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The combination of Lock being able to shred defenses over the top and a very solid running game made Mizzou's offense potent last year. This sounds odd saying, but I actually believe Dooley will well utilize Bryant, Roundtree, and the o-line. Whether that translates into bettering the 2018 record, I have no idea. Lock was certainly special and could absolutely brutalize a secondary that wasn't prepared or lacked necessary talent.
Seems like they (hopefully) got that under control. And luckily none of the incidents were too serious. I was also just making a general observation as an outsider. Not trolling or even poking fun.
What are you even talking about? You really convinced yourself of all of that from Fuzzy's comment?
No doubt this was a joke in extremely bad taste, but Dabo is in no way endorsing Osama. Be serious. Was it dumb of him? Without question. Is he tacitly supporting him by making this joke? Obviously not.
If Sony Gurchubb is referencing Deandre Baker (who was a 3 star recruited out of Florida while Pruitt was UGA's DC) then his comment is probably meant as a compliment as Deandre Baker was the top CB in Div I last year and a 1st round draft pick. Pruitt clearly had an eye for talent, regardless of recruiting profile.
This offseason there seems to be a number of Tennessee players retiring from football
I think there's probably several options to fix the current transfer portal issues (along with the subsequent inconsistency with NCAA eligibility rulings) other than outright free agency.
I'm pretty sure it's an automated process. I've never had a refused comment posted later either edited or in it's entirety. I think they run comments through an algorithm that looks for certain words or phrases and can be confused by certain words.
I thought you meant talking smack about/towards Bama. Generally, I don't think a team needs to have recently won an NC to have the ability to talk smack.
Sure, but no one is talking smack. Just sharing opinions. And you can't deny that the past two years Bama has had generational talent at both QB1 and QB2 spots, which was a large reason they beat UGA the past two times. Certainly other factors contributed to UGA's loss though. But Bama did win both and thus has bragging rights, I fully acknowledge.
Exactly. In both the 2017 NC and 2018 SECC, Georgia's defense shutdown Bama's starting QB but then couldn't stop the backups, who both made truly spectacular plays. There is no superstar backup this year. If Tua gets shutdown the chance of an improbably come-from-behind victory is very small.
I agree, I think South Carolina's offense will be better. In fact, I think they will be an overall better team than last year even though I expect their record to not reflect it.
Instantaneously losing the court of public opinion well before any investigation or actual trial is unfortunately too common.
I think imissSECcountry means they look forward to the next edition of this article series which analyzes the South Carolina offense.
Kirby you are spot on about Richt's history recruiting across the OL and DBs. What compounded his recruiting shortcomings was his willingness to be content recruiting middle-tier offensive linemen and employ a blocking scheme that accommodated the talent level. The result was that he almost never beat great or elite d-lines. And for whatever reason, Richt could never within a given season field both a great offense and defense; it was always one or the other.
I would love to see football discussions, rather than trolling or opposing fanbases simply yelling past each other, as the dominant conversation type in the comment section. I genuinely enjoy the game of football and analyzing it at the strategic and tactical level is very fun. Parading cherry-picked statics and hurling insults gets old really fast.
I really wish portions of dawg nation would pump the breaks a bit on all the bravado lately and just enjoy the relative success and current state of things without losing one's mind.
Clemson spent a week preparing for ND and the better part of a month preparing for Bama. That Clemson beat ND in the manner they did makes a strong argument that ND was in fact overrated.
Saban can sometimes come off as a hard-driving robot of a coach, so it's humanizing to hear him speak warmly of his interactions with Julio and Tua.
Mountain Dog, I totally agree about the UCF game in 2010, that's when I lost confidence in Richt. I liked him personally, but that was an embarrassing loss. The 2012 season gave me false hope that maybe he could turn things around, but 2013-2015 made it clear nothing was going change. The 2015 loss to UF was the absolute nail in the coffin if ever there was one. I definitely agree with you and TDOW about winning the LOS, which is why I immediately had faith in CKS when he made it known he was changing the way UGA recruited offensive linemen.
Auburn and Texas A&M are the biggest regular season threats to UGA this season.
I think with the combination of Pruitt and Chaney (so long as the roster is healthy) you can't sleep on Tennessee. They surprised teams last season and will continue to this year as well.
I agree and think this is a very good analysis. I might differ from some other Georgia fans in thinking that Mullen is good at formulating a game plan and a great in-game play caller, so even with deficiencies I think Mullen stands a fighting chance at scheming and adjusting his way to victories. Florida will feast on lesser opponents and will stand a fighting chance against equal or better opponents. The several close calls from 2018 will be better understood in 2019 -- either the team was over performing and will regress to the mean (given the current roster) this year or those were simply growing pains for a break-out campaign in 2019.