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I love how all you Ohio State fans, all of a sudden, choose Jeff Sagarin's SOS as official. You Fans are the most Bias fans that roll with anything they read of the wittle internet.
UGADAWG78 you know its funny that you think its hilarious that you say he thinks he knows whats going on at UGA practices when you literally just made the same statement. I am a huge UGA fan and dont think fields was given at chance especially at the LSU game.
@BamaRulesSEC kinda ironic. A Bama fan complaining about Clemson still talking about last season when all Bama fans do is talk about the past lol. Every time a Bama fan gets annoyed, they always gotta bring up how they won the championship in the past and the other team didn't.
you got to actually think though. Eason was throwing a lot more than Fromm did and Eason took chances while Fromm chose the safe throws. Nothing wrong with either just saying completion percentage stat is a stupid stat to compare.
BamaRulesSEC yeah makes as much sense as bama getting into the playoffs after not going to a championship.....take off your bama blinders just for one dang second man.
Idk if that's really a blindside when it looked like he was trying to break it up until the dude threw the first punch.
UCF only had 3 people drafted in the first 3 rounds, Florida had 2, miami 1,FSU had 2. Now your statment is not wrong that they had more draft picks than the latter, but you also gotta think those 3 are just aful so you campaing 4 win teams draft picks is sad when a worse team is keeping up with yall.
no one literally thinks about UCF in the past 2 years quit your delusional rants. Its UCF and their fans that are yelling at the top of the lungs crying for relevance. They are like a fly, its there and its annoying but cant cause any harm. I mean jesus dude you are a UCF fan and you are on a SEC website. kinda talks about your personality right there alone. Everyone has their own opinions if you want to believe UCF is great good, but dont jump on a SEC website and reply to literally everyone on here to say how great they are...
Dude just give them props. Jesus. Your team got exposed in the first half and came put and showed them why Alabama is the best team in the country. Why get all salty and put them down. They're basically a d2 school and your mad because they hung with them in 2 quarters. Get over yourself
Lol Alabama acting like they don't do the same thing. 2012 was a long time ago, but in the sec championship game when Aaron Murray was jogging and blindsided by an Alabama player. It's okay when bama does it just not when it happens to them
Dellav8r its like people dont understand the term "best" when they say best team in the country.
BamaTime I don't get it either. Tua looks like one of the best QBs in Alabama history, maybe even college. Yes he is on the best team, but he has made the best team in the country go from they can be beat by a good team to i dont think any team but Bama can beat Bama Also im a georgia fan before someone calls me a bama fan and that im biased
That is the most ignorant comment I've ever heard. You havent even seen justin play except from the garbage time he has played. You also act like from was changing the plays from what Jum Chaney was calling. Everything you saw on offense was because of Chaney. He finally used the RB and let's fromm do the only thing he is good at. Play action
Ok if you say so au alum. It's easy to go and lose only 3 game when you have a great team look at hurts. And I'm not blaming fromm on the lost yesterday. It's also easy to be the most efficient when you only throw it 5-10 yards every play. Yesterday was bad play all around. Dropped passes but also misses wide open people. And you cant tell me him going 1-10 for like 20 yards fpr 30 minutes isnt his fault because that's all him. And you just proved my point they couldn't get chubb/Michel going and they lost like I said. I know fromm is good don't change words around because that makes you look idiotic. And don't freaking include me with the group that was loving fromm and now sticking hom under the bus i guess you need glasses be cause I said I thought eason was better and they stuck with fromm anyways. He also did not lead them to the NC. You cant have it both ways au alum. You cant blame the coaching and oc for bad play then go oh they went 12-0 because from lead the way. No roquan Smith, Michel-chubb, good receivers, and good run/play action from the coaches made the plays. So congrats looks like you won the retard reward for not knowing football
While yes the play calling wasn't good, Jake fromm was part of the problem too. It wasn't all his fault they played. Ad but when justin fields comes in and they finally score(even though he wasn't one to score) kinda says something. I've been saying since day 1 that he wasn't better than eason. And I've been saying fields is better too. Maybe not at first because he didnt know the playbook but it's obvious Jake fromm did not take Georgia to the national championship last year and it's obvious he's just another greyson Lambert just a little better
Jake Fromm is literally a glorified Greyson Lambert. He is a good QB, but its because of coaches, oline, rbs, and wrs are the only reason he is even considered good. look at the mizou game. those three touchdowns are NOT because of fromm. it was because the wrs made good plays and defenders made mistakes. i love Georgia and i like fromm. im so tired of hearing the Fromm lead this team to a win or the national championship when he didnt.