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One to turn even the best offenses one-dimensional. Would be a crazy get for y’all.
As a dad, I couldn’t help but see “sooner” or later a extract that he’s retiring as OK joins the SEC
“Hugh Freeze was probably the better fit for Auburn.” I’m going to go out on a limb that’s honestly relatively sturdy at this point. I can’t think of a better fit for Auburn than Hugh Freeze at this point. That’s given the timing, his background and experience, the previous state of the program, the current state of college football and the SEC. When considering the selection of coaches out there, he is the perfect fit to resurrect the program, from my vantage point. It’s only a matter of time with him at the helm. At least that’s what I’m seeing.
I didn’t even realize that was a thing til I read this. I couldn’t imagine getting Perry, Cam, and Smith, too. I’m with you though. Happy to have a great WR corps
Exactly. Riddled with typos I’m still a happy camper today. Best class in half a decade. War Eagle!
We all but called this the other day. Gotta love it. Hope he heads our way.
This is the way. In my book, FSU is 13-0. They have had two opportunities to lose their chance without JT. If they had lost this would be easier. They found a way to keep winning (just as v2 Bama has done.) So the ACC Conference Chanpionship game looked bad. Go to AU vs. Bama or AU vs. UGA or Ark vs. Bama. There have been quite a few games that have looked just as iffy for the non-FSU teams being considered. The “four best” feels too subjective this time around to not be the same as the “four deserving.” But who knows? Maybe that’s subjective of me to say. It’s the committee’s decision after all.
Yeah. He had, like, 2 total for the season going into last nights game with an ~80% CR.
Yeah, exactly. I think Oregon gets Washington this time around. So I’m not expecting the aforementioned scenario to actually play out, but I don’t see another reasonable scenario where both Bama and UGA could be out.
Let's say the current undefeateds (FSU, Mich, Washington) remain so through this weekend. What do you tell Texas if the team they beat at home gets in over them, that has the same record, and Texas WINS their conference championship game?
For some reason, I read this in the voice of Miles Finch from the movie Elf.
"...but how many *Legends has Auburn produced?" FTFY
You bring up a good point. I find fit to be just as much of a concern as talent and experience, if not more. At this point, AU needs a QB with some experience and that can not only fit into the system, but can help establish it as well. Cam Newton, for instance, established it in 2010, with Nick Marshall being the beneficiary in 2013. I don't know that I see an obvious choice from the current Portal selection. Hope he's there though.
UGA is like Bo Nix' final boss. I could see that being a better game this time around than the previous few.
That could at least explain why it is *potentially* more of challenge for the Dawgs playing there.
JTF, I share your sentiments. I was wondering where the useful stats were buried. One thing did get me thinking though. Playing surfaces. That is a difference between Mercedes Bens and other venues. I am curious if playing on the artificial turf affects the unmatched quickness and ability to swarm the ball that is characteristic of Kirby's system.
A poor defensive play we will not live down for a long time. Curious how that at all relates to AU’s quarterback play though.
Send Brock V. over. Y’all don’t need em. :)
When I tell you I was literally going to type “like KJ” in there after big names, but decided not to, there’s no surprise that would already be a rumor. Very interesting. I would call that a better than decent fit. That’s nice to know.
This article is right about this being the biggest test of the year for Beck. I’m thinking he will pass, no pun intended. If Georgia can get the running game going, he may not have to worry too much about it. Should be interesting.
It’ll be interesting to see if any big name QBs jump into the portal, particularly that fit Hugh Freeze’s system. I agree we need a solid change.
"I think it’s Michigan, FSU(with a win), Oregon/washington, and Texas with a win" As much as I dislike Bama/UGA as rivals, this would be a pretty sad CFP outcome from an integrity standpoint.