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I’m not sure it will be as “close” as it was last year frankly. Big Tigers fan here, but also realistic. Unless they find whatever Iowa ate before trashing Ohio State last year, I’m thinking UGa wins 49-24. 49 because I believe ball control/clock kill will keep it down. That said, no reason we can’t win all other games outside of Bama and UGa, but I’m sure we will I’ll step on our d@ck at least 2 more times after that.
And you thought Florida had enough problems playing in one game, how about 2 bowl games?
As a Mizzou fan, I almost spit my beer out laughing at us ahead of Auburn, but I like the optimism.
Meaning Auburn #2 and Georgia #3...
Pretty fair, except I’d say LSU maybe at #4 and flip South Carolina and Ole Miss.
Cool we get another crack at Ky, guess it’s a home and home ;)
Lifelong Mizzou fan and first time poster, but was "hot" and "Missouri" used in the same sentence? Let's just play the game and see what happens. I guess if Florida's defense isn't much better than Kentucky's, Mizzou can win. I'm just not convinced what we can do against defensive players that are even 25% better than UConn.