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The "multiple issues" is ESPN having exclusive rights through the end of the current contract. Just say it already. LOL
Sometimes going in an unexpected direction pays off. From what I've read Freeman already has a great relationship with the recruits. Who knows, he may do a heck of a job.
Freeman would likely come until he gets the HC offer from Cinci here in a month.
He brings a ton of baggage, but college football is a results-driven business. Three Naty's at 2 different schools and a .853 winning percentage can get you in the door anywhere. That said, I think he'd struggle with NDs academic requirements unless he could get the administration to make an exemption, which isn't likely.
But.. Didn't he say Michigan had a shot in the last week or so? Ohio State is the better team and should win, but that always doesn't happen. That said, I think Day has his team ready to roll come Saturday. Ohio State 45-24..
2/3 is academic. If either team loses, they will be out. Ironically, out of 2-4, I think Cinci should be feeling pretty good about their chances. They have East Carolina and what Houston in their championship game? Compare that to what Bama and Ohio State have in front of them.
Bama fans are about the whiniest fans in the country.
Couldn't break the rotation at Ohio State, so it was his best move. To be honest, I haven't seen many Ohio State fans getting on him about the move.
Luke is the next coach at Ohio State when/if Day leaves, but he may not want to wait.
Agreed, but with the movement to get an expanded playoff it's going to happen.
Oregon is ranked over Ohio State by the only committee that counts. But this dude has hanged his hat on the Cincinnatti bandwagon, and will not back off it.
Ya just had to piss off the Ga folks didn't ya? LOL
LOL. This from a couple of Tennessee fans.
Probably going to move Oregon to 3, Ohio State to 4. Bama stays at 2.
It's football, not an interpretive dance class. Coach is getting his player under control before they get a big penalty.
I'd like to see your definition of "lost big". I was by one TD. And the O still put up over 600 yards. So an H to H loss-sure, but not a "lost big" situation. In fact, right now it arguably stands as the "best loss", a term I hate, but it is what it is.
Joel is usually spot on. But this rant? Keep in mind he works for a network that is going for a slice of the CFP contract the next round. Just saying. It's right up there with the ESPN/ABC/Disney guys saying they aren't in collusion with the Power 5 on who really has a shot. $$$
Terrible. With that kind of cash-hire a driver
The one sure thing is people are going to be pissed about 2-10. LOL
About all Cinci has left on the schedule is SMU on Nov 20th. But there are potentially other bigger games that weekend. SO I kind of get this.
Michigan will likely end up 10-2 or 9-3 at worst. But eventually, they will get fed up with being close. His record is reminiscent of John Cooper in the 90s. Eventually, they will have to move on.
Why should he go to LSU? He has Sparty rolling, and the alumni will pay him there too. His path to the playoff is easier-Day & the Buckeyes vs Saban and the Tide.
Can't handle winning. I guess those idiots didn't think they would be on video.
Meatchicken is a reliable 10-2/9-3 team. If you look back he's better than Hoke and Richrod, but that's not saying a lot.
We hear the big names thrown around, but who's on the undercard that could make an impact? I just don't see these programs rolling out big money for any one of these guys. But that's just me.
They won't keep Ohio State under 50.