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As a Razorback fan who went to LSU, I love how everyone on here is agreeing McFadden was incredible and at least deserved the Heisman over Smith. McFadden is the only legendary player Arky's had in the past 30 years--cool to see the respect.
Yep. I don't know. I re-read the final list every day for a week waiting for them to correct the mistake.
I get that but the whole drafting a rb early thing started changing after that. And no doubt it's arguable--I just think it's arguable both ways.
What's infinitely worse than the lack of a Heisman for McFadden was the fact that they left him off the recent top 150 college football players of all time.
The Arkansas backfield had two first round picks and a future Madden cover star at the same time. Beats out that Auburn backfield by a little.
Was not a fan of him in the MNF booth. Not sure if it was a lack of chemistry with Gruden or something else, but one of the less enjoyable pairings in football in my opinion. Looking forward to seeing the new pairing.
This article is written as if Allen's junior season didn't happen. He showed enough that year to get drafted, and the way he played then answers some (most) of the questions this writer seems to think are still waiting for answers.
There's a reason all these stories say "Les Miles interested in _____ head coaching job," instead of "_________ interested in Les Miles for head coaching job."
The only strategic advantage Bielema needs to plan for is beating BR's terrible traffic to I10 after the loss.
It's embarrassing that anything other than Allen's health is affecting this decision. Allen has the talent and mentality to be a top-10 quarterback in the country this year, and the coaches have ruined it. Glad to see Cole handle himself well, but it's ridiculous there's a question about who would be more effective.
Arkansas should recruit better? Arkansas should recruit better... Arkansas should recruit better! Of course! Why didn't we think of that? All we need to do is relocate the university 6 or 8 hours closer to something interesting to 18 year olds. I forgot about those golden recruiting years prior to the 2010s. Thanks for the insight, Joe.
10 "Crazy" Hires, huh? These are all such crazy ideas! None of them would ever work out. You'd have to be crazy to think any of these coaches would ever end up at a historically middle-tier SEC team.
A culture of being obsessed with stars, or with *69?
No way Bielema gets fired. The AD loves him and people forget how accomplished he was before he came to Arkansas + how bad Arkansas was when he got here. Jeff Long will take 8 win seasons for another 3 years at least as long as Saban is in conference and the academics and integrity stay up.
Arkansas will never be a competitor for SEC West champ each and every year. We just don't have the recruiting base to attract top of the line talent or coaches. Knowing that, I'll take a Bielema coached team with integrity that averages 8 or 9 wins a year and competes for an SEC title once every three or four years. If Arkansas was in the SEC East, they would have competed for an East title every year Bielema has been there except year one. My only concern is the comeback losses from last year. If that continues, we may have a real problem. But I can't overstate how appreciated the focus on academics and character has been.
I was surprised, too. I think Alabama and LSU are the top two in terms of what we know, and Arkansas, Auburn and Ole Miss will be roughly equal unless Stidham is a beast, which is possible. A&M and State will probably have relatively bad years. The reason I am so optimistic with Arkansas is that on offense, our only real question mark is the WR corp, and a great QB can make an average WR group look above average. I think Allen will do that. And on defense, we can't be worse than we were last year, basically.
There should be some kind of stipulation in the rules for people who just want to continue doing something they were already doing prior going to college. I realize there are a number of famous high schoolers every year who could use that to their advantage, but what's the real harm anyway?
This is going to be a crazy year. After Bama, LSU's defense is the only surefire unit in the conference. Everybody else has significant questions or untested, overhyped (possibly) starters. It will be an exciting few first couple of weeks to see where everyone really is. Gotta love SEC West football.
This was a pretty good article compared to the usual SDS fare, although I didn't see it until after they edited out the Kody Walker reference. My only disagreement is that after watching every snap last season, I think Devwah is a better and more productive RB than Rawleigh was, even last year. He just didn't get as many snaps. I think our RB 1 situation will be better, but unless one of the young guys comes though, our RB 2 and 3 will be significantly worse. Watch for Devwah to have an All-SEC year, though.
Glenn, please do your research. This is the second article in a row of yours with glaring errors. First I read that Arkansas' O looks like it'll be good this year because Rawleigh Williams is returning, and now I have to read about how AJ Derby was a bust and only played one season at Arky. He played two seasons and was one of the more productive tight ends in the SEC during his second year.
Also biased, but - comes down to how they grade the QBs. Most of these lists factor in Fitzgerald's running stats, which are incredible. If you just look at the traditional QB stats or even just eye test, I don't think Fitzgerald is legitimately better than Allen at all. But if you're looking at total output, there's a decent case for him being #2. Personally, when I see a QB list, I think in terms of solid QB play. I'd have Allen 1.
Don't worry, Destin. Devway is a better back than Rawleigh. The fact that he'll get more carries at RB1 is a good thing.
*haven't seen it reported. Add an edit button, SDS.
Does anyone know if Greenberg pushed for the split? It seems like Golic is more upset about it and I have seen it reported anywhere if this was an ESPN decision or if Greenberg wanted it as well. Based on the eye contact in the video, it looks like they aren't happy with each other right now. Then again, I never watch the show on TV so maybe they always avoid eye contact.
Ragnow should be on this list an honorable mention.
Amazing that Tennessee still coasts on the Fulmer years.
It's a good sign that Coach O isn't sunshine pumping about how good the QBs are during spring. Les would always talk about how improved they looked each year and it never showed during the season. The honesty is refreshing, and I'm sure we'll see some actually improvement under this new staff.
Arkansas should be on this list only because their backup is better than the #1.
Who are the tools that voted for Alex Collins 2015 over Darren McFadden 2007?
Are you joking, kewebbjr? Look at what they're looking for: Best INDIVIDUAL SEASON.