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If they go 8-4 again this year people will start wondering is Fisher, the right coach to win the SEC.
I think they'll still probably go 8-4 and Aggie fans will start wondering is he the right coach to help them win the SEC.
He definitely can't afford to go 8-4 again. If that happens people will start chirping about him and wondering, is he the right coach to help them win an SEC Title.
If they stick with divisions Bama/Auburn moves to the East, Mizzou, Oklahoma, and Texas to the West. I wonder do they get rid of permanent cross division games, fans will still have to wait at least every 4 years to play certain cross division teams. Fans not going to want to wait every 4 year to watch Bama/Oklahoma. I saw a graphic of the pod system, Pod A: FL,GA,KY, and SC. Pod B:Bama, Auburn, Tennessee, and Vandy. Pod C: LSU, Ole Miss, Miss State, and Texas A&M. Pod D: Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, and Mizzou. Fans would get to see their favorite teams play certain opponents every two years, you might play certain teams from other pods two years in a row. I wouldn't mind that.
I'm all for it, if Miles and Orgeron were able to win a title, I'm sure a more competent coach like Kelly can do so down the road to.
If Les Miles and Ed O was able to win title, Kelly can win one down the road to.
I know it probably won't happen but I wouldn't mind if it did though. At this point if you're Mike Tomlin and you have an aging qb, are you willing to start over with a rookie qb especially in that division probably not. Plus what else does he have to prove anyway, he's won a super bowl and coached in another one. I know it's been a long time since he's been in the college ranks but that would be a pretty good recruiting tool for LSU though, having a super bowl winning coach come to your house would more than likely excite a bunch of 17 to 18 year olds who want to go pro anyway.
Texas fans were confident they were going to just run through the SEC though.
It's become a circus act at this point with Coach O, and that's why I think he'll be gone after this season regardless of what happens going forward. I'm sure Scott Woodward is looking at head coaching options these days.
To be honest I think he's gone after the season regardless. At some point you have to start looking at the trend of a program. I wouldn't be surprised if Scott Woodward is looking at coaching options these days.
I think they'll probably just stick with divisions and put Bama and Auburn in the East, and put Mizzou, Oklahoma, and Texas in the West. From there I wouldn't be surprised if the SEC ended up playing a conference only schedule especially since the other power conferences are starting a alliance that will stop them from playing SEC teams anyway. 7 division games and 5 cross division games. You'll see your favorite team play every cross division team within a two year span.
I know this probably won't happen but if I were the SEC I would just play a 12 game conference only schedule, especially since those three conferences will stop playing SEC teams anyway. Move Bama and Auburn to the East, and Mizzou, Texas, and Oklahoma to the West. We would have 7 division games and 5 cross division games, that way you'll get to see your favorite team play all 8 cross division teams within a 2 year span.
It'll be interesting to start a rivalry with Texas and Oklahoma. But Texas fans need to stop talking about how they are going to just run through the SEC, because you barely been running through the Big 12 for the past decade.
I think Iowa State, and Kansas could end up in the Big ten, Kansas State to the AAC, West Virginia to the ACC, TCU, and Baylor probably to the Sunbelt, and Conference USA, Texas Tech and Ok St either the Pac 12 or they'll probably try to fight to join the SEC.
It's funny that the rest of those Big 12 schools are talking about sticking together but once the Big Ten or Pac 12 comes calling it's every man for themselves.
The Big 12 had a chance to add schools five years ago and chose not do to that, they have no one to blame but themselves at this point. They had all those group of five schools audition to join the Big 12 for nothing. I wouldn't be surprised if fans of those group of five schools aren't laughing at the Big 12 these days.
It will be interesting to see what happens with Texas Tech and Oklahoma State.
LSU will improve in those areas. Sine Florida fans want to talk about records this year, ya'll could easily lose to Bama, LSU, Georgia, Kentucky, and Mizzou and go 7-5. It'll be just a matter of time before Florida fans will be ready to get rid of Mullen.
He said Coach O offered him to be a center. He has the size for it though. Plus Coach O has shown he doesn't mind moving a d lineman to o lineman and vice versa since becoming LSU head coach.
I think Mullen and Smart could be under pressure for different reasons this year. Let's be honest most Gator fans are probably expecting an 8-4 or 9-3 type of season anyway. If they do that Mullen will be alright, Georgia fans are probably expecting a national title this year and rightfully so. If Kirby doesn't win it people will start questioning if he's the right coach to get the job done.
I think that the way Florida 2020 season ended is probably why Phil Steele has them unranked. But I think they'll probably go 8-4 and finish inside the top 25 at the end of this upcoming season.
A lot of people on Twitter was making such a big deal about it, but it's not his fault people like to record other people working out. It's a free country.
Yeah that is a pretty good pickup for Coach O and Blake Baker. Not a good look for Dan Mullen though. He didn't even have them in his final five.
As a LSU fan it was time for a change. Hopefully we have some good options out there to replace Paul Mainieri.
I'm sure Danny Kanell is probably sick to his stomach as a Florida St/ACC fan.
I think this 10 game conference only schedule will test every teams mental toughness this year. Personally I wouldn't mind if the SEC along with the Big 10, ACC, and Pac 12 chose to play a permanent 10 game conference schedule going forward.
Auburn not losing to Kentucky. The other games are pretty possible though.