Fightin' Texas Aggie Band, A-Battery, Class of 1992

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@GeauxTigers8 - You mean other than the game itself?
Yeah, but at least it wasn't 100 slides on 100 pages.
It sucks that he'll just be on the practice squad, but since the minimum salary for those guys is $8k per week, he should be okay. I mean, it would take some lifestyle changes on my part, but I could probably squeak by on that kind of salary. LOL
That was a little too harsh. Bad morning = bad mood. Sorry about that. (I wish we could edit our comments)
It was Colorado, not Colorado State. Do you guys do any research?
Wow... Twitter put a trigger warning on the picture. Hard to believe there's a whole group of people out there who are so fragile.
Saban needs to pony up the details of the alleged cheating of which he just accused A&M. Unless, of course, he's lying about it. Then, just admit you lied.
I love those guys. They totally nailed it with Hope moving to College Station. Let's 'hope' we don't date her for as long as you guys did. :)
Calm down. First off, he's right. Second, he wasn't being down on the program.
That little nugget about her biting him wasn't in the first article I read. This says he threw her off the bed AFTER she bit him. If she bit him, then (legally) he was defending himself. Regarding the dad, I'm surprised a college football player can't handle himself against some 40 or 50 year old man. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out.
Doesn't it just stick in your craw to have to say anything positive to LSWho? Ugh.
To kirkm1976 - You're right, but still... great burn. LOL
Darth Mullen will get on the show and point out how stupid all those winning coaches are for actively recruiting during the season.
OMG... that is a DREAM lineup. You'd have Pittman just sitting there being adored by everyone watching. Orgeron would stammer through something nobody could understand. Kiffin would be his usual a-hole self. And Mike Leach would talk about gummi candy, pirates, coach love and probably four other things I couldn't even begin to think of.
Yeah... we're just trying to build a culture like what you guys have in Gainesville, I guess. We'll have to figure out how to lose to Missouri, South Carolina and Kentucky, but we'll figure it out.
I know. I still can't stop laughing from his 'hilarious' explanation of why he's not leaving Texas A&M.
I just did the math based on an article in the Tennessean... The SEC schools pay their head coaches just shy of $74.5M per year, and that doesn't include whatever Vandy is paying Lea. Why can't each school pitch in some money and pay for full-time refs? The officiating at UA/A&M wasn't good either - a non-call for running into our punter, a non-call for linemen downfield and two calls for false starts when the UA defense were calling out cadence (and we got flagged for that erroneously against Bama). And, I'm sure the UA fans have several non-calls or bad calls they can point out. As can every other fan of every other team on this board. It's about time we hired some experts.
Look... I had to somehow choke down the vomit and root for LSWho Saturday after our win. Thank God I can now root for you guys in the Iron Bowl. Also, I get to root for the Hogs. Love Pittman.
I'd put money on it happening this year.
Just waiting for all the press releases announcing Jimbo Fisher as their top prospect. I mean, if some reporters think he's heading to LSWho, he might as well consider UMass.
Guys, I hate to say it... but right now UT looks as bad as tu. And being an Aggie, there's not much worse I can say.
I like what Jimbo said... "Every game is a trap game".
Rightfully so. He didn't do much this week.
Green's good to go, but thank you for the sentiment. I hate to see any players miss playing time due to injury. I even feel that way towards t-sips... it takes some effot, though. :)
They do. That's going to be a tough game. Corral is something special. I'm thankful Auburn is coming to Kyle Field. We'll need that advantage - Nix is playing extremely well. And, LSU is always a tough one.
I was pretty stunned by that. I know it was 4th & 1, but take the clock down to 2 seconds and call time (you guys had three). Then, take a shot at the end zone. Why not?