Big Mizzou fan but a bigger fan of good football regardless if it's D2 or the NCG. Fun fact: Unlike 99% of SEC fans, I graduated from the university I cheer for.

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Big 10 has never let in a "state"? Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan State.
Let me guess. DM - I'm gonna use the past success of the Florida coaches before me for recruiting because we sure know I can't promise kids the future.
Florida taking shots at Mizzou. That's all you need to know. They scared. Thought you were above Mizzou?
Booches who the h3ll we think we are recommended changes in a conference we ain't been in that long. And jimmy pipe down. Don't you gotta complain about Auburn needing to be in the East or something.
This again!? You Auburn just need to suck it up and lose the division to Bama every year.
Ours looks sweet. Looking pretty plain on the plains lol
True. U of M higher ups will try to F this good thing up. That would be typical Mizzou
Man, usually the No. 1 player from Missouri goes to Nebraska. Not the other way around. This is amazing!
Says a lot about both teams WR corp if he starts for the Lane Train
Dang. Pretty sure his Dad moved to Columbia and started a BBQ stand. I guess that will be transferring too :(
Just one more notch in the belt for dissolving the NCAA. Sankey needs to get with other commissioners and figure out how to leave the NCAA
I'm no NC State fan but if I was I'd be pi$$ed. I can see Ohio State trying to pull this crap to get an easy natty trip
Suck it Georgia. Offering him after he dropped his top 5 like you can swoop in and snatch him up. Typical Georgia $hit. Let other schools find the talent, then send em a letter with a big G on it and hope they pick you. Hahahaha
Didn't read the novel of an article but I like where we're at. We're very unproven but the talent is there. The kid from Ohio State, recruit from Oklahoma, Keke with his big size coming back and more. Very excited about our receiving corps. Just need the results
We always trading graduate players with Arky. Last year we got graduate transfer Jonathan Nance from them
25th in the whole country at his position and yet 18th in the state. Missouri must have more high school talent this year than others. Most years 25th OG in the country would be top 10 in the state
This dude names 4 finalists and then goes to LSU. Hahahahahahaha! Nothin to see here NCAA
These are the same Ohio State people that swore up and down Dawayne Haskins was a franchise quarterback. Fields does look way better than Haskins but those OSU guys will say anything
Nice get! Keep it up. Let's get some athletic guys like the Yves Pons of the world
Nobody reads this man. We ain't tryin to read novels in the comments section
Nice. Gotta have depth in the trenches to compete in the SEC
Just seems like every team we play is stronger, jumps higher and shoots better
4 underclassmen 1st team. I don't know about that
We would all be so lucky to make 38 mil career earnings as a back up
I'd say Auburn is licking their chops but I think Brian Harsin is a no nonsense guy. He'll probably go play for Gus and UCF