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That was 19 years ago. And Tennessee was an SEC East powerhouse at that time and also enjoyed a long period of dominance over UGA. But KS is right, UGA fans don't really rush the field. Gococks just likes to mouth off like he has a clue about anything.
I'm a moron? Sure, ok. However, you have absolutely no room to talk about developing QBs seeing that South Carolina ruined Bentley.
Oh, my apologies, I thought you were talking to me and GatorFan9696
"horrible cheapshot attempt" Not really. When your cohort starts throwing shots, expect them to be returned. I'm not even sure why Missouri fans feel the need to chime in.
It was a great win for South Carolina, I'm not trying to take away anything from that. They won on the scoreboard and that's all that matters.
Whether you agree with athletes profiting off their likeness or not, it is better to have a level playing field nationally than for each state to have their own rules. That could quickly become chaos.
I am increasingly less optimistic about the second half of the season for UGA. The defense isn't perfect and still has a ways to go, but is capable of being CKS's best yet. The offense requires several factors to fall into place for it to dominate and I'm not sure the pieces are there for that to happen against great defenses this year. I'm afraid this will ultimately be a very good team but not good enough to win it all.
If we struggle (or worse...) against Kentucky, I think it will be appropriate to start the next year discussions.
Such a tremendously disappointing game earns UGA a spot in the bottom 10. South Carolina isn't the only team that will have two weeks to prepare for UGA, so they better be ready or there will be more weeks in the bottom 10.
"Whipped"? LOL, no. Other than the score board and turnover margin, UGA greatly outperformed South Carolina in every meaningful stat. South Carolina had a great defensive game plan, but they didn't whip UGA. Just like Wyoming didn't whip Missouri. Also, why is it that so many Missouri fans feel the need to dictate to UGA fans about what happened in the game?
Trask has been great so far and the Gators are arguably playing as well or better with him under center. The above commenters are right, though, it's hard to question coaches when they see things every day in practice that we don't. They know the exact philosophy and scheme they're trying to implement and they see how well each player does at practice. The South Carolina game notwithstanding, I'm more worried about facing Florida with Trask starting than with Franks.
No one is whining. But South Carolina isn't the better team. It took 4 turnovers and 2 missed FGs for them to win. They were greatly outgained, converted far fewer 3rd downs, had the ball less, scored fewer offensive points, and rank far below in almost every statistical ranking. UGA played its worst game (since Ole Miss in Sept 2016) and South Carolina barely held on for the win. We may or may not have Mark Richt II, but at least we don't have Odom.
Injuries are taking its toll. For all the talented depth, there seems to be a noticeable drop off when starters can't play.
Georgia showed they aren't on the same level as the top few teams. There is still time to grow, but not much. Take away the four turnovers and South Carolina most likely loses, so it wasn't that UGA was outright dominated by a superior scheme. South Carolina nevertheless exposed a glaring weakness that other teams will both study and duplicate. Muschamp had 2 weeks to prepare his defense though and they still almost gave up 500 yards and a lot of 3rd down conversions. The Auburn, Florida, and Missouri games will define the season. I'm not sure if I'm optimistic.
After such a promising start, how did Bentley turn out after all those years?
The more prepared team won, who was also the team that received the most gifts. Turnovers aren't all caused by the "better" team and flukes happen. If not for the pick-6, South Carolina loses. If not for Fromm's worst game of his career, South Carolina loses. UGA's run game was shut down because Muschamp had two weeks to prepare and South Carolina has a great D Line. But South Carolina's offense did nothing virtually the entire game and was outgained by a wide margin. South Carolina was not the better team. The rest of the season will bare that out.
You're right, you did make a similar observation. Smart is still learning on the job obviously. He was unprepared for a team that had two weeks to prepare and I'm very concerned about the other teams he'll face that will have two weeks versus the one week he'll have. This likely isn't the year UGA wins the national championship or even goes to the play off. I just hope Smart can keep UGA competitive as he continues to learn and doesn't have the same slow (and painful) decline that Richt experienced.
I understand the concept of utilizing the power run game to wear down defensive fronts in the first half, so that those same runs start to break into the second level and beyond in the second half. However, at some point the OC needs to realize when a loaded box is dominating the offense and start running off tackle or sweeps or some sort of perimeter runs. If the inside runs aren't working, then change it up. Clearly South Carolina's interior defensive line was stuffing the runs. There had to be alternatives where the run game wasn't abandoned and a different run philosophy was employed. Additionally, South Carolina used man coverage very well and UGA's receivers couldn't get separation. Surely, with all that talent, the Coley could've found a way to attack man coverage. I realize Fromm absolutely killed the game with the pick-6, the two other interceptions (one of which was Simmons' fault), and the fumble, so there's only so much a team can do to overcome 4 turnovers, not to mention the difficulty to develop a rhythm on offense. But the play calling seemed to be devoid of the realities that were developing on the field. A truly and epically disappointing game.
South Carolina's offense is anemic and was not responsible for the upset against UGA. It was their defense that won the game. Florida's offense should be far more functional than UGA's against South Carolina's defense. Even if Florida's defense struggles, Florida will outscore South Carolina.
Congratulations to South Carolina. Great win for them. UGA clearly does not have a championship team. I just hope we can have an enjoyable rest of the season.
There's nothing wrong with being a game manager if you're putting your offense into correct plays (provided the OC allows the QB to do that) and making smart decisions. A productive, efficient offense helmed by a game manager is not a bad thing.
"Literally every song they’ve made since then follows the same pattern and just involves a lot of incoherent yelling. Stop yelling at me! I’ve already imagined enough dragons for one lifetime." Now that's funny
I think perhaps the issue being raised is that Florida wasn't sustaining drives against Auburn and it was (very) poor tackling that lead to Florida's long TDs, rather than innovative schemes. Georgia has been good at long, sustained drives (which require lots of rushes for 6+ yards), but also long runs mixed it. Of course Florida should get credit for long runs, but a good portion of the credit goes to poor defensive effort.
There are some funny lines in here. Definitely laughed while reading.
Great article and very interesting defensive stats. I'm concerned about UGA's secondary giving up long TD passes and the slow starts. Hopefully the team will continue to get better. They absolutely will need to play their best ball in November to survive the month with all goals intact.