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As much as I enjoy Louisville fans getting tortured, those cowbells should be banned off of the face of the earth
I think it is a Texas thing... both of them suck though that mystery "gift suite" might have something awesome in it.
Monken runs a triple-option because he is at Army, he didn't run it before that. Drinkwitz is an exciting hire, but Monken is a really good coach who is made Army respectable after years of bad football.
I hate to slap a set total needed when schedules weigh so heavily in what a team can achieve, but I think it's telling when you have a year where a ton goes wrong and you still hit 7 wins. I don't think Kentucky will ever be in a position to hit 9-10 wins every year, but it seems like that should be the case every couple of years or so. I'd say 35 wins every 4 years is a reasonable goal. There will be better years than others, but a solid-steady program under Stoops.
I'm a Bengals fan. I'm going to be pissed if we somehow mess this up and he's not on my favorite team next year.
If he churns out an offense half as good with a new QB next year, then he's going to be getting good HC offers and NFL coordinator. All of those mid-level power conference teams with openings will want to bring him, but he strikes me as a guy destined to be the next Sean McVay in the NFL.
I like quite a few of the guys listed here, but what big name is Missouri realisticly going to hire? Sure, you could get some old retread but it isn't going to hire an in demand coach away from a bigger program. Outside of Lane Kiffin, who could Mizzou hire that would be have any level of notoriety?
I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the first two years were offset by Texas. So I think the first two seasons USF didn't pay him much (so he got his Texas money) and then his salary skyrocketed this year. Additonally, I think there was a ton of demand for him to be a coordinator at a big program. But, yeah... seems a bit high either way.
I still can't believe this Bowden thing worked out. I wish we tried it against MSU and SC instead of throwing those games away with an injured Sawyer Smith (who rated as PFF's 130th best QB as 130 at one point). They got so thoroughly beat that I can't say UK would've won, but they would've have a better shot than they did. The fact is that just a few years ago all we wanted was a 7-5 season. Now, UK went 7-5 in a year where a ton went wrong.
Obviously these players went to JU to play football, but JU is in the non-scholarship Pioneer League so offering the players full scholarships is quite generous.
Stoops more or less said that he needs guys to transfer to open up scholarships. Regarding Wilkins, Stoops said that they'll try to find him a good home and that he basically needs a few more guys to leave. Paris, there is something legitimately wrong with you.
As a Kentucky fan who saw patience pay off, I understand your point. However, I do think that there's a balance between patience and doing what is necessary. I don't think the Luke firing is a good idea. Like Stoops, he inherited a mess and has shown some progress. But not acting when it's clear that the coach isn't working out just sets the program back. There's absolutely no reason to believe that CMC was turning around Arkansas next year, keeping him around with a bad recruiting class just pushes Arkansas's next successful season back a few years. I think the reverse of Luke is Moorhead. He inherited a team many, including myself, thought would be great. He isn't a program-builder nor a Mississippi guy, the thought was that he'd use his incredibly talented roster to boost the program forward. That didn't happen and this year continued the decline. If he was forced out, the new coach would have inherited a still- talented roster with leftovers from the Mullen years. This time next year, almost all of those guys will be gone and MSU will have to sell a depleted roster and one of the toughest jobs in SEC. Combined with a predictably bad recruiting class, the next successful MSU might not be until 2024 and the standard might have reverted back to that successful season just being 6-6 and making a bowl.
I don't really get it but since we play y'all every year I'll take it
I don't really get it. You kept insisting the Mark Stoops to FSU thing going after it was confirmed dead, now you wonder why they broke down when that's been pretty consistently reported from the outset. By all accounts, the interview went well but he felt like they wanted a bigger name so he withdrew from the search. No one has said a word contradicting that widely accepted story. I don't really get you. You fashion yourself an expert, yet can't get a grip on a pretty basic story to follow. If you aren't up to speed on something, why bother addressing it at all?
I agree, I think Orgeron shows that someone who is dedicated to being a program-builder can work out. Neither are great with X's and O's, but are willing to find coordinators to do that. Obviously, Luke hasn't had the success Coach O has had, but he seemed to be on the right track. It just seems like a bizarre ending to one game has the wrong Mississippi school changing coaches.
