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Stoops needed the scholarship but I'd understand if you're not familiar with higher education.
I don't really get your point. Are you somehiw trying to argue that play calling doesn't matter or isn't a skill? I don't really see that as the case, look at LSU and Joe Brady last year. There's a reason guys like Leach and Mullen have good offenses every year and guys like Tim Beck have struggling offenses no matter where they are: some are good at gameplanning and calling plays and others aren't. I get your example of one play working for Leach that may not work for someone else, but I can also find someone who voted for Mondale in 1984 or a time when a 16 seed beat a 1 in the NCAA Tournament. Anything can happen in one sample, but after the thousands of reps that take place in a season the results won't be so fluky. So, to answer your question, I think the premise of this article is who would do the best if all were given the same offense. It's obviously inexact and subjective, but I don't think it's egregious. And yeah, the guy who made elite offenses for over two decades at UK, OU, and then TTU and Wazzu is a pretty good choice.
Eh, I love the guy but he was never that good after breaking his hand his junior season. He really struggled in coverage, UK was usually better without him in the field (the rising juniors Oats and Square were better). He had a heck of a finish in the Belk Bowl against VT, was all over the place.
There's a decent chance that UGA is out of the division race when UK plays them in late November. They might not a ton of motivation and it might be pretty cold.
I think former UK QB Andre Woodson deserves some mention here aa he's been seemingly forgotten by the SEC community. He was legitimately great in '06 and was probably the second-beat QB in the league after Jamarcus. In '07 he got off to a great start and was getting some Heisman buzz after upsetting No. 7 Louisville and No. 1 LSU. Kentucky faded that year after Woodson tried to adjust his elongated throwing motion for the NFL draft and struggled (he went from a projected 2nd rounder to the 6th after the attempt), but he still left authoring some of the best performances in school history.
I agree, he pulled a Bowden his freshman year and then became a legitimately great receiver. The fact he's in the NFL almost a decade later. Those Kentucky teams weren't nearly as talented as the current one and were about to really bottom out, yet he and (also super underrated QB) Mike Hartline got them to bowl games.
Missouri hasn't beaten Kentucky since 2014. This will be the best Kentucky team in recent memory while this Missouri team will have the most question marks of any in recent memory. Sorry Adam, I'm not saying Mizzou can't win, but I don't think it's very winnable either.
To address Chris Wright's point: Kentucky might again be at an even point differential in SEC play. That should mean going 4-4 in the conference. Considering that the non-conference schedule features three easy wins and one team that might be the second-best in its conference but still has a wide talent gap to reach UK, that should be 7-8 easy. I think I'd pick 9-3. This is a better team than the one in 2018 where Terry Wilson played through a knee injury and the offense sputtered most of the year. The defense should be excellent (I hate to say this because I loved him when he wasn't twisting knees, but Kash Daniel graduating is addition by subtraction) and the secondary, which was supposed to be a weak point last year, was very good and should have a couple of key additions (hello, LSU transfer Kelvin Joseph). The schedule will appear to be tougher, but I don't think it's too bad. They'll be significant underdogs to UF, AU, and UGA: I really think they'll win one. I'm not sold on UGA this year in particular (especially if they've been knocked out the division race by late November), but I also think that UF might again overlook how tough this team will be. They'll lose another, probably to UT because that's what they do (though they certainly could win it). I don't think Mizzou, SC, Vandy will be very good and two are at home and the other is nominally on the road. MSU is a bit of a wildcard with Leach, but I do think he'll need a couple of years to fully round that team into form and that one is at home as well (though also after what will be a tough UT game). I see 7-5 as a target floor, 9-3 as a great year and anything beyond that as just incredible.
If a PAC 12 school (or the governor of a PAC 12 state) says it won't play football this season, I don't see why players should have to stay. It's noy fair to the coaches, but why punish the players because of that. Anyways, it's not like Power 5 schools have a bunch of open scholarships around.
While I think my Wildcats will be a tough out for everyone this year, the AU game is at AU... don't know if that changes your analysis.
As a UK fan, I don't want to see the NCAA pass that automatic transfer waiver for this season because I don't want to see a QB battle. I want it to be Terry, with the understanding that it's Gatewood's job in 2020.
As a Bengals fan who lives in, I don't think you all seem to understand that Joe Burrow is the Bengals starting QB. While there is a slim chance that Dalton is retained, he is most likely going to be cut. Even if he is not, the organization (which has been pretty transparent under Taylor) hasn't even pretended like Burrow will have to earn the job, it is his. That's all to say that Burrow will easily throw more TD passes than Tua, for no other reason than the fact that he'll start 16 games and Tua might start eight (and the Phins might not even push him that hard).
As a Bengals fan, Jake Fromm reminds me of a more-limited Andy Dalton. They both have similar strengths and weaknesses, with the main difference being that Andy is more athletic (he's stopped running but had a stretch where he was the second most efficient running QB behind Cam) and more aggressive. Both are great pre-snap and great football minds, but when plays break down neither have much ability to turn it into anything. While both are accurate and have strong enough arms, neither is such a precision passer to overcome that lack of ability to make things happen off-script. Andy is willing to take more shots, those those often wound up 8 feet over the receivers head. As such I can see why he slid. He just doesn't do anything well enough to overcome his shortcomings: I think to think his performance would be similar to Ryan Finley's disastrous three game run as the Bengals QB last year. While Fromm might have a slightly better arm than Finley, that is negated if he won't throw deep. Finley was basically useless throwing beyond 15 yards downfield (though he had pretty good pocket presence and ability off-script) and when that's combined with no crazy running ability it just won't work, no matter smart a QB is pre-snap.
