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Remember when a legitimately bad Miami team very nearly beat Florida in the opener last season? Then remember how Florida worked out the kinks and had a very strong season? And that was with a full, regular off-season, a veteran QB, and multiple NFL pass rushers. Let's allow the season to play out before rushing to judgement.
And neither was Auburn. In fact, most teams weren't "impressive". It was the first game after a completely unprecedented off-season, so I think much shouldn't made of the first game.
A fantastic and historic performance. Not to take anything way from it, but MSU caught a rebuilding defense very much off-guard. Everyone should slow their roll. It's going to be a long season. And there are very good defenses that await.
It's like people have already forgotten that there was no spring ball and a heavily modified fall camp. Throw in various new elements to UGA's offense and of course there's going to be growing pains. So many people are tripping over themselves to overreact.
The team did not look ready to play. Some definite issues. After this offseason and the new changes, I suppose that was to be expected to some extent. Early losses are probably unavoidable, but if the offense gels this could be a pretty good team.
I like how you started with more elaborate trash talk and then devolved into just saying it directly.
Horrendously ugly first half. Opposing fans wasted absolutely no time overreacting. Hopefully a QB emerges as a long term solution or this is going to be a very long season.
Yeah I'm not sure what's more surprising, how quickly the Air Raid found success or MSU's defense.
You really like that line, huh? You've used it a few times today so far.
That and Stetson appears much more comfortable running this offense.
Something tells me this take won't age well
Florida beat Ole Miss, let's pump the breaks.
Yeah, it is concerning. But with so many new pieces, it will take time for things to gel.
First half of the first game was extremely ugly. But this is a long season. Some of y'all are getting ahead of yourselves
Offense is very bad, yikes. Mathis doesn't look ready.
As an outsider, I think it's natural LSU will take a step back, but I still think they'll be good this year and could very well make some noise.
"Until this year, I had no idea so many sportswriters, specifically college football writers, are either such cowards, loathe the sport they cover, or both." I totally agree. Almost the entire mainstream CFB media backed the BIG10's decision to cancel the season and provided them cover with an endless flow of "articles" critical of the SEC. I was surprised to see some of the biggest names in the CFB media world mindlessly falling in line with the platform that anything short of cancellation was reckless exploitation.
Throughout the offseason, I openly expressed doubt that there would be a season this year. I took no glee in it, though. However, I am extremely happy I was wrong. It's been a hellacious offseason and I cannot wait for some SEC football.
I'm curious about the parameters of the simulation that resulted in Missouri beating Bama even once.