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:'( I'm just glad Franks can't get benched in the second half again.
Agreed, might as well wait another year when he'd likely have enough credit to graduate and he could transfer without sitting out. Good luck to him either way.
I like the last paragraph explaining that it's unclear why Boise State is threatening to leave the conference after that paragraph had a long block quote explaining exactly why Boise was looking to potentially leave the conference.
Because the last two QBs drafted to start turned out so poorly? Or the fact that they made five straight playoffs a few years ago with the most average of QBs? I'm not even pretending that the Bengals are remotely anywhere near the top of NFL organizations, but I don't know where this crap is coming from. They've lately had a penchant for having a few miscalculations near the top of the draft (helped by back-to-back years of teams trading directly in front of them to take their initial target) but every team has a few busts. There's a reason Bengals fans hate the Browns/Blackburns, but the team doesn't kill young careers. If anything, it doesn't always pay to keep those guys around or bring in vet help in free agency but young players (and particularly QBs) have developed here just fine.
They literally benched him this year. Also, they've averaged a top-10 highest payroll over the last five seasons. They are cheap and in the bottom tier of oweners, but it's because they refuse to build an indoor practice facility and have a full scouting department. They pay their players, they struggle with free agency but a lot of that is due to the stigma they've earned. They're cheap but not dysfunctional, this is a franchise that made five straight playoffs last decade with a very average QB. The last two QBs drafted to start wound up living up to their potential until injuries caught to Palmer and long term mediocrity caught up to Andy. We aren't the Browns.
What Satterfield did this year was amazing but that team still isn't good and just doesn't have the talent at the lines. Granted, I guess you could say the same thing about the whole ACC minus Clemson.
Much like losing Damien Harris to get Benny Snell, it seems that things turned out alright losing Jarren Williams and getting Terry Wilson worked out for the best.
Mikel Horton and Boom Williams both left a year early so who knows with these running backs
Outside of a 5 game stretch where we later learned he was injured, Terry Wilson has done very well as UK's QB. To say he's not established or credible just isn't true. That being said, UK returns nearly everyone from a top 12 defense nationally, while adding a couple of key guys. They will return four starters on an o-line that was legitimately one of the best in the country. They have two discernable weaknesses: receiver and kicker. We know they will be very good elsewhere. Next year's team will be better than the team was in 2018, but you're right when you note the schedule is tougher. They've played Florida tough lately, the hope is that they can kinda catch Florida off guard at the beginning of the season when Kentucky will likely enter the game unheralded. At Auburn and Georgia will obviously be tough. UK should be better than UT once again, but who knows if that means a win. The rest of the schedule is pretty easier. I think 9 is the floor next year, every game but possibly the Georgia game is winnable. MSU returning to earth, Mizzou in limbo, and SC keeping Muschamp help a ton. Doubt all you want, but this team isn't going to be a joke next year. It might be the year where everything comes together.
Things can change. There was once a school that generally got dominated by its rival. They went 21-44-2 against that rival until 1990, the natural order was that they were a middling team in their conference. But the natural order can change with the right coach: that school hired Steve Spurrier and has been pretty good going for 30 years now.
Stoops needs scholarships, so he's probably a bit happy about this.
Lineman are drastically underranked. Adams is the 16th-best guard in America, yet he's a 3*. While I know that the best lineman typically play tackle, but there are 70 4* WRs. The stars don't translate to the big guys. For what it's worth, a couple publications do have Adams at 4*.
I think that history is wildly overrated when fans analyze recruiting. These kids were maybe 12 when Kentucky was winning two games. They see a program that won 10 last year and 7 this year under dire circumstances. Look at it this way. If you're an elite recruit and you're down to Kentucky and say Nebraska, I highly doubt they sit there and think "well, Nebraska dominated the 90s." Kentucky has been a better program in their experience, if they like and feel comfortable with the coaches then why not? Considering the circumstances, that 2014 class was impressive, though the big names were in-state or Ohio guys disregarded by OSU. It wasn't as far reaching as this class.
As a Bengals fan, I get all of the "poor guy" comments. They are deserved. But the last two QBs the Bengals drafted to start turned out good: Carson Palmer played well until injuries caught up with him his last couple of years in Cincy (he eventually got right in Zona after a year and a half interlude in Oakland) and Andy has been all you can ask out of a second-round pick. Besides, it's not like the Colts were the picture of stability when Peyton was drafted or the Falcons when Matt Ryan was drafted. That being said, it would be very Bengalian to win these last two and drop to the 4th pick. I would die.
