Big Mizzou fan but a bigger fan of good football regardless if it's D2 or the NCG. Fun fact: Unlike 99% of SEC fans, I graduated from the university I cheer for.

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Florida's and Georgia's SEC East titles the last 5 seasons don't mean jack$hit cuz Mizzou has been down. Ya'll been lucky
If you're dumb enough to need announcers to watch a football game you shouldn't be watching anyway. Put it on mute and be your own announcer.
I real time I thought incomplete. After replay I thought fumble
Barry Odom is undefeated in the rivalry. Hopefully that changes
Good for them. Stupid a$$ Sterk. We're gonna be Chad Morris 2.0 up here
Good for him. He could get the last laugh if his defense wins the game for Arkansas next year.
Link was working with Auburn special teams the year of the Kick 6. Nice
Mizzou hasn't been relevant at the end of the season lately but we were in 1st place in the SEC East this year after week 7.
I like this hire. I think he is a winner. Still have idiotic fans complaining. If your a Mizzou fan b!tching about this hire, stfu.
FPI had Mizzou top 15 earlier this year so that says all you need to know about FPI
First of many I'm afraid. One thing about BO. The players love him.
Wow! The committee respects Mizzou so much that if you shut us out you deserve to be in the CFP.
You know Bowden can't throw and you let him run for 204. Offense is terrible. Albert O doesn't block and just watches running plays. The team has quit on Barry Odom
That Mizzou loss is looking embarrassing too SC
I heard he's going back to Florida once they fire Mullen at the end of the season
Why would you want that bum coaching your team. Hope their QB transfers to OU
Let me guess. He was ejected because of a stupid targeting call. Targeting suspensions should not carry to the next season.
Mizzou is low 40's and high 30's every year. And look where it gets them. 1st place in the East. We need more 4 and 5 star recruits so we can lose at home to teams like South Carolina
According to the coaches poll, they don't rank Missouri because of the bowl ban. I say BS because you aren't technically banned until you're appeal is over.