I agree with Sublem, if I told you what would happen to Kentucky on offense before the season, you'd predict 3 or 4 wins. Maybe the schedule was on the easier side this year, but it's still the SEC. Even the struggling teams like SC, Tenn, and MSU are loaded with 4 and 5 stars. Compare that to the ACC, where Louisville's division mates Wake, Cuse, BC are lucky to get a four star. That really shows up when a supposedly upper tier member of that conference gets blasted by its SEC rival, right Paris?
Stoops referenced that "they" complained about it after the game... I think your analysis is correct.
Louisville's offense has been great... but mostly by running the ball, not throwing. While not nearly as one dimensional as Kentucky, they won't be completely shot down by the rain though that should likely help Kentucky somewhat.
The good for Louisville: their offense has rolled against teams with much worse defenses against UK. The bad: the defense has struggled against teams with offenses that aren't any better than UK's. They have an atrociously bad defense (34 to Cuse, 52 to Miami, 59 to Wake, 39 to BC, and 35 to FSU... only Wake among those is known for a decent offense). Kentucky isn't scoring just 23 against Louisville. I can't guarantee that they win (UK is the best D Louisville's faced in a long time while UL has the best O Kentucky has faced in a long time) but Kentucky is going to score more than you think... the question is whether they can keep the Cards in check.
I understand how this is a delicate situation, but I think there's a fairly simple solution: when play is stopped for an injured player, that player may not play until possession changes. This wouldn't completely eliminate the problem, but it would certainly help curb it. The 11 players on the field are out there for a reason and they personally wouldn't want to be off the field and the opposing team nears the end zone. It would still occur, but at a lesser rate. I think it even helps for player safety public image purposes, players now have a chance to be properly checked out. And if a player thought he was injured when he really wasn't, he's free to return the next drive.
Mississippi State>>>>>>>>Rutgers... doesn't mean Moorhead wouldn't leave to get out before he's forced to. I'd hope no one would think Minnesota is a better job in basketball than Kentucky, but Tubby left for the land of lakes after he was feeling pressure.
Say what you want but the guy is a good coach. I'll give Pruitt credit for getting this squad to a bowl but it's not like UT had to beat anyone that good to get there. Schiano wouldn't have lost to Georgia State or BYU.
Just because it was throwing me off that the article claimed he had gone 8-27 in the seven years since 2012, his best year was in 2016. He's gone 8-27 in the three years since.
Matt, do you even pay attention to Kentucky. There were multiple credible reports this weekend (unlike your blurb last week) that Mark Stoops is no longer on FSU's radar. He interviewed but didn't think he was a serious candidate so he withdrew. After the game Saturday, he unequivocally said he'd remain at UK next season. I understand never say never, but you're little comment that implies he on his way as you type is a bad look given the circumstances.
I'd be surprised if UK winds up in the Music City Bowl again. UK was just there two years ago and the SEC has really tried to avoid rebooking teams to the same group of 6 bowls. I'd say the Belk or the Liberty Bowl is where they wind up, though UK would likely prefer the MCB over the latter.
I kinda smirked about this at first but I think it's true upon reflection. Mark Stoops wasn't on UK's radar at first, he basically had to force his way on there and it worked out. He wanted the job because he had a plan (basically recruit Ohio hard) and it's worked. You need a coach who wants to be there because he has a plan.
I know I'm biased but on a practical level 6 wins at Kentucky = 10 at FSU. 10 wins at UK = undefeated championship season at FSU. What he's done at UK is way more impressive than what someone like Mike Norvell has done. Stoops had to take what was the equivalent of a mediocre MAC program and turn it into a solid SEC squad. Norvell just took what Fuente did at Memphis and maintained it. Does FSU need to get better or maintain their current level of play?
I'd say it's extremely unlikely that Bowden returns next year. He has a young son and is family isn't of much means, plus there's some talk that he might have worked his way up to a day 2 pick (NFL guys love the versatility, see: Edelman, Ward, Randel El). If that's the case then I can't blame him one bit. Next year's team should be the best Stoops has had, though receiver will be by far the weakest position for the 2020 Wildcats
I think grammar police are appropriate when it completely changes the meaning of the sentence
I might complain about conservative and boring playcalling from time to time but that might be what keeps Stoops in Lexington. I'll take it.