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Absolutely the smartest option for everyone. I'm not surprised at all considering Gus' lack of intelligence.
I guess that means he'll be running the freakin Wildcat.
POS didn't even try to talk to Joey about it!!! Stubborness is far and away the weakness of Gus Malzahn.
Watch......Joey will go to Florida and Mullen will make him an All-American. Gus is a freakin idiot!! Why run the wilcat when you have a Joey Gatewood? He should've at least gotten a fair shot. Pat Nix is the only reason Bo has kept the starting job.
Nix can't throw it in the ocean. Worst accuracy I've ever seen at AU. Bo was clearly rattled and should've been pulled for Gatewood.
Gus has neglected the OL in recruiting. There were a couple classes where we only signed 1 or 2 on the OL. That's why the staff is scrambling(6 commits) to get enough OL for next season. The 2013/2014 OL's were built by Chizik and his staff. Say what you want about Chizik but he recruited OL/DL hard. Next problem is JB Grimes. He is a mediocre OL coach at best and terrible recruiter. JB doesn't even go on the road like the other coaches. JB is a helluva guy but he should hang up the whistle.
Unfortunately. Gus will NEVER open up the offense. Gus is too stubborn to see the offensive issues that have plagued Auburn. Malzahn lacks the killer instinct(LSU 2017) it takes to win big GAMES and it's his own fault for refusing to change.