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Fyi, SVP only picks underdogs. He seems to do alright with it, so whatever works.
I've already bet on all three of Dobbe's picks... I'm screwed
Usually I have to wait until a 10:30 PAC-12 after dark game for Rod Gilmore but I get him for a Kentucky road game this week? There's not much that could be better: maybe Josh Allen and Benny Snell regaining eligibility or Coach K and Grayson Allen getting caught in a prostitution scandal together. What a wonderful October surprise! In all serious, Jason Benetti is one of the best broadcasters out there and I hope he continues to get bigger and better assignments.
They basically hired him to keep the Mullen momentum with what should have been a great team. Since he's a bit of a fish-out-of-water, I think it became apparent it wouldn't work out once that dream season didn't materialize.
I'm not really contradicting your statement, but 88 yards isn't bad if you only attempt 12 passes. I don't think Kentucky will be throwing all over Georgia, but the 88 yards was more of an indication that they didn't need to throw rather than an inability to. Frankly, Bowden looked infinitely better throwing than PFF's 130th best QB in CFB--Sawyer Smith.
Dan Mullen is such a great coach. I'm just glad he went to Florida, we never beat them anyway so hopefully we'll start getting the upper hand in the MSU series (we will so long as Moorhead is there).
This guy is a pretty good friend if he's willing to go to jail for quite a while so that his buddy doesn't lose a bet.
As a Bengals fan, I'm all in on Burrow or Herbert and I think those two will be the consesus top of board when the draft comes. Both are obviously passers first, but can move both inside and outside of the pocket (after years of Andy Dalton, I'm desperate for someone who can move well inside the pocket). Burrow is a bit more accurate while Herbert has a stronger arm. What seperates the two is Burrow's leadership, he's a guy that teammates want to win for (another quality I'm not sure Andy possesses). I don't hate Tua, he'll be a good NFL QB. I just don't think he'll be great, especially becuase he's always hitting wide open guys downfield and slants. I think he fits better with a solid team a QB away who can move up and grab. Jacksonville might be a fit considering all the picks they have now (although I do love me some Minshew).
I think I have to agree with all of these. I kinda hope that UK kinda punts this Georgia game only to go back to Bowden the rest of the way. I know the final read 24-20, but once Bowden and the offense got settled in they really dominated the rest of the way (with a lot of help from Nick Starkel of course). One small correction: Stephen Johnson didn't beat the previous year's Heisman winner, he beat that season's Heisman winner when UK beat Lamar Jackson and a bunch of guys in 2016.
Just have to point out that Lynn Bowden has a 97.0 QBR in his one game as a starter. Tua who?
I know it was only 88 yards, but a majority of them came on on downfield throws. There were a few screens and flips but this wasn't UK-UT from 2011 where UK really didn't throw with Roark at QB. They gave Bowden several chances to make throws downfield and he generally delivered.
Say MSU goes 6-6 and is upset by Ole Miss at the end of year. Would Moorhead lose his job? Probably not, but he'd enter next season on a scorching hot seat. That's why I think this is a possibility, it's the same reason Tubby left UK for Minnesota in 2007.
This law creates a whole bunch of problems, but does the current system not have more problems. Sure, it might lead to some boosters agreeing to pay elite recruits, but that's an easier pill to swallow than these young men and their families being under the poverty line despite the fact that they are some of the most recognizable and skilled people around.
Ah, trying to harken back to a day where they could beat Kentucky I see.
The Kentucky-South Carolina under is one of the easiest bets this week. Both QBs are shaken up, both coaches have promised to run the ball more, and both have solid defenses (both defenses played pretty well last week, but we killed by mistakes by the offense). If Terry was still playing QB, then the Kentucky over bet would make sense, but it took a fluky last minute 87-yard TD to hit two weeks ago and didn't hit last week. You should give it up.
Kentucky's coach also inherited a MAC team masquerading as an SEC outfit. That takes time to fix. Ask Scott Satterfield.
UK has had a tendancy to have a hangover the week after a bad Florida loss (they generally win, but that usually relates to the quality of the opponent, see 24-20 2017 win over Eastern Michigan) before getting over it the next week. If that's truly the case, then I'm pretty confident that they'll be able to win Saturday. That being said, last week was pretty discouraging against an uninspiring team. They may have gotten back into the game in the second half, but the score should've been worse than 14-0 at halftime. If Hilinski can consistently complete 7-10 yard passes, UK will have trouble getting off of the field unless the pass rush goes off. The pass rush did struggle last week, but they also were able to get to Schrader and he was able to make them miss. Hilinski won't be able to. If the attitude is right, UK should win. They just have more talent. But last week's loss contrasted nicely with the 2017 win at SC, where a much tougher team was able to overcome a nightmare start to the game (two TOs and giving up a long TD all within the first five minutes). This team hasn't shown that it's that tough yet, maybe they show us they are this week.
