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Tigurr, where are you coming up with "it seems like a while?" Drew lock left just two seasons ago. Heupel had Lock and Lock made Heupel not the other way around. I guess you forgot all the 10 to 20 second series where Mizzou's d was on the field for 40+ percent of every game. I guess you also forgot all the great college qb's and offenses Mizzou has had over the last 10, 20, 30 years. Players like Chase Daniel, Brad Smith, Blaine Gabbert, and James Franklin. All of them played professional football. And guess what? Josh Heupel had zero to do with their success or the success of those offenses. If I was a UT fan I would be concerned at the diminishing success Heupel had at UCF. Is this wolfman with a different name?
Heupel's 20 second 3-and-outs will destroy the defense. It's going to take a year for the Vols to adjust. And if the qb isn't accurate UT is going to be in trouble.
Odom would have lost to LSU and Arkansas. He couldn't close a game out to save his life.
Well, if he was any good don't you think Mizzou's defense would have played him even a little?
Now I see why Tennessee got rid of Cuonzo Martin. He can't recruit at a championship level. Great pick up UT.
Worst seats in the worst stadium in the SEC. Lipstick on a pig.
The more the attorney shouts, yells, and makes waves, the more he can charge his clients.
Wow! I actually agree with Ozarkian! Self has been punishing Mizzou.
Tidefan, unfortunately, an accusation will ruin your life.
Wild hog's twin brother, cousin, nephew, uncle ozarkian just showed up.
Kentucky's trying to get a lottery pick in the draft that's why they're losing so much....wait....that's the nba. Oh heck, they're just a really bad team.
I'm glad Arky kept Odom. I love playing against his defense in the 4th quarter of a tight game.
Steele's collecting a nice paycheck and will continue to do what UT asks him to. Smart guy.
Why would he want to leave the security of OSU to come to a possible 3 year job? Money isn't everything.
Marty was great guy and there was never any problems with players on his teams. Sami, I lived in Cleveland when Marty was coaching there and your words are spot on. He could get the team to the brink of the super bowl but a dumb play or two would always keep him out of it. We called it "Marty Ball".
Sharife Cooper is amazing. His passing reminds me of Phil Pressey a Mizzou guard who played a few years in the nba. He knew where everyone was without looking.
I swear that arky fans must not have an area of their own on sds. They're always trolling on Mizzou. Mizzou has owned Arkansas for a long time now. Go away little hogs.
You have to admit they really took it to Clemson. That was a butt kickin. They didn't bring that intensity to the NCG. Bama came out rested, focused, and ready to play. What a performance!
Doesn't matter. LSU will be back strong. I see good things ahead for the entire conference(except Vandy). There are some really good coaches in this conference.
Oklahoma would never have beaten a loaded UF team.
boxster, most aTm and Mizzou fans hate anything that's b12. Really happy to see Texas so dysfunctional firing good coaches every few years. The SEC is the ONLY conference in the US worth a darn.
(Wow, this wolfman guy said Drink will grow a bigger brain. That doesn't make ANY sense. Thank goodness wolfman's here. Makes even dumb me sound smart.)
(I know the Mizzou HC between Powers and Pinkel don't matter. In fact, it's almost ancient history but I have to keep writing things that I think make me sound smart, even if I'm not. Sigh, time for some microwave popcorn.)
(I keep saying dumb things that don't make sense. I sooo want to be part of the intelligent fb community but I really don't know what's going on. Oh well.)
(If I keep picking on true lefty I'm going to sound a lot smarter than I am. Hehehe)