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I really felt confident that JG would be able to turn the corner this year. Really disappointed in the coaching staff by year 3 not having really any option at QB. Can’t blame JG for all the problems, not developing a QB falls square on the coaches and Head Coach Pruitt. I still think Arkansas is a winnable game, however I am very impressed with them and their fight.
The UT basketball team should be the class of the SEC this year. Really strong on the guard and wing positions and Fulkerson might be the SEC player of the year.
I think both Offenses struggle in this game. Really surprises me the fools gold UGA fans believe they have in a walk on. This weather will be a factor. UGA will have to deflate the balls today so the walk-on can grip the ball.
Win or lose really like the direction this program is going in. I really think both Offenses struggle with the D and weather. It should be close.
I can see this happening. I think Auburn has problems and UGA really showed those last week. Kentucky really did a Kentucky against them in week 1. Will see but Hogs have some momentum.
These GA trolls are the worst on the site. Bunch of Rednecks.
Very well said gwhite. UT can easily go 7-3 this year and that would be the 2nd best record in the West.
Man these UGA Trolls are really the worst.
Stetson comes back down to Earth in this one. Crazy how JG is the QB people expect to make mistakes and he just might, but a walk on is a walk on. I can guarantee 2 things 1 UT will not get shut out in this game and 2 UGA will not win a title with a walk on.
I have only just recently started following this site, but I can quickly tell this Corch is the worst Troll ever.
Something tells me the walk on will make a few mistakes and come back down to Earth. Great story for 2 games but UT will have an answer for him. Still however feel that Ga D will tough enough to keep the O from doing much. It will come down to turnovers and perhaps FGs
I heard Vince Dooley on the radio today talking about 1980. GTFOH. Only one left
I will guarantee you will not win a SEC Championship with a walk on.
He is a walk on for a reason. He is not a 3 star or even a 2 star but a walk on. He will make one too many mistakes this weekend
Sam Pittman is a strong leader and coach. Hogs have been competitive and I think they give Auburn a scare.
It’s so crazy after 2 games you would think he is the second coming of Christ. I get it he’s had some nice not great 2 games but he is a walk on for a reason. He is not a 3 star or even 2 star but a walk on. He will make one too many mistakes this week.
Stetson will fall back down to Earth this week. He is a walk on for a reason. He’s not a four or even a three star but a walk on and will play like it this weekend.
Really like the chemistry we have with the OLine and the RB's. This will continue throughout the season. This could be a special year for UT.
UGA continues to be preseason National champions.
I wouldn’t call UGA an offensive juggernaut.
I would counter that those 5 losses UT placed on UGA took them completely out of SEC and National title contention. Make it 41 years and counting for the rednecks.
UT will run for 150 plus yards this week, and Stetson will be pressured and confused more than Auburn showed him. He will make some crucial mistakes and UT will take advantage of them. Edge at QB and OLine for UT and D is not far behind.
Connor the UT Defense will make this article null and void. UT will get to him and Thurston Howell III will make plenty of mistakes. Will see JT Daniels soon enough.
The funny thing is he would be eligible for a 7th year next year due to to the COVID situation. Crazy!
So Eric Gray and Ty Chandler are not a freshmen Tank Bigsby. Also UTs OLine is much better than the inexperienced Tiger line. I think UT does find a run game and keeps it close for 4 quarters. Lastly UTs D will give SB trouble and he will make a mistake in this game. Pruitt is just as good a D coach as Kirby if not better.
The 40 year pain is all too real for UGA
The team that last won the National title in 1980. Wow that sure is a long time.
Funny what QB did UGA have last year? Also when was the last time UGA won a National Title?
So living in GA as a TN fan, the radio personalities are overlooking this game. They were talking more about the upcoming Bama matchup. IMO I think UT is a better team than Auburn. Recent history is nice to quote and look at, even history in general where UGA hasnt won a National Title in 40 years, but that really doesn't help determine what is going to happen this Saturday. This is the best team UT has had since 2016 and I'd say its a better team than 2016. IMO this game should go all 4 quarters. Auburn admitted defeat kicking the FG before half.