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If Jefferson played the second half healthy, the score would have been 30-10 at the minimum. The only time A&M's defense looked good was when Hornsby was in. Arkansas outplayed us and outcoached us in every aspect of the game, except special teams. Our O line - wow. Completely dominated by a three man rush.
I look around at the SEC coaches, and there are quite a few really good ones (obviously). There are some who are really just a perfect fit, culturally - like Pittman at Arkansas. I think Jimbo is a perfect cultural fit for us. I hope that translates into success on the field.
Duly noted. Already forgiven. LOL Let's just hope you don't pull this one off. :)
I don't see this as complaining or making excuses. I think he's right - and I'm not sure I know any Ags who would disagree with him. Quite frankly, the Hogs are looking good and any advantage we can get this Saturday, I'll gratefully accept.
Jimbo didn't once complain. His first comment, I believe, was , "Be careful what you wish for".
You think Jimbo complained? You don't think it has to do with Jerry looking at his bottom line? Please. If anyone was complaining about honoring the contract, and if anyone had the strings to pull in Arkansas, it was Jerry.
I really like Pittman and I'm so happy to see you guys have early success. Kind of hoping your whole team wakes up with the 24 hour flu Saturday morning. Either that, or we wake up our O-Line during practice. Saturday is going to be a great game, I think.
Really, really hoping you guys have an off-day on Saturday. LOL
He's definitely a threat. I think this will be a fun game.
But, don't forget - even if t.u. loses every game, they're still better than every other team.. in their own minds.
I felt the exact same way when I saw him last year. I think he's a great guy and seems to be a perfect fit. I really look forward to continued success there.... well... except for a week from Saturday. And at least one game per year after that. LOL Congrats on a fantastic win! I am SO glad you guys welcomed t.u. into the SEC in such an appropriate way!
We should do a 'Go Fund Me' to pay that fine for Arkansas.
Absolutely loved it! And you couldn't have done it to a better group of entitled whiner fans.
I'm just glad you guys let us borrow him this week. We needed all the help we could get in Colorado.
Yeah... I kept wondering why no flags were being thrown with all those 'horns down' gestures. Such disrespect of an obvious blue-chip powerhouse like t.u. should be criminal. I started drinking the Sam Pittman Kool-Aid last year. I think he's a heck of a guy and I'm really happy for how well Arkansas is doing. Let's hope they have an off day a week from Saturday. LOL
Thanks for saying that. He seems to be a good kid, too. I hope he recovers. For our team, it's fortunate Calzada will have a few games under his belt before we have to face Bama... and fortunate he'll have another game under his belt before we play the Hogs.
You guys looked fantastic, and I'm thrilled for your win! God help us in two weeks if we play you like we played Colorado.
Not sure about this... I read the article on TexAgs, and the wording leaves it unclear as to whether this is *replacing* his current contract with a new one that starts now (so, 10 years from 'today') or if it's an extension of 10 years. I think paying him $9M right now is fine; he's elevated our program and his salary has more than paid for itself. Adding 10 years to an existing contract with 7 years remaining would be pretty stupid.
We need to double Elko's salary to price him out of the market unless it's a big program trying to get him. Better for him; better for us.
The biggest difference, I think, is that in Michigan fans are saying "...but we’re running companies" while 'sips are saying "... but we're collecting unemployment".
Right? I'm not sure how to handles this. Although, he did say (on air) "this is the best student section in college football".
Well, I guess he's so busy coaching his kids not to throw shoes he just doesn't have time to address crab legs. Maybe Dan Mullen should take notes?
He said, "I am going to stay optimistic that..." not, "I know that..."