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It’s funny as I don’t see any of the IGA trolls on this thread.
Really don’t understand what you mean by mid tier?? South Carolina won a Championship in the last decade and both UT and SC are playing better than your gators. UT is in the Top 5 this year.
I must have missed in the article where Trey Smith is a good fit with the Chiefs.
Yeah UT was nowhere close. I’m starting to feel like the UGA basketball team feels each year.
It’s funny cause what do you expand it to, 8 teams. That being said who would have been the 9th ranked team before the playoffs started?? I’ll let the redneck IGA trolls give me that answer.
Since Vitello has been at UT he has really turned around the program. Not sure we thought UT was a Top 5 team, but certainly Top 15.
Yeah we get it the UT Defense will face plenty of challenges this year. Reminds me of the challenges Tom Creen will face in his last year at UGA.
Jesse glad to see you on SDS. I enjoyed your content on VolQuest in years past. The Offense should be fine this year, it’s the D that is the worry. I really wasn’t impressed with any SEC D in these Spring Games.
Man this UT Baseball Team is doing some great things. Scored 20 runs yesterday against A&M. Still Have Arky and SC left on the Schedule. GO BIG ORANGE!
Don't forget the Walter Camp and Paul Hornung Awards. He will be the best player in history. He will even topple Darius III and the Achaemenid Empire.
Does this seem like it’s going to be a weak year for QBs in the SEC? I think Corral and Daniels should be good, even though Daniels mopped up against some less than stellar competition last year. After those first 2 there is a BIG drop off with a majority of these Guys being unproven first year starters.
Was Gus really that bad to have Harsin come in and change Bo Nix into a Heisman candidate? Just on the face this sounds absurd.
When I was young Bama was the biggest rival. I remember going to games in the late 80s where UT had to play Bama and Auburn in the disgusting Legion because both campus stadiums were way too small to support the crowds UT would bring.
This is a dumb statement. Ole Miss put a ton of points on everyone. Imagine how many points Ut will put on Ole Miss this year.
Agreed the UGa redneck trolls literally go out of there way to get on UT threads. I truly believe they are obsessed with UT which is crazy as we haven’t been competitive for a few years now. Maybe they are butt hurt from 1980. I live in GA unfortunately the rednecks are plenty for IGA.
Agreed. The most crucial part of any SEC team especially now is the QB. A good to great QB can take a team from 6 to 8 wins and 8 to 10 wins plus. UT has not had that QB since Dobbs and Dobbs gave us 2 (9) win Seasons that without him probably would have been more like 7 wins
You truly are a redneck troll. Only you would step out of your way to continue to post. When will you realize the UGA BBall program has never been and never will be good. Dead and buried.
I think D in all the SEC teams is not what it has been 10 years ago. Yes the D probably will struggle but our Offense will score points and that attracts the recruits we need for the future. I’m encouraged by what I saw today and that gives UT fans hope for good things to come. Remember rebellions are built on hope.
I liked what I saw. The Offense looks strong, imaginative, and fun to watch. This team will score some points this year. The Defense will have trouble but did see some nice plays from them today. I get a spring game doesn’t always predict how will end up, BUT it does give UT fans some Hope that we can be competitive in most games this year.
Apparently you didn’t see any of the Orange and White game. The Offense looks crisp, imaginative, and fun to watch. It is a breath of fresh air considering how bad we were on Offense last year. THAT being said, a spring game doesn’t mean much, BUT to at least execute in any game/scrimmage gives reason for hope. I’m not by any means saying we are coming out to win the East but remember upsets are built on HOPE.
Keep dreaming old timer. Basketball program will continue to lose, Tom Creen will be gone after next year. It’s surprising Mark Richt was actually the better coach.
Yep time to pay Tony Vitello. Also time to renovate Lindsey Nelson.
The UT Football program is still relevant, unlike the UGA basketball program which has never been relevant. Look it up 40% winning percentage in the history of UGA. What a joke.
UGA basketball and Baseball a dumpster fire. Take your geritol and calm down. Hey you do have Equestrian bravo!
Sorry old timer, 1980 was a century ago. Enjoy your losing Basketball program and always coming up short in the big games.