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That's a very interesting point and a perspective I had not considered previously.
I hope these young men are able to learn from this and make better life decisions in the future
On one hand, I think student-athletes should be able to make money off of their name, image, and likeness. On the other hand, money is a powerfully corrupting influence and can ruin things when there's too much of it and not enough checks and balances. I hope the tidal change in NIL rules doesn't ruin CFB.
If that persists long term, it will interfere with cash flow that would otherwise take the form of boosters donating money directly to a program. In the short term, in my humble opinion, when people fail to tie on-field results to endorsement money paid to athletes, money will only go to the highest profile players on the rosters.
NIL will really only impact a small percentage of players. Businesses aren't going to pay money for endorsements unless they see a return on that investment and there's likely only a few players whose name, image, or likeness will result in increased sales or revenue.
But who really cares about final rankings of also-rans? Also that particular line of argument is based purely on speculation. For one-loss teams, it entirely depends on who that one loss is to and by how much. The ultimate goal is to make the playoffs, and for the P5, teams that win their conference and have no more than one loss will almost always be in contention to make a playoff spot. It gets tricky for teams who don't win their conference, but at that point they're jockeying for NY6 bowls -- and how much does that really even matter? Preseason polls are negated by winning out and/or winning conference championships (except for the G5) and hence matter little. If one is concerned with bowl placement, then yes preseason polls do matter.
I totally agree with Leghumper. For G5 schools, it can be impossible to overcome preseason rankings even if they win out. For P5, though, if they win out (or have no more than one loss) and win their conference championship, then they almost certainly will make the playoffs.
A dominant and distributive defensive line can protect the secondary (at least for the first portion of the season) while the young DBs gain experience. LB play will also go a long way to helping too. However, if the front seven cannot get pressure on QBs and consistently interrupt the timing and reads required for passing attacks, then lets hope JT and the offense are as good as advertised -- UGA will find itself in some shootouts in 2021 if opposing teams can exploit the young secondary.
Tebow is one of the all-time great CFB players. But is he so transcendent of a talent that he can jump back into the NFL at a position he did not play in college, at 33 years old, after being out of football for as many years as he as?
Exactly. Preseason lists are meaningless. They could put UGA at 50 behind Liberty and absolutely nothing changes.
Yeah, I think the number of regulars to this site is likely fairly low, especially compared to the number of "reads" shown for the top 3 trending articles.
That's speculation however probably not too far off base. And the very protracted dead period does make things difficult for recruiting, no doubt. Still think it's not a great look though, and I said the same when Cochran sort of did the same thing after joining UGA's staff.
That has nothing to do with my point that opting out to prepare for the draft is not going to be as helpful as actually playing
Returning offensive production and continuity? I'm just guessing, I have no idea.
Counting the collective championships, bowl games, and NFL draft selections of a staff is meaningless if those accomplishment occurred at different programs. Remember when Pruitt's staff chimed about their collective accomplishments during his first year at UT? Obviously not a strong indicator of future success.
That last sentence is absolutely true. The best way to "prepare for the draft" is to actually play. Film of real performances in real games will always be more impactful than workout videos and snips of running or throwing against air.
Well his first real class (2016 doesn't count) just completed their senior year. So maybe a few more years so that subsequent classes can at least become draft eligible?
Probably confusing correlation and causation with that one
I enjoyed watching Pitts in 2020 (in all but one game). Now I get to cheer for him more directly.
NFL teams are very thorough in researching players and players are very active, typically, in pursuing their desire to play the NFL. So no, it's not the media's fault.
Probably that more time is needed before sweeping declarations about Kirby's ability to develop players can be made.
That's certainly not typical even by Bama's standards. But the point is you can't say Kirby doesn't develop players based on his first full class only resulting in one first round pick.
Your team isn't even competitive in what is easily the weakest P5 conference. I'm not sure what footing you think that gives you to talk trash on an SEC website. And talking trash on behalf of another team is sad. Also, explain exactly what about the 2021 Clemson team gives you such confidence in your prediction.
The comment section for this article shows that talking season is in full swing. But in all seriousness, Nash, I greatly enjoy the perspective, facts, and, in this case, culture you bring to SDS.