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He didn’t disrespect Southeastern, he disrespected himself. If you’re going to write about schools, get the names right. It’s not that difficult.
It’s Southeastern Louisiana, not Southeast.
And has anyone asked Coach Orgeron why McMillan and Narcisse were not at practice?
They play Southeastern Louisiana in week two, and there is no Southwestern Louisiana.
How is it possible to write this and not include the young man’s high school?
Dear Buford, please explain your asinine theory or go back to flinging beer cans at the neighbor's cat.
Well said. Gee, would have been interesting for the writer to broach the "play them both?" subject with Ensminger.
As is often the case here, this article tells us nothing we didn't already know.
Apparently, you think well of Miles, since you refuse to remove him from your LSU coaches list.
At what point will you get around to listing Ed Orgeron as LSU head coach?
Dear SDS, Les Miles is no longer head coach at LSU. You may want to update your coaching list. Regards, Boudreaux