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The song "Natural" is one of the reasons why I mute games until the game is back on.
I agree. Not only does UGA have their LB commits lined up, but Pappoe seems to be trending towards UT being 2nd after Auburn.
I believe you are correct. The description on this David Pollack's profile reads: " Just a kid from the 570 hoping to make a name for myself” PSU ‘20 "
Very fortunately, recruits don't think as narrowly as you do. There's infinitely more that goes into a recruit deciding where to go than a single call.
oskie -- calls people out for having the last word, is incapable of not having the last word. Pick one.
TnVFL911, I see your point, but CKS did not inherit a Ferrari. A better analogy would be some sort of vehicle that ran well and had a lot of potential, but needed someone skilled enough to unlock that potential.
" (waves frantically) " Typing out actions is one of the more cringy things one can post in a comment.
First, many schools have been courting Haselwood for years and recruiting top-tier, elite players usually is based off of strong relationships built over years; rarely do schools swoop in last minute and pluck elite recruits. Yes, while UT did stun Auburn and Kentucky, they still only won 5 games, didn't qualify for a bowl game, squeaked out victories against lesser opponents, and got blown out more times than they earned good "W's". And I'm not uptight about not hiring an OC, just pointing out that Haselwood has a history of talking about his process of scrutinizing school's offensive philosophy as a criteria to decide where he'll commit.
Having the last word isn't immature. And if it is, then how do you justify responding to my "last word"? Also, I follow a daily UGA football podcast, and supplement with articles on this site. That's how I get my recruiting news. Equating me being informed with 1) using twitter and 2) following teens too closely is again another scenario you've invented in your head. My sole interaction with twitter is when links are posted in SDS articles. I guess you should get more "evidence" before reaching conclusions. And I assure you that no attempt of yours to insult me will ever hit even remotely close to home.
Sharing an opinion isn't trolling just because you disagree with it. If you automatically consider non-offensive comments trolling on account of disagreeing with the premise, than you must really struggle in life. Also, I like how you now are trying to sound respectable after your immature and unhinged rant. And in what world did you offer "partial evidence"? You did nothing but type hyperbole and insults. Sure winning a collective 9 games in the past 2 seasons would deprive you of any ability to unironically talk trash.
If you get that worked up over a simple, non-offensive comment you need to sit and reflect. That you would go to such cliched ad hominem attacks in a fumbling attempt to insult me over imagined provocations is sad. UT has suffered enough the past 10+ years, so there's no point kicking someone while they're down. But if you think Kirby taking UGA to consecutive 11+ win seasons, a NC appearance, consecutive top-tier bowl games, multiple top 3 signing classes, crushing victories against rivals, and placing Georgia among the national elite, (all within his first 3 years), makes him equivalent to "Richt 2.0" on account of a few bad play calls, then we're operating in different realms of logic.
Haselwood is very concerned about offensive philosophy/scheme and how the receivers are employed. The on-going OC search is not doing UT any favors. Also calling UT's staff "elite" is a stretch.
Kirby is correct. Statistically speaking 4- and 5- star recruits have a higher probability of success at the collegiate level
I would hope society recognizes teenagers will say and do dumb things. It doesn't necessarily excuse them, but no hard judgments or condemnations should be levied against immature youth for their immature words.
There are elements of dangerous impatience in the fringe of dawg nation. National championship winning coaches are rare and so far Smart has shown he's capable of winning an NC (if not for coaching against arguably the greatest coach ever).
I would love to see OU lose in the first round of the playoffs, with the reigning Heisman winner, against the SEC champ in back-to-back years.
Living in Atlanta doesn't magically make you know everything he's said. Trying a bit more research. He directly said he has no plans to transfer and loves the team.
Smart can't handle big game pressure? While he's lost some big games, he's also won a number of them too. The 2017 SECCG and 2017 Rose bowl are the biggest, but I'd also say beating UF after losing to LSU and beating UK at home to clinch the East were both big games too.
As a UGA fan, thanks for the clarification. I don't blame him one bit for wanting to show some fire during his first press conference, but when I read the article it didn't seem like that was his intention with the "meaningless degree" comment. From my limited vantage point he seems like an upgrade from CPJ.
In what world is back to back 11+ wins disappointing? Do you not remember the Richt years? I'll take Kirby, with his top 3 recruiting classes and Rose Bowl championships any day.
"Integrity is when you don’t get it exactly right, you own it and make the necessary changes and move forward." He modified the definition so that he could circuitously describe himself as having integrity. He is, and will always be, a sanctimonious blowhard. Sure, he deserves a second chance, as everyone does, but that doesn't change the fact that he is a snake oil salesman.
Which teams would do undefeated against their 2017 and 2018 schedules? I would venture most teams that finished the season in the top 10 both seasons, if not more. Why haven't they done it? (are you seriously asking this???)... Because they just so happen to not have the identical schedule as UCF on account of being in different divisions, conferences, etc... duh.
It's not a broken system that prevents them as much as it is their strength of schedule. Yes, I know you can only beat the teams you're scheduled to play. But, beating the schedule they did doesn't make them special (many teams would go undefeated against that schedule) or worthy of a shot at a championship. Furthermore, declaring a national championship (and throwing a parade) because they beat a 3-loss Auburn team is plainly ridiculous.
I don't know why I even bothered reading this article. It was as depressing as I thought it would be. This history of Bama is filled with lucky bounces, so to speak, and having Saban as a tenured HC with no plans of moving on is their greatest example. I look forward to Bama returning to the realm of mortals when Saban retires.
Bama's defense will slow Oklahoma's offense enough to win a shootout. In the second half, Bama's OL will impose its will against Oklahoma and the running game will set up Tua or Jalen for big throws.