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Fuzzy, I appreciate the kind words. I know I'll be cheering for Tennessee in their bowl game. It looks like we're about to enter a decade in which the Big 3 of the east competing annually to represent the division in Atlanta. I think the SEC is better for it and I look forward to watching it unfold.
I've seen some spectacular throws by Burrow this year while scrambling that give me serious pause. That's how a QB can kill an elite defense.
Professing to be imovable because you consider your position 100% correct, is absolute folly. Strategic recalcitrance, however justified, has no material impact on being right and impedes the ability to assess the weaknesses in your position. Calling an 8 conference game schedule "chickensh!t scheduling" is a horrible take and overly hyperbolic. Also, I came into this debate only with regard to the issue of number of conference games, not the ranking of Ohio State. And my ultimate point is that a 9 conference game schedule isn't inherently better than an 8 game schedule, or vice versa -- other factors determine the strength of schedule. I didn't mean to suggest that quality OOC games are only possible by scheduling inferior opponents, only that it affords more flexibility in scheduling marquee OOC games should a program be interested. The other side of the coin with scheduling FCS opponents is that a lot of those programs couldn't survive without being paid to play FBS programs. I don't disagree FCS games are exhibition games, but 1) Very good FCS teams can present the same overall opponent quality as low-tier FBS opponents, and 2) this is ultimately an amateur sport that is already monumentally grueling for the players, I think having a game or two of a 12 game schedule that provides a breather is perfectly reasonable.
The value of lower expectations, easier competition, and a Boca Raton lifestyle that is attractive to some, all adds together to be a multiplier to whatever Kiffin's being paid by FAU. An SEC team that doesn't have the ability to win quickly is going to have to drop big boy money to get Kiffin.
LOL! Amazing Black Sabbath reference and one of the most clever comments I've seen on this site.
His segments on Fox Sports where he breaks down schemes, concepts, and tactics are actually really good and very informative. I wish there were more shows like that. I've seen a slight increase in such content on the SEC Network, they definitely need more though.
Take a look at UGA's non-conference opponents scheduled throughout this coming decade before you start talking about scheduling FCS opponents. It's a deeply impressive array of opponents and that was made possible in part by having 8 conference games. Also, the point of my comment wasn't that the Big10 isn't good (it very clearly is), my point was the 9 conference games isn't what makea it good and doesn't inherently produce better results. It's also difficult to complain about people not being able to change their mind while doing so through a recalcitrant comment.
Saban built a dynasty in part because he was able to weather staff turnover and still recruit, develop players, and produce on-field results at an elite level. Dabo has not shown he can maintain the same elite program while also handling the same amount of turnover. Being able to keep a staff together and maintain continuity is a very impressive feat, but it's a matter of time before he'll have to deal with change. That's when we'll have a better idea how great of a coach he is.
*by not being laden with an addition conference game
The team Ohio State lost to in previous season which ultimately kept them out of the playoffs were bad teams and thus bad losses. It matters not that they were conference opponents, because it stands to reason that since Ohio State lost to inferior conference opponents, they could very well have lost to either inferior, equal, or superior non-conference opponents. Playing an additional conference game doesn't necessarily matter if the conference opponent is garbage. If Georgia added an SEC West bottom feeder, how would that really impact anything? In fact, by not being laden with an addition non-conference game, it allows more flexibility for scheduling quality non-conference games (ie, Notre Dame).
Hey, it's possible to disagree about something so incredibly subjective (especially within the realm of CFP) and not have to worry about the formalities of offering an "argument to the contrary" or "alternative choice to the statement at hand". This isn't a debate about economic policy or competing methods of taxation.
Some of these are good. Some of these are horrendously stupid. Also, seeing that UGA has the far superior business school, it is UGA grads that are the bosses of their GT underlings.
He seems like a smart, level-headed young man. I wish him the best.
"human garbage" What??? You mean silly, immature mistakes by young men caught up in the moment? Let's save the ridiculous hyperbole of moral outrage for twitter. But I'm sure you're entirely pure and free from any mistakes in your life ever, right? "It’s just more of the upside down society that has become a national nightmare" Calm. Down. This is one of the most knee-jerk, over-the-top, horrendous takes I've seen on this site -- and that's saying a lot. You need a heavy, heavy dose of context and reality. Maybe you should also lay off football for a while and take some time to relax with something that doesn't ruffle your sensibilities so easily.
I agree. Utah has exactly zero victories over top-25 opponents and is getting lots of love too.
E-H is averaging 6.8 yards/carry and Swift is average 6.2 yard/carry. One has been facing 8-man fronts virtually the entire season and the other hasn't. E-H is clearly one of the best in the SEC and nation. But so is Swift. And that's ok.
Acknowledging real, actual facts that can materially impact a game is the same as offering excuses?
There seems to be a lot of personal guesses and assumptions being passed off as givens and ironclad predictions in this article.
I agree, pulling off a 5-game winning streak to end this season is meaningful for Pruitt and UT as a program.
If the proportion of increased possessions is equal to or greater than the increased average total yds/passing yds/rushing yards/defensive efficiency/1st downs yielded/3rd down conversions allowed/havoc rate... then yes it's simple math. If not, then the difference is more than likely a function of additional variables, too, beyond time/qty of possessions.
LSUMC, it was a hypothetical score for the sake of illustrating a theoretical point about the playoff selection committee, not a prediction, so the ridiculous-ness of it is a moot point.
That's an overly simplistic explanation for the disparity in the points allowed.
I really wish you'd stop attacking so many UGA fans and just stick to sharing your thoughts and opinions about UGA's football team.
After playing SC, UGA faced several other defense fronts that were superior to SC's and fared very well.
"they haven’t played a single team that has anything resembling a passing attack." While they haven't faced a high-octane offense like LSU's, they've faced several teams with potent passing attacks.
JTF is absolutely right. Burrow has turned into a generational QB. He's truly spectacular and fully deserving of all the Heisman votes he receives. Thing is, however, LSU's success on offense has largely been because of him. It will be nigh impossible to sustain that level of success moving forward; at the very least it will be another year or two at a minimum before LSU can replace that sort of production from future QBs. Whether LSU wins the NC or not, thought should be given to whether Coach O can sustain or if he's catching lightning in a bottle this year (i.e. 2010 Auburn).