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I absolutely love how the media has a boner for Texas. They're #10? Really? They're 1-2 and tied for 2nd-to-last place in the Big 12. Florida is #8 and we're #19... that makes sense. LOL Ohio State should just be given the National Championship today, and then all the pressure will be off of those crappy teams like Clemson and Alabama. Also, each one of their players should get a Heisman.
I like Arkansas in the Top 25. They're looking really good and they're playing an all-SEC schedule. Forget about Coastal, Liberty, UAB, etc. I'm really looking forward (and not looking forward) to the matchup on Halloween. Hopefully, Kellen Mond's costume will be the QB that played against Florida two games ago.
I think they only went to one of their three games, right? Let's hope they stay home on November 28th, too. :)
They should. Arkansas is looking pretty dang good. Also, (as BlackAndGarnet said), South Carolina looks decent. I mean, they're no 'Coastal Carolina', but then again, they haven't had to play teams like the Campbell Fighting Camels. I love how t.u. came in with one (cough)TomHerman(cough) vote.
Or, it could be that Florida's defense was so bad, they gave Mond the game of his life. Last year, we also 'only lost games we were supposed to' - three #1 teams (LSU, Clemson and Alabama), #4 (Georgia) and #7 (Auburn). I guess we should have been in the top 10?
Doesn't matter... 73 points is 73 points. Remember, running up the score doesn't get rewarded by the polls. (wink, wink) We could have run at least two more plays when we were at the MSU 3 yard line yesterday with less than 45 seconds on the clock. Hats off to Jimbo for not punching in another TD.
Don't even get me started. A&M lost to three #1 teams last year - Alabama, Clemson and LSU. We were totally outclassed by all three. We shot ourselves in both feet against Auburn, so that's on us. But, we were absolutely robbed by the SEC officials last year against Georgia.
Yep. And I bet they would have at least one Heisman candidate, too.
The headline read "looking more like a contender", not "are a contender". And, it's true. Alabama blew us up, but Alabama blows everyone up. We're not at their level (yet). Also, Mond doesn't suck. Last year, he spent most of his time on his back, thanks to an O-Line that allowed 2.6 sacks per game (not to mention all the other hits, hurries and pressures). This year, he's lost all of his productive receivers and is still managing the game well. Yesterday's performance, I believe, was as much crappy play calling as it was anything else. The INT yesterday was a fluke bounce off of a shoulder pad and he's thrown only one other pick the whole year (compared to 9 TDs). I'd much rather have that than Jarrett Guarantano's 3 INT to 4 TDs. Is Mond 'elite'? I doubt it. Does he have to be? Not really. As far as A&M starting to look like a 'Contender', we could very well end up 9-1 this year heading into the post-season. Arkansas looks to be a tough game, but South Carolina, Tennessee and Ole Miss should be very winnable. LSU and Auburn are having lackluster seasons, and both seem to be pretty winnable. Then again, this is the SEC. We could lose to anyone on any weekend, as can any other team (except Alabama, LOL).
Absolutely NOT looking forward to playing you guys in two weeks!! :)
Kellen Mond performed well, all things considered. Mond was blitzed more than any other QB this season and was sacked 30 times, which means he was probably knocked down 3 times that many times. It's hard to be consistent when you're consistently on your back. He's tough as hell, and I admire that. Having said that, I was frustrated with some of his decision making at times. But, overall I think he's improving. His QB rating went from 108 his freshman year to 135 his sophomore year and dipped to 131 this year. Considering we played three #1 teams, #4 and #8, I think that's not too bad of a drop. Our offensive line performed horribly this year, and I think that's the majority of why he's struggled (along with Isaiah Spiller and the run game in general).
Perhaps he was doing A&M a favor by trying to distance the university from Manziel.
A punt from the 40 yard line that travels 35 yards means he pinned them on the 5. That's exactly what he should have done. Instead of "we're getting pretty picky here", you should have said "I need another 75 words or so to finish this article". :) Totally agree on the rest... if our receivers drop passes like that, and if we have the same red-zone issues, Auburn will beat us pretty easily.
I want to see a change in the targeting rule that calls out offensive players that lower their head/body so they can draw the foul. I saw plenty of replays last season where players were ejected and it seemed fairly clear the 'victim' positioned himself intentionally for the hit.
I'll be the first to admit the conversation surrounding t.u. grates on me simply because I despise t.u. However, that doesn't make AggieRider wrong. Everyone is talking about how they're "back"? To what? Being perpetually second place in the Big 12? They play three ranked teams this year - Iowa State, LSU and OU. Putting them in the NC conversation is fairly ridiculous.
