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I actually think Odom is a good coach, he is a players coach and the kids love him. He is a hard working coach with an incredible work ethic and strong morals. That said, I agree with Mountain Dog on the recruiting point. A slight improvement in recruiting will make the difference, add a few more four star play makers and this team will win our division and compete for it regularly. Yes Mizzou coaches up as good as any, but the talent you start with will make the difference. Fact,the same coaching with better talent will produce better results. Until that happens we wait for the occasional diamond in the rough to bring us a division title every 10 years. We don't need a new head coach, but we so need better recruiters, and if that eventually means a new coach than so be it.
Mr. Davis is a disgrace, very proud of Kevin Pendleton for handling himself so professionally. Mizzou would never tolerate such immature behavior. MIZ PRIDE!
We were not playing to win, but we were playing to learn. I think this explains the 4th and short punts. If this was another game, and a game we were in to win, we would have used the D to pin them back deep. I get this call in this game as learning tool.Odom proved he will go for it on 4th down already this year in games we were in it for a W.
Seems like a waste to go to LSU, I thought Foster was a decent passer.
Zandersed = Being a part of something you don’t qualify for only to wind up homeless
He would have been a great fit at Mizzou, but it sounds like his heart was not in it, better to discover now rather than later. Guys that settle only get zandersed later, and that does nobody any good. Zandersed = Being a part of something you don't qualify for only to wind up homeless.
Zanders has no class, never did, has already been forgotten. Wait, or was that SDS?
I see both sides of this, but have never been a fan of this practice. Another thought is that I'm not sure any lead is a safe lead with our defense, and I say that with shame..
I couldn't even type that with out laughing.. Should be a lot of fun, I always love spending time in Athens, good people, good food, and a great football atmosphere.
I should say I agree with out changing any of the other current talent, but with better receivers, and properly used TE's a pocket passer would work just fine.
Wow... I agree with bamatime and bamatime agreed with me, there is a first time for everything.. Yes facemask should always be up, lower your head and get your neck broken. Sorry wolfman, your comment causes you to loose credibility, I really have to question your football knowledge now. You are taught not to lower your head all the way back in high school.
I watched from a Buffalo Wildwings where dozens were booing while it was happening (as the ref slowly walked to get the ball). You must need glasses young man.
This is what it looks like when refs are being paid to make bad calls. Mizzou is not a good team this year, but if they are having a good game they will still be shut down by ref's that are on the take. Get gambling out of SEC football please.
You are correct, but as long as the defender is looking up this won't happen, but if the defender is looking down they will be getting called for this. Defenders must keep their facemask up and keep their eye on the face of the one they are hitting. As for these ref's, I hate to say it but it looks like someone was getting paid.
I agree, I just don't see Georgia as "Alabama like" at all, but it is starting to look like the Georgia of old, and Alabama should take notice. I predict Georgia dethrones bama within 3 years. Look out west the east is coming for you. If I could convince the Mizzou AD to wipe the slate clean and start over, we may even get to help out.
The Dawgs are looking like the team in the east that will overthrow the west in Atlanta. Go Dawgs!
I love BO, but for god sakes lets do the right thing for Mizzou here, and get on with the next chapter. The longer we wait, the more damage that is done. We must make this move no later then November to have any chance of salvaging a 2018 recruiting class.
The answer to all of our problems is right in front of our face. All you have to do is look at the basketball program, and you will see how to fix this, anything else is a waste of time and money.
It doesn't matter who on this coaching staff is worse, if we learned anything from the Kim Anderson fiasco, we should know it's time to clean house and find a respectable proven coach than can recruit. It would have made for a great story if Anderson or Odom had succeeded, but they didn't, and now it's time for a more traditional solution... We need to buy our way out of this with a proven coach that can create the kind of buzz we are now experiencing in basketball. Sterk knows what to do!
Alabama is a great team, a championship caliber team every year, and a better team than Missouri at the moment. That is precisely why MIZZOU can be proud of winning their division, especially right now. I think its a great goal, and one to be very proud of. If you win the SEC east, you probably would have won the conference championship in the Big12, and maybe the PAC12, possibly the ACC, and even a shot at the Big10. If the team keeping you from a conference championship is the national champion, you have something to be proud of. With that said, as soon as we are playing at that level again it will be time to set our sites higher. Yes BamaTime we know you have a great team, but we are not here to give you a pat on the back. If we want to do that we will jump over to your forum and do so.
He was reported back in February squatting over 600, so I would say it's still a toss up.
I know Crockett was squatting over 500 last year as a freshman, they say he has put on a lot of muscle since then so???