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I think UT still has a chance albeit a small one. He still had UT in his top teams and has been vocal with the new coaching staff. I think Clemson is the favorite though but wouldn’t surprise me he picks UT. Still a loonnggg time till signing day.
You got the Gooch Baby! You got the only sweetest thing in the world
Good hire. Former Broyles Award Finalist and will bring an exciting D to Rocky Top.
I think USC made the right decision in moving on from Muschamp. Beamer will do fine and the transfer portal will help a lot of the teams needing to fill holes. The biggest thing USC and UT for that matter need to do is simply WIN! Winning cures all. Get to a bowl and work from there. Rebuilds don’t have to take that long.
Banks will do just fine. He was a Broyles award finalist and the Penn State D wasn't the problem last year. GBO!
I don't think the answer is firing Crean unless he really drops off next year. UGA does have the local talent though, they just need a leader.
Does UGA give Tom Crean one more year or does he get a total of 5 years to turn it around? Of all the large SEC schools, is UGA possibly the worst in SEC history when it comes to the Men's Basketball Program? I live in GA and I can honestly tell you, NOBODY talks basketball in GA. LOL.
Clearly have to wonder what the F Auburn was thinking letting him go. Is Harsin really that much of an upgrade? My opinion clearly is NO. Mahlzan averaged 4.7 losses with Auburn and Harsin averaged a little over 3 with Boise. How’s that an upgrade? Look the SEC needs Auburn to be better and I wish them good luck.
Yeah I just don’t see them running the table in the SEC Tourney. Good story and fun to hope but sorry ain’t gonna happen.
Not a big Fan of ESPN in general. I hate the monopoly they have in Sports and this only makes it worse. I get a lot of people didn’t like the CBS broadcast team but at least it was some parity to the ESPN/Disney monopoly.
You are spot on Harsin is most likely a stop gap for the foreseeable future. Other than no NCAA Sanctions looming, Auburn isn't in too much a better position. I wish Auburn luck. You need it and the SEC needs you all to be good.
The Harsin Hire at Auburn still raises my eyebrows a lot...I think Heupel has more upside and a better offensive coach. Plus Heupel has SEC experience. Harsin didn't set the world on fire at Boise either, and consistently lost 3 games a year.
I think Garner is a darn good coach as well as recruiter. Glad to have him, as he brings instant credibility to the D side. Banks was in a pretty solid Penn State program the last few years, 2020 was a down year. I think he will do fine.
Yeah moving the decision out one week doesn't change much. I've heard his choice will come down simply to Head vs. Heart. His head should tell him Clemson and heart would say UT. Kid grew up a Vol fan. Not counting BAMA out, but the turnover at OC has Clemson leading.
Still don’t get the Big 10 infatuation but this mostly looks right. All 3 of these SEC teams can make a long run.
Harsin went 5-2 this year and lost to the same BYU team that UCF did, and in fact Boise Lost to BYU in worse fashion 51-17. I'm still not sold on Bryan as a SEC head coach...
UT didn’t steal Majors. Majors wanted to come home and coach his Alma Mater. Now what did get stolen was his Heisman which he lost to some one who played on a losing record football team.
Sorry he’s scared is a better term. Which is also a synonym for wimp. So as they say in the Greatest Movie of all Time: “Either get busy living or get busy dying.”
Washington is really a wimp to back out. He would be given every opportunity to run a successful program and will be given at minimum 3 years to do so. UT doesn't need him anyways.
I think only 4 Teams will get into the Tourney in the SEC. (UT, BAMA, MIZZ, and UF) The media is just too in love with the Big 10 as they will have at least 8 to 10 make it.
WTF are you talking about diminishing record? How could anyone possibly keep up a 12-1 plus record a year? The argument that his record has diminished is so dumb. There maybe only one coach that could keep a 12-1 record year end and year out. UT will not be poorly run moving forward as they now have a stable AD and coach that will be given at least 4 years.
In this day and age of College Football Offense is King. Tell me who really played any Defense in the SEC this year? Alabama was still averaging 20 plus points given up per game. Gone is the 9-6 games. I get that UT has a mess on its hands, but offering Al Washington twice his salary and a promotion, plus he will get 3 years guaranteed to turn it around, should be enough reason for him to give it a shot. I think he's too scared, which in this case UT doesn't need him anyways.
This looks about right. Hopefully the Vols have turned a corner. The Freshman dominated a weaker UK team on Saturday, but man did they look good doing it. Barnes needs to let the Freshman play from here on out.
It’s amazing to see so many kids still being named after Peyton. GBO, VFL.
Interesting considering we actually signed a top 15 class. Auburn was high 30’s.
I think the Offense will be just fine next year. Only concern would be O line depth but I think will have 5 solid blockers next year. The big concern is D especially LB’s and Secondary.