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I'll be honest Cojones, I can't tell if you're being serious. But assuming you are, why I don't think that entirely applies to Newman is because Newman has way more experience than Burrow did when he transferred to LSU and obviously more than Brennan. He doesn't need to develop in the same way they did/do. However, I'm very guarded in my optimism regarding Newman, so I'm not at all projecting he's going to be a top SEC QB.
LOL my apologies. You are right, the posts are very entertaining.
The secondaries in the SEC at the current moment are much better than the secondaries in the Big 12 and PAC 12. As are the LBs for that matter. Teams with great cover corners, smart safeties, and LBs that are comfortably dropping back into coverage will make it hard to make a living by throwing on most downs. In the SEC recently, teams with credible running threats (from RBs or QBs) tend to be the best passing offenses. That's not to say Leach wont have success, but he's going to have to adapt in the same manner as the DCs that face him will. What worked in past decades in the Big 12 and PAC 12 will not automatically work in the SEC. The talent disparity is real and vast. Also, Connor, UGA is not wholesale switching to the Air Raid. At least not in 2020 (if there's even a season). With an incredibly limited offseason, Smart will not want radical changes on offense. Plus, he's always going to want a physical, power running game (recruiting bares this out) which is antithetical to an Air Raid. Monken's history shows that he isn't a strict Air Raid disciple either, so there's no reason to think Georgia will actually be running the Air Raid. What's much more likely is a hybrid offense with Air Raid/spread principles. Don't believe me? Just wait, you'll see.
Yeah, those aren't dreams. What I was referring to is called delusion. College players aren't magically transformed just by being on a particular campus and there's almost never any certainty that a team is destined to have back-to-back championships.
You two arguing about who makes more money and tripping over yourselves to cast the other as an uneducated, poor, degenerate person is entirely pathetic and is a perfect microcosm of why things are never going to get better in this country. You two are both filled with personal biases but are completely blind to it. You both clearly look down upon poor people and have a grossly inflated sense of self-importance. You two are despicable and this site would be far better off without either of you.
I'm just waiting for the fantasygod to tell us about how there's going to of course be a repeat of last year and how the second anyone steps onto LSU's campus they are magically transformed into top NFL prospects.
There have been limited reports of people re-infected. There's also been reports of people who were asymptomatic and tested positive but did not show any antibodies when tested further, which means they could theoretically be reinfected. Additionally, there's been reports of people having antibodies but then losing them. No sweeping proclamations as to the general immunoresponse to covid-19, but there are some indications that herd immunity or immunity from a vaccine might not be as effective as with other viruses. Again, nothing has been firmly determined yet. This is all still preliminary.
Possibly, however let's see how the offense transforms with the new OC. If the offense is a run-first, ball control offense then you are likely correct.
The re-openings occurred too early. People grew too impatient and distracted. Had we continued to hunker down, starting the season on time could have been possible. I fear it's increasingly less likely at this point.
"He is currently the special assistant to the head coach." LOL, Adam
Yeah, UNC is going to be in a position to make some noise the next few seasons.
The entire premise of this article is based on the assumption that Malzahn is going to let Morris be an actual OC
I see your point, however the DC's job is to create an effective scheme given his personnel and the opposing team's offensive scheme and personnel. Grantham had two weeks to prepare for UGA and failed to cook up a way to limit UGA's passing attack. To me, at the very minimum that falls at the feet of the DC to some extent.
If Trask is the better QB and put Florida in a better position to win games then what's the importance of him being a backup at the start of the season? He was one of the SEC's best QBs last year and figures to be the same this year.
Trask is arguably the better QB (or at least performs better when operating Florida's offense) and I don't think having FF would have given Florida any material advantage versus Georgia last year.
When your scheme leaves you with little options on account of an ineffective blitz... then that absolutely falls on the coordinator.
To be fair one of those backups (Trask) beat Auburn but not Georgia. I think you're putting too much emphasis on backup QBs as there are 10 other players on the field along with the backup. Plus, as Lughumper pointed out, they were technically starters (with at least a full week to prepare, if not more) by the time they faced UGA.
I'm a big fan of Pittman, so I'll definitely be pulling for him to have success. As a dawg fan, it'll be weird tangentially rooting for FF.
I agree, but it's also important to not make transferring so easy and accommodating that players' impatience or dissatisfaction with playing time cause them to make hasty decisions. There's definitely a fine line here. I'm speaking in generalities, though, as I know nothing about the situations concerning the players mentioned in this article.
Also, not sure if you know this, but there's supposed to be a space after a period. I realize typos happen, but this mistake seems very consistent in your comments.
"NCAA campuses pale in comparison to the stunning beauty of Clemson and the surrounding area." If you're at least going to be an irredeemable homer I would recommend turning down the hyperbole and perhaps trying commenting something remotely interesting.
A few years ago, a test of a small portion of Clemson football players for performance enhancing drugs returned results indicating a material number tested positive, yet no further testing or investigation was done. Guess it's just all that good food given to the Clemson football players. Also, if Clemson perhaps played in a real conference, maybe they wouldn't have a free ride to the playoffs.
I'll miss Spears. He was one of my favorite SEC Network personalities. I wish ESPN would stop using their CFB coverage as a minor league of sorts for their NFL coverage.