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I agree, I was just saying for a major program to claim ownership of a division is like saying division ownership is the goal. Division ownership doesn’t matter to anyone outside that division.
Disappointing loss for sure, but I’ll take a Citrus Bowl win over PSU and a whole lot of fun this season over a 2 game skid to end the season every time. Just a heads up, bragging about owning a division is what teams do when they can’t brag about owning the conference. I do not recall the last time I saw a Bama alumni/fan brag about owning the West. See what I mean?
Or maybe he likes his job? People turn them down all the time.
Well Gran just tweeted let’s do this BBN so I guess he isn’t going.
This team played 10 Power 5 games. Which Power 5 school plays against all Power 5 schools? I assume you have the answer for the team that only plays Power 5 schools. Do you go on the UT, UGA, USC or any other school page to complain about the crappy teams they play? I’m not really sure what is missing from your life. Please don’t respond with your daily “my fans crap”. Hope you find friends or love in 19.
I don’t care what people say about Kentucky football, the SEC is better when we are better. Go Big Blue!
I’m not saying you didn’t get a good one, but there are a lot of variables when comparing quarterbacks from different season. Loss to the draft or graduation, Bryant was a first year starter but had played college games, even defensive changes. How many downs did each have to play? All of that said you got a good one. Interested to see how he does with a different line, receivers and backs. Which you have plenty of talent at as well.
I don’t see why this would baffle anyone. Auburn is a beautiful campus with great facilities. When I went down the fans were friendly, crowd was electric and that was against Kentucky (we won!). Anyway, kids choose schools from a lot of reasons, but I don’t find choosing Auburn a stretch. Bad by their standards is pretty descent by most.
If they transfer from a Power 5 school it is likely because they weren’t cutting it in the field compared to their teammates. Therefore not playing much. Players go through JUCO to to get experience playing, better grades, or any number of reasons. But you already knew that. You can save your time replying, I don’t go back to articles to read them.
Mizzou won 5 games in 15’ and 4 in 16’. Are you arguing that those teams should have been ranked 20 spots higher in the preseason because of the previous years record alone. Maybe the voters took into account the players you lost along the way.
Th e part of this that missed the article is the fact that the UL AD Vince Tyra was going around meeting recruits the days before they hired and assuring them their scholarships would be honored. Then coach steps in. Very UL.
I’m not gonna bash Bryant, but most of his recruitment list was weird. At one point wasn’t it Missouri, Louisville, Arkansas and North Carolina? Don’t get me wrong, i’m sure Stoops would take him, but he didn’t appear to setting the bar very high considering where he had been. I would at least want to go to a team that could potentially beat the one I left.
The second part of your rant doesn’t make sense. The part about followings. May want to clear that up. What everyone is trying to say is you bash Stoops all year, but people in the industry just voted him coach of the year. Your comments don’t bother me one way or the other. I just like to respond because I think it makes you feel important. Anybody this bent in a football forum needs that level of support.
Be nice, everybody knows Paris knows way more about everything than everyone else. I bet he’ll come in soon with a finely crafted reason on why his take is better than all these coaches and AP people.
At least I believe we can all agree that at least Ohio State didn’t take it home.
Anyone can choose any school logo without ever stepping foot on campus. Don’t give him so much time.
Words, words, nonsense, words, dumb comment, making fun of something I cannot do, comment, words, our version of Stoops, gas, words. Hey look i’m Paris!
Interesting that you only exist on the apron strings of Paris. Trouble spelling major or just a dumb name?
Reading is hard. You are the only one that said New Years Six. Outback and Citrus are on New Years Day. Like they said. You must be a joy to be around.
Of course a person named Mayor Boner supports him. Were you at the game? I was. If not can you really comment on attendance? Many games had empty seats last week. I’d guess you didn’t attend any game last week.
You can be a troll and make the first post. I’d guess you nearly piss yourself to be first on to make a negative comment.
You could probably say Mizzou. Whether or not you like the ending, Kentucky held them to 14 points. Good teams find ways to win. Many (most) teams in the power 5 would be just fine with Kentucky’s win total this year and how they got them.
UT basketball is looking like it might have the season UK football is having. Once every 50 years. We are talking men’s right? I get confused when people mention UT basketball.
Leading a series doesn’t mean victory. Kentucky is behind in most series within the conferences and has still won 5. Oh, to save some time. I know Kentucky lost to Georgia. This is not a dig at them. They are gonna beat Auburn. Just not because they’ve beat them in past seasons.
Teams should do more of this kind of thing. This is what matters. Strong work!
It was 1984, but I understand research or proof reading is so Gen X.