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Florida's 4 win season in 2017 was largely a result of firing Mac mid-season and players giving up on the season. I think if Mac had been fired at the end of the season they probably would have won 6 or 7 games. Point is, Florida wasn't actually a train wreck, at least not on the same level as Tennessee and what Pruitt inherited.
That's a good idea. In fact, with each successive OT, they could spot the ball an additional 5 yards back.
If Fromm and Swift declare for the draft after this season, 2020 will definitely be a reloading year. But 2021 has the possibility of being another strong year as well depending on the 2020 recruiting class.
Fromm was QB when UGA beat Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl, and if you count SEC championship games as post-season, then he's 2-2 so far.
CO JONE, at this point I think you're the only one here epitomizing obnoxiousness.
I'm not sure any SEC team (or really any team that's not Clemson) can throw shade at Bama right now.
You two love to remind UGA fans about the last 30 years. And, you know what, during a period within that those 30 years, Florida whooped up on Georgia badly. Bragging rights were definitely earned. On top of that, during those 30 years UF won three national championships while UGA won none. Again, bragging rights earned. However, in the past 15 years, Florida has won 8 and UGA has won 7... that's not quite so dominant. In fact that's pretty much even. Sure, the 15 years prior to that Florida won 13 and UGA won 2. But if you look at any other period in the Georgia-Florida rivalry, that 15 year time span is clearly an aberration. The past 8 years, UGA has won 5. And for almost 20 of those 30 years, UF had 2 legendary coaches that brought legendary victories, a feat that is difficult to sustain or replicate. For the past decade and a half the rivalry has been about equal, and for the past 8 years UGA has dominated. Florida is a great program with a very bright future, but expectations of reliving the glory days of winning 13 out of 15 are sorely misplaced and take no account of the present and future state of things. The past is very much the past. Now, some UGA fans on this site do troll both Florida articles and Gator fans and at times even go overboard, but you two apparently have no qualms lowering yourselves as low as possible to fling mud. You can't conceivably label people as delusional and arrogant when you are employing the same tactics that render them as such.
Stetson made some beautiful passes. Regardless of his diminutive size, he's a heck of a quarterback.
And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you
If I had to guess, the familiarity with the offense probably helped the defense know what was coming and how to defend it.
I know it's just the spring game, but I am looking forward to the no. 2 offense squaring off against the no. 2 defense for a number of reasons.
Smart is notorious for slowly and methodically building his recruiting classes., so I would not read anything into current rankings. When UGA finished with the no. 1 class two years ago, coming out of spring that class was ranked in the 50's.
I do agree that a little Leach/Mullen does serve to balance out all the tightly wound, serious coaches. I personally find Mullen's comments humorous (though maybe not accurate) and I have no problems with opponents taking verbal shots. Like you, I perfer to let the team's performance do the talking, especially during the offseason. I'm all for friendly trash talking, but I think that makes more sense during the regular season. However things here on SDS go from 0-100 so quickly, I try to stay out of it as best I can. Plus the offseason is grueling enough, I'd rather engage in good-natured football discussions concerning all teams than just constantly slinging mud.
I'm sure the comment section for this article is going to feature a lot of calm and rational discussions.
I think James Cook is going to get a good amount of snaps during the spring game, so I'm excited to see how he can handle a heavier work load.
I believe Orgeron was a good hire for LSU, but one does have to wonder how things would have gone with Fisher or Herman as the LSU coach.
I'm not sure you can hold the statistics of his very first collegiate start, on the road against a good ND team, while playing as a true freshman, against Fromm as if only 141 yards and <5 yds/play somehow demonstrate that he isn't a great QB. Many, if not most, of the QBs on this list would have likely face-planted in such a scenario. I'm also not sure your criteria of winning close games really proves or disproves much of anything. Facing 4 top-20 scoring defenses in his last 6 games and accumulating a 17-2 TD-INT ratio while completing 68% of his passes certainly does demonstrate the caliber QB he is. I mean he passed for 301 yards, with a 64% completion rate and threw for 3 TDs against Bama in the SEC championship. What more does he really need to do to prove himself?
As a post-spring, pre-season list I mostly agree. But I could also see some fairly significant reshuffling based on how the 2019 season goes. If Florida is to have the season many Gators fans think, then FF will have to be top 4. If Auburn's QB (whoever that ends up being) ends the season at or around 8, then I think by extension Malzahn will be on the hot seat as the season probably didn't go too well. If Burrow makes a leap and LSU lives up to potential, he could be as high as 2 or 3. Kelly Bryant has the potential to be higher, but that ultimately depends on the players around him and how the team fairs during the grind of conference play with uncertainty about the post-season. I could also see Guarantano moving up a few spots if Chaney's offense find success at Tennessee.
When your conference champion lost to Purdue by 29 points you weren't "left out" of the playoffs.
UGA was in the national championship hunt in 81, lost to Purdue on a last second bomb (which is unfortunately a sad theme for UGA) in the championship game in 82, and in the hunt again in 83. Don't get me wrong, that's absolutely nothing to brag about in the least, but that's not lightning in a bottle.
Auburn caught lightning in a bottle with Cam Newton and won its first national championship since 1956. Auburn won 8 and 3 games the next two seasons respectively.
Wow, props to the reddit user for figuring that one out. I have to admit that's a pretty clever troll job by Mullen. I enjoy good-natured trash talk, it makes the season that much more interesting.
"Eason having his starting job ripped from his hands" LOL ok....