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He averaged 3.3 points and less than 3 minutes a game. Something like 45 seconds in the last game. He needs to improve, but isn’t willing to pay his dues. He needed to just recognize he wasn’t a one and done kind of player. Like football, not all 5 stars shine.
Yes you broke a 5 game skid against Kentucky last season, but remember we took a badly banged up, backup QB into a must win game for SC in Columbia. Next season it is in Lexington with most of the team returning in blue including a veteran staring QB coming back with 3 solid running backs too. I’m all fairness though, I view the SC the same way you do, but through blue glasses; no reason can’t pick up where we had been the previous 5 years.
According to the Louisville Courier Journal they lose 26 player from 2019. 9 were starters. They have a fantastic receiver. They changed starting QB 3 times during the season. Changes him twice during the UK game alone. Cunningham is serviceable, not great. They have a Road game at ND and play VaTech next season. Looks like a 6-6 schedule for them next year.
Louisville is our Florida State or Miami. Whoever you all hate more.
Yes he does state his reason, but it is clear he did no real research or he’d know they lose 27 players, 9 of which were starters. At the very least Satt will be coaching a young team that is only second best in the state because someone has to be second best.
I just looked at the author. Valid point.
Let’s just leave it at ranking Louisville. I’m not even mad about the UK part until we know Terry is good to go.
First of all, I am not saying Kentucky should be too 25, but Louisville at 24 is just lazy. They lose 27 players, 9 of them starters (straight from Louisville paper). Sure they were a 2 win team the year before, but players have already admitted to the media they quit in Bobby long before he was fired. They weren’t even being coached. Of course they only win 2. Read Card Chronicle, even their fan base believes they’ll have a bit of a slide next season. ESPN put UNC in which makes more sense if you have to have a second ACC team. Virginia Tech was incredibly young this year, won 8 and had a good coach, but Louisville magically jumps them? FSU hires a good coach. Seems like you are just trying to poke Kentucky faithful.
Based on Lawerence name being mentioned, I believe he was referring to Top 5 QB pick. Not the team.
Good for him. He will always be remembered fondly in Lexington. He did more than anyone could/should expect from a student athlete. Go get paid and continue to prove people wrong.
Leghumper, thanks for actually having a sense is humor in here. I enjoyed that response.
My way richer, significantly more important FSU booster buddy says he isn’t and neither is his brother.
I get it now. Zoucat is Mizzou’s Paris10 in this site. The guy that bashed all things UK and claims to be a fan.
i can’t tell if he is serious. Can you tell us more how Mizzou was able to bless the SEC with national exposure?
Did you really just reference the 60’s and 70’s for your argument? You realize 1979 was 40 years ago making anything in your argument obsolete.
You haven’t beat Kentucky in 5 years. So who were you referring to sucking?
And yet they have experienced more success in life than you.
Paris is just part of the problem and believes he is part of the solution. He doesn’t go to games and complains that attendance is bad. That kind of guy.
Paris 10’a most conflicting week. UK be UL week.
I assume you realize Bowden probably doesn’t read this site and if he does he certainly doesn’t care what you think. He has experienced success in life.
Is it me or is Paris talking to himself? He seems to post some rant and then post a reply to his own post. I think we have all we need to know about him.
That was definitely a UT fan trying it fire up the team. I’m sticking with that theory.
Not an insult, but saying “will they be good again, of course they will” is relative to your interpretation of good. Sports is full of teams that have a rich history in the past and never get back to their former glory. I think the real challenge for a fan base is to accept there are many good seasons that include losses and don’t include titles. If fans are only satisfied with the absolute top they’ll miss all the fun along the way.
We understand you won last year. I bet, you would gladly lose to Kentucky to have winning seasons again.
That is absolutely true. I was really just referencing. That Kentucky has become a big game for UT in recent years because it is winnable for UT.
The Kentucky game has become the Tennessee’s bowl for the past 10ish years so I’m guessing you really hope we Kentucky.