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So only people who make less than a pediatrician can complain about the lack of guidelines or rules surrounding NIL?
A high performing WR room will make life much easier on a new QB
I agree with the above comments the Sanders won't be at Colorado for very long. That program is clearly a stepping stone for him, but I also suspect that he might actually help improve Colorado during his time there. For an outsider's perspective, it sounds like they were more in need of a quick and hard demolition to jumpstart their rebuild.
For the exception of a few CA schools, the loudest voices in the movement to classify students as employees are almost exclusively from people outside of CFB. Remember: once classified as an employee then tuition, room and board, meal plans, tutors, and all other perks become taxable income; employees can be directly fired for performance-related issues; employees often have to sign non-disclosure and non-compete agreements; this classification will extend to all student-athletes, not just football players, thus any program that isn't a major power 5 university will struggle to put their entire roster of student-athletes on payroll seeing that at most usually only football and basketball are profitable (with some a few exceptions). Often times, the most compassionate sounding approach isn't actually the best or most effective approach.
There's classy comments (like fuzzy's) and then ones from clowns (see above)
Information, documents, and records gathered from depositions and discovery don't automatically become public information. Hayes is putting too much importance on that one facet of the potential trial. Regardless of what Hayes offered in this overly simplistic analysis, UGA is likely to settle this case.
No, but there are usually a number of respectable teams in the middle that can be difficult to deal with if a team isn't prepared.
Alright! I wonder to what extent Bobo's recruiting skills versus Monken's might result in some extra recruiting wins.
I liked 4 and thought 6 (or even 8) would have been ok too. We're going to see lots more blowouts with 12 playoff games and some undeserving teams offered up for slaughter.
With Texas soon heading in the SEC, their future fortunes are very uncertain. The SEC has no shortage of strong rosters and good HCs. If Meyer were to ever slime his way into being Texas' HC, he will find a very difficult landscape that could potentially stain his coaching record.
Jimbo is offering an fairly honest assessment of what happened. TCU caught lightening in a bottle and had a great year but were simply outmatched by UGA.
Even going with the top 4 teams resulted in many uncompetitive playoff games. Giving the six highest rated conference champions an automatic bid is going to definitely result in more.
If LSU can build off of the progress they made last year, they'll be a top 5 year this season.
So are you offering this opinion from a perspective of personal knowledge of the contractual scheduling obligations of these supposed other teams, or are you just assuming?
I've never read or heard anywhere else that UGA simply chose to cancel the 2023 game scheduled against OU. This is not the first time Hayes has seemingly made up something about UGA.
I agree and think Monken would have done a much better job developing Fromm and assembling and offensive scheme to suit his abilities.
That's true and that's why in 2019 the passing game was anemic. My comments were more in regards to him personally and not necessarily how the offense played out during the season.
Fromm's two biggest weaknesses while at UGA (in my opinion) were his inability to scramble and makes throws off-schedule, and the accuracy of his deep ball. Even without athletic abilities, the consistent threat to take the top off a defense, or even repeatedly gouge through intermediate throws, can make for a sufficiently lethal offense with a roster as talented as UGA's. I say all that to predict that if Beck can make defenses respect his intermediate and/or deep throws, he'll win the starting position even if he is the least athletic of the three. If the WRs and TEs are as advertised, to say nothing of the OL, then that can greatly contribute to Beck's success. Ideally, if everything else around Beck is operating at a high level, his lack of athleticism may not be as big of a factor.
I agree that LSU is catching up. As long as the QB situation works out in 2023, I think LSU is going to be one of the best teams in the West.
Taunting during the game is fair. Taunting after the game is classless. I regret reading the tweets about this issue though... so much blatant hypocrisy; generally people's minds are already made up so whatever take they offer on this topic is simply meant to conform to their previously held opinions.
When speaking glowingly about Jimbo's playing calling and QB development, it might be time to employ different phrasing and verb tenses.
You know it's the offseason when gwhite comes out swinging with talk of Tennessee's supremacy, the likes of which have Saban fearful and mark the end of Georgia.