I am a VFL which simple means Vol For Life and who believes next year my beloved Tennessee Volunteers will again take their place where they belong among the elite in SEC football

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no way does uk beat auburn or tennessee but will finish 5-5 as will several teams
Auburn loses to Kentucky but beats Tennessee you got that mixed up.
I believe in timing and home field advantage and that is why Tennessee has the perfect chance to upset Alabama this year in Knoxville. This will be Alabama most dangerous game
they got hosed just like Tennessee no excuse the conference should have scheduled the next two teams in the rotation but it does matter because there will be no football in the fall
you believe we are still the cream of the sec well we are mediocre and have been for 12 years and there is no guarantee we will ever be elite again and that pal are the facts
Tennessee got hosed big time if they had followed the next 2 teams up formula we would have git Mississippi and LSU definitely a win against Kiffen in Knoxville. Now it is Texas A&M at home a much tougher game with Auburn on the road another yough game. We already have Alabama, Georgia, Florida every year. Now we have Alabama Auburn Texas A&M Georgia Florida Kentucky 5-5 is the very best we can do. I have said for years we should move to the ACC where we would thrive but it will never happen Let the haters begin LOL
Oklahoma just does'nt want the butt kicking Tennessee is going to put on them September 12th. Really I do like my vols chances in Norman but of course I am hoping and dreaming some but we should of won the last time in overtime in Knoxville
I loved Johnny Majors met him twice and I hate the way it ended for him and hate it cost both Johnny Majors and Phillip Fulmer their friendship. We had 31 years of mostly great football and stability with these two men. Johnny Majors is the second most loved man in Tennessee history only Elvis Presley is more beloved. RIP Coach
Tennessee is not going to the Music City Bowl the rumor is it will be a bowl in Florida possibly the Outback Bowl but more likely the Gator Bowl because we have a alumni on the selection committee and we brought 40,000 fans in2014 when we beat Iowa. Kentucky will go to the Music City, Belk or Liberty Bowl
Well first of all I am a Phil Fulmer fan and am glad he is the athletic director and hope and pray Jeremy Pruitt succeeds as the head coach and I thought John Currie was a terrible choice for athletic director. With all of that being said I really wished they had hired Mike Leach from Washington State as the coach. It would have been a perfect match and there is no doubt he would have been successful but I knew Fulmer would not pursue it because John Currie thought of it. Let's hope in 2-3 years we are not going through another big buyout and another coaching search as the last ten years have been pure hell for us Tennessee fans
Thank You Kentucky Wildcats this has been a magical season just wish we could make it to our first final 4 where it is not such a big deal with the Cats but it would be for the Vols Good Luck
My heart goes out to this young mans family I lost my 11 yr old grandson unexpectedly on October 16, 2018 so our family knows the devastation of losing a youngster. May God give this family peace during this difficult time.
I hope somebody hires this overated assclown so Tennessee can finally be able to keep some of that 8 million dollar buyout money. Hard to believe in 2017 he was earning 4.1 million a year for coaching Tennessee too its worse year 4-8 in football
Somebody, Anybody hire this assclown and relieve Tennessee of some of the 8 million buyout money they owe him through February 2021
Who would hire this Lardass he can't coach his way out of a paper bag. Has he ran through all of the buyout money that those stupid ADs paid him not to coach, He must have ate a lot of buffets on that buyout money
Temple or somebody, anybody hire Butch Jones so Tennessee can stop paying him some of the 8 million he was owed last year when he was fired.
He is over rated as a coach and Tennessee will never show any interest in Tee Martin again as he burned his chance there by turning them down twice. He is not as good as he thinks he is
Just remember Gatorboy the sun does not shine on the same dogs ass all of the time. I hope I am kinder and not so cocky when some of the other SEC teams has a down period including your mighty gators
I wish him well he saw the writing on the wall
I love him especially when he was at Tennessee but I would say he is staying because about 2 years from now he will retire and come home to Powell Tennessee. He is a great defensive mind but since leaving Tennessee he has moved around a lot but that is the nature of the beast usually. Good Luck Chief you will always be a VFL
As a Tennessee Vol I feel your pain but we went to bowls every year until 10 years ago and now we go half of the time and I am sick of multiple 5-7 seasons. I guess they have to pick between LSU and Florida. If it helps I would pick LSU my friend. Wherever you go I hope you win and for me I just hope Tennessee has finally picked the coach that is going to turn this disaster around
Conference Championships are useless and yes I know the SEC has the best and the matchups sometime mean something but overall if they went to nine conference games and do away with permanent rivalies like Tennessee vs Alabama which is not a rivalry anymore and I am a Tennessee fan but losing 12 in a row is not a rivalry. I also would move Missouri to the west and maybe Vanderbilt and put Auburn in the East along with Alabama. I might even do away with divisions and mix it up so everybody plays everybody a lot more often. While I am at it I would terminate about half of the meaningless bowl games that lose money for everybody the schools, the conference, ESPN and the advertisers because nobody goes to them and hardly anybody watches them.
There is about 20-25 too many bowl games and a new one on the way Myrtle Beach Bowl why nobody watches the lower tier bowls now so add more
Please hire Butch Jones it will save Tennessee some money from his 8 million dollar buyout but he is a crappy head coach but he would be fine for WKU
The SEC needs to go to 9 conference games put Missouri in the west and Auburn in the east and Tennessee needs to quit playing Alabama every year as it is no longer a rival when you lose 10-15 games in a row to a team. Tennessee will be back but it will be 2-3 years and then hopefully they will stay a winning team again. They will never dominate like Alabama,Florida, Georgia and LSU because Tennessee does not produce that kind of talent although it is getting better. The 7-9 wins yearly and every ten years a 10 or 11 win season is what the benchmark should be. Tennessee should never have losing season but a 6 or 7 win season in two out of ten years and as I said 7-9 wins yearly should be the norm. They will never win big again until they fix the offensive and defensive lines because they have been terrible for many years.
I like Tennessee over Vanderbilt then on to the Liberty Bowl for Tennessee and possibly the Independence or Birmingham Bowl for the loser but that is not as certain at 5-7
Nothing against Vanderbilt but Tennessee needs this game more because win or lose the bowl game they simply need the extra practice for next year this game would provide. It is probably for a bid to the Liberty Bowl against a BIG 12 team but that is fine although it will take a lot of effort for Tennessee to win
6-6 would be great something to build on for next season but it will not be easy getting there
I am turning 64 and hope I will see my beloved Tennessee Volunteers have great or even good teams consistently again before I am boxed up and put away. I am still amazed how Butch Jones went from 3 pretty decent seasons with 3 bowl wins to 4-8 last year. Jeremy Pruitt will be a great head coach but this team is a couple of years away from being competitive in the SEC