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Even if Mullen doesn't get the Gators past 10 wins this season, I still expect Florida will show a competitive pulse it hasn't shown since Meyer. That alone will help recruiting.
Gus Malzahn and Jimbo Fisher could be the 1st base and 3rd base coaches. I have a feeling Gus would waive a lot of runners home.
I very much agree with the 2015 Mark Richt vibe. At least Gus didn't hire Schottenheimer.....
Seems like a lot of programs are coming at him hard. Whoever he commits to will likely have to fend off multiple challengers.
UGA's starting tight end is Charlie Woerner, also a 4-star recruit. But, please ignore "Y tho"...
I don't understand singling this ad out. Sure, it's a bit unconventional to post an ad like this looking for someone with which to attend a UT game. But in this crazy internet age we live in, this seems fairly benign I guess.
I agree, CO. UGA fans should be happy with Smart and also recognize that Mullen is a good coach.
I'm totally a fake UGA fan. You caught me. Impressive work. I really wish UGA was better represented on SDS at times. There are some great commentors, just like with every fan base, but just too many trolls. The silver lining is that disgust over trolling brings together rival fanbases. So there's that, at least.
CO, this is Smart's 4th season as a head coach. You act like he's been fumbling around for 20 years without winning an NC. Spurrier, Meyer, Saban, Swinney, etc all were HCs for many, many years before winning their first NC. Yes Smart is an elite recruiter, but winning an NC is obviously extremely difficult, especially during multiple active dynasties, one of which happens to be in the SEC. I'm not sure why Gators fans think that since Smart hasn't already won an NC within his first 3 years as a head coach he's obviously not a great or even good coach.
I'm not saying what Mullen did at MSU was unimpressive. I'm saying you can't judge Mullen's first year at Florida against Smart's first year at UGA. Plenty of coaches have walked into talented rosters and done nothing. More time is needed to judge Smart, he's still very much growing. But what he's done at UGA is impressive. And it's pure, unadulterated conjecture to think Mullen could have taken UGA's roster, with his scheme, and beaten Bama, Clemson, and the other powers. Let's see how the next few years go before we anoint Mullen as an elite coach.
Fromm and Thomas will probably be the most missed, but with the recruiting wins lately I think UGA is in good shape to not regress after such a mass exodus. 2020 likely won't see a serious championship run, but my guess is 2021 will.
Surely you can't believe any of that. This an elaborate troll job, right?
The amount Tennessee offered Chaney was simply more than Smart could match. He would have likely lost other coaches by over-allocating money to Chaney. He didn't want to lose Chaney necessarily, but was forced into an untenable situation of a bidding war when Tennessee opened up the pocket book. Plus, Chaney is not a good recruiter, so Smart decided to keep multiple good recruiters (who are also very good coaches) and lose Chaney rather than the reverse. Losing the LSU game, also, was largely due to a failing to adapt the offensive strategy to LSU's defensive shift. And the weakness against the inside run.
Mullen was MSU's HC for 8 years before becoming Florida's HC. Needles to say (or is it?), Mullen has much more experience than Smart. Therefore, you can't compare their first years. I'm surprised how this fact is apparently lost on so many Gator fans. Now, in his first three years, Smart has played in two SEC championships and won one, played in and won a playoff game (Rose Bowl), played in the NC game and nearly won, and is riding a two season streak of not losing an SEC East game. Unless Mullen is able to match or exceed that in his first three years at Florida (which again would represent his 9th, 10th, & 11th years as a HC) it would be clear that Mullen isn't the world-beating, elite coach many Gator fans like to believe he is.
I agree that UGA is set to make a strong run in 2019, but I also think the recruiting CKS has done will allow UGA to continue to reload and to make strong runs in the coming years to.
I don't know, from the little I hear NFL scouts seem to be high on Fromm's accuracy, football IQ, work ethic, film studies, and other intangibles. He doesn't throw rockets like other QBs and isn't exceedingly mobile, but he possess a lot of characteristics prized by the NFL.
Kid doesn't lack confidence, that's for sure.
I enjoy watching rival SEC fanbases go back and forth. I also don't think I was fully aware of the animosity between UK and South Carolina. With all the nonsense between Florida and Georgia for seemingly the entire offseason, it's nice to be on the sidelines.
Nash, you are absolutely right about positive feedback loops created by winning NCs.
2006-2008 Florida's recruiting classes were ranked higher than UGA's. The Gators pulled in 10 5-stars to UGA's 4 5-stars. Georgia did have higher classes in 2005 and 2009, but across the period of 2005-2009, Florida pulled in more 5-star recruits. I get your point, though. But it's not like Florida's bread and butter has been coached-up 3-stars. Florida has a history of strong recruiting. And while Miami and FSU make locking down the state difficult, Clemson, Auburn, Bama, and Tennessee siphon loads of talent out of Georgia. Ultimately, no argument here that Georgia has not always maximized their talent.
I agree with everything you said. But I also think the distinction between dismissal and a mutual parting of ways is important. Ultimately, time will tell.
It almost seems like this is an advertisement being paraded as an article