Congrats on riding Aaron Crow and Steve Stipanovic to glory! I'm sure you remember the many championships they produced so fondly.
Congrats man, I'm glad SC was finally able to beat UK football when UK was starting PFF's 130th best starting QB (who was injured at the time). Five in a row is rough. I'm obviously used to the Cal talk. I remember Louisville fans making fun of our inevitable NCAA trouble (LOL). As a Memphisonian/SC guy, it's a little comical that you'd try to emphasize another's nonexistent NCAA violations. You all keep saying that the hammer will fall, yet it's fallen virtually everywhere else. Additionally, if you have an iota of common sense and any level of familiarity with the UMASS allegations then you'd know there's no way Cal was involved: Camby getting an agent wouldn't benefit him in any way and could only hurt him. Why would he do it? (Beyond that, what he accomplished prior to Camby with a team of lowly recruited runts is always overlooked). At Memphis, I don't know what happened beyond the fact that he didn't have pick of the litter like he does at UK. He's turned away from tricky situations at UK and I don't know if had that luxury in Memphis. Maybe it's structural, it's not like Pastner and Hardaway have avoided controversy.
Mike hasn't had the most sparkling resume, it's probably a good thing that he's not coming. He may at fault for some of the relative struggles for Bob at the end of his career and you know Mark wouldn't want to admonish his big brother. This is for the best.
Indy isn't bad (STL is, there's nothing there and what little is there is spread out). Indy has centrality but the obvious answer is NOLA. Perfect venue and a ton to do. San Antonio isn't bad either and Vegas will be a great option once the dome opens. As someone who attended the Tourney there a few years ago, St. Louis should probably be below every other city with a decent dome. They should at least be below (roughly in order): NOLA, LV, SA, LA (soon), Indy, ATL, Det (actually pretty nice now), Minneapolis, DAL, HOU. I might be forgetting some city with a dome, but I've been to all of those minus DAL and they are all much better places to host to a big event.
Andrew Luck was saying the same things in Feb. 2012. He can't appear too arrogant and say that he'd love to play in Cincy when the team hasn't made that decision yet (though his family has said that he will). I get football writers need stories, but directly before his "leverage" quote going around he was talking about how cool it would be to come home. He liked a tweet from Ochocinco that said 85 was going to take Burrow to dinner when Burrow got here to tell Burrow how awesome this city is. It's an awkward situation, just like every other player who's yet to be drafted.
We'll round it out with Bob next year after Gran takes some Sun Belt job. It'll be Stoopendous. I'm sorry... I'll see myself out
Ok, just for fun I looked up an interview with Andrew Luck that took place in February 2012. He was the last guy that was basically confirmed to be the number one pick this far out. Here are some of his quotes: On going to Indy: "I don't know if I have a top choice, I guess. That's down the road," and "I don't know if I'm walking into it quite yet. That's far down the road." On Colts fans wearing Luck jerseys already: "I guess to each his own." Doesn't sound drastically different from what Burrow is saying. If his family stops saying he'll play for the Bengals if picked by them (which both of parents have reiterated several times regardless of what PFT tries to write) then I'll be worried. We aren't there yet.
I don't really get it. Out of teams picking in the top ten, only the Panthers (by one game) and the Falcons had a better record than the Bengals last decade. Overall, the Bengals had the 17th best record which is not great but also not horrendous. It's not like they were wasting a Mahomesian or Rodgeresqe QB either, I love Andy but he is the definition of average. The Bengals were an average team with an average QB, even last year they went 0-8 in close games (and the media narrative until fairly late in the season was that the team had been unlucky rather than really bad). Why do people think the Dolphins have their act together over the Bengals? The owners are quirky and relatively cheap (not with player salaries but with facilities and such) but this isn't a dysfunctional organization like many of the other ones picking in the top 10.
As a Bengals fan, I'd want them to take Burrow over a healthy Tua. Both had excellent receivers and a ton of help, but Borrow's line wasn't great (I know they won the Moore Award, but PFF had them at 40th which seems more accurate) and he regularly dealt with pressure while keeping his eyes down field. That, more than anything else, is what the new Bengals QB will need after years of a guy who could never master it. I don't think Tua's bad, but it might be a case of a guy being on an almost perfect team /situation a la Matt Leinert or Marcus Mariota.
At the time, I think he honestly believed it. Then MSU got desperate and doubled his salary and that of his assistants. I can't really blame him, what was he supposed to do.
I live about three miles from Paul Brown Stadium... I promise you that at least one person would riot.
I don't know that a lower-end P5 would love to have him considering he ain't doing great at middle-ish one, but he'll be a defensive coordinator at one of the major powers.
:'( I'm just glad Franks can't get benched in the second half again.
Agreed, might as well wait another year when he'd likely have enough credit to graduate and he could transfer without sitting out. Good luck to him either way.
I like the last paragraph explaining that it's unclear why Boise State is threatening to leave the conference after that paragraph had a long block quote explaining exactly why Boise was looking to potentially leave the conference.
Because the last two QBs drafted to start turned out so poorly? Or the fact that they made five straight playoffs a few years ago with the most average of QBs? I'm not even pretending that the Bengals are remotely anywhere near the top of NFL organizations, but I don't know where this crap is coming from. They've lately had a penchant for having a few miscalculations near the top of the draft (helped by back-to-back years of teams trading directly in front of them to take their initial target) but every team has a few busts. There's a reason Bengals fans hate the Browns/Blackburns, but the team doesn't kill young careers. If anything, it doesn't always pay to keep those guys around or bring in vet help in free agency but young players (and particularly QBs) have developed here just fine.