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I said I wouldn't mind Steck because the defense was exciting to watch. I don't think he would succeed in today's game. I would like a DC who plays more man and can adjust during the game, which Walters never seemed to do.
Can't respond to your Auburn statement below for some reason. The Auburn game was really bad, but I'll take that over what Wyoming or Texas did to us.
I have to disagree. Our defense as a whole was better not just d-line.
Part of me wants Steck to come back because those defenses were exciting.
True. I also really never saw any adjustments during the game. Almost like "Oh the defense is getting torched, our offense will bail us out" mentality.
Can't say that I'm upset about Walters moving on. It never felt like opposing offenses were concerned about our defense bringing any pressure. I suspect Walters moving on was his way of getting out of Odom's shadow.
I think he had a good year especially after the change of quarterback.
Well that is disappointing but it is what it is. Can't wait to see Mizzou next year with a full roster.
It was a great year for the SEC. Also, the new coaches who came in and made the most with what they had to work with. Either Drink or Pittman should be up for national COTY.