Big Mizzou fan but a bigger fan of good football regardless if it's D2 or the NCG. Fun fact: Unlike 99% of SEC fans, I graduated from the university I cheer for.

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I'm sorry. That was 2 years ago. I suck as a commenter
DeMarcus Acy raced 4 students last year and students got to field punts. Got to go on the field and see the players after. So don't tell me last year's spring game sucked. You suck as a journalist because you don't know the facts.
And I'm not educated enough to put a T on no. You got me
No even worth an argument with you southern bumpkins. You're not educated enough to understand. Go back to worshipping your racist past. Bars and stars. Derrrrrr
Makes sense for him. RBs have short shelf life. Make that money while you're body's still good.
Don't lower yourself to that level. No way Muschamp is calling hookers.
I was upset he left but learnt he is from Texas. Can't blame moving closer to family. Best of luck except when you play Mizzou
Bitter you had the best defense in school history, with returning senior Fitzy, and still had the same record as lowly, outcast, pitiful Mizzou? What wrong with players getting paid?
Mizzou wrestling does. But you southern boys aren't comfortable enough with your sexuality to have wrestling. Probably cause Vince McMann has convinced you his wrestling is real.
Good for him. On pace to be an undefeated coach. Smart move
This man is an adulterer. Payed players and lied out his teeth. He'd still be doing it if he hadn't got caught. He's only sorry cause he got caught. You can't see through his BS cause you're blinded by the light
Amen. Cap'n. No way I'd let him get close to my son.
Wow! Still playing the God card! We know your not a holy man Hugh Freeze!
Good! McShay saying he'll get drafted on day 2 yesterfay. Are you drunk? He has lost all credibility for that comment. Everyone is on the Oregon QBs D but I just don't see it.
LSU gonna stomp UCF. Delpit gonna have 2 picks. White gonna have 5 TFLs. LSU defensive speed will be too much. Trench play is far in LSU's favor IMO
Aranda get paid more than most coaches. Wow!.They better shut out UCF
Tua or Murray? Tough decision. Only knock on Tua is no 4th quarter stats. IMO Murray is the best athlete in college football. Tua is the best QB. I'm fine with either winning. Though back to back Heismans under Lincoln Riley, his first 2 years as a coach, would be crazy. Probably a record
Something tells me they knew ahead of time Meyer would resign
So Auburn has no QB in 2019. No way Hurts goes there. Gonna have to start a true freshman. Ouch. I predict 0-8 next year in the SEC. But watch out. Last time they went 0-8 the next year they beat Mizzou to go the NCG.
So he don't up and leave to a school that offers more
Agreed. Do not add years as he is extended thru 2022 but make the salary. 3.5 mil and give the assistants a raise too.
Dang Barry! Gus offering money and we still get him. Auburn should pray Stidham stays
Goin' Cam Newton style on this one. Hard for Bryant to turn down $$$$$$$
The U was supposed to be back with Richt too. Lol. How's that going? Didn't hear much from that turnover chain this year