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Once in a generation, huh? I have a name for you: Zamir White. No bother if that doesn't mean anything to you yet. You undoubtedly will be learning his name soon enough. 41-0 is just the beginning.
Sony Michel and Nick Chubb aren't just amazing football players, but outstanding leaders and young men. Their contribution was truly dynamic.
Watching MSU and Ole Miss fans go at it on this website is a true joy
Coming from a fan of a team that in 2017 went 4-8 overall and 0-8 in SEC, hasn't won the SEC East in 10 years, hasn't won an SEC championship in 19 years, and is on the 4th coach in its continued rebuilding process, which is further underscored by the recent face-plants during years Butch Jones actually had good teams.
VolTrain, stop pretending to be a UGA fan. It is truly and thoroughly sad.And telling someone (especially Baker Mayfield) to humble themselves is not hypocrisy, but a sage piece of advice.
4-8 Tennessee did not force UGA to pay its coaches more; the run to the national championship did. Which is common for programs to do. I'm pretty sure UT is paying more now for coaches than under Jones. So if anything, the rise of UGA (and SC to an extent), the apparent impending turn around of Florida, forced Tennessee to pay more.
UGA football is very profitable (like most SEC programs). This raise, as well as to other assistants and coordinators, will have little to no impact. VolTrain, your trolling is getting lazy.
That FBI probe only concerns college basketball recruiting.
LegendDD2, you are absolutely correct. They are in denial. From the way they act, you would think they're a national powerhouse miles ahead of everyone. I've never seen more bravado from the fanbase of a team that just had a 4 win season.
I agree, I thought Shoop was a good hire too. And you're right, the jury is still out until next season or even the season after. Pruitt's staff has impressive potential and they should recruit at a high level, but it's just too early to act as if he's assembled an all-star cast.
Vol87, You're right I was a little mistaken. He was OC at Western Kentucky 2014-2015. Other than being the passing game coordinator at USC last year, he'd only ever been a position coach. So while I was technically wrong, the sentiment of my opinion still stands. He's unproven as an OC, especially in a conference like the SEC; which adds to the overall unknowns of Pruitt's staff. Thus, a gamble.
What a stupid comment. I'm neither delusional or a victim. Read this again: " But only a huge fool would question the staff JP has put together." Volbeef was indirectly calling me a fool in thinking that I am questioning Pruitt's staff.
I said I would take a historical beat down over a last second hail mary. Not that I would take one victory over two. Please try to pay attention. Also, if you don't know what the word "atone" means, don't just guess, look it up.
Wow, already with the name calling? Seems reasonable. His OC and DC have never held those posts before, as well as a number of other staff members being in new roles. His staff has a lot of potential, sure, but it's yet to be proven they will all succeed. That's all I'm saying. I think it's very reasonable to take a wait-and-see approach before declaring his staff great or even good.
Sure UT won 2 of the last 3, but the TRULY HISTORIC defeat UT suffered at home in 2017 to UGA more than atones for those two losses. What was that, the worst home loss in 100 years? Yeah, I'll take that over a last second hailmary any day. Also, don't mouth off like the Vols are some national powerhouse. UT hasn't been nationally relevant in over a decade and is on the 4th coach in its perpetual "rebuilding project". And when was the last time UT won the SEC championship? Or even the SEC East for that matter?
Pruitt is gambling on a number of his coaching hires
More than just one year of "down" recruiting, the large amount of coaching turnover is something to keep an eye on. Saban is almost always replacing coaches in the off season, but the total quantity and the relative importance of those positions make this year a little different. To crack Bama's armor would take multiple years of less spectacular recruiting classes in addition to coaching hires not panning out. Until then, it will probably be same old Alabama.
All things considered, the only who seems triggered at this point is you.
VolTrain, seriously stop. How do you think Pruitt was able to build the staff he did? Money. And with Fulmer as AD, what do you think he's going to make sure Pruitt has plenty of? Money.
For all intents and purposes the presiding coaching staff for a given season are "The Vols". To try to establish a difference is absolutely pointless.
ekinggill88, "log off and go read a book" wow, what a witty internet retort! I'm very well read, thanks for your concern. Mullen has only two wins against top-25 teams during his 9 year tenure at MSU. TWO. His reputation as a good coach is prompt up on his result against lessor opponents. Period. End of story. He loses to good teams and beats bad teams. And my comment about UGA beating up on the SEC East was meant to highlight that UGA didn't squeak by, but dominated virtually every divisional opponent. That comment had absolutely nothing to do about 2018. Try to focus, ok? Good teams beat other teams, great teams dominate them. That's exactly what UGA did in 2017. And then A&M just chokes repeatedly in November and coasts to another 8 win season. Deflection? No, just trying to remind you about the state of your own program. Don't get so upset when someone calls you on your nonsense. Calm down. Like I said, focus on your own team winning 9 games in a season. Also, blowing a 30+ point lead to UCLA in the 4th quarter negates anything you have to say about the NC.
Mullen's staff at UF has the most continuity of all new staffs since many worked together at MSU. But Pruitt's staff has a lot of coaches who come from great teams that played at a high level. Will certainly be very entertaining to watch how it unfolds in 2018.
You're absolutely right, UF vs UT will be a great game. Definitely a good measuring stick of where each program is at under new leadership.
BamaTime, in this context no one was citing 1980. What a stupid and cliched response.
I understand the sentiment of the article and mostly agree with it, but I still think it's just too early. There is a lot of adversity yet for UT to face in 2018; first time heard coach as well as first time offensive and defensive coordinators simply present too many unknowns to pass any sort of judgement. Pruitt might very well succeed, and the SEC East will be better off if he does, but articles like this fuel impatience, and that is the biggest thing Pruitt will have to fight against.
I don't understand why Kiffin is constantly jabbing Saban. He needs to move on.
If you're citing the results of 2016 as if some sort of warning about the future, then I guess you don't really follow college football enough to be sharing an opinion.