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Charles says Clemson is making too many mistakes inside. Says they should just play their game. It’s halftime; let’s see if he’s right. I’m betting on the Tigers!
I’m not sure what it is but it’s working. Good for Golden and happy for Aberdeen.
It all comes down to money. Take the recruits with you to the game. I wish they would leave this game in Jax and renew the contract. Some things need to be left alone, especially with the conference adding two more teams. Home and home is not as fun for either group of fans, imo. The tailgating experience is a mix of Florida - Georgia fans in most parking lots and the city did a great job of managing the crowd last year. Tradition is what makes these SEC rivalries great!
@PeakSaban, so happy our Gators beat Missou for Homecoming and out some more smiles on Floridians faces. Thank you for making this Gator fan feel so good about how Gators treat our fellow Florida friends.
Agree Napier owes no one. Hopefully he’ll have better vision on the QB situation.
That’s rich coming from a Dawg. He just gave you winning advice.
I’d like to see what a coach like Napier can do t Florida. It’s been a while since we’ve focused on recruiting. So what if Napier was with MacElwain at Colorado. He was super young and I like his experience with Dabo and Saban. I’m not sure Kiffin would be a good fit for us.
Don’t be so sure about that. Florida is a Power 5 job and it’s really a toss up as whether Florida or LSU is the better job.
This was one of your best articles written about the WLOCP! It was full of emotion and great descriptions of good friends we’ve shared the day with in the past. Uncle Chuck had some of the best pre-game parties I’ve ever been to and tailgating in general will always remind me of him. Sorry to hear of Ryland’s father’s passing. Thanks for the memories, now let’s make some more, starting this weekend. Go Gators! Momma
Congratulations to LSU! Your team played better and was the better team on the field all night. Burrows is a great QB.
Great read on the culture change for the Gators. This had to happen for the Gators to return to a top notch program in the SEC. I thought Frank’s improvement was noticeable in more ways than one. He appeared more confident, moved better in the pocket for his size, and the throw he made to Swain was so clutch and perfect. Henderson’s pursuit on the TN receiver in the 2nd was beautiful. Tennessee fans were lost at the start of the third really. They have a tough schedule on the road but so do the Gators so we’ll see what we’re made of over the next few weeks. Keep writing the good stuff!