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Brave men! Wouldn't want to touch those mean critters!
Got the score wrong on the UT-Georgia baseball game on Friday night. It was 9-2, not 6-2. It was really great to see the players get the SEC regular-season championship this year. I'm hoping for a World Series championship. However, if that doesn't happen, this group of young men have still made this such a special year, and every UT fan should be very proud of them!
Don't know if it's a typo, or not, but I believe the pitcher's name for Tennessee is Blade Tidwell, not Blake.
I think onlyrIUT meant the comments made by DeLucia after the game Friday night, not what you said, were going to fire up UT again. DeLucia really didn't temper his comments.
I think those who left UT WERE different than those transferring in, if for no other reason than we were gutted by the transfer portal. I have never seen that many players leave a team, even when their coach was fired, or left willingly. Granted, not all of them left because of the money bags, but I do feel that the 'best' ones from Jeremy Pruitt's recruiting did receive money. I don't think it was abandoning the team, I think it was abandoning ship. I feel fairly certain there are some who wished they had stayed and given the new coaching team a chance. Josh Heupel and his staff have impressed greatly with the way these athletes have played on the field this season.