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The value of an "SEC" DC job at Tennessee isn't that much. If it were Bama, A&M, Georgia, or Florida.. Sure.. But not Tennessee. He stays at Ohio State, and gets another playoff appearance, or a NY 6-He'll get a better offer..
LOL.. Have you seen how Ohio State is recruiting without Meyer?? News for ya, they ain't going anywhere soon.. they are similar to Clemson-a big dog in a small pound. Which means CFP births, and more recruiting exposure. Nobody in their right mind would leave Ohio State for Tennessee, which is about to be on double secret probation. Washington uses the Tennessee offer to get more $$ from Ohio State and maybe a position bump. Then rides it out for another season or two to get an offer from a program better than Tennessee..
It's going to get expanded.. But be ready to accept the 5 power 5 conference champs, the best G 5 team, and 2 wildcards.. Is that the best way? Who knows, but the each power 5 conference is going to want a slice of the pie..
But... I thought.. Sark was in charge?? The problem with that program has been boosters.. I hope Sark is successful, but that's going to be a challenge with the likes of Billy Bob and ole Matthew McConaughey making the calls on hiring..
The irony of UT hiring PJ Fleck would be rich. The dude is straight up out of the Jim Tressel school of coaching..
They need to cut sling load with Fulmer too.. They are going to be broke until that cat is gone, and away from the program..
How about some cheese with that whine? That said the Naty is Bama's to lose.
The bowls are simply exhibitions.. That said, they aren't there, and the team is taking the hit..
Okie is down their best D player too, on a Big 12 D at that. Based on what I've seen so far, I'd go with Jones the rest of the way if he's not sick.
You can only ride that horse so far. If OKie houses the Gators it's more than being down 4 key players. Florida is still there with 60 scholarship players..
So.. 42-14 Tide? I will be dumbfounded if ND makes this a game. Shocked of they pull off the upset..
It's a different world.. A player who has his draft stock secured really has no reason to play in what amounts to an exhibition-hate it, but that's the deal. The positive is a player further down on the depth chart now gets an opportunity to play..
Any expansion is going to include an autobid for the Power 5 conference champions. There will be insistence by at least 3 of the 5 if not 4 of the 5 conferences to make this happen. ND will be the other "no" on that criteria.. For the G5 why should they participate? There is nothing stopping them from making their own playoff. If they roll with the P5 they will insist on some clear criteria on how to select which one gets in. Then you have the wildcards so to speak.. Whomever gets snubbed there will be just as angry. Bowl tie ins? Which bowls will close shop? Will the schools be willing to give up that bowl money?
Tell your guys not to throw shoes.. Seriously-the Gators controlled their own destiny and got sloppy.
Sermon's 331 yards should not be over looked. The Buckeyes dominated the second half. In spite of what we think of NW, they are one of the top defenses in the country. So like it it or not, it looks like A&M needs some chaos. Namely, ND beating Clemson.. That in itself may not be all that far fetched.
The guy was just Barry Alvarez's puppet at Wisconsin. Arky should have done their homework.
The guys was just Barry Alvarez's puppet at Wisconsin. Arky should have done their homework.
You would think by now schools would have learned from the ones that have already messed this up. It's better to address these issues head on and quickly.
I wouldn't get discouraged. They've lost a lot of talent, then you factor in the craziness.. My money is they are way better next fall.
I agree.. I have loved Gameday for years, but these cats on Fox bring it every week.
To be honest, I don't watch that much ESPN. I do watch Gameday on Saturdays-but switch to big noon Saturday on Fox when it comes on. I find the analysis to be much better. Then I switch back to catch Corso's head gear pick..
Has Smart even shown he has the ability to develop elite QB talent? Sure Fields could have stayed, but is there anything to suggest he would have developed into the QB his is currently?
That's a point.. But what else can they do? In good weather do halftime outside?
You pretty much summed up the situation with your assessment "The Buckeyes are a great football team".. The B1G is at greater risk on not making the playoff cut than the 3 conferences who decided to start. A one L B1G has little to no shot at getting a playoff slot.. Meanwhile the SEC will have enough games played that a 1 L runner up still has a great chance.
If there was ever a year to say hey we'll even self impose a bowl ban, this would be it..
Probably not the year to be talking about the "strength" of the SEC.. See how things have looked thus far..
Only 4 SEC teams ranked in the Top 25.. Granted all 4 are in the top 10, but only 4 in the top 25..?
Urban is not going to waste his time with Texas. He runs his program, not boosters, so he won't put up with the booster bs or being told how many hours per week he has to spend on the longhorn network.. That factor alone will keep him clear of Texas.. Plus he already has generational wealth-so while more money is nice, it is not his main motivator at this point..