if our offense line can come together. My crystal ball says we state fans can expect another season of between 7-9 wins with higher expectations for the 2017 season. Also, to say we beat NO ONE is, in my opinion, dramatically undervaluing the competitiveness of college football as a whole. The answer is to how and why we lost to TAMU is the same reason we lost to Ole Miss and to Alabama: we were physically overmatched on the offense line. Myles Garrett had a FIELD DAY against us. Maybe it's a problem with Dan Mullen, but I think he's done a fine job building a program from basically nothing to a consistent bowl team. I respect that, and I think as a fan base we are ready for more. Will Dan be able to deliver a team that goes from 6-7 consistent wins to 8-10 and compete against the likes of Alabama (the only truly consistent winner)? Maybe, maybe not, but I think he's proven enough to warrant another 3-5 years to see if he can help us reach that capacity. And if you think 3-5 years is too long, well then, we will just have to disagree. I believe in building a culture of winning at a program. He's taken us down that path, and I think he deserves more time to see if the recruits will follow (and they very well may not).
I think Bulldawgblood hit the nail on the head. To say "these players are being well taken care of and they don't do without" is a mischaracterization of a lot of these players' situations. Most do not have additional spending money for clothing, gas for their cars, school supplies (beyond books), taking trips back home, going out with friends, eating out on occasion. Their time is so eaten up with school work, tutoring, practice, film study, weight training, and athletic training (working with a trainer to stretch muscles to help reduce injury potential)--not to mention when they sleep and go to class--these students just do not realistically have time to earn any additional money at part time work. They need scholarships/compensation that can go toward discretionary expenses. Again, not a massive paycheck but a capped amount of money that they can be spend so they aren't tempted to sale their jerseys illegally or take money from a booster. (Capped being the keyword, otherwise small schools would be REALLY SCREWED :) Now, of course some players will still take money from boosters and some will still try to make additional money on the side. But if you can help them provide for their needs, then it might dissuade some of the more honorable young men to not do anything inappropriate. Still Armyguy, for once we do agree: the free education should be the primary compensation.
I think John's article here has some legitimacy. If Florida loses to Florida State, they will likely drop in the next CFP poll. The winner of the Egg Bowl will likely go up, having beaten a ranked team. Also, we could see #15 Navy beaten by Houston and #19 TCU dropping to Baylor, allowing the Egg Bowl winner to climb even higher. Then when Alabama likely demolishes Florida in the SEC Championship game, the Gators will drop further. Based on this scenario, I could definitely see the Egg Bowl winner in the Sugar Bowl. #HailState
The real question is if our offense line (specifically our left tackle) can give Dak time in the pocket. If Dak gets time, I think we have an excellent chance in this game. If we get a repeat of last week (and the Texas A&M game) where Dak is rushed, it will be a long day for us.
Sounds like an office space reference to me. They just want their staplers back.
Don't count Auburn out. Their backs are against the wall and they are at home. This will be a defining game for their season and if State comes in thinking they are going to roll, it's going to be a long night. This is also a season defining game for my bulldogs, so I'm excited to see which MSU shows up. I hope Diaz has that defense ready and Dan has that offensive line whipped into shape this week. Having said all that, State (and more importantly Dak) needs to take control early and rip the confidence of an already shaken team. If we can do that, we have a really good shot of walking away with a win.
Your statement might well indeed be true, but I wouldn't disqualify State yet. My sense was that the play calling against Southern was purposefully vanilla. That doesn't mean State isn't overrated currently, but I think the game against LSU will be a better barometer of how both teams will fair this season and a better determination of who is and who isn't a contender this year.
used, yea, but it'll probably have new tires on it.
I would disagree with you on the "biggest question marks" being "positions that have always been strong under Mullen" simply because of the 2011 season where we went 7-6 as a result (I would argue) of our lack of depth on the offensive line. If I recall that year we lost two offensive lineman near the beginning of the season and were never able to quite recover when we played top tier talent. I do think Dan has made a concerted effort to increase the talent level across the board, so hopefully this won't be as much of an issue this year. But if that line doesn't come together, we are going to be in for a long season. I think they will, and I think we shock LSU in game two.
You're right. I shouldn't have assumed he is a follower of the Christian faith because of his support of keeping chaplins. I'm also sick and tired of the over sensitivity AND the eagerness to hate that seem to overrun this country. I wish we could find a common ground instead of jumping to hateful language AND being so easily offended. Internet message boards can't convey tone very well, but I mean that in all sincerity. I know we can't "all just get along" but we do need to find some commonality for the good of our country (I'm using broad strokes here. I'm not talking about you and me or me and him).
your language and hate filled speech does a poor job of representing the values of christianity.
I'm not an atheist or a muslim, hindu, or jewish person. At the end of the day, it's about respect and I just feel like it's not respectful to impose your religious beliefs on someone else. That's not what America's all about. I agree with you though that just because you're not of a religious faith doesn't mean you can't be in fellowship with that group. I don't think it's WRONG to have a Chaplin or an imam or a rabbi come talk to the players, especially if their message is about sportsmanship, honor, respect, and love. I don't think we should take the message of religions out of sports; I just think we have to be aware of how we are treating others.. if we want respect we have to give it.
So you're perfectly fine with having a rabbi or a an imam leading prayer before the football game? What if I as a Christian don't want to listen to the religious viewpoint of a the hindu pandit espouse his beliefs of morality? Is it ok that he is doing it because most of my teammates are hindus and believe in those religious teachings? The point isn't just about freedom from religion. it's about religious freedom. Imposing one's religious belief system on a group of people who are signed up to play a sport isn't appropriate.
I just don't get the logic here. If your head coach was Jewish or Muslim, you wouldn't want him bringing in his religious leader would you? If you would really be ok with that as well.. say an Imam from the local Mosque coming in to lead the team in a pray before the game, then ok. But if your not ok with that, then don't you see how why some people feel like it isn't appropriate for religion to be pushed on some of these kids who may hold different religious beliefs?