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Other conference coaches have a vested interest in portraying Smart and Georgia negatively.
Player development is not a linear, logical progression based on recruiting rankings. Performance is not solely predicted on the quantity of 5 stars on a squad, especially if that talent is young. A new DC, new QB, overhauled WR corps, and starters to replace all over both sides of the ball mean it will be a steep hill to climb. LSU could very well make another championship run, but it is frankly laughably premature to confidently predict that replacing the losses from 2019 will be an easy matter of plugging in young 5 stars.
sds1967 is right, Clemson signed DJ Uiagalelei who was one of the top QB recruits in his class. Plus Clemson has another stud QB recruit. So clearly you do not know what you're talking about in predicting Brock will transfer to Clemson because of a drop off at QB. Also, do you think he'll pull off three consecutive wins over the Gators like Fromm did?
I think Eason's performance at Washington serves as evidence that Fromm was the better choice. Just my opinion though.
Alright! Extremely great addition to the 2021 class. Hopefully he can serve as the anchor for the class.
Gator out west, I don't fault you for not keeping abreast of UGA news but there's a mountain of player testimonials that prove your comment false. I do fault you for treating baseless speculation as truth and being incapable of any meaningful football conversations.
So which loss to Georgia was it that twisted you into the sad figure you are?
I'm not saying wait until anything. I'm giving my opinion about the current state of affairs based on recent developments. If 36 wins over the last three years, a playoff victory, SEC championship, Sugar Bowl victory, and three year winning streak over Florida is going backwards, then where does that put Florida? Oh right, consecutive 10-win seasons means the Gators are back, right? Or is 2020 still a rebuild so it's ok to have another season with no meaningful accomplishments?
No all annual attrition is equal and continuity from one year to the next is always in flux. The turnover after 2019 is unprecedented in Coach O's time as HC of LSU.
An experienced, steady hand at QB is probably what Pittman needs to stabilize the offensive transition and provide anchor to pivot around. FF was dealt a tough hand at Florida and never seemed to gel in CDM's offense. It will be interesting to see how he performs in 2020.
But there was staff and roster continuity. The real test will be going forward.
If nothing else, Kirby is attacking the offense's problems head-on and is making a strong effort to bringing in outside perspectives. I still don't think 2020 is the year UGA makes noise, I'd just like to see a strong, competitive finish. I am increasingly hopeful for 2021 though.
Coach O is no doubt a great coach. He'll been elite once he's shown he can successfully weather coaching turnover on a consistent basis. Calling him elite at this point is a tad premature.
I think people are happy to not keep banging heads against the same wall and to see an attempt at evolving and trying something new
GL, no one is hyping UGA in the comments. I believe what you're seeing is called "optimism". I get it though, your team won an NC and had an incredible season so now you have license to take shots at UGA in response to misinterpreting the comments on this article.
There was a disgusting amount of Tennessee fans openly wishing Mays would tear an ACL
Listening to a conversation filled with Saban's "aight?" and Tua's "you know?" would have given most people a nervous twitch
LeCounte and Rice returning are huge for UGA's defense. UGA's defense in 2019 was the amalgamation of Smart's recruiting and defensive philosophy finally taking hold and solidifying. I'm excited to see how they progress in 2020.
Leach being brought into the SEC is already paying dividends
I wish the best of luck to Otis and hope he has success in Kiffin's program
I agree that the SEC is more open than it's been in a while. Lots of interesting subplots to follow through the 2020 season.
No worries in the least. Lord knows I've been ignorant plenty of time. Accidents happen and the format of the comment sections on SDS can make it difficult to follow replies.
I'm assuming you're referring to me as the grammar professor. My comment on the other article was not a reply to you but to another commentor. If you click on my screen name you'll see a recent history of my comments and then you'll see what I mean. Probably no reason to call me a prick, but the comment thread did make it confusing to accurately determine who was commenting to whom, and my jab was not intended for you.
I agree, good point. Fromm running the two mintue drill seemed to be way more effective than not.
Having to play Bama and Auburn before TWLOCP means that Georgia will likely have one loss going into that game. CKS usually does a good job of motivating the team when their back is against a wall (2018 & 2019), but the 2020 version of Florida is looking like they'll be pretty tough. It pains me, but as of now I get the feeling UGA won't be clinching the division four years in a row.