I have a lot of problems with the framing at the top of this article. For one, Kentucky wasn't even an "average" program before Stoops. He may be 28-38 outside of last year, but inherited a roster of guys that picked Kentucky over Akron, Toledo, and BGSU. Now, the roster is filled with guys that picked UK over Ohio State, Tennessee, and Penn State. Obviously, things have come back to earth a little, but to mention Stoops record outside of last year is unfairly harsh.
As a 16-team playoff truther, I've always wanted each P5 division winner to make it (thereby eliminating the need for conference championship games for those worried about an increased amount of games), with two dedicated group of 5 spots and four wild cards. I recognize this won't happen anytime soon, but it'd by both fair and fun.
You wouldn't be trading Vandy for Bama, you'd be trading LSU for Arkansas or Mississippi St. While I am personally in favor of a 9 game schedule, I think Mullen's bigger issue is the permanent cross-division rival. You all play LSU every year, while Kentucky plays Mississippi State, wouldn't you want to mix that up a bit?
I feel like this is a game that we have no idea who will at the moment, but we will have a good idea shortly after kickoff. But it's huge for both programs. A win for UK and it seems likely that UK winds up 8-4 with momentum heading into the bye. Having a "down year" still wind up with an 8-4 record is a massive step for a program that was hopeful for just a bowl a few short years ago. For SC, does Muschamp even make it to Monday if they lose? Why bother keeping him around in the bye. A win and he obviously sticks around with a viable path to a bowl still open. I think Kentucky is better, but after that effort last week I just can't pick them to win (although, to be fair, they've had much more success in Columbia than in Starkville). But, with Hilinski shaken up and the otter domination of a decent Mizzou team last week leads me hesitant to pick SC. I'll go UK 24-20, but I'll be much more confident in a game pick at 7:45 Saturday.
I don't think anyone is suggesting that UK would force him out even if the wheels completely fall off this year. I think he's suggesting that a 6-6 season might lead to Stoops leaving to a more prestigious program. I mean, I can be critical of Stoops's game management but he basically took us from the level of an average MAC team to a 10 win season. If he leaves UK, it won't be due to money.
I had the "sure and I'd like to date Kate Upton" joke all set up when I saw the headline, then I saw it was Rutgers and realized that there actually is a chance that this could happen.
For what it's worth, Kentucky is 3-0 ATS, but the over streak only happened because of a late 87 yard jet sweep by UF
Regardless of what you think about the UK-MSU game this weekend, I need to point out that KSU is not by any definition a really good team. Yeah, they blew out Nicholls State and BGSU but they should've, they also gave up more YPC to Nicholls State than they did to MSU. MSU is better than their performance last week, but if they don't play like it there's an outside shot they miss a bowl.
I was feeling really good about this weekend and then you both go pick Kentucky to win. Some things just aren't fair.
Good luck against University of Tennessee-Knoxville! They'll probably be a bit better than the Skyhawks of University of Tennessee-Martin, but you know how these games against state school branches go.
I don't understand why any teams these days don't have a kicker on scholarship. Kickers matter (wipes away a tear)
I'm not pretending that I'm not biased about this, but if that's the best shot of the alleged ankle twisting then I'm not upset about. It looks like he thinks about doing it and then realized how bad that would be so he just threw Trask's leg down. I saw someone on Twitter say that he only didn't do it because the ref was there, if that's the case it shouldn't be too hard to find a different play without a ref.
Stoops and his staff blew this one. They played the most risk averse gameplan once they had the lead and didn't even do that right by setting up a kick near the hash to win (College kickers are terrible, go for the TD). I would've like to have seen more accountability in that press conference, especially from a coach who has developed a team of such competitors. That being said, I can also understand his frustration. Kentucky was burned on two very questionable targetings to key players (UF had one as well) and that was possibly the single biggest play of the game. Instead of 4th and 13ish near midfield, it was a first near the 35. It was enormous and I can understand how a football, being the control freaks they are, having something so questionable done to them by an official. It sucked, but they still should've won and a lot of it falls on Stoops and Gran.