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I hear you and you're right. I think this is a teachable moment to a lot of white people. I would be lying if I said that I'd never said or texted something equally racist to one of my buddies. Not for several years, but I've certainly done it. And I always thought that as long as I was joking then I wasn't a racist. But even joking like this obviously causes harm. That needs to become more evident to people. It reinforces the attitude that one race is superior to another, and that's wrong, even if it's a joke.
From the context of the conversation that was visible, it's pretty clear to me that he was joking. Maybe it was in a "joking not joking" sort of way, hard to say, but it wasn't a serious comment. Also, the timing of this girl releasing this is pretty low. A text from 18 months ago gets released after the week we just had? C'mon. That said, it was an atrocious statement and he definitely has some explaining and apologizing to do. And even if he was joking, it reflects an attitude that is definitely pervasive in society, so making comments like that, even in private, do damage and keep racism alive. However, for the woke police out there, I would first reflect on your own private text conversations you've had over the years. Unless you've never jokingly said anything derogatory about another race, the opposite sex, nationality, etc. you might want to hold back on throwing any stones.
I wouldn’t get so alarmed by Fields just yet. He also had to learn a completely new offense with minimal playing time. He ran the spread option in HS, while UGAs offense is pro style and more complex. I’d expect significant improvement by next year. Not saying he’ll have the football IQ of Fromm, but what UGA QB has?
Pretty sure the prospect of playing in the CFP will suffice for motivaron. Screw the underdog crap.
Are all SEC fans happy when Bama wins natties? I’m not. I’ll be happy when Georgia wins one.
But never mind, you basically said that at the end of the comment. I guess maybe I just want Auburn to keep him around haha.
All good points...but maybe they shoulda thought about that before giving Gus that sweet extension!
Maybe Tennessee was the one team that didn’t get one of these articles. Nothing good to write about lol.
From an outside perspective, this is just what Auburn does. They follow really good seasons with mediocre seasons. They’ve been mediocre under Malzahn before only to come back strong the next year. It would be incredibly stupid to buy him out at this point. He needs the right personnel to make his system work, and without a great RB he doesn’t have it this year. That’s been evident since the end of last season after Kerryon Johnson got hurt. They weren’t the same team in the SECCG that they were against UGA in November. Then they lost to the “national champ” UCF team. He’ll likeky find the right personnel again but this ain’t that year. Auburn’s expectations were way too high this year.
No no no no no. That said, we need to beat UF.
The comparison of rushing stats between this year and last is misleading I think. Maybe we average the same YPC as last year but last year defenses were completely keyed in on the run and daring Fromm to throw. Defenses are playing more balanced against us this year, at least it seems that way to my very poorly trained eye. And no offense to Holyfield and Swift, who are both excellent backs, but they don’t put the fear of God into defenses like Michel/Chubb did. That combo was just impossible to replace.
The season rests completely on the Florida game. If they can’t beat UF, a team they should beat, after two weeks to prepare then the author was spot on. I think UGA will win out. SECCG is a different’s hoping LSU beats Bama!
The author lost me at “secondary isn’t covering as well as last year.” UGA secondary is absolutely better than it was a year ago. Lazy analysis. Overall we are not as good as last year but I don’t think the gap is overly wide. Do I think we can beat Bama? Probably not, but I still fully expect to beat Florida and UK, and those are the only teams remaining in the regular season with even a remote shot of beating UGA.
College football is as exciting as it’s ever been. As a UGA fan, count me as one that doesn’t just accept that Alabama will win the NC this year. They can be beaten...and if they can’t then let that serve as motivation for other teams to get better.
They’ll be right when LSU plays UGA. This week no way. I can’t believe the spread is only 12.
I think the average UGA fan, including myself, thought of Missouri as kind of soft going into that game. A lot of GA fans think we just had a bad game but I’d argue that Mizzou is just more physical than we thought. Their secondary is still terrible but if you look at their defensive stats all season, run D is pretty good. Their O line is pretty good too. Missouri might be the most physical team we face besides LSU.
I don’t. Missouri is a very good team and I think we will see that play out in the next few weeks...and we did still beat them by 2 TDs, in their stadium, so if that’s our “bad” game I’ll take it.
We only have a 95% chance of beating Tech? What about the other 5%?
Granted, I didn’t see much of the game, but I don’t think UT is as bad as the score of that game. They turned the ball over 6 times, that can be corrected. They still totally suck, don’t get me wrong...just not quite as much as the UF score indicates. I’ll be a little surprised if my Dawgs cover this ridiculous 32 point spread on Saturday.
Our run defense was concerning, but I think Missouri might deserve a little credit for being more physical than some of us thought they were. They have some good linemen on both sides of the ball. At the end of the day we didn’t get completely gashed, just gave up more run yardage than what we’ve become accustomed to.
If by “interesting game” you mean complete blowout, then I agree with you!
The one loss and close games were against mediocre Richt teams and Kirby’s first year. This UGA team bares no resemblance to those teams.
Right on! I think Lock will get his shots in, but I also foresee him tossing a couple of picks against our secondary. And our offense is going to go up & down the field on a D that gave up 600 yards to Purdue last week. UGA hangs half a hundred.
Completion % is a little misleading here, as most of the completed balls have been quick dump passes where the receiver is immediately wrapped up. Evidence of this is that opponents are averaging under 5 yards/pass despite the high completion %. Doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement, but watching the way this unit plays I’m not too concerned.