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As a LSU fan it was time for a change. Hopefully we have some good options out there to replace Paul Mainieri.
I'm sure Danny Kanell is probably sick to his stomach as a Florida St/ACC fan.
I think this 10 game conference only schedule will test every teams mental toughness this year. Personally I wouldn't mind if the SEC along with the Big 10, ACC, and Pac 12 chose to play a permanent 10 game conference schedule going forward.
Auburn not losing to Kentucky. The other games are pretty possible though.
The reality is that if Auburn ever fired Gus Malzahn who will they be able to go get. Their is not too many big name coaches out there for them to call up. If they would've had a better defense his 1st year they would've beaten Florida St. for the national title that year.Auburn fans better not be so quick to get rid of him because a big time program like that sometimes doesn't always bounce back when they lose a pretty good to great head coach.
As a LSU fan I don't see them losing to Ole Miss. Alabama and Florida is possible but not Ole Miss.
As a Lsu fan I wouldn't mind a permanent 10 game conference schedule among 4 of the 5 power conferences. That way everyone will be on a level playing field. And if it was up to me to decide who should be 1,2,3, and 4 come playoff time, I would just rank them based on who played more ranked teams than the others.
I think that this scheduling format will test every teams mental toughness. Plus I hope that this will become a permanent thing going forward. Two less cupcake games and two more quality games.
Justin Fields along with other draft eligible players will probably choose to just move on to the draft instead of risk getting hurt just months before the draft.
To me the Big Ten and Pac 12 look desperate trying to force those players to play football in the spring then get ready for the fall. How many of those draft eligible players will want to play football in the spring anyway. I doubt Justin Fields will want to.
As a Lsu fan I wouldn't mind a permanent 10 game conference schedule to be honest. Two less cupcake games and two more quality games.
I don't see why people want to expand for.Even if they do expand that means more SEC teams would get in the playoffs do other conferences's fans want to see more SEC teams in there.Personally as an SEC fan In would love to see 3 or even 4 teams from the conference get in.But we already get criticized for having two in last year.Now if they expanded then we would have 3 or 4 teams fans from other conferences would still be complaining.
The way I see it they should've put Auburn in the east division 25 years ago when they came up with the divisions .
It would be nice to see Oklahoma and Oklahoma St join the Sec along with Texas and Texas Tech .
Greg Sankey would love to add Oklahoma, Oklahoma St., Texas, and Texas Tech. Put both Oklahoma schools in the east and Texas and Texas Tech in the west. Adding both Oklahoma schools to the east would make the east division more competitive than it has been the last 4 years or so.Plus the SEC would play 10 conference games 8 division games and 2 cross division games. And only 2 non conference games. Oklahoma vs Tennessee, Oklahoma St. vs Georgia, Oklahoma vs Florida would be some good east division games. In the west LSU vs Texas would be a good border rivalry game, Alabama vs Texas, Arkansas vs Texas, A&M vs. Texas, Arkansas vs Texas Tech would be some good games also.
I don't want to hear no trash talk from Mississippi state fans because since 1992 LSU is 22-2 against Mississippi state and up until two years ago it took them over 20 years to win in Death Valley. Lsu has owned the bulldogs even in Starkville for the past two decades.
They probably could go 11-1 if Brandon Harris plays better and the defense is better the only possible loss is maybe to Florida.
I would like to see Oklahoma, Oklahoma st. and even Texas in the SEC. I bet that if the SEC went to Texas to ask them if they wanted to come to the SEC I bet they would give up their precious LHN in a heartbeat.
Ole Miss had a chance to win the west last year and choked against Arkansas that's why they will never win another conference or national title again.