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I didn't bring up Auburn because the SEC championship settled that issue. My point in comparing Fromm to Bentley is that for all the (inaccurate) comments you made about Fromm, Bentley is even worse. So, why would UGA lose to USC on account of Fromm when Bentley is an inferior QB? And yes Tennessee barely beat UMASS, so accordingly UGA beat them 41-0. Not a litmus test, but an example of how Fromm performed well in a hostile environment. That was your point, remember ("(Don’t get me started on @Tennessee)")?
Notre Dam was his FIRST start as a college freshman. But yeah, let's totally hold that against his. I would pump the brakes on drawing any definitive conclusions about playing in hostile environments based off of his freshman season. Funny thing is though, despite that, Fromm is still a better QB than Bentley and had a better season than Bentley last year. Also, you think the team returning all of the starters that lost by two touchdowns against UGA is going to magically get it done this year, against a UGA team with superior talent and coaching? And, for as much as Fromm had a slow start against Tennessee, what was the final score of that game?
You need to provide sources for your claim, rather then spewing hateful words. I've read from several recruiting websites that Burrow transferred after Haskins was named the starter. That implies, of course, that LSU is getting OSU's leftovers, which obviously is a tough pill for you to swallow.
Typical LSU fan. Can't disagree without being disagreeable. And highly delusional. Let me rattle off a few names of high profiles misses by your vaunted Coach O... Patrick Surtain, Jr., Adam Anderson, Justin Rogers, James Foster, Ar;Darius Washington, Mario Goodrich. Also Coach O didn't sign a QB in the 2018 class. What?! Yeah, you're totally spot on with your analysis. And did you really use a supposed "deleted tweet" of bags of money to peddle the idea that John Emory Jr was paid to go to UGA. You, apparently, are already smoking something. And I want none of that, thank you.
The difference though is success in the 21st century. Compare what UGA has done in the 21st century to Tennessee. Win/loss record (overall and SEC), SEC championship appearances and victories, bowl games (quantity and quality), number of coaches, number of losing seasons, victories against top-25 ranked teams, etc. The "overall prestige" of Tennessee stopped in the 90s, both in absolute terms and relative to UGA.
Once (if?) Pruitt has Tennessee in fighting form, playing Texas, Clemson, FSU, and/or Penn State would all be great. Virginia Tech is the only one I would have no interest in.
I want a strong SEC East and I see Florida as integral to that, but this prediction is beyond outlandish. This man should lose credibility to the point of demotion for such a "hot take". Mullen will no doubt get Florida rolling again and the SEC will be better because of it. But #2 seed in this seasons playoff? Is he actually serious?
Wisconsin and Washing at #3 and #4 is interesting and probably debatable. FAU at #25 is laughable.
Coach O has done a good job plugging holes in the roster this off-season, but he's not shown an ability to lock down the borders of Louisiana yet. Some very talented Louisiana recruits are committed to rival programs. Until he has the pick of top in-state talent and assembles consecutive top-5 classes, he's not an "elite" recruiter. Good, but not great is what he's been so far.
You raise very good points, no doubt. I don't think it will be an easy game. South Carolina will always put up a fight. But I think UGA in the end wins by more than 14.
So bringing back nearly the entire team that lost by two touchdowns gives you hope that South Carolina will win?
When UGA rolls to a victory over South Carolina, all this talk about trap games and South Carolina being a dark horse are going to seem silly. South Carolina's strength is their offense, but they are breaking in a new OC and new scheme. UGA's strength is their offense, but they have more talent (especially in 2- and 3-deep) and much more continuity. Both teams will be fired up and hungry, but this isn't the UGA v USC of the Richt/Spurrier era.
To be fair, setting a budget is different than actual expenses incurred. I think it's more likely that they intend to spend no more than $500,000 on the investigation, so the actual amount billed by the law firm will be somewhere less than that. And as astute commentors noted, it's a small price to pay if the findings allow OSU to fire Urban with cause and not pay him millions to leave.
