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1. That would be terrible for the SEC. 2. Ohio State and Michigan are more likely to merge their respective universities into one giant conglomerate university than join the SEC.
And Tennessee is also 0-3 in SEC championship games this century with its last appearance in 2007.
Yes, he's a great play caller. But it has been shown that great play callers aren't automatically great HCs or program builders. We'll see soon enough and it will likely be in the SEC.
From an outsider's perspective, Kansas and Iowa State to the BIG10 makes sense.
He could shred SEC defenses with the talent Saban accumulated and developed in the program Saban built. Duplicating the same results is likely going to be a lot harder.
They should just form the Big 2 and be their own conference.
If the SEC adds TU and OU, it definitely seems like the scheduling will move to 9 conference games.
Wow what a surprise, another Big12 leftover looking to the past to assert dominance. Trust me, prior records will mean nothing going forward. If TU and OU couldn't establish national dominance from the Big12 absolutely no way they'll do it from the SEC. Get ready for 3-5 losses every year, lol.
Having a playoff for a conference championship is absurd
Of course the SEC is incorporated but that doesn't mean you can automatically draw an analogy between it and publicly traded companies.
Texas will probably first need to learn how to persevere through the mental anguish of seeing a horns down.
"Yall funny don’t yall have schools in 3 of the worst states in the United States." The irony of trying to use academic rankings to talk trash but the comment is crippled with grammatical errors.
Those records mean absolutely nothing for the future. Already trying to brag, smh.
Hey moron he was adding context to the Texas fan's airing out of meaningless records.
If you couldn't care less and the army badge has no effect on you, then why did you go out of your way to comment?
Last was an aberration for all defenses. The covid off season definitely gave an advantage to offenses. With a regular off season, with as much talent as Bama has, and being under the watchful eye of Saban, I believe Bama's defense is going to be very good. In fact, I expect many defenses (Florida's included) to perform better this season.
While I don't disagree with your assessment of the other 8 teams in the Big12, I still don't think the SEC should expand and if it does I don't think it should be Texas that's allowed in. SEC is not hurting for money in the least. And Texas' long history and behavior in the now defunct conferences it helped sink should serve as a warning. Let the PAC12 deal with then, or better yet, let them be independent.
I think you're emotionally invested because you clearly are. You've been up and down these articles consistently going to bat for Texas. You even defended the horns down taunting penalty.
Why are you so emotionally invested in the Big12 dissolving at Texas and OU joining the SEC?
You are sleeping on Bama's defense big time. And Ole Miss can put a scare in anyone in any game, but that doesn't mean they can sustain that level in every game. Also your prediction about LSU is a head scratcher.
I hate the idea of expansion and while I don't necessarily mind OU I am thoroughly against the idea of Texas joining the SEC. May the SEC powers forever ride rough shod over Texas and beat the prima donna-ness out of them.
I fail to see how a "super" conference of 16 teams produces a better product or outcome for the SEC other than more money. Which is something the SEC isn't lacking at all. Texas' established history of recalcitrance and greed should serve as warning enough that the additional money might not actually be worth the headache and hassle.
Fair points and in general I don't disagree. As for NIL, agree to disagree.
Are you really carrying Texas' water on this issue? If you could see my hands now, I'm giving you a horns down.