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My guess: Alabama 42 Clemson 28. The Crimson Tide pull away late with a series of explosive passing plays. Clemson plays catch up but makes a key mistake or two that makes the margin look larger than it really is. The game ends up resembling the 2000 Sugar Bowl with Virginia Tech and Florida State.
"I've seen way more anti-American rallies in the Southeast" No you haven't. Full stop.
The media didn't create Oklahoma, Alabama, and Clemson - all good teams. As I stated, the BCS would have given us the same results.
I'm not. You are welcome to make a case otherwise.
It's actually quite easy to say that. Georgia got clobbered in their bowl game vs. Texas and Ohio State just barely won their game against a team that is very clearly not top four material. Let's be honest, you only want an expanded playoff because you think Georgia would benefit. The same applies to the comment above that implied this is all about money (it isn't, Florida had every opportunity to make it to the playoff but didn't because they lost games and weren't deserving as a result).
There is nothing about money here. If your team didn't make it, they have only themselves to blame. Every other team had at least one loss and some had multiple loses. As for the commission comment, I'll point out that the old BSC rankings would have given us the same result and they were based on unbiased computers and a set of polls with professionals and large sample sizes. So, this commission hasn't done anything wrong or unusual.
Well, four IS the perfect number, and I completely agree with the commission in that it shouldn't be changed.
"Does Kyler Murray play defense? UCF (like Oklahoma) outscores its opponents to win games with their star QB." Their "star QB" came within a point of losing to Memphis and Temple put up 40 on UCF. Games aren't solely determined by a QB. Otherwise Kyler Murray would be heading to the national championship game. The fact is a depleted LSU handily beat an overrated UCF team that played exactly one ranked team all regular season. In the process, the LSU QB threw for nearly 400 yards. That's crazy. UCF could never hope to hang with a complete Bama or Clemson. You got beaten by a 9-3 team that got beaten themselve 29-0 by Alabama while at nearly full strength; and that was a home game for LSU.
UCF Fans: "Yeah, but the sun got in his eyes. We're the best team in Florida...despite not being able to beat the team Florida beat. Er, uh...whatever."
"So about the same value as the rest of these posts on this worthless website." Butthurt. They sell a cream for that, right?
Michigan and Penn State would both dominate UCF, and so would Texas. UCF would struggle in any major conference, including the Pac-12. UCF isn't remotely on the same level as any of those teams you listed.
Lol, that comment has been up for hours but none of the UCF cheerleaders here dared to touch it. I guess actually ticking off their weak schedule makes it clear: the UCF schtick is to play nobodies in the regular season and then hope that fair weather fans will see the "unbeaten" part and think they are actually good. It's shameful, and it's exactly the kind of gaming of the system I feared some school would try to do once we moved to a playoff. I mean, why even play any ranked teams if you can just pull a UCF and go "unbeaten" by playing nobodies and still have a shot at getting in the tournament? You can expect exactly that kind of thing from a lot of schools if they ever expand it to 8 teams.
“UCF is exposing the fraud” You mean, “being exposed as frauds” because they schedule nobodies and then disingenuously claim they were cheated. “But y’all destroyed Michigan so they must not play big boy football, right?” That doesn’t make any sense. Florida beat a Michigan team that likely would have crushed UCF. What that really means is Florida > UCF. Florida won their bowl game after all. “Why would we change anything when what we are doing is working better than we could ever imagine?” What UCF is doing is playing a bunch of weak teams in the regular season and then using that to get invites to bowl games above their level. Here’s the UCF schedule: ONE ranked team all season before LSU, number 24 Cincinnati + Temple put up 40 on them and unranked Memphis came within a point of beating them.
"Coreyalan, please re-read what you just wrote." Define irony. You: "UCF didn’t “claim” the national championship, the NCAA recognized UCF as national champions (page 115)." Also You: "The NCAA doesn’t recognize a champion in FBS football." Reality: "The NCAA only listed the result of the old BCS computer polls. The NCAA does not award championships for football; they don’t give out trophies or rings. The Central Florida Golden Chumps awarded the trophy and rings to themselves."
"look at Alabama and their claimed national championships." The difference is that those claimed national championships nearly all date back to before the modern era. UCF claimed a championship last year that it never got and didn't deserve. Who did they play in the regular season last year that was any good? Memphis? Please. They got lucky and barely beat a down Auburn team that got throttled by Georgia in the previous game. I'd be willing to take a early 1900s Alabama claimed NC over UCF's claimed national championship.
Somehow, I don't think getting throttled by a depleted LSU team that lost to Florida will be good for your "brand".
"So Michigan can’t compete in the big leagues too?" Uh, it's called the Big 10. Unlike UCF, a team that played only one ranked team (Cincinnati) all regular season, they do compete in an actual conference against real opponents.
As measured by what? Can't be strength of schedule because you didn't play anybody. UCF couldn't even beat a depleted version of the team Florida beat at nearly full strength in the regular season. Last year: "we just barely beat the team that got lucky and beat Bama...despite that team getting blasted by the team Bama later beat in the previous game and clearly being down before playing us." This year: "we're the best in Florida despite losing to the team that Florida beat by 8 points at full strength."
Big bad UCF. Got whipped by a third string, half-strength 9-3 LSU that didn't even play for the SEC conference championship but still beat twice as many ranked teams in the regular season than total ranked UCF opponents; plus gifted bad calls that kept you in the game. But ya'll still natty champs though, right? Ha.
UCF's whole schtick is to play a bunch of nobodies in the regular season, finish "unbeaten" and then whine about it to get attention afterwards, hoping those ignorant of the sport will just see the "unbeaten" part and not give it a second thought. This is why they will never schedule good teams or join a real conference...because then they'd get exposed just like a half-strength LSU playing with a third string QB exposed them - 600 yards and over 3o first downs...that's crazy. UCF played exactly one ranked team all year leading up to LSU. They didn't even deserve the bowl game they got. Their schedule is a joke, just like their delusional fanbase.
No, he doesn't. It's not like he actually went out of his way to listen to Simmon's low-rated podcast or dropped something important to read this. Someone at this site uploaded a short blog post about this and he took 4 seconds out of his life to comment about it. That's not "you sure seem to care."
"He will never be at the level of a Belichick or even Pete Carroll if he stays in college" 1. Pete Carroll? Lol, no. Saban will be remembered long after Carroll is forgotten. Carroll is the coach of a team based in Washington state - hardly the epicenter of the nation's culture, so let's not exaggerate his cultural impact. No one outside of the Pacific Northwest even cares that he exists. Pete Carroll also destroyed USC's program for years after he left due to all the NCAA violations that permeated his tenure, so he has that baggage, too. 2. The proper translation of your comment is as follows: "my LSU tigers are no match for Saban, so I hope he moves on so we don't have to compete against him anymore because we certainly can't beat him." That explains about 99.9% of the comments demanding that Saban go to the NFL.
There's no truth in it. Half of NFL teams are garbage, the sport has peaked, and ratings would be way down if not for Prescott. A lot of people like myself prefer the college game. Simmons is an NFL jock strap sniffer; I could care less about his opinion on hand-egg.