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Their outward personas may bear similarities, but the accomplishments in their respective sports puts a large gulf between them. Kiffin is going all in on a modified Coach Prime strategy of building a roster of mercenaries (or is Coach Prime using a modified Kiffin strategy?). Team culture and roster cohesion will be important to foster this off season as Ole Miss won't have the chance to grow it organically. Kiffin might pull it off and make a deep run this year, which would certainly see his approach grow roots around the country in this crazy NIL period we are in. However, a few tough losses this season and the experiment could backfire and the roster could fall apart. One things for certain, we are in for a season with LOTS of back-stories, plots, sub-plots, and intrigue.
This is horrible. I hope Battie can make a full recovery. My heart goes out to his family.
VFL88, referencing people’s deaths in that fumbling attempt at a comment makes you an f’ing lowlife
Malzahn is good at popping a good team or two throughout a given season, but he's shown no ability to consistently win games or sustain any level of success. The portal, NIL, and being in the Big 12 won't change that. If UCF wins the Big 12, it says more about the state of that conference than anything else.
When FSU leaves the ACC, how much longer will (1) it be considered a "power" program and/or (2) exist?
That’s the thing though, you can’t crow about teams choking when your team have a very real and recent history of choking. Not choking in one out of three playoffs isn’t quite the flex you think it is. By all means, be proud of and celebrate the NC. Just don’t let that draw you offsides by acting like Michigan hasn't recently and repeatedly faceplanted, both on and off the field.
PSU is overrated and beating them should not be considered an accomplishment for any serious team. Victory over OSU was good, but you all were lucky to beat Bama. You didn't make Saban retire and you have no room to talk about choking seeing how well Michigan performed in the 2021 and 2022 playoffs. You are top-5 on SDS for bad takes.
The promise of an improved defense and the prospect of what Chip Kelly can do on offense are what's fueling the hype. However, CFB doesn't typically see linear progressions -- it is a very difficult sport to predict for a reason. It's not uncommon for new OCs to require more than one year to fully get things rolling. And let's see that defense against actually good offenses -- something the B1G didn't have a lot of last year. However, I fully support the idea of making UGA earn the no. 1 spot.
We’re not going to play y’all in a bowl that don’t matter. That’s a waste of time." That's 100% a loser mentally and evidence of a weak culture. Anytime you step on the field, you should play, at a minimum, for pride in yourself and your team. Claiming to roll over and play dead because you think the game doesn't matter screams of being selfish and spineless. And then to state, after chalking up the historic beatdown to apathy, that FSU would have won if the game mattered is 100% delusional.
Seeing a relaxed Saban talking football is entertaining and enlightening.
There's a fine line between "doing less with more" and having a few good years sprinkled in between a bunch of mediocre ones. There are a number of coaches that are riding that fence pretty hard.
When it comes to UGA and QBs I've learned to have no expectations and make no predictions. I'm just along for the ride.
It was stupid to take his Heisman away in the first place. But he did break the rules that were on the books at that time. This is all public theatre regardless, so this doesn't really matter.
Absolutely needs to happen. NIL will make it harder for the G5 (or whatever they're going to be called) to compete and a prolonged playoff structure is going to tax even the deepest rosters.
"However, the rule is not expected to add an additional media break." CFB has a commercial problem, so I sincerely hope this does not lead to extra commercial breaks. My poor family has to listen to me b i tch and moan at every blasted commercial, so for their sake I hope this doesn't lead to more. I mean, every football season there seems to be two dozen or so commercials used for the entire season and at best only one or two are tolerable.
I would love to see SMU cause chaos in the ACC this year
"4/5 of the Conferences Formerly Known as the Power 5" Doesn't have the same ring. How about: "The 4 Remaining Power Conferences Which are of Unequal Importance and Prospects so Further Conference Realignment and Consolidation is Likely and There's a Good Chance the B1G and SEC Form their Own Super Conference in the Near Future"? The ol' "T4RPCWAOUIPSFCRCLTGCTBSFTOSCITNF". Either way, probably little point in naming the current four as the times aren't done a-changing yet.
I was at the game and didn't wear sunscreen. Beautiful weather but definitely got burned. Other than that Stockton looked good and so did Etienne. 1st team defense looked good too and I think the DL overall beat the OL. Offense was super vanilla though.
From my uninformed perspective it appears UT unknowingly broke rules the NCAA quietly and arbitrarily created regarding NIL. Which might ultimately be a moot point since the judge appears to have concluded those rules are not enforceable by the NCAA. These are probably the end days for the NCAA. There are some major structural changes coming to college football. I have zero love for the NCAA, I just want the traditions and other aspects that made CFB enjoyable to not be laid to waste in the name of money and greed.
I've given up trying to predict how this will all unfold. All I know is that network executives and college presidents are driven by money far more than they are driven by love of the sport or love of tradition. I just hope whatever CFB evolves into isn't too dissimilar from what made the sport so special in the first place.
In a recent interview, CKS said he's fine with NIL and has no problem with players getting paid. He went on to say his problem is with coming out of spring ball and not knowing for sure who was going to be on the roster in the fall. He wants to know for at least a full 12 months who is and is not going to be on the team. I believe most coaches feel the same way and probably also want an end to tampering with their rosters. There needs to be guardrails and minimum commitments. We need to stop thinking 18-22 year olds are perfectly mature adults capable of making rational decisions that are in their best interest long term, especially in the face of unprecedented sums of money and the ability to freely switch team.
Gary Danielson is better than most the clueless hacks ESPN trots out for the games they broadcast
Unbelievably weak that comment sections are being disabled on articles
It's a win-win for everyone except those who value the importance of regular season games, conference championships, and not seeing multiple rematches in a given season. And spare me arguments about how more teams making the playoffs enhances the playoffs or helps bring about equity. When more teams reach the playoffs, including teams with no realistic chance of winning anything, it devalues significantly the "accomplishment" of making the playoffs. And recruits could care less about making the playoffs, so it won't do anything for recruiting. Eight was the magic number but greed corrupts.
Opting-out of a senior year of high school is probably a strong indicator of an increased likelihood to transfer on account of chasing NIL money or playing time once in college
A center who killed drives because of an inability to consistently get the ball accurately into the QB's hands, and a QB who is only effective at handing the ball off or taking deep shots to receivers who need 5+ seconds for routes to develop also severely hurt Bama against Michigan. Michigan was highly motivated and their DL was incredibly disruptive. A more effective center with more favorable play calling to setup a legitimate short and intermediate passing threats would likely have resulted in Michigan losing.