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This kid will grade higher than a 3 star. Go Big Orange!!!
Great choice picking the Vols. Go Big Orange!!
I think we get Bradley and Conyers both stud Defensive Players in this upcoming class.
September Saturday on Rocky Top. Tennessee is my number 1. For the other places I’ve been in the SEC, I thought Barn had a nice campus and Jurden Hare is ok especially after we beat them in 2018. Bama in Tuscaloosa is much better than in the days of Legion Field. Legion was the pits. The Swamp is ok. Other than that been to SC, UGa and Vandy and none of those places are very special in my opinion.
I must have the same taste as well. Nothing wrong with Helmanns but Dukes is my go to.
Calm down, we all have ups and downs. Enjoy the good times and the bad…
Look on the bright side, you also got UGA on the road, the worst team in SEC basketball history…
I didn’t think I was too far off with that comparison. Poor Ron…
All valid points. Every team has to adjust to stay competitive in the SEC. Teams have tape on UT just like they have tape on UGA and UF. Nothing new. You will see a more complimentary brand of Football this year from UT
Eerily similar to the Braves Championship I his year. Sneak in at the last second and dominate in the Playoffs. Congrats Ole Miss.
In the last few years the fans were not filling it up anyways. As long as it’s over 100k I am happy. Still one of the greatest cathedrals to College Football in the Country.
Again WORST RECORD in SEC History. Kudos to the Dogs…
2 SEC Tournament Championships is something. Didn’t see UGa win anything in basketball other than winning a he worst record in SEC history, congrats.
It’s been a while since UT has been in this conversation. Things are certainly changing for the better on Rocky Top!
I think todays game will be somewhat similar to the SEC championship game where it will be tied going into the 4th or 5th then UT puts up a crooked number inning and wins the game fairly comfortably. Not sure who ND will start at pitcher, but I know there 2 studs have already pitched, and I’m pretty sure of a drop of from them. Go Big Orange!!!
Good article Joe. Perhaps the best one I’ve read on this site in awhile.
Arch can make a lot more money in Austin. For one there is no State income tax in Texas.
Funny I never see you in Basketball or Baseball threads.
Biased dog retort from a fan base that steals the Packer Logo. No original history at all…
It’s funny to call people trolls because of a logical opinion. Apparently you are a 40 year old kid that still hasn’t grown up. I don’t think Kirby underachieved any of those years, but Dabo with 2 championships still edges Smart. It’s not because we are Vol Hillbillies. Perhaps the redneck in you is showing…
G I think this year we need to see UT score some serious points against the top 3 teams on our schedule in Bama, UGa and UF. I think we need to beat one of those teams this year to take a step in the right direction and I feel we can. That UF game more than any on the schedule is a key must win. That game is at home and UF is in all honesty in a slight rebuild with a first year coach. We have plenty of pieces back on offense to be dangerous for any team, and the D should still capitalize on tackles for loss.
Something needs to be said of some the States that do not have a State Income Tax like TN, FL and TX. Having no state income tax is a clear 5% plus advantage to those states to offer players more in their pockets with these NIL deals. 50k more for every million adds up…
Big win for my Vols last night. Love how they are overcoming adversity as that plays well in the postseason. Just when I think this team is human they then leap tall buildings in a single bound a run faster than a locomotive. Go Big Orange!!!
He visited UT last week and all indications from Volquest suggest he enjoyed his time and UT could be considered the front runner for Mauigoa. Goa Big Orange!!!