Big Mizzou fan but a bigger fan of good football regardless if it's D2 or the NCG. Fun fact: Unlike 99% of SEC fans, I graduated from the university I cheer for.

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Why the H ELL these stupid projectionists got us playing North Texas again? We beat em for homecoming this year. Give us a S hitty pac-12 school or something
Auburn in Birmingham, Tennessee in Nashville, Florida in Tampa, South Carolina in Charlotte. These are terrible. Its supposed to be a reward for the players. Like a vacation away from home. Not a 1 hour bus ride
Fans are disappointed in the result but I know Drink will be recruiting his a s s off tomorrow.
Like the first drive on the game when Bo Smith was open for the TD and Bazelak over threw him. Would have been a completely different game had he made that throw
Sure was nice hearing Sam Pittman saying no one on this team has never beat Mizzou before the game. Now they think they're better at 1-5 the last 6 years. Hahaha
So disappointed in Bazelak. You have a chance to shut everyone up about benching you and this was your performance. Completely letting Mizzou fans down everywhere. And Drink leaving him in makes you question if he really wanted to win the game
Definitely the MVP or our team. However, Bryce Young should be awarded the Heisman. I dislike Bama as much as one could but the decision making and pre snap awareness is next level. Not gonna wow people who don't know football but if you know football there's no denying he's the best this year and its pains me to say that lol
But then they got Arky playing FSU. I hope "expert" Jerry Palm knows only FLA or FSU will go bowling. Not both
Knew it would be something lol. At least Mullen ain't dancing in the locker room.
Those cry babies from Texas can't even handle a horns down gesture.
Great win but we have got to learn to put the foot on the throat. We let off the gas up 17 in the 4th quarter and almost lost because of it. "Don't let up, don't ever let up." Jimmy V lol jk
Cry me a river. He cares about his team so much he did want that player to get a 15 yards penalty
F these dudes man. We don't quit. You wanna talk about karma? Guess who ain't winning the national championship now because of these entitled comments. These M Fer's think they national champions already
I cant believe we led 3-0 and we beat the spread for the first time all year. Moral victory for sure. That punt block though :(
Just terrible. Who thought that was a good idea?
While I believe Brady Cook is a more accurate passer, there's no doubt about Macon's running ability. A defense like Georgia's will T off on a pocket passer like Cook. Good call Coach on Macon's dual threat capabilities. Let's see how it fairs.
Thank God for the hail mary. Had we been losing going into halftime against Vandy we may not have won that game
We're still taking our defense to Georgia so it'll be over by the end of the 1st quarter regardless of who plays QB
Reporter: Coach what are your thoughts on the loss to Vandy?" Coach: Well I hate to use injuries as an excuse but we did have a lot of guys injured.
Wilkes is a great person but the only thing I want to hear him talk about is what he's doing to make the defense better so we can f'in stop somebody.
Hopefully he'll be ok. He's scheduled to film another commercial tomorrow morning
0-6 against the spread all year. No way Mizzou covers the 17 points. Smart money's on Vandy the 17 point home dog