You had ONE job. LOL I'm really looking forward to the UGA game. Should be a good one.
I'm with AggieRider on this one... who are you and why are you pretending to be an Aggie? " Clemson, Alabama, Georgia and LSU are guaranteed losses" is, as BigEasy points out, garbage. Nothing is guaranteed, which is why we play the game. Honestly, I don't know if we can beat Clemson or Alabama. However, we can beat Georgia - especially if the Sugar Bowl team shows up - and we can beat LSU. Will we? I think we split those 1-1. Regarding the LSU game last season, we should have won that game and we did. Was some of the officiating wonky? Yep. But, I was at the game and I can tell you flat out the officiating was pretty bad from the beginning; and not in A&M's favor. Your comment "another West team will bite them as usual"... (wouldn't that be 'bite US as usual' if you were an Ag?)... well, unfortunately, we do seem to struggle getting past the middle of the pack. My bold prediction is we drop the games to Clemson and Alabama and then split UGA/LSU. And, I hate to say, I do agree that we get bitten by another SECW team. Which one? Doesn't matter... Auburn, Ole Miss, MSU.. pick one. So: 1. 8-4 regular season 2. Decent bowl game, which we win 3. Finish season AP top 15 4. Go into preseason with tons of 'concern' from the pundits about our too easy 2020 season and whether or not we deserve whatever ranking we get throughout the season since our non-confs are Abilene Christian, North Texas, Colorado and Fresno State while our cross-conf is Vandy.
My bold prediction? A&M goes undefeated. I kid, of course. I think we can beat every team on this schedule... except Alabama and Clemson. Will we? Probably not. I think we'll split UGA/LSWho and go 1-1 there. I think the swamp kitties are going to be VERY motivated when we show up, so that's going to be a tough one. But, I think we'll match up well. The Dawgs? Depends on which team shows up. If the 'Boo Hoo, We Didn't Win the SEC' team shows up that played in the Sugar Bowl, we'll beat them. If any other UGA team shows up, it's going to be a hell of a game. Fortunately, we will EASILY handle Ole Miss, Auburn, Miss State and Arkansas... I mean... those games are always just money in the bank for us... um... right? As USGARMYRet pointed out, whoever put this schedule together really gave us a lot of (as Jimbo would say) 'opportunities'. On the bright side, if Sumlin were still here, we wouldn't have this conversation... instead, we'd be worried about UTSA putting up 48 points on us.
Having him sip the tea... wow. Shows that they know the rivalry. LOL
Thanks for giving us your opinion. Now get back to cheating on your sister with your cousin like a good little 'Bama boy.
I'm right there with you. Obviously, we both are biased. But, think about it. Who have they beat? Obviously, t.u. beat OU. Who else? Tulsa, USC, TCU, K State and Baylor. Tulsa is unranked and 1-5 TCU is unranked and 3-3 KSU is unranked and 3-4 Baylor is unranked and 4-3 USC is unranked and 4 -2 If t.u. beats Okie Lite to be 7-1, they'll add another unranked team to their list of conquests. Their next "big" test is West Va. who basically has the same record beating the same caliber of teams... except none of their conquests are currently ranked at all and only Texas Tech was ranked at all when they played them (#25). Georgia's one loss is to LSU. LSU's one loss is to Florida. Florida's one loss is to Kentucky. Kentucky's one loss is to A&M. UCF is undefeated. Oregon's one loss is to Standford. Washington's one loss is to Oregon. All of those one-loss teams have better resumes. I am sick to death of the talking heads and writers... it's like they've had these massive "Texas is back" boners just sitting there waiting to explode.
I agree - Prescott is a heck of an athlete, but he can't carry the whole offense. The TD by Dear in the 2nd quarter was a great run and y'all need more of those kind of plays. Your defense did a great job in the 2nd half and kept you guys in the game. The injuries you guys had hurt you, too. Fortunately (for us), our defense was able to make some big plays - like forcing those two fumbles - to keep you off the scoreboard. Hopefully, both of our teams will continue to improve down the stretch. I'm just glad we get a week off before we have to play Alabama and I hope like hell we can beat them. I pretty much like all the SEC teams (except for LSU) until the day we play them. LOL
While I'm obviously biased, I completely disagree with the call. The blocker stepped in front of the defender and the defender ran into him. The blocker put his shoulder down and it was shoulder-to-shoulder contact and he didn't lead with his helmet or push upwards from a lowered position. The blocker lowered his head and turned it away from the defender before contact was initiated. It was a monster block, but not targeting.