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@antediluvian Yeah, let’s put that story in the “never tell again” bucket.
How do you let someone you don't know, can't see, and will likely never meet affect you so strongly on the internet?! For fuks sake, man- take a few days off from internetting.
Boxter- your reading comprehension only furthers my statement. I said "compared to Florida". As far as "on-field results" go, I don't think our on-field results were anything to laugh at. I didn't even have to "try" to insult anyone... you guys did the work yourselves.
VolTrashCan and UGAFlyfisherman... I just used math (real logic) to prove that the recruiting gap was closing and you both somehow found a way to unite in ignorance. We all know the real gap is the lack of academia at UGA and Tennessee compared to Florida so I'm not too surprised. "Idiot."
According to 24/7 sports: 2018 UGA recruiting class- #1 2018 UF recruiting class- #14 14-1 = 13 2019 UGA recruiting class- #2ish 2019 UF recruiting class- #9ish 9ish - 2ish = 7ish I know you've got an UGA emblem by your name but quick math would yield 7 < 13 which, in case you are still confused, means that the recruiting gap was indeed... "closed".
SDS, where reporters and journalists come to report what other outlets reported.
Judging by the pressers after fall practices and scrimmages, Franks looks more like Wayne Brady than Tom Brady.
I don't think you understand the article... Kentucky has lost the last 31... I think they can "afford" to make it 32. A loss to a lesser team would be a setback for UK (which means they can't "afford" to do if they're trying to move up.) Pay attention.
My reply was to a comment; not to an article. You should learn to articulate.
You're right. We should just keep reshaping your argument until you can call it a win. What is the difference between winning a "scheduled" game outside of the state and winning a post-season game outside the state? None. They are both wins and if the losses had tallied up more in that fashion, you would have used the numbers too. Hating is never a good look.
The point HE MADE was that Florida is 0-2 outside of the state since whenever. It was incorrect.
@TebowTime You're right. I forgot the 08 championship was Miami and not New Orleans. @LSUSMC He mentioned nothing about "scheduled". And his point was that they don't win outside the state. Wrong.
Except for all three national championships they won but look who's counting... Your rebuttal?
Furthermore, the writer should have never even mentioned the world record for the two COMPLETELY different lifts (trap bar vs conventional). That's pretty typical for most of the garbage writing on SDS tho.
His point was that this isn't true deadlift and doesn't really deserve to be called one when comparing the numbers. It's a little offensive to people who do conventional deadlifts to compare the numbers this (yes, incredibly strong) kid with a trap bar. It's like comparing someone who drank 10 bud lights to someone who drank 10 stouts. Yeah, 10 bud lights is impressive (maybe), but no as impressive who downed a heavier drink.
You're right Jamele. We should just stop giving the players anything and making our campuses look less desirable to anyone we are recruiting. Some people b**** just to b**** and attempt to be relevant.
Maaaaaaan... you better be careful using that level of logic in here. There are a couple Uga folks that are so insecure about their new found success that they attack anything that moves.
ruff- this is why we cannot have nice things...
ekinggill88- The first time I heard it was in The Woodlands which sparked a heated convo along the lines of this subject. I feel like I've stirred a pot or two since then to get another answer similar to it. Also, I don't know why "Once an Ag always an Ag" is unlike any other school proud of it's history.
I was gonna go back 10 years but I felt that you'd say the same thing and you'd have an even poorer representation of your garbage statements. By the way that you carry on, I'm guessing a T-shirt or two is the only thing you've ever really purchased from your school.
As a Houston transplant from Florida, I can vouch for Irenaus' statement.
You might be the most ignorant Uga fan I've seen in a minute. In the last 30 years, Uga has won 10 games. Is the hate THAT bad for you? Do you feel so threatened by Mullen that it makes you turn his name into "Danette" in every post (which is completely unfunny)? Did that one "blind squirrel" comment trigger you so bad that you lose sight of the fact that you sound like a redundant, mad, and triggered idiot in every single post you write here? For fukks sake, man, find a hobby.
I'm all for banging on bad/lackluster SDS articles, but your post was more "insufficient" than that of this article. All you did was state an opinion and crack a bad joke. Never once did you offer up WHY you think this was "insufficient". Make SDS better; not worse.
True this. I didn't even know this was still a thing until this article.
This was unfunny on every level... except for the fact that you don't know Perdue produces chicken.
"5 Reasons Tennessee can win SEC East" 5- Quarterback play.... So what exactly was the reason in this one? (this is not UT hate- this is hate for piss poor journalism)
Everyone knows its Legends on Broadway anyway.