Big Mizzou fan but a bigger fan of good football regardless if it's D2 or the NCG. Fun fact: Unlike 99% of SEC fans, I graduated from the university I cheer for.

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All this is is a push to get Ohio state in the college football playoff
I feel like Bama has had the least amount of turnover and experience will be huge this year. It pains me to say it but its Bama's to lose this year.
Looks like the schedule rankings for all of college football. The rest of the country comes in at no.15 through whatever
75% of the country and 99% of Tennessee
You're dumb as $hit if you think all these 3 star players we're getting are no good. This recruiting class is shaping up to be one of the best overall Mizzou's ever had.
Surprised they wanna play us with all that a$$ whoopin we been doing
SEC Timeout baby! That's just using the rules to your advantage.
Just goes to show preseason polls are a BS popularity contest. Just look at the clowns the networks have analyzing College Football. That Bear guy on college gameday is always under 50% on his picks. AP poll and coaches poll are irrelevant anyway with the CFP
How is what he said even bad? Kirk Herbstreit said some stupid a$$ ship to get his name in the news. Stick to picking football games Herby
Don't you have to go complain about moving to the East?
Auburn lickin their chops. New DL coming to town
The 12,500 fans there helped. It's funny our last 2 home games we have over 11,000 fans and we win. If fans would show up this team would've beat A&M and others. Same as football. Get your a$$es in the seats Mizzou fans! You can effect the outcome.
McCann was 24 of 33? Wow! Coulda won more games if he made those kicks. I blame Barry Odom for making him the punter too. We were the only FBS team to have 1 player kicking and punting. Dumb dumb dumb. So glad we got a smart coach like Drinkwitz
Remember when Arkansas was considered good with that 12-1 non conference schedule? Must have been weak
Drink is on fire! STFU Georiga fan. Keep your nose were it belongs. Do you remember 2013? We came to your house and whooped your a$$ with 3 star Big 12 recruits. Get ready for a Kelly Bryant type season with your new QB. We coming for you!
Every game was close but ours. Man we are pathetic
This is great. We need all the help on the D line we can get
Florida's and Georgia's SEC East titles the last 5 seasons don't mean jack$hit cuz Mizzou has been down. Ya'll been lucky
If you're dumb enough to need announcers to watch a football game you shouldn't be watching anyway. Put it on mute and be your own announcer.
I real time I thought incomplete. After replay I thought fumble
Barry Odom is undefeated in the rivalry. Hopefully that changes
Good for them. Stupid a$$ Sterk. We're gonna be Chad Morris 2.0 up here
Good for him. He could get the last laugh if his defense wins the game for Arkansas next year.
Link was working with Auburn special teams the year of the Kick 6. Nice