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I swear that arky fans must not have an area of their own on sds. They're always trolling on Mizzou. Mizzou has owned Arkansas for a long time now. Go away little hogs.
You have to admit they really took it to Clemson. That was a butt kickin. They didn't bring that intensity to the NCG. Bama came out rested, focused, and ready to play. What a performance!
Doesn't matter. LSU will be back strong. I see good things ahead for the entire conference(except Vandy). There are some really good coaches in this conference.
Oklahoma would never have beaten a loaded UF team.
boxster, most aTm and Mizzou fans hate anything that's b12. Really happy to see Texas so dysfunctional firing good coaches every few years. The SEC is the ONLY conference in the US worth a darn.
(Wow, this wolfman guy said Drink will grow a bigger brain. That doesn't make ANY sense. Thank goodness wolfman's here. Makes even dumb me sound smart.)
(I know the Mizzou HC between Powers and Pinkel don't matter. In fact, it's almost ancient history but I have to keep writing things that I think make me sound smart, even if I'm not. Sigh, time for some microwave popcorn.)
(I keep saying dumb things that don't make sense. I sooo want to be part of the intelligent fb community but I really don't know what's going on. Oh well.)
(If I keep picking on true lefty I'm going to sound a lot smarter than I am. Hehehe)
I would like to see the college pass interference penalty changed to the pro version. I can't stand to see college players intentionally fouling on long passes when they know it will only cost them 15 yards.
100% totally classy person. Good luck to him.
(Boy, writing "Better cover your oranges, it just might be a long, cold freeze." is so clever! I think I will just keep insulting UF because it's so much fun and it makes me sound so awesome!)
I'm not defending Grantham by any means but one thing that is overlooked is that there are a lot of really good offenses in the SEC and cf in general. Alabama and UGA are the gold standard of defenses and they had difficulties with the better offenses.
(I'll be accepted more if I continuously insult the Gators and Florida!)
(I think I killed it with the "doodledink" insult!)
Why are these SEC fans picking on me? I'm just trying to be cool and with it.
It may not be alive in your eyes but to many of us we still hate kansas and they're a lot of ku people that hate Mizzou. kansas-Missouri issues go way back.
I know deep down that the cupcake schedules that FBS teams play has been happening for many years but if I point it out I will sound soooo smart.
Why do I write things that are constantly wrong? I wish I could stop myself.
I hope no one sees the article from ESPN about Linehan being let go after the 2018 season. That would make it just one year out of work. I wish I would have looked it up before posting. Not to worry, no one will notice.
Wolfman's brother is starting to bother me. I don't like him. He actually pays attention if I'm right or wrong. He needs to stop.
I hate it when these sds posters correct me! It makes me mad. I'm going to post 100 more times I'm so upset. And I don't even care what I post. That will show them.
I messed up again! Linehan was only out of coaching for one year in 2019. I think I recovered nicely though I snuck in 2017 or 2018 in my response. Aren't I clever?!
I hate when people call me out.....I really have to come up with an answer that sounds smart. Boy it's hard to do!
Gee...they're calling me out on my meanings too. I'm really guessing but I don't want to back down now. I guess I'll google up more sports quotes and pick something that sounds smart. I hope it works!