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UGA's offensive line will very likely be a lot better than UF's. I think that will be the deciding factor in what makes UGA's ground attack more dangerous. Better QB play and a cohesive and stable coaching situation will also contribute.
"it wouldn’t be the craziest thing ever for the Gators to make a run." In 2018? Yes it would be crazy beyond all comprehension for Florida to make a run in 2018. Did you see their spring game? Sure they have talent at skill positions, but lack talent overall due to several down years of recruiting. And there are limits to how far you can scheme to cover up a talent deficiency. Absolutely no conceivable way Florida even makes it to the playoffs in 2018, let alone the NC game.
I agree. By his sophomore or junior year, Mullen will have Jones playing at a very high level.
Too much of the justification for Grantham's salary is based on MSU's 2017 season. Look at his overall performance at UGA when he had NFL talent at his disposal. One good year and the rest were frankly mediocre given the talent.
Wow Mountain Dog, solid reply. Very informative and succinct. I feel like that is more recruiting news than most sites offer.
Prior to the NC, UGA surged back and beat Oklahoma in probably the best Rose Bowl ever. The game disproves much of the garbage you spew. Also, don't forget the SEC championship.
The 9 wins of 2017 involved a bit of luck and could have easily finished with a few less wins. It has yet to be seen if 9 wins is Muschamp's peak. That, combined with classes loaded mostly with 3-star prospects, means it is incredibly premature to declare South Carolina will be headed to Atlanta "soon and often". How about South Carolina first focuses on beating Kentucky regularly?
This means that in the national championship game, 7 first round draft picks were playing. That's crazy.
IF UT fans are patient enough, I think Pruitt will turn Tennessee into a strong program. I don't know about winning national championships, but certainly a consistent 9-10 win program. However, the intervening seasons might be rough in the mean time. I think Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia are all going to be very good and will bring parity back to the SEC.
Strictly speaking, where you live it is still illegal to see privately from one's home and your city would have executed a warrant and arrest in a similar fashion.
All of Florida's success in the modern era (Spurrier and Myer) were when they recruited extremely well and ran innovative offenses. Before anyone declares Mullen to be the man to return Florida to its glory, we will have to see how he recruits (especially relative to other SEC East rivals) and how his offenses fair against defenses much more primed for success against spread attacks. Enthusiasm guarantees nothing.
We will have to agree to disagree. Nothing is certain now and declaring he wont meddle is very premature. You might be right in the future, but it is way too early to tell.
1. If LSA has a one-dimensional offense, which is likely, they will probably lose. Even in Death Valley. 2. South Carolina lacks overall talent and will be breaking-in a new and relatively inexperienced OC. Will be tough for UGA though. 3. Smart's defenses have never lost to Mullen's offenses. Florida also lacks talent and depth. And saying Mullen is better is idiotic. 4. Even playing in Athens, Auburn will be very tough for UGA to beat. 5. By what stretch of the imagination does Tech have UGA's number? Tech is a talent-less program running an antiquated and gimmicky offense.
I think it has very much yet to be seen that Fulmer wont butt in. Especially if Tennessee struggles for the first season or two and/or drops a number of close games. Fulmer was hired to bring Tennessee football back to national prominence, the other duties of being AD are a distant second by his own admission. Scenarios definitely exist where it would be reasonable to imagine Fulmer attempting to meddle with the football program.
There are a lot of good RBs in the draft this year. I'm sure that had something to do with it.
College football is contentious enough. Lets leave politics out of it.
Fair enough, that was vague. I meant 8-9 win seasons with an upset or two. You're right that one class isn't enough. I guess my point is that Tennessee has the potential to get out of it's current hole quickly.
If Tennessee can have a successful end to the 2018 season, make a bowl game, and sign a good recruiting class, I think by year two Pruitt will have Tennessee in fighting shape. And those three things are well within the realm of possibilities.
How quickly Mullen can turn Florida into a true contender in the East will be the ultimate test of how good he is as a coach. Sure he over performed at MSU, but a closer look at his record shows he lost the overwhelming majority of games to equal or greater opponents. At Florida, Mullen will have resources and (eventually) a talented roster not available at MSU. Was his performance at MSU his peak or was he not able to coach to his full potential because of being in the SEC West with the talent at his disposal?
It will certainly be tough game. Muschamp has them playing well.
Oh wait, I think I misread who your reply was to. In the event your response was not to me, I apologize.
How many games and against what opponents did Deebo wrack up those stats?
I agree that it will never happen, but how does it not make sense?
"Congrats on taking the bait. LMAO!" If he is a troll, wouldn't he be trolling Auburn with this article? So to "take the bait" would mean an Auburn fan getting upset at this article. But I'm not an Auburn fan. And I'm not upset. Congrats on being an idiot!
He's a "hack" for pointing out objectively true things about Auburn and Malzahn?
UGA gave Richt 15 years to win a national championship and it never happened. Gator nation does not show that kind of patience. Expectations are certainly high for Kirby, but more patience will likely be shown than for Mullen.