I completely understand being bullish on Florida's future under Mullen. But I just don't understand how someone could think they are even a dark horse in the SEC East this year. Next year? Absolutely. Breaking in an entirely new coaching staff, offensive scheme, defensive scheme, quarterback (more than likely), and changing the entire culture of the team. Florida could easily win between 7 and 9 games this season.
Very sorry to hear that for Tyrique. I hope he heals well. And at least it happened towards the beginning of camp, so the younger guys can get additional reps.
If Tennessee was playing West Virginia on any other weekend of the season, I would give them a fighting chance. I just don't think a program on their first step of a considerable rebuild is going to fare well against a high-powered Big 12 offense, with senior play makers and lots of continuity, on their very first game of the Pruitt era (breaking in a completely overhauled defense).
Santa Clara is in central California. Also, you're on a "sports board" posting comments too. So you're doubly stupid for the attempted snarky superiority of your comment.
Anyone who cites "Georgia Tech has won 2 of the last 4" as an argument for why the game might be close, competitive, or interesting, has not been watching either team the past few years and certainly hasn't been following recruiting or any other gauge of relative program trajectory.
History is a poor predictor for college football. LSU's defense will keep them in this game, which will ultimately be decided by how well LSU's offense (really, QB) fairs against Miami's defense.
Playing at Georgia, at Auburn, and vs. Bama is absolutely brutal. Among many other things, a true test of Pruitt will be managing team moral and the locker room during and after that stretch.
Muschamp should have kept his mouth closed or simply side-stepped any questions with vague coach speak. This is a bad look for Muschamp.
Vols fans should have big expectations, but that doesn't mean those expectations shouldn't be realistic too; they should be both. That will give Pruitt the time he needs. Otherwise, those big expectations will create an environment in which those expectations can't be met.
I'm not sure this event rises to the occasion of requiring an article
Missouri is absolutely not beating UGA. They have no defense. None. They have a few talented players, sure, but against the offensive talent of UGA, Missouri will not be able to stop them or come close to it. Will Missouri score points? Most definitely. But just like last year, other than a few broken coverages, Missouri will be wholly ineffective. Also, their new OC will force them to statistically take a few steps back.
Malzahn caught lightning in a bottle and rode it to an appearance in the national championship game in 2013. The amount of luck Auburn experienced that season is astounding. Accordingly, I could caution looking at 2013 Auburn as a predictor for what a first year coach can do.
Everyone circling that game as a potential upset seems to only be focused on South Carolina's offense. UGA's offense is considerably more talented (especially across the 2- and 3-deep) and won't be breaking in a new OC and offensive scheme. UGA's defense will assuredly take a step back from last year's, especially in week 2, but South Carolina will be unfurling a new scheme and offensive play caller in their first test against a major defense. When they quickly go 3-and-out (up-tempo offense!) several times and allow the talented UGA offense to take the field again, the combination of points scored and a tired defense will force Muschamp to go conservative to keep the ball away from UGA and give his defense a chance to breath. It will be a close game, like they usually are, but it seems highly unlikely an upset will occur.
What a sad story. This young man had a full-ride scholarship playing football at LSU, and all the support that comes with it, and he decided to participate in the robbery of a pawn shop. NFL future or not, he has severely disadvantaged himself and threw away a golden opportunity. I hope he gets the help he needs.
While LSU's defense will be better than UGA's, LSU's offense will not be anywhere near as good. Burrow will probably as good as advertised and I have no doubt one of LSU's running back steps up and becomes dominant. But every position on UGA's offense is loaded deep with talent and (except the freshman) they've been playing in the same system for several years. Plus, the key pieces on UGA's offense are accustomed to big games in loud stadiums, mitigating the impact of Death Valley at night. It will be a tough, physical game, but I think UGA's offense will overcome in the very end.