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Heupel's offenses are effective without top tier talent. That alone will often give him a puncher's chance to win any game. Time will tell if he can build UT back, it takes more than being a good developer of offenses to be a successful HC (see: Mullen). But things are definitely pointed in the right direction currently for Tennessee from where they were under Pruitt.
LOL everyone UGA plays is overrated. But your team surely earned valiant wins, right?
No criminal charges should come from this, the punishment should come from the university.
Put the student section in the highest and furthest back rows
2bits, that's a reasonable take. Knee jerk reactions can lead to program death spirals if not properly managed. It does seem that Mullen is a better OC than HC, but it is conceivable that the right AD can help oversee Mullen's development as a head coach.
Monken so far appears to be CKS's best OC hire. Chaney had moments that when the offense was on schedule he could be very good. But he also seemed to lack the creativity and flexibility of Monken and could get bogged down when the game plan stopped working.
If Franklin has not made any serious or prolonged noise in the BIG10 then how can anyone expect him to come into the SEC West and be competitive? I like Mel Tucker, but I think he needs to show more than a half season of MSU exceeding expectations before being considered for LSU. And to answer the headline: No, but he is overrated.
I don't understand how people get this fired up over sports broadcasters.
I very much disagree. Mullen was repeatedly topping lists of the most talented HCs this offseason. After losing to Bama, UK, and LSU so far this year, his status has taken a huge hit.
Mullen's fall from grace occurred quickly. Just this off-season most Florida fans considered Mullen elite and one of the top coaches in the country. The national media largely agreed.
Wow, didn't necessarily see this happening so quickly. There's major drama pretty much every season and I suppose it's about that time in a season when things start happening.
Kentucky should not drop much in the rankings after their performance Saturday. They are a top 15 team.
"In a relatively meh year for qb/rb/wr, let’s fix a glaring error and recognize the right dude." Well said, I completely agree
To those saying it was a bad spot, several camera angles showed the ball was at his waist when he came down. The ball was spotted correctly.
Law and Ricker, I agree with your takes. Daniels is being given ample time to recover. There's no rush with the way Stetson is playing.
Brock Bowers might be the most impressive non-Fromm true freshman of the CKS era.
Props to Kentucky. That is a tough defense and good offense. Stoops has done a great job with this team. Great win for UGA.
Wow, once in the last four tries. And what did you do with that victory? You know, other than losing to unranked LSU and rolling over and playing dead for Oklahoma? Also, CKS is thirsty?
In 2018 and 2019 it wasn't Florida and Mullen that prevented Kirby from winning the NC, so you are massively conflating correlation and causality. And in 2017 it wasn't the absence of Mullen that enabled Kirby to appear in the NC game. However, across all of those years (2017-2020) Kirby didn't take his most talented team and faceplant with three consecutive losses and finish the season with four total losses like Mullen. Quick question, are you still convinced Mullen hasn't clearly demonstrated he's repeatedly reached his ceiling as Florida's coach?
"This is why nothing will ever change with men in total control." Grade A internet hyperbole. Men are most certainly not in total control (or anywhere near it) and even if women were in total control Terry Bradshaw is probably still going to fire off inappropriate comments.
Well yeah if you arbitrarily remove the year of Smart's NC appearance then of course you can create the statistics you need to make your point.
If these are the kinds of delusions you have to convince yourself to make it possible to extract some semblance of superiority, go for it.
Kentucky is a good team. This will be a tough test for UGA. I expect Stoops will have his team dialed in and ready.
"If an SEC team went into Columbus and won that game, dominated that game, it’s all we’d hear..." Some people love to whine. If an SEC beat Ohio State in Columbus and then turned around and loss to an unranked team on the road (and then followed that up with a bunch of wins over far lesser opponents) they'd be treated exactly like Oregon is being treated currently (by both media and polls).
Florida in these orange uniforms and UGA in all black uniforms for the WLOCP scheduled on Halloween weekend would actually be pretty great.
Sure, there's truth to the fact that Florida could very well beat UGA this year. But Archon wasn't saying it's possible or that UGA might be due for a let down in the style of the 2017 Auburn loss. Archon was saying (as they did on multiple articles) that UGA is going to loose. It's the confidence of their prediction which is what people were reacting to.