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Quaking in my boots Corch! Hope you and your boyfriend can make it to Lexington for the game Eat Fresh!
@Corch DO YOU THINK YOU WILL COVER??? *Plz bet responsibly, I am glad to see you are still posting, was really worried you'd hurt yourself after Saturday
BUT YOU ALMOST COVERED! Idk if you'll be able to watch the game next year, sounds like you are in dire financial straits!
Diesel go back to the holler, your internet privileges are revoked
Corch shouldn't you be polishing your knob after clamoring for Stoops's head on a pike? I consider you in the same category as these inebriated classy UT fans. Don't think you're in a position to look down on people :)
Ill take a Sugarbowl over a CFP bowl having to face UGA or Bama this year! 11-1 season would be amazing and great for recruiting at a pivotal time in the SEC
@Corch BUT YOU ALMOST COVERED!!! Put some ice on those blue ballz!
Corch probably has some blue ballz after this lol. He isnt going to enjoy this win like normal fans would. Glad to see most Georgia fans are gracious yall are an amazing team and deserve to win it all this year!
You must live by the ocean buddy o' pal , thems are some SALTY words!! If you were so worried about a starter getting hurt, why would Kirby keep him in with seconds to do and you are up big??? Stop making this about you caring for the players, youve demonstrated you are a spineless smooth-brain ape that didnt get the win you want and didnt win a bet. Like I said to Corch, go and adjust your budget and enjoy the rest of your season.
Hey Texas UGA fan thank you for your money! Ill make sure I send you and your boyfriend a nice gift as I am now flush with cash. Please send me your address. FAX ONLY PLZ
@Corch BUT YOU ALMOST COVERED!!!! Grow up, no UK fan is going to gloat about this game and I doubt Kirby will care much, in fact he'd have done the same thing. So go ahead and keep creaming your jeans and adjust your budget for the month.
Not saying SC is a great team but their stadium does hold around 80K and it was pretty packed and loud. I certainly think Athens will be another level. But to say we haven't had a true road game, id have to disagree but I may be nitpicking. I will agree this is going to be the most intimidating road environment we will have played in
A bold prediction wouldn't be bold prediction if it wasnt bold. With Georgia being so good the only bold thing you can say is for something to not go their way In his defense he correctly predicted us upsetting Florida and Levis having a big game against LSU
Trying not to read into this but seeing some articles about UGA having quite a few injured players (as do we). Are these key contributors in as much as their absence could make it easier for UK to keep it close? Well aware if one on UGAs starters is down there are 5 5-stars that can be plugged in. But just trying to see if this is just media conjecture to try and make Saturday seem more competitive. I personally don't think we'll walk out of Athens with a win unless the stars align and we play out of our minds and UGA sleepwalks, but I dont see that happening. I will just keep cheering for this Brandon guy everyone is pulling for...
That is what nobody seems to be talking about and could be the difference. McCall wont be back yet, Ox is out for the season supposedly. Still great on the DL but I dont think well be a run stopping monster like we have been (see 4th quarter against LSU).
Yeah no UK fans think that, only the bitter Tennessee fans think that UK fans think like that. Ive seen more of that kind of attitude over the years from UT when they have a better than expected season and start thinking they are rulers of the SEC again.
Most Kentucky fans are not too fond of the blue and white checkerboard. It was ok when it was small and subtle, but then Nike designed both basketball and football unis with a very loud design and most fans hated it. Our AD even said he is sick and tired of being asked when the checkerboard will be removed. UT can keep that awful pattern as far as I am concerned. Dont think too many of us would miss it if it disappeared. Have the let these vols have something to be proud of after we stomp them into the turf this year
I think as of now his contract is through 2026 with it most likely being automatically extended another year after 7 wins this season and probably another year since an additional year is added after 10 wins. So after this season of hopefully 10-11 wins and a big bowl he will have extended his contract 2 years without having signed anything but by just doing his job well
I think that can be in the cards if we continue the recruiting momentum and he can keep his other coaches on staff. Holding onto Marrow is vital and I think we start getting more skilled players on offense if Coen proves consistency and sticks around. But I can see another programing offering Brad White a HC job and him taking it. I dare think we can at least make it to Atlanta in the next 1-3 years
I think the best thing Barnhart can do is park a Brinks truck outside of Stoops house and ask what its going to take to make him stay. And start funneling more resources into the football program. I can imagine a scenario where Stoops leaves, but if you give Stoops a program he can run on his terms and the resources he needs without the pressure of winning a championship every year I think he would settle in for the long haul. Especially with the SEC expanding and him already having a leg up on rebuilding programs, he could turn UK into an OU that makes noise every year and being competitive, but not necessarily winning a championship
You been spending some time at the beach DougVol? You sound very salty
Well said. The fact of the matter is Stoops has been able to generate more excitement around football than Cal has around bball lately. Bball isnt going anywhere of course but with the program seemingly being flat the last 5-6 years, the kids growing up and going to school there will remember the trajectory and excitement around football at the time. Doesnt help that bball seems to be becoming more and more politicized and have a growing diva stigma. I know more and more people that are getting burnt out on it.
You must be thinking of the 50's where Bear Bryant got a watch and Rupp got a car. I dont see a reason why a school cant have a successful football and bball program. Sure one tends to dominate over the other historically but I think UK is demonstrating how to have a balance. Plus the younger generation seems to be trending more towards football while the older seems to care more for the basketball tradition. As the SEC expands and it becomes more and more evident the football will be the money maker I believe our AD is competent enough to get it and start shifting more resources to the football program. Stoops has built the culture and has the momentum to transform us into more of a football state.
have not seen* They teach us grammar in Kentucky I promise
You know, while I think we are capable, Florida's defense will be the best we have faced to date. So while I like that we have converted on 3rd so well, most have been against swiss cheese defenses. Should be a great game nonetheless!
"only one team wins the superbowl every year and everybody else loses their last game, so if you win your last game every year you're probably the super bowl winner" -Frank Caliendo's John Madden impersonation
My prediction is our OC will introduce an element we havent not seen much of. Maybe Levis runs the ball more than he has, but more likely leaning on a TE to make plays (much like the Rams offense he comes from). We will probably keep hearing a kids name we haven't heard much of that will give Florida fits because he wasn't schemed for since he wasn't featured. But thats assuming our QB will keep a cool head. Thats my opinion but nobody asked me...