As much as I enjoy Louisville fans getting tortured, those cowbells should be banned off of the face of the earth
I think it is a Texas thing... both of them suck though that mystery "gift suite" might have something awesome in it.
Monken runs a triple-option because he is at Army, he didn't run it before that. Drinkwitz is an exciting hire, but Monken is a really good coach who is made Army respectable after years of bad football.
I hate to slap a set total needed when schedules weigh so heavily in what a team can achieve, but I think it's telling when you have a year where a ton goes wrong and you still hit 7 wins. I don't think Kentucky will ever be in a position to hit 9-10 wins every year, but it seems like that should be the case every couple of years or so. I'd say 35 wins every 4 years is a reasonable goal. There will be better years than others, but a solid-steady program under Stoops.
I'm a Bengals fan. I'm going to be pissed if we somehow mess this up and he's not on my favorite team next year.
If he churns out an offense half as good with a new QB next year, then he's going to be getting good HC offers and NFL coordinator. All of those mid-level power conference teams with openings will want to bring him, but he strikes me as a guy destined to be the next Sean McVay in the NFL.
I like quite a few of the guys listed here, but what big name is Missouri realisticly going to hire? Sure, you could get some old retread but it isn't going to hire an in demand coach away from a bigger program. Outside of Lane Kiffin, who could Mizzou hire that would be have any level of notoriety?
I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the first two years were offset by Texas. So I think the first two seasons USF didn't pay him much (so he got his Texas money) and then his salary skyrocketed this year. Additonally, I think there was a ton of demand for him to be a coordinator at a big program. But, yeah... seems a bit high either way.
I still can't believe this Bowden thing worked out. I wish we tried it against MSU and SC instead of throwing those games away with an injured Sawyer Smith (who rated as PFF's 130th best QB as 130 at one point). They got so thoroughly beat that I can't say UK would've won, but they would've have a better shot than they did. The fact is that just a few years ago all we wanted was a 7-5 season. Now, UK went 7-5 in a year where a ton went wrong.
Obviously these players went to JU to play football, but JU is in the non-scholarship Pioneer League so offering the players full scholarships is quite generous.
Stoops more or less said that he needs guys to transfer to open up scholarships. Regarding Wilkins, Stoops said that they'll try to find him a good home and that he basically needs a few more guys to leave. Paris, there is something legitimately wrong with you.
As a Kentucky fan who saw patience pay off, I understand your point. However, I do think that there's a balance between patience and doing what is necessary. I don't think the Luke firing is a good idea. Like Stoops, he inherited a mess and has shown some progress. But not acting when it's clear that the coach isn't working out just sets the program back. There's absolutely no reason to believe that CMC was turning around Arkansas next year, keeping him around with a bad recruiting class just pushes Arkansas's next successful season back a few years. I think the reverse of Luke is Moorhead. He inherited a team many, including myself, thought would be great. He isn't a program-builder nor a Mississippi guy, the thought was that he'd use his incredibly talented roster to boost the program forward. That didn't happen and this year continued the decline. If he was forced out, the new coach would have inherited a still- talented roster with leftovers from the Mullen years. This time next year, almost all of those guys will be gone and MSU will have to sell a depleted roster and one of the toughest jobs in SEC. Combined with a predictably bad recruiting class, the next successful MSU might not be until 2024 and the standard might have reverted back to that successful season just being 6-6 and making a bowl.
I don't really get it but since we play y'all every year I'll take it
I don't really get it. You kept insisting the Mark Stoops to FSU thing going after it was confirmed dead, now you wonder why they broke down when that's been pretty consistently reported from the outset. By all accounts, the interview went well but he felt like they wanted a bigger name so he withdrew from the search. No one has said a word contradicting that widely accepted story. I don't really get you. You fashion yourself an expert, yet can't get a grip on a pretty basic story to follow. If you aren't up to speed on something, why bother addressing it at all?
I agree, I think Orgeron shows that someone who is dedicated to being a program-builder can work out. Neither are great with X's and O's, but are willing to find coordinators to do that. Obviously, Luke hasn't had the success Coach O has had, but he seemed to be on the right track. It just seems like a bizarre ending to one game has the wrong Mississippi school changing coaches.
I agree with Sublem, if I told you what would happen to Kentucky on offense before the season, you'd predict 3 or 4 wins. Maybe the schedule was on the easier side this year, but it's still the SEC. Even the struggling teams like SC, Tenn, and MSU are loaded with 4 and 5 stars. Compare that to the ACC, where Louisville's division mates Wake, Cuse, BC are lucky to get a four star. That really shows up when a supposedly upper tier member of that conference gets blasted by its SEC rival, right Paris?