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Even though the refs were allowed to not issue a warning and immediately call a technical, an event like this should not be allowed to impact the outcome of a game with less than a second on the clock. That is bad officiating.
"Mel Kiper Jr. buying into what Jeremy Pruitt is doing at Tennessee" That does imply a general endorsement for Pruitt's entire program. Maybe not everyone interprets it that way, but many will. Kiper's comment was only about recruiting specifically (which I do agree with him on). I don't think Adam Spencer intended to misconstrue Kiper's comment. Given how all of this is subjective anyways, there's reasonable room for differing opinions.
wde, I think a cross-divisional rival weekend in October is one of the best scheduling ideas I've heard. I'd love to see that happen.
I think the fact that Fromm, for his first time since coming to UGA, will not be competing for the starting spot and taking all the first-team reps in the off-season, will potentially contribute greatly to his development as well as his rapport with the receivers. Given that, I would love to see something closer to a even balance between run and pass plays, especially if the threat of taking the top off the defense is consistent enough to get defenses to unload the box.
I've seen you post several times that you think rescheduling the Auburn game to mid-season will likely result in a UGA loss. What's your reasoning?
Sark might have put up good stats last season, but too many times the offense got bogged down for long stretches. Atlanta's defense lost more games than the offense did, but the offense was highly ineffectual and inconsistent for much of the season. But, of course, that's not to say any of that will repeat under Saban.
The way Lock dropped dimes and hit receivers in stride was a sight to behold. I was at the 2017 game when Missouri played UGA in Athens, and his deep ball that day was something else.
I feel you, I've had many of my posts blocked for no apparent reason whatsoever. Well, I'm sure your post would have offered great insight and continued the conversation productively. I always appreciate good football discussions.
I remember the 4th quarter all too well, unfortunately. But, to your point, sustaining that level of play is a different thing altogether. Oklahoma's offense doesn't have complicated pro-style reads, but they run a layered RPO system where the LB and DB's response must be read in order to make a decision. If he doesn't stretch the field like Mayfield of Murray, defenses will force him to beat them with his arm which has the potential to cause enough "down" games to sabotage a Heisman run. I agree Fields will flourish at OSU and I agree with ... that he is high risk/high reward. I think the odds of him taking the reins and having a Heisman season are unlikely; that's not to say he wont have a heck of a year and put up great numbers, though. I'm also not convinced the transition from Urban is going to be seamless, which will factor into things.
If Hurts couldn't develop into a Heisman level passer during his three years at Bama, I'm skeptical that one year at OU will change much. And I'm not sure what flashes you saw Fields make. Against cupcakes he definitely shined, but against any sort of real defense he would immediately scramble if the first read wasn't there. His first year as a starter, while also being his first year in an entirely new system, doesn't really lay the groundwork for a Heisman type year. His junior year is probably more realistic.
My line of reasoning, and I could very well be wrong, but the fewer Saturdays UGA is locked into, the greater flexibility in moving around games in order to help accommodate the schedule of a potential non-conference opponent.
To be fair, you could also restate it as UGA won 2 of the last 2 and 5 of the last 8. Statistics can be misleading. The WLOCP is huge for both fanbases, but it doesn't define either's season.
"Apparently, Ray, a graduate of Alabama, has given up his Mississippi State fandom and moved on from the days of his viral Hail State videos." I'm confused, how can someone be a superfan and then renounce their allegiance?
I support moving the Auburn game. I like having them as our annual SEC West opponent, I just wish we weren't locked into a set date. Between the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry, Clean Old Fashioned Hate, and the WLOCP, Georgia has a difficult time scheduling due to so many games fixed to certain Saturdays. Increased flexibility will make it easier to schedule better non-conference opponents.
Florida's offensive line and the progression of Franks will determine how well Florida does against UGA and the rest of the East. UF's defense is certainly a strength, but how the offense fairs against great and elite defenses will probably dictate their season to a large degree.
You are absolutely correct. There are fan bases out there that regard their team's national dominance as their "rightful place" in the college football hierarchy, even though they are many years or decades removed from any sort of championship or even relevancy.
The comment section for this article is a mess
I think you mean "hypocritical policy". I'm also not sure you can gauge the level of Georgia fans' concern based on a single policy -- these things are not democratically voted. But what I really don't understand is how you type "hypocratic" and plenty other 6+ letter words, and then shortened "about" to "ab".
I saw this live and thought he was just trying to throw it away in the most boneheaded way possible. Turns out it was actually a completion. Even though it was for a one yard loss, it still figures the Legends would give up this completion. I'm not sure who the Atlanta coach is, but he is not doing a good job. The product on the field and the in-game coaching are quite bad.
That's a very good and fair explanation. Subjectivity, I would think some of Tennessee's returning production would be discounted by the fact that they have a new OC and scheme. In the end, personally, I trust Mullen to scheme around deficiencies better than Chaney.
Are you seriously ignorant to the fact that recruits visit programs multiple times? That is something that happens to all programs, even your beloved Tennessee.
If you believe Fields transferred for any reason other than playing time and offensive scheme, you misread the situation.
I'm not sure I understand a system that projects Florida's offense seven spots below Tennessee.
There were at least a few games last season where Fromm's rhythm was noticeably impacted by subbing in Fields.
I look forward to LSU deflating Texas's hype to start out the season
"Incoherent pissing contest" is a painfully accurate description. And the rest of your comment is spot on. If one is being technical, though, UGA went 8-5 in CKS first year. But your point still stands.