Big Mizzou fan but a bigger fan of good football regardless if it's D2 or the NCG. Fun fact: Unlike 99% of SEC fans, I graduated from the university I cheer for.

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Great year. Sad loss. What might have been. Looked like we didn't take the whitey's seriously
Why in the helk this couldn't have been rescheduled for nexr weekend when its warmer is beyond me. Its like they know they're gonna suck and don't want the fans to know so they can still get that season ticket money. Any other SEC teams not gonna have fanscat their spring game?
Lock was a cocky kid. Looks like he's matured. And he makes Hermann looks small. Hermann knows Lock could whoop his A these days so that makes it easier to forgive and forget
We beat Tennessee twice in the state of Tennessee and stood toe to toe with the SEC darlings and the shooter of the year. Was even leading mid 2nd half. 24-9 record 11-7 in conference. Joe Lutardi got us the about same as Arkansas 20-13 record 8-10 in conference.
Arkansas always picking up Mizzou players. Difference between Mizzou and Arky is you want our players. We don’t want yours
Gonna be finding a football coach that can sell out Faurot Field if the basketball team keeps having success
We fired Barry Odom after 4 years and he was .500. If Drink goes 7-5 next year he'll be .500 after 4 years
This is on coaching. Like all our loses. Better coaching leads to better player execution. Nobody to blame but Drink. Mizzou BBall coach 11-1 right now Drink. You should be doing anything you can to not have a losing season next year or you getting canned. And PS. When Sam Horn hits the portal the remaining fans support you have is gonna go with him
GD we look like dog $hit. So f'n undisciplined. Drink needs to be scared for his job with the AD hiring a competent coach for Bball
Our special teams sucked all year. Cost us the Auburn game. Good riddance.
Thats a good idea. Dude can make the jump to elite if he focused on the details instead of all his antics after every pass defended. He's gonna get an unsportsmanlike penalty at the worst time next year for his selfish antics. Mark my words. Just play football dude. Congrats you broke up a pass. Act like you did it before
We got a quality road win and thats it. Every other win is against weaker competition. We beat ku and then we can talk about top 3. I think 5 is too high right now.
We scared to lose to kansas twice in to different sports in a weeks time. Drink doing everything he can not to get another L this even if it means playing East Carolina in the Gasparillo Bowl. Basically we a bunch of wussies
Fumbles and penalties are the real underlying issues this year. Re GD diculous. Thats on coaching. Train your players not to fumble or commit penalties
This is what happens when you try to make the 5 star freshman happy. Burden got all the TDs and attention. Lovett out performed him all year. Lovett probably feels unappreciated.
Can't believe we're #9. Thought it'd be #13 like we've been all year
He's bleeding out the dominance Alabama once had on college football. Kirby's been eroding it away and this year it's more apparent than ever. Can't imagine how busy the hotlines would be in T-town if they didn't have Bryce Young
KJ Jefferson - 19 rushes - 38 yds. Brady Cook - 18 rushes - 138 yds
And week 4 of the football season y'all was saying you stomp us. Let's play the game. See you on the court. All basketball team should be improved
How mad everyone gonna be when Drink names Cook QB1 over Horn next year?
Hey Arky fans! How's it feel to be top 10 during the year then finish with the exact same record as us? Hahahaha.