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I completed agree with all three and also that those points are more or less all that can be concluded so far about him. At this point, I am cautiously optimistic and look forward to learning more. Since this year did not cost him (or anyone) a year of eligibility, I think he'll be back next year. But I could very well be wrong.
While there are certainly cool aspects to Sara being the first female CFB player in the P5, I'm a little cynical and can help but think this is a publicity stunt. Vandy has other kickers on the roster. Now, if Sara played football in high school and was recruited like other players and/or walked on and made Vandy's roster while going through pre-season and fall camp, then I would believe it was a naturally occurring, feel-good story of perseverance.
This sounds like pandering nonsense. You're also fixated on her "beauty" which is a poor basis for the exaltations you are lavishing on her.
Nash, I agree with your prediction about the possible win-loss record for next season. I disagree about the ceiling you think Daniels has, though. Under Monken, with a protracted period getting snaps this off-season as QB 1, I think Daniels could be very good. I don't know if many conclusions should be drawn from the South Carolina game. Especially since South Carolina was thoroughly helpless against the run.
"I’m sure you took it seriously" LOL, I promise you I don't take a single one of your biased, misguided opinions about UGA seriously. Why do I characterize your views regarding UGA biased and misguided? Because you think things are rapidly deteriorating.
If the elites formed their own conference, they'd be giving themselves a historically brutal schedule against other elites. Elites from all conferences enjoy feasting on lesser opponents for many reasons.
Daniels is out the door? UGA is going to have a terrible 2021 season? Kirby won't make it to 2022? Good grief. Marsh, you know this is all in good fun, but when absolutely none of that comes true trust that I'll be here to remind you.
Props to South Carolina for playing hard. Good win for UGA.
BT I think that's the nicest comment I've ever seen you post.
It's easier to go undefeated playing six games, and to look good in the process, than it is playing 10 games. The more games a team plays, there's a greater chance they'll stumble or struggle. The CFP committee should evaluate all contenders, but the body of work, and thus the ability to properly judge the teams, will not be equal.
This is an editorial opinion piece (at best) and should be labeled as such.
I can attest to the fact that everyone's defense is good until they play a good offense. UGA was shredded by Bama and Florida.
I know the SDS comment section is filed with opposing fans constantly bumping heads. But Happy Thanksgiving to all.
I completely agree with these three points and would add a fourth: another strong showing from Daniels.
BT, the amount of whining and complaining from 1983 above is plainly ridiculous. Especially since Auburn was soundly beaten by UGA. Of course they are free to point out their opinion. Just as I'm free to point out mine, and you are free to point at yours. But once again you're SDS's resident hall monitor, always there to give UGA fans a hard time. Regardless, I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving.
LSUMC, I'm not at all defending him. I'm just sharing an observation about the general reaction to his interview. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Ben, just having a little fun. But surely putting so many haha's makes one look unhinged. Either way, just returning the trash thrown my way. Happy Thanksgiving amigo.
Gator73, right on que. BTW, Happy Thanksgiving. Ben, Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.
Silliness should go away quickly? Oh, you mean someone simply voicing their opinion which is different than yours? And he's been a sports journalist for decades covering many SEC teams, so plenty of people have heard of him.
In 2020, he sure did. I'd easily have Trask in my top 3; he's very deserving of the Heisman attention he's getting. And he has a great background and story. Also, FWIW, putting such an exaggerated "haha" at your own comment, that wasn't funny in the first place, makes you look like a raging idiot.
UGA manhandled Auburn. It wasn't all that competitive. You have no footing to call UGA overrated.
Florida fans are apparently sensitive about people who don't bow at the altar of Trask