Big Mizzou fan but a bigger fan of good football regardless if it's D2 or the NCG. Fun fact: Unlike 99% of SEC fans, I graduated from the university I cheer for.

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Mind you Blaine Gabbert played all his games in the Big 12
Yeah Mizzou needs help in the trenches more than RB. Plus we got Elijah Young. He is gonna be a stud
From champions of life to claiming national championships
I know the sds staff doesn't follow Mizzou and couldn't care less about us but Larry Borom should have an OL by his name. Every other player has their position in front of their name. You couldn't do a little research on Larry's position? Typical
Please try your hardest to hire Coach Craig Kuligowski
Our last 3 games 48, 49, 51 points. That's not all on the D but I think is time to get fresh blood on the defensive side. It was very smart for Drinkwitz to retain him but now is the time for change if you're going to make one. If we do go looking for a new D coordinator I hope they make sacks a premium. When Mizzou went to back to back championship games it wasn't because we had some amazing QB. It was James Franklin and Maty Mauk. But we did have countless defensive linemen that could create havoc in the backfield every play. That is what Mizzou needs to do if we want to get back there. NFL starter Drew Lock set the SEC record for TDs a few years ago, since broken, and the Tigers didn't do anything that year, except beat Arkansas.
Pittsburgh won't be firing Tomlin anytime soon. They're 12-3 and AFC North Champs. Maybe they'll hire Mullin as their OC. By the way, Mullin can't even control a team college athletes. What makes you think he can control a team of grown men?
This is great! Way to go Larry! Thinking of others and not yourself is very un-SEC. Somehow the NCAA will say this is a violation and we'll have to vacate all wins in games Larry Rountree played in.
Good for Liberty. CCU coach was getting cocky with that 0 in the L column. Had they won they would have declared themselves national champions like when UCF beat Auburn for a undefeated season a few years ago
The Dabs is completely right here. Its BS that Ohio State has a potential of only playing 8 games to be national champion. Hopefully Clemson blanks them like a few years ago. And I ain't so sure Ohio State and the Big 10 paid off the committee to get in. I think the NCAA should investigate that
Nothing from the Music city bowl? Probably a Taylor Swift cd from 2008 and $20 Walmart gift card. Merry Christmas Tigers. Don't spend it all in 1 place
He's the perfect coach for UF. His team's a Florida man headline waiting to happen. "Florida man starts brawl and denies it". "Florida man throws shoe, loses game".
Mizzou was tied with Georgia 14-14 late in the 2nd quarter and led Florida late in the 2nd 7-6. Both teams took the lead right before halftime and never looked back. Speed what lost both games. Mizzou's too slow on defense in the secondary and linebacker position (minus Bolton) to keep up with Florida's and Georgia's skill players. Mizzou's offensive skill players are too slow to get separation from top secondaries. Also the speed in the trenches is another spot we get beat. Defensive ends flying around the tackles. Drink knows it starts with recruiting. He's the right man for the job in my opinion
Pittman will say Bama faked injuries for timeouts as an excuse like last week
SEC never wants a low south state playing at Missouri late in the year. That's why we always get Georgia and Florida early. And always play Kentucky and Vandy late in the year. Mind you thus game was scheduled for October. The early 11 am time slot gives Georgia the warmest weather. As mentioned, nobody wants those dawgs playing in freezing temperature weather. Especially the goons in Birmingham
I wanna hear more about Sam Pittman as SEC Coach of the year. Amazing job to have Arkansas at 3-6 and giving up more than 30 points a game. Calling out defense players for faking injuries while having Frank's taking all the pregame snaps and put in KJ. The Stugotz is strong in you. SEC Coach of the year material
And y'all had Greg Schiano but no, he wasn't good enough. Hahahaha
Must have missed Missouri vs Arkansas earlier today huh
Bingo. You know why it took forever to review? SEC Office had to call the ref
Then he'll get released by FSU. Go to Hutchinson CC and be primed and ready for the Auburn Tigers