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Undefeated teams are going to get in, and it's hard to say if they ran the table that they haven't earned it. So if Georgia, OSU/Mich, Washington, and FSU run the table that's it. My bet is there will be very little if any drama come Dec 3rd.
All schools steal signs, where Michigan blew it is their methods, which were against the rules. The next problem they have is the gambling, points shaving, and computer hacking that their assistants were involved in. There is a reason they backed down from their threat to geta TRO,and injunction.
The only team in the West that could beat either one is Bama. That isn't a guarantee this year.
The SEC's problem with getting 2 teams in this year is the B1G, ACC, and PAC12 all still have a shot at having undefeated conference champs. Given that, there is a good shot that one or 2 of those conferences have a 1L champ. Then, it comes down to does a 1-loss SEC runner-up gets in over a 1L conference champ from another conference? My bet would be no.
I will all shake out over the next 4/5 weeks. Unlike most years, there are 5 teams that really control their own destiny at this point. And 4 of the top 6 have head-to-head matchups.
He must have gone to bed before PAC 12 after dark.
And then Littke Jimmy went on to choke those two opportunities away. Michigan doesn't have what it takes to win in the postseason.
When you run your mouth, you better back it up. Lou ran his mouth..
The SEC has cast its lot with ESPN/ABC/ aka the Mouse. Contracts change, it happens.
If both get eliminated from CFP contention, it could be good for college football. NIL, and the transfer portal are just allowing some more schools to do what the big dogs have been doing for years.
Yet they have been in the CFP twice, which is twice more than Kentucky.
He sure knows how to write and get clicks. Yet here I am LOL. Can the SEC fail to get a team in the CFP-sure, is it likely? No. There are a lot of things that would have to happen to get left out-namely being a 2 L champ, and having the best record in the conference. There is precedent for that. The only way a 1L SEC team is out is if you have undefeated champs in the B1G, PAC, ACC & Big 12.
After what the mouse pulled this past week, the SEC may wish it had kept its contract with CBS. Having one media partner is a risk.
I don't see them in the CFP. They'd have to sweep the remainder of the schedule. They aren't getting in with 2 losses.
The SEC is just like any other top conference talent and coaching is concentrated amongst 2-3 teams. But those 2-3 teams are usually the cream of college football. We'll see how it plays out, with more teams getting talent through the portal-we may see some parity developing.
Um.. Dude after that mess out in Salt Lake City, maybe y'all just need to sit this one out.
Just remember, Notre Dame lobbied hard for this to happen. Time to watch what happens over the next few years. They are setting up to add Notre Dame to the conference.
bingo. I cannot believe that anyone didn't know this was inevitable. The PAC has been out-managed and out-maneuvered since before the last media deal.
The key word in his statement is "equity". Well, that's been out the window for 50-plus years. Maybe it's time to bring back the Division 1A designation. There is no reason why the big schools need to be hamstrung so MAC and American Conference schools can maintain the illusion of being competitive.
Have to realize all this conference realignment is being driven by ESPN and FOX. Neither of which has the best interest of college football in mind.
I get that it's a big milestone for these guys, but why not be more business-like?
New practice facilities (just look it up), and a new stadium is on the way. So I'd say they appeared to be headed in the right direction until this. Plus there is plenty of money to pay a coach. The thing is, the next coach may just be there to clean house and get the program on track. I wouldn't be surprised to see them make a pitch to Bill O'Brien.
Wouldn't happen until Dec/Jan anyway. In spite of the situation, NW does have money, a great new practice facility, and a new stadium on the way.
He'll do a great job. Just seems odd that he's not getting picked up by ESPN for Gameday, they need a refresh.
LOL, The SEC will be just fine. This was a smart move, which will likely result in 4 playoff teams. So not only will they collect big money during the season, they will get extra cash for the playoff teams.
I'm thinking the same thing. Word is he's a bit high maintenance too. Three high schools in 4 years. It will be interesting to see how he reacts to being #2 on the depth chart.
Media: looks at the calendar-shoot It's May and there is literally nothing going on in college football. Iknow! Let's do an article on where Urban Myer will coach next..
One buried so deep in the rotation, that he wasn't going to see the field even on special teams.
Man Bammer's can't stay out of the wrong place at the wrong time..