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Boss Man Phat talked a lot of trash to just get beat like that on the biggest play of the game to that point
You have to be a bad team to lose to Arkansas and when was the last time Stoops lost to a bad team?
I can't guarantee UK will beat MSU, but I can guarantee that they'd beat MSU (at home) if MSU loses to Arkansas the week before.
I feel that the majority of the comment section views Kentucky as some sort of overachieving squad with limited talent. That's not realLy true. The last couple of years, Kentucky has had a RB, WR, OL, DL, and three DBs picked in the first four rounds. Last year was a something of a rebuilding season, this team likely has four OL that will be picked in the first few rounds, a ton of talent on the DL, and returns a bulk of its LB and DB corp. There will be plenty of draft picks. It's true that Kentucky isn't loading up on 5 stars, but Stoops and his staff are turning them into pros. They aren't at the level of Bama, UGA, and LSU, but short of that they are at least in a similar league. Kentucky's has more talent in the trenches than Auburn. I have no doubt about that. Kentucky will run the ball fine. Auburn has a better passing attack. This game comes down to the QBs, Auburn's hopes this season basically rest on Bo Nix turning into one of the best QBs in the conference. I'm skeptical but, after Joe Burrow, realize that it's a possibility. Kentucky needs Terry to be healthy and solid. The game could go either way, but Kentucky's strengths are more certain than Auburn's at this point. I just think that this narrative that Kentucky doesn't have talent is a mistake, they're not getting blown away by anyone short of Bama and UGA. And the OL consists of a five-star LT who I believe will be a top two round pick once he gets to pass block which is his strength, a high four-star C who PFF rates to be the top returning C in the country, and PFF's top returning T in the SEC. Those racked up accolades without a viable passing threat last year. I hope Auburn's inexperienced DL has fun dealing with them.
That NFL team drafted a guy who's played just about everything but running back and then was disappointed that he wasn't already a solid RB. That NFL team was the one (which Vince alluded to) that passed over Josh Allen to draft another pass rusher in the 2019 Draft. How'd that work out?
I think Young winds up being a top-two round pick. The NFL wants pass blockers and Young is superb, he just didn't get a chance to show it last year. With a more conventional offense, I think he ends up first-team All-SEC.
Well, Allen graduated in 2018. Boogie got a bit more attention, but Paschall is solid.
While he has seniority so he gets the most carries, Rose is probably the third-best back for Kentucky. Smoke and Rodriguez are definitely better.
I know his numbers aren't great, but he spent a large chunk of 2018 clearly hobbled (except for the last 1:09 of the Mizzou game). There's an article on SDS explaining the fairly significant injury he played through. Last year before his injury he played six quarters against MAC teams. He looked very sharp slinging it around, a perfectly placed pass is perfectly placed whether it's against Toledo or Tennessee. I'm more concerned about the receivers, after last year I have no idea whether they are good or not. Terry will be very good though and I'd be willing to bet he makes the postseason version of this list.
I mean, seven years ago Kentucky won two games. He's not saying that Georgia is getting worse, but I don't know how you can deny that Kentucky is closer now then they were 3+ years ago. Two years ago the de facto SEC title game was UK v UGA. I don't think he's saying Kentucky is better, rather just that Kentucky could put itself in a similar situation again. If it can, anything can happen in one game.
Maybe in the 60s and 70s, but not anymore. Look who won last year's championships. KC beat the 49ers on a game in which SF arguably was better at every postion other than QB and WR (I'd take Kittle's all-around game over Kelce's). Meanwhile, LSU won the title with a solid but unspectacular defense and mediocre OLine (I know they won the Moore award but PFF had them ranked 40th in college football. That seems more correct, Burrow was regularly pressured but was incredible in dealing with it). The games is much more passing based than it was in the 60s and 70s: defense (and the running game) don't win championships anymore.
You'd think one would be safe from hurricanes in Kentucky, but I got a week off in high school after Hurricane Ike swung up and knocked all the power out in Louisville.
You do realize that Lexington is the second biggest city in the conference and that it regularly hosts some of the largest horse racing events in the world, right? It would take a few bus rides (though not terribly long bus rides) but if it can handle the Breeder's Cup or the World Equestrian Games then I think it could handle an SEC bubble. I realize that you might think I'm being sarcastic in my reply but those are events that bring tens of thousands to the city. Nashville is the only other town that would handle events like that with any regularity.
Vandy wasn't supposed to be good last year but only lost to UGA 30-6 to open the season. They lost by 28 to LSU three weeks later. They only lost one game by more than 37 last year (a 56-0 drubbung at the hands of Florida). They won't compete with A&M but 37 is still a lot.
I've enjoyed his tweets for many years and it's a shock to see that he has passed after being up to his usual antics just yesterday. RIP man and enjoy trolling Louisville fans from heaven.
