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That's a fair point. Florida might need better OL play for that to happen. But I do agree that with Emory or Richardson, Mullen will have a more prototypical QB for his preferred scheme.
A CFB game where Notre Dame isn't inexplicably and repeatedly given playoff spots sounds like a good thing.
Florida did run a spread offense with Trask in 2020. It just wasn't built around QB runs, which aren't necessarily a hallmark of spread offenses. QB runs do make a spread more dangerous, though, but that's only if the QB is a serious passing threat, especially with intermediate and long throws.
Those are big names to leave off and they are the depth that very much contributes to UGA having one of the best RB rooms in the country.
Let's see this kid even earn a starting spot at a major college program before mouthing off to Cam
But Bama played more games, won more games, and went undefeated. How many top-10 teams did Florida beat in 2008?
"You moved on because I put you in your place and you dont have anymore to say. Cheers" You're a cancer to this site. And I still haven't figured out if your whole shtick is just an elaborate troll job or if this is actually what you're like.
Like I said, clown, only the most recent comments are shown. Also, there's little to debate on account of this being the offseason. Tell me, in your self-important scale of the worthiness of comments, where does the vile trash you post rank? Is it more or less meaningful than the simple opinion-comments for which you hold disdain?
So both purposefully dumb and a liar. Got it. I've been visiting this site for years and have engaged in literally countless debates and discussions. Comment histories only show recent activity. Also, newsflash genius, debates and discussion are themselves based on opinions. The comment sections of this site, as with every other CFB site, contain almost nothing but opinions, so your laughable issue with me stating my opinions is as stupid as the fact that your comments are usually riddled with insults and trollish behavior. But that's totally better than offering a simple opinion, right? How many times can you be demonstrably wrong before you crawl back under whatever rock from which you emerged? And your requests are as hollow as your vile comments, so I'll address you if I d*mn well please.
Go through my comment history and tell what percentage of my comments contains "I think". Answer: a miniscule percentage. You're once again horribly wrong. So answer me, are you being purposefully dumb or are you just a liar?
You could not be any more wrong. Literally. And you still trip over yourself in a sad attempt to throw insults. Clown.
My favorite part is how you think me airing out all the things you've said to me is equal to "making this all about me".
You've said some truly sick things in a very little time. And you seem to have no problem with it. What is even more bewildering is that you think you some how have the moral authority to make a convoluted and strained argument about racism.
I bring up their intelligence, not because I am pretending racism ended in the 60s, but because they choose programs based on relationships with coaches, facilities, playing time, and opportunity to be developed at a high enough level to make the NFL. In other words, they are smart enough to make a decision about what's best for them. They are not prey to some conspiracy to take advantage of them. I'm absolutely not intentionally blind to racism or anything. I'm very clear eyed about the racism in our country and the work that needs to be done to address it. However, this ain't it. Also, to deny one's agency and assert they are helpless (which is precisely what you've been doing) is a form of racism if the basis for that assessment is dependent on the color of their skin. Please stop. Seriously. Stop. Enough already.
You pushed back on my assertion that black athletes have the ability to choose what's in their best interest. And called me racist for even making that assertion. That is so absurd why should I respond to any further assertion from you? You also side stepped my list of your comments and behaviors. You are an unrepentant and irredeemable troll.
My entire point is that black athletes aren't being fooled by some "white university" conspiracy, in part because black athletes are intelligent and have free determination to choose what's in their interest. And my second point is that to seriously imply they lack the ability to choose for themselves and/or are be helplessly fooled by "white university" is a racist assertion. Please, then, tell me how that's racist. I'll save you the effort: You can't. You're just trolling. Another idiot troll in a long line of idiot trolls that this site seems to perpetually attract.
You've repeatedly told me to kill myself. You joked about raping me. You called me a racist for saying black athletes have intelligence and power to choose what's in their best interest. You are now following me around and harassing me. At this point I'm embarrassed for you.
Gus failing to properly motivate and prepare his 2017 Auburn team against UCF, which helped propel UCF into the national spotlight, makes it all the more fitting now that he's once again helping UCF grab national attention.
One minute you're telling people to kill themselves. And the next you're fighting "racism" with your direct implication that black athletes aren't smart enough to choose what's in their best interest. Bravo. I can't wait to see what's next.
You are implying they are forced to go their against their will. Which is absolutely false.
Imagine taking a game so seriously that it motivates you to openly wish other people to kill themselves.
I appreciate the kind words LSUSMC. The sentiment is mutual. Clowns blow in and blow out of SDS. Willybob is another, unfortunately, but I'm sure he'll get bored being such a tired troll and will go harass/stalk some other website.
You seem to completely dismiss the intelligence and agency of black athletes. Which is racist. That's right. You're a racist. Black athletes CHOOSE to come to FBS universities for the amazing opportunities they afford. Don't believe me? Listen to their very own words about their experience playing FBS ball. Listen to the black coaches and black NFL players repeatedly speak glowingly about their time playing and coaching at the FBS level. If you followed recruiting or players after their CFB careers, you would quickly realize how wrong you are. You apparently think black athletes are not smart enough to think for themselves and are easily fooled by what you apparently think is a big, racist conspiracy. You verifiably know very little about all of this.
"Your white universities are just trying to become rich off black athletes." Universities are nonprofits and the money from football goes directly to funding the entire athletic department and athletic scholarships. Also, you very much seem to believe in segregation as that's what you've been continually pushing for in your comments to this article. You seem to be offended by the fact that the FCS operates outside of the bowl system, so Deion's point is flatly wrong: FCS schools cannot be invited to play in bowl games because they have their own championship series. And you are horribly misguided with your claims of FBS universities using black athletes for wealth. In fact, you are so incredibly wrong about so much, it's difficult to know where to even start with you.
"Now all these power 5 schools do is stake out in the black communities and steal black talent to supplement their wealthy lifestyles and pad their bank accounts." and "We will see who is weak and inferior then." Unbelievably ignorant with a twinge of racism. Wow.