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All of the people making jokes about the new airport terminal have never been to the KC airport because, whoa buddy, that place made no sense and was miserable.
You all did well but UK was still 3rd in the SEC in yards per carry despite having absolutely no passing game to speak of. Both tackles ought to be taken during the first two days of the draft and UK's had a knack for developing guards. Besides, I'm going to bet Cole is more of an expert on this than you are.
Wow, you all win one game after 5 years and suddenly it's an automatic. Boy are you in for disappointment.
Every seat is somewhat hot in the SEC but I'd argue that Stoops could have the most consecutive bad seasons and still have his job. He has the most equity at this point short of the big names. If you read the full list, he has the same rating as UofL's Satterfield which doesn't make sense either (he had a down year and tried to leave for SC so fans don't really like him at the moment). I question the writer's judgement and/or knowledge of UK's program.
Honestly, it'll lead to a wider chasm between schools with passionate fanbases (who generally don't have much competition with pro sports) and schools that don't. The gap between the SEC and some of the powers in the B12, B10, and ACC will grow. I don't know that you'll notice it as much in the SEC, everyone has boosters/local businesses willing to pay athletes. I actually think it's more likely that we might see a more even distribution of talent, a player who is a third-stringer at a power might see better opportunities at a non-power (such as a player at Bama, UGA, or LSU realizing they'll have a much more prominent role at a place like Arkansas, South Carolina, or Kentucky. But the gap between the fanatics and the non-fanatics will increase. Schools like Vandy, Wake Forest, Northwestern, and the PAC-12 are going to have a hard time keeping up. This certainly won't hurt the SEC, unless you're Vanderbilt (and maybe Missouri).
Also, Cunningham is not Randall Cunningham's son. I was shocked that I had never heard but it turns out that I never had heard that because it's not true.
The writer missed two of the most interesting facts about a couple of these QBs. Ahlers' dad is ECU's PA announcer. Meanwhile, Cunningham changes his name between Malik and Micale on a weekly basis so that's fun.
Considering UK hasn't punted the last two times it played UL, that UK -1 line looks very silly.
That was 20 years ago, 13 years ago he was locking Craig James' son in a shed. Jk, I don't really think he did that but he was an SEC OC so long ago that I doubt that's relevant anymore.
I don't think you understand the premise of the article which is three players receiving too much and three players receiving too little attention. You correctly said that Kinnard is a 1-2 round pick, two of the mock drafts that Connor looked at had Kinnard in the first, which seems that he's getting the proper amount of attention and, thus, was correctly left out of the article.
I've always viewed UK, UNC, and Kansas as the clear three best jobs in CBB. Each have fantastic tradition, huge fanbases and are basically the team of choice for their states. Those are basically perfect jobs, beyond that everyone has some flaw. Louisville and Duke are probably next. Louisville is little brother (though still has a rabid fan base and a ton of money) while I'm not sure Duke will continue to be one of the very top powers when K steps down. The next tier is probably schools like UCLA, Arizona, Texas, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Villanova, and UCONN. These schools either top tier fan support (MSU), history (UCLA), or resources (Ohio State) or some combination of all three. In terms of the SEC, I see it as something like this: Tier 1 (UK): UK Tier 2 (Good support and at least some history, top-25 job in CBB): Arkansas Florida (Arguably down a level but the Billy Donovan era is still recent enough) Tennessee (idk, maybe I'm being generous with crediting you all with some history) Tier 3 (Sure, there's resources and you can maybe weather a few bad years but fans will pretend basketball doesn't exist until you are a two-seed) Alabama LSU (arguably up a level, though the number of fans I've met who claim to not care about basketball far outweighs the number willing to have a conversation about it) Tier 4 (fans actually care a little but don't have a lot to show for it): Mizzou Vandy South Carolina Mississippi State Auburn (You probably deserve to be higher but need a few more years of success first) Tier 5 (At least 50% of the fan base won't know your name and there's no history): Georgia A&M Ole Miss
This article is kind of confusingly written but the professor, Maxine Jones, actually recommended that the name remain. The board voted that down. It is a bit contradictory, Jones made some anti-Campbell points but overall said that he didn't do anything outside the norms of his day and was likely involved with some integration efforts. This article doesn't really explain that well.
It seems like a common thread in these comments is that Mike Stoops isn't a good coach. That may be true, but he was just going to be a LB coach. He was overqualified for that post and yet he was still denied.
