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Thanks, darthA. Also, the points you raised in your comment are exactly correct and seem to be commonly omitted when discussing HC contracts.
A key difference is coaches typically leave a program immediately after the conclusion of a season (except Spurrier, lol) if it's their choice to initiate a change. Players leave in the winter, before spring ball, after spring ball, before fall camp, after fall camp, during the season, after the season but before bowl season, etc. Players should be allowed to move around, but rules are needed to protect against tampering, make players accountable to their commitment to a team for some length of time, and protect players from youthful tendencies of impatience or immaturity that are self-defeating.
The money is coming from boosters who are specifically donating to the football program/athletic department. Tuition money and public funds are not used on coaching contracts.
Do you grandstand like this over every moral shortcoming you perceive or only when it's to your advantage?
Tidefan, from what I've personally seen, Bama fans have been very classy and gracious and comments like this are a great example.
Such is the transfer portal world we live in. Best of luck in all games but one.
I think Bama is going to be a monster next season
Pittman is responsible for transforming UGA's OL recruiting and developing. His efforts definitely contributed to the success of this season.
So you think no TDs in the first half means both teams suck? For as confident as your posts are you appear to know shockingly little about football.
"No one in the SEC will have an offense as good as ours" You predicted that last year and you'll be just as wrong next season too. Heupel is good at wracking up stats against bad defenses. He calls games like a 14 year old playing Madden. He'll continue to struggle against good teams and demolish bad teams.
"As a homer..." Should have just stopped there. I've absolutely never seen you predict or give an opinion that wasn't as a massive, unapologetic homer.
I guess if you keep predicting that UT will have the SECs best offense, you'll eventually be right. You predicted it last year and also predicted that UGA's offense wasn't good enough to beat UT, Bama, or win a national championship.
Bamatime, I know there have been some UGA fans who have impersonated other fans. But the opposite is true as well. Nevertheless, none of that matters. This idiot went around trolling UGA articles by emphatically cheering on his team's main rival. That's my point and of course you realized that. You're just too intellectually dishonest to admit it.
And what excuses might those be? Another brilliant prediction on your part, huh?
There's no shame in hating a rival, but cherry picking things from almost 80 years ago so that you can establish moral superiority dumb.
Oklahoma is undergoing too many transitions to be that high. I think 1 and 2 are spot on. Both were young teams this year and figure to be set up for strong runs next season.
It's hard to sustain national success in the age of Saban. No one has been close other than Dabo. Until he retires, Bama will always loom large.
Elite players will certainly elevate a program, but it takes a strong staff to develop them and put them in positions to succeed. That along with navigating conference rivals will weed out programs that offer NIL money and little else. My guess is that when money is near equal, development and winning on big stages will still funnel top recruits to certain programs. However, the days of hoarding are very well over.
I've been a big fan of Cook since he was recruited and I was happy to see him have the season he did this year. Best of luck in the NFL!
I'm seeing lots of very classy comments from all fan bases. I personally appreciate all the nice sentiments and congratulations.
Bama is going to have a hell of a team next year. They should absolutely be in a position to make a strong run.
Bama played a hell of a game, hats off to them. And hats off to all the classy comments from opposing fans above.
Maybe you should be less concerned about what others should be concerned about and focus on Florida's next rebuild.
Bama is a major and historic rival of Tennessee, yet you're posting "Roll Tide" repeatedly throughout SDS.