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Missing that first potential touchdown pass is particularly painful. That was at the very beginning of the game and would have been a great lift of early momentum.
Florida struggled against Vandy, trailing until well into the 4th quarter. Despite a somewhat slow start, UGA trailed Vandy for 15 total seconds of game clock and went on to destroy them. Florida struggled mightily against MSU and UK and, frankly, got lucky against LSU. The cocktail party will be a good game, no doubt, but Florida is not a better team.
No UGA coach has ever come remotely close to the kind of recruiting CKS is capable of. These are uncharted waters for Georgia, so history is probably a poor indicator.
UGA isn't locked into this exact roster and their respective abilities in perpetuity. If UGA loses to Florida this year, there will be new rosters and new abilities in future years. You call UGA fans delusional, yet you're implicitly assuming the 2018 UGA football team has reach maximum overall program potential and that with a better QB Florida is magically going to continue to ascend over a stagnant and maxed-out Georgia. News flash: UGA is over 65% freshman and sophomores (the no. 1 and 3 ranked recruiting classes, respectively) this year. Next year those 2 top-3 classes will be sophomores and juniors, with another top-3 recruiting class as freshman. 2018 is a reloading year and the 2019 team will most likely be far better and more experienced. Florida might get lucky this year, but will continue to have more than their hands full playing UGA in future years, regardless of who the QB is. Smart has seen Mullen's offenses for a decade, with Prescott, Fitz and others, and will be very ready.
Spurrier is beyond obnoxious and I look forward to him no longer being relevant. If it's not Florida, he is incapable of truly complementing another program or coach.
The sole point of this article is to handout mid-season awards to various categories of players. No declaration about an overall successful season is being made. Just which players have been the best so far at this chronological juncture of the season.
Chaney gives Fromm two calls for every play, a run and a pass. Fromm checks into one depending on his pre-snap reads. Any one play run my UGA is a function of the two calls given to Jake and then what he then instructs the other 10 to run when the ball is snapped.
I think you may have taken the lie detector comment a bit too literally. I think the idea behind it is: "what would Lyle say if he was forced to tell the truth when asked difficult questions?" That's all. Don't think this article is extolling the benefits of an actual polygraph machine or seriously suggesting Lyle be hooked up to one. I think your last sentence is all the more ironic given your misunderstanding.
"If Tennessee is going to improve its SEC record to 2-2 come Saturday, it’s going to take several players to play the best football of their lives in Neyland Stadium." I think you left off the last part of that sentence explaining how Bama would have to lay the most colossal egg of Saban's career.
For Jones to resurrect his career, Saban is going to have to put him in some sort of an on-field coaching role, ideally as a coordinator. I'm not sure if I see that happening.
UGA's O-line is rated as one of the top 3 in the entire country. Fromm struggled against LSU, but his numbers are the same, if not slightly better, than last year. And he's elite at pre-snap reads, recognizing blitzes, and then finding the receiver left open on account of the blitz -- something which brutalized Grantham's defense last year when he was MSU's DC. Florida allowed Vandy to pass for 220+ yards for almost 7 yards/pass. Outside of a solid pass rush, Florida's defense isn't very good and their secondary is a weakness. You know what match-up I like the most? Smart has over a decade scheming and playing against Mullen's offenses.
Oh, you mean a very lucky win against a team they should have lost to? Yeah, a veritable well of confidence should come from that.
UK may not be a one trick pony, but they have a predictable, one-dimensional offense. They took a few decent teams by surprise earlier in the year. The second half of the season may not be as kind.
Florida looked bad against Kentucky, MSU, and Vandy. And got lucky with a horrible throw which lead to a pick-6 against LSU to seal the game. But yeah I'm totally sure they'll dominate UGA.
Was it the struggle wins against MSU and Vandy, or the manhandling at Kentucky that gives you so much confidence in Florida?
Florida still feels like a mediocre team, just this year it has its first solid victory in almost a decade
If you're using the transitive property of common opponents, Florida was down 21-3 to Vandy at one point and trailed until halfway through the 4th quarter, winning by 10. Georgia beat Vandy by 28 and only trailed for 15 seconds of total game clock.
Was it struggling against Kentucky, MSU, or Vandy that gives you so much confidence in Florida?
But their offense is mediocre and their secondary isn't very good
I watched the UF vs UK, UF vs MSU, and UF vs. Vandy games and saw the Gators struggle mightily.
Rowdy, I've seen enough comments from Gator nation to know there are plenty who think Florida is back. That's not hyperbole, though I may have wrong assumed you were part of that crowd. Smart has a decade of experience scheming against Mullen's offenses; last year's UGA vs MSU game highlighted that very well. And Tennessee's incredibly sloppy game against Florida (6 turnovers) is very much padding Florida's overall turnover margin. Good luck in Jacksonville.
Also, wasn't Florida down to Vandy 21-3 at one point? Maybe focus on your own team's shortcomings? Oh wait, I forgot, Florida is magically back now simply because they have a mediocre team not engaging in a decade-long tradition of face-planting their way through the season.
Wow, thanks Rowdy for your sage analysis. I'm fully aware of the lack of sacks, but UGA also did a decent job getting after Burrow. The main issue was stopping LSU's running game, not Burrow's ability to stand in the pocket and deliver strikes down field.
If UGA had played sloppy and squeaked by most games with victories of one score or less, then Matt would be more or less spot on. Other than the LSU game, though, no other game UGA has played this year was ever in doubt in the least at any point. They didn't "get away with" their other victories as that more directly implies they skated by games they should have lost, which is demonstrably false. And while UGA has only played one "good" opponent, that doesn't mean the rest of their games were against "bad teams". I mean, LSU has only really played one good team, too. Auburn was very obviously not deserving of their top-10 (or any) ranking when they played LSU, and LSU still only beat them by a single point (Tennessee beat them by 6) and Miami is not a good team either (they beat FSU by one point and lost to Virginia(?!)). Does that mean LSU has only played bad opponents too? Also, Florida does have a good d-line but also a suspect secondary, hence why Grantham blitzes so much. He's compensating for their less than par pass defense. LSU has not only a strong d-line but a very good secondary, which is what makes their defense as good as it is.
I've never thought the 2018 UGA team was set to make a championship run. Too many freshman and sophomore and too many key losses along the defensive front seven. Other reasons notwithstanding, there's simply no way this UGA team can beat Bama in the SEC championship and that's been obvious for awhile. Still, Matt's article is very typically a knee-jerk reaction to a bad loss. Let's see how UGA rebounds from this against Florida and Kentucky before painting with broad strokes.
“We’re not as bad as we played against Florida, certainly,” Fulmer said. “And we’re probably not as good as it might have seemed coming out of Auburn. We’re somewhere in between. We’re a team that’s getting better..." Very wise and true words from Fulmer.
You're absolutely right. LSU had a great game plan and executed it very well. UGA is very young and is not as good as last year's team. Their performance against Florida, and ability to rebound after the LSU loss, will largely define the 2018 season.