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Know your geography TU, Deliverence was filmed and based in Georgia. Plenty more toothless people in Ga.
Bolt please refer to Texas as TU or Texas. UT has for decades been reserved only for the real UT in Tennessee. Heck even Steve Spurrier knew that!
Interesting you question Knoxville being at the top. A beautiful city with a beautiful back drop in the Great Smoky Mtns which by the way is the Most Visited National Park. I get UGA fans are envious of the scenery in East Tn. I moved away unfortunately to GA with the trash Pine Trees and flat oppressive clay soil that doesn’t soak rain whatsoever. I ling to get back one day to the clean Deep lakes and real Trees that are God’s Country. I do like Athens, but you really have to go out of your way to get there. Athens might be the only SEC City that you can’t get to by major Interstate roads. Not an easy drive even from Atlanta, though they are finally widening the small hwy to Athens finally.
UT has a lot of talent of the O side of the ball. The consensus is with a O minded coach their is a chance to be in the top half of SEC offenses. I think UT get in that top half.
Only an Auburn fan would make $hit up.
Again a media poll that has Brian Harsin way too high in ranking. He is the Joe Biden of SEC football coaches.
I don’t see a direct reference to UT in the ad. I see where the ad mentions the CEO was a WR at UT.
Wow interesting to see Ole Miss make the Citrus Bowl. That’s a pretty high bowl, possibly the 3rd highest bowl on this list. I have doubts they make it that high.
I didn’t say it was a better hire. Please read next time. My argument is that Harsin does not deserve that high a ranking.
AFan why do you not understand the Heupel hire? What’s to understand? Heupel had some great teams and played in my opinion a much stronger conference . The AAC is better than the mountain west. AAC teams of Memphis, Cincy, Houston, and South Fla are teams that have been very competitive during Heupel time.
Let’s look at the 2020 seasons of both Boise and UCF. Boise went 5-2 which is respectable. Got blown out by a good BYU team and lost there conference championship game to San Jose St who I guess they finished 25th so not bad. I will argue they did play a much weaker schedule. UCF went 6-4 lost by one score to Tulsa, Memphis, and Cincy. Lost the bowl game to Byu in less of a blowout compared to Boise. All this being said Harsin is not 6 spots better than Heupel no way.
Kirby Smarts situation reminds me of the Buffalo Bills in the early 90’s…
I think the order on the coaches rankings are pretty accurate. I do think Harsin is overrated in this poll. I would have Harsin in the 11 to 12 range honestly. Solid coach, but so many question marks, even more than Heupel has.
UT will be competitive next year. Now will that translate into wins is yet to be seen. I predict the Offense will be in the Top 5 of the SEC. That all said, I still see 7-5 being the ceiling and 5-7 being the floor. A 7 win season would be a fantastic start to the Heupel tenure and one to build on for 2022.
Wasn’t there another guy just as bad as Negan… oh yeah Corch
Is Cincy better than Clemson? UGA put up 24 against Cincy and I’m not so sure the OLine for UGA will be better. Also losing Pickens isn’t a plus either. I’m with Phil I think this will be a low scoring game especially being the first game of the season. The Offense will gel but not this early coming out the gate.
Why should a young healthy adult get the vaccine? They don’t require anyone to get the shingles vaccine and that disease is honestly worse than Covid. My point is if your older and more prone by all means, but to require a young healthy adult no way. “My body my choice” right? Isn’t that what the liberals say about abortion?
Agreed deep. I see all kinds of criticism in the Heupel hire, but very little on Harsin at Auburn. I’m left scratching my head more with the Harsin hire compared to Heupel. To can a yes underachieving Malhzan and replace him with a Mountain West coach that at times had some good teams but nowhere near the level of the Petersen era.
UT has plenty of playmakers on Offense. What is going to be crucial is can we find a good QB. The QB doesn’t have to be all world, but certainly needs to be consistent. We have some really speedy WRs that will fit the Heupel system well and UT has some nice RBs and the OLine should be fine as well. The author suggests the D will not be like what we had with cornbread, but that D last year was atrocious. I expect the the D to be better this year.
Highly surprised no mention of the UT/texas matchup. Barnes old team and both should be really good next year. I think people are sleeping on UT Basketball for next year, but we have arguably the best PG coming in next year that is an almost certain one and done.
PT Vitello in his 4 years at UT has made them a winner. Perhaps a few more years would suggest top pay, but we’re only looking at less than a million to make him that. To us mere mortals that seems like a lot, but not to a University that spends money like it grows on trees good or bad. Plus if you lose Vitello because you didn’t pony up an extra 200 to 300k your not doing yourself any favors. I say “Pay the man his money”
I was at the game in Omaha and was very proud to see so many “Real” UT fans. I estimated more Tennessee fans than Texas there Tuesday. The UT fan base has not diminished by any means. The support they gave the Baseball team was through the roof. GBO!
Pop, that was a different era as many things that were acceptable then are not now. Plus he represents the University. I thought many of the calls did not go UTs way, especially the tag at home, he looked clearly out. That play changed the game as it would have been 5-4 going into the later innings, not 8-4. Regardless, great run this year. GBO!
We had opportunities and runners on base but could not spark a run. Oh well that’s baseball. Some days the bats just go cold. I’ll be in Omaha on Tuesday to cheer them on. Go Big Orange!!
I’m torn on who wins the Clemson uga game. I do think Clemson is replacing some key players, but to think JT is all world still is puzzling. Even the dogs O line didn’t play well last year and the bowl game against Cincy came down to the end and talent wise uga is clearly better.
I see ceiling for this team to be 8-4. Win your 4 non-conference, then SC, Vandy, UK, and Mizzou. Right now I believe UK and Mizzou are better, but not leaps and bounds better. Even Ole Miss who we play in Knoxville is not a sold loss. The offense will be exciting and as a life long UT fan that is something we have sorely missed for 15 years
Honestly the personnel losses on the Offense are not bad. I get we lost our most efficient RB, but your kidding yourself for thinking our best RB is a real loss from last years Offense. I think everything on the Offensive side will be better as the article suggests. The D will have trouble but this article is not about the D. 6 wins is doable next year.