As intrigued by this as anyone else, I had to do some investigating. So I found a picture of Lawrence with his girlfriend at the beach. First, real Lawrence is way more ripped than that guy but, the real giveaway is that the video guy has a mole to the left of his belly button that the real Lawrence doesn't have. While it's disappointing, I have to declare that this is not the real Trevor.
I've given up on the team getting any level of national respect. I'm just glad Louisville wasn't ranked ahead of them.
Not only that, but there's a chance that UGA is eliminated from the race by their late November match-up. I don't know that I would count on it, but if there's a scenario where UK is win and punch ticket to Atlanta, UGA may not have the same motivation (though I think they probably will).
That's cute and all, but Damien's outfit makes him look like he's the friend that mischievously gets everyone in trouble in a Disney Channel movie.
This is insulting. Last year's Kentucky would probably win and this year's Kentucky actually should have a QB. While Lynn was fun, those QB guys are usually good things to have.
This article actually mentioned him. Between Rigg and the young TEs, I'm not too worried about the lack of experience at WR.
Stoops needed the scholarship but I'd understand if you're not familiar with higher education.
I don't really get your point. Are you somehiw trying to argue that play calling doesn't matter or isn't a skill? I don't really see that as the case, look at LSU and Joe Brady last year. There's a reason guys like Leach and Mullen have good offenses every year and guys like Tim Beck have struggling offenses no matter where they are: some are good at gameplanning and calling plays and others aren't. I get your example of one play working for Leach that may not work for someone else, but I can also find someone who voted for Mondale in 1984 or a time when a 16 seed beat a 1 in the NCAA Tournament. Anything can happen in one sample, but after the thousands of reps that take place in a season the results won't be so fluky. So, to answer your question, I think the premise of this article is who would do the best if all were given the same offense. It's obviously inexact and subjective, but I don't think it's egregious. And yeah, the guy who made elite offenses for over two decades at UK, OU, and then TTU and Wazzu is a pretty good choice.
Eh, I love the guy but he was never that good after breaking his hand his junior season. He really struggled in coverage, UK was usually better without him in the field (the rising juniors Oats and Square were better). He had a heck of a finish in the Belk Bowl against VT, was all over the place.
There's a decent chance that UGA is out of the division race when UK plays them in late November. They might not a ton of motivation and it might be pretty cold.
I think former UK QB Andre Woodson deserves some mention here aa he's been seemingly forgotten by the SEC community. He was legitimately great in '06 and was probably the second-beat QB in the league after Jamarcus. In '07 he got off to a great start and was getting some Heisman buzz after upsetting No. 7 Louisville and No. 1 LSU. Kentucky faded that year after Woodson tried to adjust his elongated throwing motion for the NFL draft and struggled (he went from a projected 2nd rounder to the 6th after the attempt), but he still left authoring some of the best performances in school history.
I agree, he pulled a Bowden his freshman year and then became a legitimately great receiver. The fact he's in the NFL almost a decade later. Those Kentucky teams weren't nearly as talented as the current one and were about to really bottom out, yet he and (also super underrated QB) Mike Hartline got them to bowl games.
Missouri hasn't beaten Kentucky since 2014. This will be the best Kentucky team in recent memory while this Missouri team will have the most question marks of any in recent memory. Sorry Adam, I'm not saying Mizzou can't win, but I don't think it's very winnable either.
To address Chris Wright's point: Kentucky might again be at an even point differential in SEC play. That should mean going 4-4 in the conference. Considering that the non-conference schedule features three easy wins and one team that might be the second-best in its conference but still has a wide talent gap to reach UK, that should be 7-8 easy. I think I'd pick 9-3. This is a better team than the one in 2018 where Terry Wilson played through a knee injury and the offense sputtered most of the year. The defense should be excellent (I hate to say this because I loved him when he wasn't twisting knees, but Kash Daniel graduating is addition by subtraction) and the secondary, which was supposed to be a weak point last year, was very good and should have a couple of key additions (hello, LSU transfer Kelvin Joseph). The schedule will appear to be tougher, but I don't think it's too bad. They'll be significant underdogs to UF, AU, and UGA: I really think they'll win one. I'm not sold on UGA this year in particular (especially if they've been knocked out the division race by late November), but I also think that UF might again overlook how tough this team will be. They'll lose another, probably to UT because that's what they do (though they certainly could win it). I don't think Mizzou, SC, Vandy will be very good and two are at home and the other is nominally on the road. MSU is a bit of a wildcard with Leach, but I do think he'll need a couple of years to fully round that team into form and that one is at home as well (though also after what will be a tough UT game). I see 7-5 as a target floor, 9-3 as a great year and anything beyond that as just incredible.
If a PAC 12 school (or the governor of a PAC 12 state) says it won't play football this season, I don't see why players should have to stay. It's noy fair to the coaches, but why punish the players because of that. Anyways, it's not like Power 5 schools have a bunch of open scholarships around.