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I think the spot was most likely incorrect. The side line judge that made the spot was 20 yards behind where Brandon Warren went down. How in the world can you accurately tell where that ball should be spotted from that far away. Also shame on ESPN for not having another angle at that replay. Regardless love the fight in these players and a never give up attitude this team has displayed all year.
It’s a shame a few fans stained a great night of football. It amazes me that the officiating continues to get worse. Corral is truly a special player. Without Corral, I think Ole Miss is just an average team. Thought the spot on 4th down was wrong, thought the fumble by Corral for a TD taken back was a terrible call. Kudos to Ole Miss, great game.
IT's funny cause first of the week I saw a bunch of people predicting UT to win, and as the week has gone on, some have flipped to Ole Miss. I still think UT has the better Defense and Home Field advantage. I'll say a push on special teams with a slight offense advantage to Ole Miss. I think the Ole Miss offensive advantage can be neutralized with a Loud sold out Neyland Stadium. I think will see plenty of pre-snap penalties from Ole Miss. All week we're hearing that Heupel and staff are razor sharp focused to beat this Rebel team. This is the signature win in the first year that Heupel is looking for. I like the Vols 52-45.
IF Heupel get UT to 7 to 8 wins, he has to be a favorite to win SEC Coach of the Year. Finally we have Adults running the program in Danny White and Heupel. I think there would be some fear if Lincoln goes to the NFL. Not sure if that is what Riley wants to do. I think if that does happen you go and get a Jeff Lebby or who knows Lane might even come back...
Ajh, this is called having a poker face. In all likelihood Evans will play.
I expect LSU to drop significantly after this week.
Jeff Lebby had nothing to do with UCF going 6-4 last year.
Boo, I think Kiffin is playing a part in the sellout, but not as big a part as you suggest. This boils down to playing a 7:30 prime time night game against a highly rated Ole Miss team. Also UT has come off 2 VERY convincing wins over SEC teams. The interest is growing in Tennessee. This is one of the largest fan bases in not only the SEC, but the whole country.
Two big takeaways and one is from the last week games. First off The Ole Miss Defense was on the field for 70 to 80 plays last week against Arkansas. I would imagine that is more than usual and this should be a relatively gassed Defense coming into Neyland. UT took the foot off the gas in the 2nd half against SC, and from the reports coming out UT will be healthy with major players available. I expect UT to have the advantage on Defense, for whatever that’s worth. Last point if I truly believe Neyland will create a home filed advantage we haven’t seen in a few years. Neyland will be packed and loud, I expect the same effect as UK crowd had to UF, plenty of pre snap penalties.
I'll take credit in a prediction I made on the RB's. We haven't needed Gray or Chandler for the most part. Poor Chandler, went to a dreadful UNC team. Who saw that coming...Honestly, we probably still miss To'to the most though the LB's have played admirably so far.
Mike Hamilton might very well be the Jeremy Pruitt of Athletic Directors in the history of AD’s at UT. One of the most inept, weak AD’s ever. Also we fire him and paid him the rest of his salary.
IT's not enough, I need more, nothing seems to satisfy. I said, I don't want it, I just need it. To breath, to feel, to know I'm alive...Knuckle deep within the borderline, this may hurt a little but it's something you'll get use to...
I thought there was a small rush when UT beat uga on the Hail Mary in 2016. I do remember the Score Board was immediately turned off, not even to show the final score.
I think the only games left I see where UT rushes the field would maybe this week against Ole Miss. That game is winnable, maybe not rush worthy. Most certainly if we somehow pull the upset on uga, Shield Watkins will be full of Volunteer Fans.
I thought Heupel showed he had a clue when he was head coach at UCF. You have to wonder how much lightning in a bottle did Scott Frost catch?
I think regardless what happens in these next 4 games, UT will come in with a aggressive plan on all of these teams. A kind of "We got nothing to lose, we are playing with house money" type of scenario. Ole Miss and Kentucky are both winnable. Yes UK is on the road, but we have a bye week to prepare, to get some guys healthy. It's funny now that Bama lost, they look beatable, still a tall task. Perhaps a sleepy Noon start could be in order, UT has experience with Noon Starts. I somewhat agree on UGA, the only way we stay in that game is if we somehow catch an early lead and their Offense sputters. No one questions the UGA D, but an early scripted 14-0 start could be problematic for uga offense that is still not shown it can score when it has to. To be fair it really hasn't been in that position all year. Either way, 6-6 looks solid now and anything else is gravy.
I would be willing to bet had UF beaten Bama this year at the Swamp a celebration fine would have come then. I guess will never know since you lost...
Maybe this is taken out of context like most of these situations are. I have a hard time believing Eli Gold, a veteran Broadcaster for any years would pull this. If in fact he did say this the way the article mentions, I would agree that sour grapes is in order. As many games and as successful Bama has been this last decade, you'd think a little grace would come into play...
We also haven’t turned the ball over in 3 games, that’s UF, Mizzou and SC.
For all the naysayers that said Heupel was a bad hire, here’s a warm plate of crow for ya.
He's with the Train wreck known as the NY Giants now.
I really think the UT defense should fair pretty well against Ole Miss, at least early on. I think it will be a slug fest though. Both Defenses might be wore out by the time this ones over. UT’s depth is better on the D side so that shouldn’t be as much an issue. 48-45 UT at home.
We clearly pumped the brakes that 2nd half and honestly needed to. When your up 31 points at half why continue to go hard when you know lack of depth and potential injury come into play. Plus I think you do have to look ahead for the Ole Miss game when your up that large. We will have to play 4 quarters in that game. I like our chances against Ole Miss.
Growing up a Braves,Falcons fan I know your sure it’s not over till it’s over. Maybe you break the curse this year.
Looking forward to the UT-Ole Miss game next week. Should have a lot of scoring. Let’s make it 3 in a row. GBO!