Big Mizzou fan but a bigger fan of good football regardless if it's D2 or the NCG. Fun fact: Unlike 99% of SEC fans, I graduated from the university I cheer for.

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Then he'll get released by FSU. Go to Hutchinson CC and be primed and ready for the Auburn Tigers
Somebody told him with your QBs and Bama's D, it would be a smart move to not be on film next week. Total business decision. F U team, ima bout to make millions
Vandy women just won the SEC championship in soccer. They don't just play football.
Surprised Danny didn't cause a bench clearing brawl on his own sideline with those antics. He's known for that. Here comes another reprimand from the SEC
Much Respect for SC QB Doty. Kid played great. Even after #11 Nicholson picked him off to seal the game, you could see after the game Doty first bumped him. True sportsmanship
Worst part of this game is Matt Stinchcomb. Dude is 10 times worse than Gary Danielson. Where's the weekly articles on how bad Stinchcomb is?
Oh yeah and #2 Richardson tweeting during the game.
Florida is showing their true colors this year. Mullen starting riots. Taunting after TDs. Booing Felipe. Even their QBs last name is Trash
All I heard from my SEC brethren is this would be over after the election
On the other side. If no one tests positive from this can we go back to normal
Maybe since Lane worked for Saban, he knows Alabama films anything and everything the other team does. A tip Saban got from his good buddy Bellicheat. Lane was like I'll show you Saban. You ain't video taping these plays. Those plays, not on Bama's film, almost cost them the game against Ole Miss. Saban complains to the SEC Office. SEC Office says oh $hit we can't have Bama losing and make the new rule.
Just don't let your quarterback get covid
If your a great receiver there is no reason to play in the Big 12 against inferior competition. Play in the SEC and get yourself ready for the NFL. This kid is making a smart choice.
Challenge flags in college football? HAHAHA. You must be a bammer cuz you don't know $hit about college football
Idk. That seems right. We are getting better but remember our last road game was a dud. Florida has had 3 weeks to prepare but may show rust. One of those game which whoever I put money on I'll lose it
Last coach takes 3 years to beat a ranked team. Drink does it in 3 games. Last coach couldn't beat Kentucky in their entire tenure. Drink beats em in his first attempt. Jim Sterk looking smart.
Stoops sure knows how to coach defensive players. Multiple times MU was blocking and not holding but the Kentucky defender puts up their arms at the right time and it draws a flag. Then great coaching again when MU makes a big gain and grabs momentum, Kentucky players, who at the end of the previous play hop right up, go down as injured right before the snap. You can't coach players better than that
^ Truth! If Ohio State don't play a game they'll be in the CFP
Mizzou caught LSU's secondary at a bad time? 3 of 5 starters were 5 star recruits. Guess how many 4 and 5 recruits started for Missouri's secondary. I'll wait.
Beat teams that are in the upper half of the SEC? Where do you put LSU? The bottom. Somebody scared the East top 3 gonna be UGA, FLA, MIZ
Maybe we wanna smoke a stogie after our coaches first win. STFU about offending someone. If you're offended by this we know who your voting for lol
12.2% chance Mizzou wins. What about 100% baby!
All this is is a push to get Ohio state in the college football playoff