He briefly played when Bates got hurt in the middle of the year, but didn't get a catch and was stuck behind Rigg, Upshaw, and Bates and all are retufning. UK will probably use two TEs quite a bit (especially with Upshaw as essentially being receiver) but he was still going to be fourth on the depth chart. It'll be a rough year for transfers given all the returning players, I hope he finds a good situation.
Yup, they're falling into the Jake Bentley trap of ranking a guy better than he deserves just because he's been around longer.
Kentucky isn't really losing a lot of talent so I don't get that explanation for why the record wouldn't get better. Terry Wilson was losing his job anyway, the OL didn't lose as much as we thought it might, and the defense has plenty coming back. Duffy is going to be replaced by another Aussie, we'll see how that goes. The big thing is that they replace three teams they lost to (Auburn, Ole Miss, and Alabama) with Chattanooga, UL Monroe, NMSU, UL, and LSU. I certainly don't think theu regress, the offense literally can't get worse and the D just keeps producing no matter how much they lose (and this year it isn't that much). I think an 9-3 season is a reasonable goal, with 8-4 as a reasonable expectation.
I'm obviously biased, but I'd generally rather watch an SEC team with a losing record knock off a ranked ACC team over MSU sputter against an AAC team.
I thought this was going the Tennessee route, but Harsin is a good hire. He might not pan out, but he's got as good of a chance as anyone realistic.
Walker Parks is going to be Clemson's LT next year, he's alright. I don't blame Robinson for going to Nebraska and Scott Frost, but I do admittedly enjoy watching them struggle. That whole episode really showed me how annoying Nebraska fans are, they have to be right up with Tennessee's finest.
Sounds like Ton Herman was trying to pull a Tubby. I don't blame him, though the guy is terribly annoying.
Lol, Goeff Collins getting that mad about a non-PI call with 7 seconds left in a two-TD game.
Not that it's relevant to the job, but his son is Pelicans 2019 first-round pick Jackson Hayes.
I don't agree, while small, the distinction should've let you know right away they didn't mean UF. It's a legitimate story, not clickbait
Unless UK had a future first round pick at QB, I really don't think it matters much. The receivers right now just aren't very good and Eddie Gran's playcalling isn't helping. There's been a noticable dearth of good recruits who catch the ball and they just aren't getting open downfield. Gran complicates matters by basically calling screens and deep shots, none of the short passes that Mizzou killed UK with on Saturday. I don't think Terry is a bad QB nor do I think Gran is overall a bad OC, but Gran does struggle to adjust in game. I think Gran will get this fixed starting this week with UGA. Obviously UK won't be scoring a ton of points, but the offense will start to look better. I also am pretty certain that Gatewood will be the QB this week, largely because the ball will stay on the ground and Terry can't take the beating that Joey likely can.
You couldn't make the Bama-UT line high enough. Bama is getting at least 45, how much can UT score? UK is going to win comfortablely. Mizzou is maybe better at only QB (well, at least when Bazelak is playing LSU). Bolton is a heck of a player, but there's just not enough talent in that program right now. It reminds me of Kentucky's matchup with a certain former App State coach last year. I have no idea about Auburn-Ole Miss. Something tells me that Ole Miss gets back on track, I could see Lane starting to really put heat on Gus as well. Eventually, Gus's many lives will run out right? LSU can't be this bad, right? Auburn low-key gashed SC last week, Bo Nix's mistakes gave a ton of points to the Gamecocks. Give me LSU.
Do I think Kentucky will win? Absolutely. Is it a trap game sandwiched between Tennessee and Georgia against a team you beat five times in a row? Yes it is. I think there's a big enough talent discrepancy that Kentucky wins but they've got to come out and smash them.
That kid is going to fondly remember that the rest of his life and get to tell grandkids he played QB on a No. 1 ranked Clemson team. Sounds like little brother is salty that he can't come within 5 scores of big brother...
I don't think Tom Hart should any trouble sleeping at night after telling a joke about a historical event from 155 years ago.
As someone whose team's games are never called by Danielson, I just don't think he's that bad. He's not Romo or Herbie, but he's not bad (and like almost all announcers, he's not biased because he said one bad thing about your team).
What? There's a school called UT and that school is not "back?" I, for one, am stunned.