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Ohio State is for sure top 10/maybe even top 5. But not number one, unless they have found a defense since January.
The guy is a tool, but he knows football. The Fox pregame show is better than Gameday when you look at pregame analysis, and guys that know the game. I still watch Gameday, but it's becoming more of an entertainment show than anything else.
Ohio State is .500 against the SEC in the last 10 years. 1-1 against Bama. Now if you want to go back to the last time they played Arkansas, well..
Money wins. My take is that 16 will be a starting point, and it will probably end up at around 12. If you look at the SEC by 2025 will programs like Texas, Oklahoma, A&M, Old Miss, etc be satisfied with limited access to a National Championship or expanded access? When you consider playing an SEC schedule, and not get your shot annually, teams will want that increased..
Gameday is about entertainment.. Yawn..
Expansion is coming, and it will also benefit the SEC. We'd be looking at 3 to 4 SEC teams getting in every year. When you get that many, you are starting to see teams like A&M, Florida, & Auburn getting in consistently. Going forward we may even see Okie, and Texas get a shot. I've said it in the past-4 is good, but to think fanbases of additional teams wouldn't be thrilled to get a playoff shot would be short-sighted.
It was more about settling for a single bidder than it was anything else. If they expand the CFP prior to the current contract expiring-ESPN has exclusive bidding rights. From a cash stand point it makes better sense to hold off on expansion until it's open for bidding. It's not that hard to see.
I love college football, but am aware that change is here. You can either sit and let it happen or you can actively try to participate and influence the outcome. If you sit and wait you will be irrelevant. People hate change it's natural.
Kind of like Sankey lying through omission in his dealings with Texas and Oklahoma. If A&M had been quiet about it he would have pulled it off. To think there wasn't going to be any response by the B1G was a miscalculation by Sankey. (or more likely he assumed they had no cards up their sleeve) Not to mention his credibility was shot when he tried to roll out the updated playoff proposal.
Who's saying they'd include ND in this? It will get to the point where all the major decisions regarding football will be made by the 2 biggest conferences. They can do that without ND.
How is that? He's going after money which will bring more resources to his conference. That's kind of his job. He hasn't done anything that any other conference commissioner wouldn't do. The SEC has decided to take a regional approach to expansion and the B1G has decided to take a national approach. The B1G is in its contract window and it's in its best interest to get the most out of its offerings. One way to do that is to add schools that add value.
LOL. It's big business and he gets that so far. He hasn't done anything and not doing anything the Greg Sankey isn't. It's not the B1G's responsibility to prop up the ACC, Big 12 or PAC 10. What will probably end up is the SEC working out of the south east and the B1G working to pick up the remaining available teams across the country. As far as the playoff goes- I'm good with 4, but let s face it a 16 team, playoff would include more SEC Teams. As far as jamming up last year's 12 team proposal-it was more about waiting until the product could go to an open bid vs giving ESPN exclusive bidding rights- and thereby having to accept whatever they offered, which was going to be less tan an open market bid.
The dude is Catholic and stands by his beliefs. That's about all the positive I can say about him and scUM.
Hope the idiots understand that once an "association" gets involved the schools will demand contracts and everything that goes with it. Free agency, franchise tags, loss of scholarships, trades etc. Oh, and having to pay "association dues".
The potential is there, but..? To be honest, let's tap the brakes until we see some football. CFP this year is not likely. Maybe in a year or two.
It's as easy as writing a check. Texas has the bucks to pay the buy-out. Oklahoma probably does as well.
UCLA has 100 million solid reasons why this was the right move for them.
The SEC undercard isn't much different than the B1G. The top of the SEC is heads above everyone else, but once you get past that you see Ls against the likes of PSU, Purdue, UCLA.. That was just last season.
So a pause? Seems like maybe everyone is waiting on ND. They prefer to remain independent, but will get priced out. I'm thinking things may not change much until after the season now.
Easy there, Francis.. College Football will be fine. The same folks who are saying they'll never watch a game again will be tuned in, come this fall. (or at least 99% of them). What is going on is a typical consolidation, that we've seen over and over. Sure expanding the playoff before the current contract expires left $1.2 billion on the table, but that was a sole exclusive bidder (ESPN). You let that product go to an open bid, and chances are that figure will go higher. As far as conference expansion etc.. The writing was on the wall last summer when the SEC lead the way to 16 teams by taking on Texas and Oklahoma. It was a solid business move and good for the SEC. It may not have been good for college football as a whole, but we'll see. The B1G for their part has been looking at this since the SEC's move. Their approach has been consistent for the last 25 years- it is revenue-driven. So when USC and UCLA came open, they would have been foolish not to accept their request. I think I remember this time last year we were all saying the B12 was dead. Look now and they are arguably in a better position. So let's all just calm down. There are still going to be great rivalry games, fan bases trolling each other (good-naturedly of course), and Saturdays filled with compelling games.
So it's on the B1G?? LOL What were they supposed to do, just hang out and watch the SEC expand to 20 teams? All while widening the financial gap even more? Their decision was hardly rash or involuntary. They took their time looking at what was available. With the PAC 12 media rights coming open the opportunity was there. USC and UCLA approached the B1G once they understood that the PAC12 wasn't going to be able to compete financially. The opportunity (B1G) to get into the Southern California market is just too much to pass up. They gain a huge media market, and access to a rich recruiting area. cudos to them. The myth of "the old school football" has been gone since the BCS days and definitely gone with the CFP. Tell me the once-great bowls have been nothing nore than consolation games for the last 20 years? The SEC is still going to have its great rivalries as is the B1G. Not to mention-I haven't heard of any of the remaining PAC12 schools or Big 12 schools folding their tents either.
With the addition of the California Schools, the B1G payout will be on par or close to the SEC. By Going to the B1G ND keep their historical rivals-USC, MSU, Michigan, Purdue, and Northwestern plus they will have the flexibility to continue their Shamrock Series. Not to mention their numerous staff ties to the B1G. They could go either way, but the most likely conference they'll end up in is the B1G
Sankey is on the same level then. He was working on an expanded playoff with Bowlsby, all the while taking the B12's two programs behind his (Bolwsby's) back. So if we're calling folks out, let's be straight about it and call all of them out. If A&M hadn't spilled the beans Sankey would have pulled off the master stroke of securing the SEC at least 5 playoff spots annually. Not to mention Sanky's move kicked off this movement towards super conferences.
I don't recall SDS expressing this "concern" last summer when UT and Okie opted to come to the SEC. Maybe I'm wrong? Anyhow, this was going to happen. If the B1G didn't do it, then the ACC or B12 would have. There is just too much money at stake to sit back and do nothing. We can all curse money, and the impact on the myth of the student-athlete all we want, but the bottom line is you cannot have these sports programs without the cash. Case in point-the UCLA Chancellor stated that this deal will enable them to keep 25 non-revenue sports.
How does it not make sense? They will probably go to some type of Pod scheduling. Who wouldn't enjoy a Saturday of more big matchups?
Which is fine. But recruits will follow the money. This really gives the B1G one heck of a footprint in So Cal for recruiting. Of course everything remains to be seen.