Roll Tide!
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I'll keep watching. Liked what I saw. Well packaged product without the drama so far.
This article is full of good information. The site of the game sounds like a real nightmare. I would want no part of that period. Being an Alabama fan up North I was excited to see how low ticket prices were until I checked into it and found out where the game was played...
Great breakdown of the game. It was nice to see a depleted LSU come out on top and win this game.
Our local High School coach has done the same thing. Those things are meant to be thrown.
This is the same dud that thumped Ohio State, a team that was bowl eligible right up until the last minute when it came down to decision time. It's why the games are played, every dog can have its day. Auburn's day was today!
I agree, shows that the players have complete faith in their coach and they support him 100%. To think more about the team his ideals and their direction than their own personal financial gain is very refreshing and something you do not see a lot of these days.
Starting to see this type of behavior more and more in all levels of football from junior high on up because they're emulating these bad players. Everyone wants the bring the big hit regardless of the repercussions. No thinking is involved at all.
I love seeing former Tide players make an impact at the next level!
As long as they are chosen and not placed. If Northwestern would have beaten Ohio State on a fluke I think they would have been just meat in the grinder for the playoffs. Can't have sub par teams when a conference has a bad year.
This guy was given a pass for way too long, this is what happens when people are coddled, when criminal behavior is ignored and people are treated as if they are king simply because they can throw a ball. Integrity and morals need to start counting for more.
If I could buy your comments for what they're worth and sell em for what you thought they were worth I'd be a millionaire...
Why would you vote Oklahoma lower? Why give them any fuel before the big game. Trust me, the smallest of slights can be used to fire up your team, lack of respect is definately not a small thing...
Even though on a Bama fan, I love seeing Fromm play. Been a fan since seeing him on QB1.
When you go undefeated and you play at the level these teams play you got a let em have it out at the end of the year. If other teams want a piece of the action they just need to step up and not get beat by a Purdue.
Up here in Buckeye land the world has officially started to end.
These kids have to think about their future. They're not playing in the championship why take that big risk. I'm not gonna get on the payem bandwagon because no compensation that could be supplied by the NCAA could compare to the possible millions as a professional.
I don't think this is one of those instances of oh look at us, I think it's just a fact that a lot of teams could benefit from 2 more weeks of practice.
If they can get some cash they would approve I bet.