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"How this country ever stormed the beaches at Normandy is beyond me." A stupid over-reaction if ever there was one.
Wadeless, tragedies can exist simultaneously. Just because there are some unresolved problems doesn't mean we should be focused on others. Hunger has nothing to do with COVID-19 and you're essentially virtue signalling by even bringing that up. Nashville is spot on in his comments and you were absolutely dismissing COVID-19 through your comments, backpedaling not withstanding. You're the only tool here, pal.
Cojones, FSU historically is a great program. But whether they suck or not doesn't alone determine Florida's strength of schedule. Lots of teams have to play tough programs every year. But what made Slak's comment so dumb was the horrendously over-stretched analogy he/she attempted to construct and how the entire thing was just a very thinly veiled shot at UGA fans which in reality had nothing to do with the subject at hand. Perhaps your "homerism" predisposes you to just agree with any mindless spewing of words which provides even the faintest hint of an anti-UGA stance.
Slak, that was one of the dumbest comments I've read on SDS in a while.
I agree with the above comments, too much focus lately on negativity and disappointment. Let's rank the top underrated players or plays of the past few seasons. Or how about how these new coaches to the SEC will handle a potential first season in the SEC which did not include an offseason spring football session and possibly even a truncated fall camp. As a UGA fan, I know disappointment too well (as all fanbases do to various extents) and would prefer to not have to relive it.
At this point people likening coronavirus to the flu are willfully ignorant
Stoops is an excellent coach and does not get the respect he deserves. Though I'm not sure he's above Smart or Mullen. I think the fact a major program hasn't scooped him up yet bears that out.
I think Georgia is too high. I think anywhere between 5-8 is more appropriate.
As it is commitments don't mean anything until their letter is received on signing day. Leans mean even less.
Today's world is over-connected. The news of bad things, both small and large, is endlessly spread and amplified, and the worst of humanity and our collective societies are continuously raised up a flagpole for everyone to see. For many, sport is an escape from the infinite negativity of the real world. And the SEC brand of college football in particular is laden with perpetual hope; some new commit or coach will be the missing piece, or old glories are just an offseason away from a modern revival. Sports do matter, to athlete and fan alike. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.
Indiana Jones wasn't sci-fi until the aliens in the fourth movie, but I'd prefer to pretend that one doesn't exist. Also, personal preference doesn't really matter so whether you like history or sci-fi or both, it's all good. Probably not too useful in drawing lines in the sand and trying to define oneself over something as ultimately meaningless as movie genre preference.
If that happens my money is on UCF still declaring themselves national champs and throwing a remotely televised parade in Orlando to celebrate.
I feel like sports journalists should not be so transparent about their like or dislike of programs.
Wow, 16 seasons in the NFL. That's deeply impressive, I'd say he's more than earned the right to retire and enjoy his successes.
Oh yeah, I absolutely loved it. And as Kevin accurately observed below, it's an easy commitment being that it's just a miniseries. To be fair, I don't watch a ton of TV though.
I just finished watching Chernobyl. It is easily one of the best TV series I've ever seen.
I think I would put Fleck over Harbaugh at this point. And Brian Kelly is a little too high.
Ah, FSU carrying the torch lit by UCF: in the absence of a desired outcome, invent criteria that allows you to name yourself a champion. For all the grief I've given UF, at least our esteemed rivals from Gainesville have never attempted any such shenanigans like their in-state rivals have.
There's simply no reason to risk the health of collegiate athletes and the tens to hundreds of thousands of people (and the millions more those people will subsequently come in contact with in the following days) on account of sports-based entertainment. There are far more important things in life.
Yes, other aspects in life are dangerous but failing to maximize safety in all other circumstances isn't a sufficient reason to not take precautions to stem the spread of the corona virus.
The concern is that people are contagious before they show symptoms. Added to the fact that the virus can live on surfaces for hours or days (under the right circumstances) and that it has a much high mortality rate than a "regular" flu, an abundance of caution is prudent. There's absolutely no need to risk spreading this virus any further on account of collegiate sports.
Exactly, I could not agree anymore. Those who have a callous attitude because their preferred method of entertainment was cancelled on account of a concerted effort to stem the rate at which a pandemic is spreading need to re-evaluate their priorities.