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I am a VFL which simple means Vol For Life and who believes next year my beloved Tennessee Volunteers will again take their place where they belong among the elite in SEC football
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6-6 would be great something to build on for next season but it will not be easy getting there
I am turning 64 and hope I will see my beloved Tennessee Volunteers have great or even good teams consistently again before I am boxed up and put away. I am still amazed how Butch Jones went from 3 pretty decent seasons with 3 bowl wins to 4-8 last year. Jeremy Pruitt will be a great head coach but this team is a couple of years away from being competitive in the SEC
Good Riddance 2.5 million dollar man at least he did not get over 8.25 million like Butch Jones jeez my school sure makes some stupid and expensive mistakes. Hopefully Pruitt is the answer
I love Bruce Pearl and he is one hell of a coach and he was great at Tennessee but I have to believe he will always cut corners to get a edge on his opponents and I feel there is much more to this story than he is telling. He will not survive at Auburn is my guess. I would have thought giving another chance he would have kept his nose clean but apparently he has not but again only my opinion
He was a terrible choice although I would have loved to had Mike Leach as a head coach. He will get a settlement but not 5.5 million. He will probably get 1 or 2 million to just go away
Sounds Great but wish he would take a long look at Mike Leach
That was uncalled for but remember the sun does not shine on the same dogs ass forever and one of these days mighty Bama will have issues again but your fans all so spoiled most we need to get therapy and as a Tennessee Vol I will not make fun of you guys because some Vol fans have some class. Shame on you Thig
He would love to come back to Tennessee and really it would probably work because he is entertaining and a great offensive mind. He would surround himself with a great staff
Tennessee use to be a great school and the last 10 years have been hell but all things pass and we will be back sooner than later and yes some of it is self inflicted
What kind of idiots are running the University of Tennessee Fire them all now This is so damn embarrassing
Tennessee is gonna have to go back to square one. John Currie will be crucified if he introduces Greg Schiano at a press conference. I would call Lane Kiffen, Mike Leech, Jeff Fisher anybody that could salvage this blunder and it is a huge blunder that does not bode well for a new AD
Are you crazy 8 wins a year on average is not too shabby when 5 of the last 10 years we were 5-7 and are stairing down the barrel of 4-8 this year pal
I agree Tee Martin is not ready to be a SEC Head Coach. Maybe in 5 more years. He kinda burned his bridges here 5 years ago when Butch Jones was hired and he turned down a job at Tennessee to stay at USC
As a Tennessee fan I like Orgeron he is fine coach and is a great personality. I hope he works out long term at LSU I really mean that. LSU is a great school and a great friendly fan base. Unfortunately Tennessee will make them happy tomorrow night LOL
Lets hire Lane Kiffin again! I bet he would stay around awhile this time
I wish he would do something either way. As a fan he probably is'nt my first choice. I don't care who they hire as long as we start winning again more consistency and the coach stays 5-10 years. I actually would not mind having Jeff Fisher of the Tennessee Titans and the St Louis/LA Rams
You are negative or stupid because Knoxville is the nicest city of any SEC school along with Baton Rouge.There is a great quality of life there and things to do when football season is not going on. Tennessee has had a 8-10 dry spell but they are still one of the top 10 winningest football programs in America. They just need the right coach because Tennessee has always done well recruiting the whole USA. They also have a stadium and facilities in the top 5 in the country as well. It is still a top 15 job
Hell, lets give Brady Hoke a shot at coach he is better than several of the names being tossed out
As a Tennessee Vol I have'nt a clue who Tennessee should hire or go after. I am 63 years old and probably will not see them have glory days again. I am beginning to believe God is punishing UT for firing Phil Fulmer in 2008 because we have not done much since then except two 9-4 seasons from Butch Jones who would still be there if he could gone 6-6 or 7-5 this season. I am beginning to not care that much anymore. If Tennessee cannot get partly back to winning at least 8 games on average and the occassional 10 or 11 win season then I would consider leaving the SEC for the ACC where they would have a little better odds or the BIG 12 if it survives. Sorry fans just my opinion I am tired of these 6-8 million buyouts every few years
Congratulations as a Tennessee fan I like Missouri and hope to make it out for a game one day. You guys start finding your way just as my beloved Vols come to town and really need a SEC win and a chance to win 2 of the next 3 to get to a small bowl. Darn it
It is being used as a way to reduce the coaching staff buyouts and if there is any truth to it then it will work
Let Fulmer coach and keep Butch Jones on the staff and let him recruit. This would work for 2-3 years until Butch Jones contract expires in 3 years.
His dad should be ashamed that is what is wrong with kids today
Lane Kiffin would be a decent hire if it were not for leaving the way he did. I was hoping Butch Jones would make it at Tennessee but it has gone too far now even though I thought 6-7 wins and a small bowl would be realistic this year because they lost too much including a damn good quarterback in Joshua Dobbs even though he did not get enough credit and losing a couple of great juniors like Alvin Kamara hurt as well. My only fault with Butch is he could not seem to make the most of the talent he recruited
He is finished because he saw the writing on the wall. Personally I was not impressed with him anyway and he needs to go outside a power 5 league to have a decent chance at playing or starting. Just my opinion
Tennessee could still beat Southern Miss, Missouri, Vanderbilt and lose to LSU and still go bowling. They should but will they?
Tennessee will not pay 12-15 million to fire Butch Jones if it is that high they just are not made that way 5-7 million yes so my guess is there is a lot of negotiation going on with all parties involved. I just hope they can find somebody decent who can last at least 10 years. The program was a great program until Phil Fulmer was fired but since then we have soon to be our 4th coach in less than 10 years
I believe Tennessee and Florida are going to take a backseat to Georgia and South Carolina for awhile. Georgia will rule the east for 5-10 years where Tennessee and Florida will come back quickly but will improve to beat Kentucky, Vanderbilt and Missouri regularly but South Carolina will beat them both 6-7 out of 10 times and Georgia will challenge Alabama starting now for years to come. As a Tennessee Vol for life I don't like it but somebody needs to understand we are fortunate to win 8-9 games a year and the occassional 10 win seasons. I still think Tennessee will hire a very good to great coach this time and I believe Dan Mullen goes to Florida and does fine but not great like Saban and Smart