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Because Mississippi State couldn’t? Just trying to figure out what you are basing it on.
UofL has enough of a quarterback battle for you to worry about. ParisCard10 (there version of Paris) Anyway, glad I could make you feel important for a few seconds on the internet. Screen shot it and show your parents.
What a cute interpretation. I’m really happy you have a special place were you feel important. Paris special day! ParisCard10
If Louisville doesn’t get it, nobody will and Louisville isn’t getting it.
SC is certainly not the 3rd toughest game in my opinion. I assume you are putting yourself behind Florida and UGA. Does that mean you are ahead of Mizzou, Mississippi State and UT? All 3 have given UK more fits in recent years than SC. Not saying Kentucky will get there 6th in a row in the series, just saying playing SC hasn’t been as scary as it was when Shaw was running the offense.
Louisville plays non power 5 schools too ParisCard.
Auburn making fun of shady college basketball coach hires? Wow!
Then tell UGA fans to stop crowing about a top basketball recruit because UK offered him too. Speaking and credibility.
Ask someone around you to read the article for you. It says, this was the first time he was made available to media and he was asked about it. So he answered. Kentucky didn’t bring it up.
So you, Captain Facts, have proof they didn’t. I’m guessing you supported Pitino during that UL NCAA thing.
Hey maybe your Cards will surpass the 2 win ceiling this year. At least use a different name on Card Chronicle. Bush league.
I bet you are super fired up about the Satterfeld hire.
You may have missed it ranting on here, but the new Monday News and Notes is up on Card Chronicle.
Well that didn’t go over like you hoped did it? I am sure is is hard being a Card in Lexington.
Just worried they’d take your DC from the Ville king of “facts”? As always, won’t be back for your reply. Good day Birdman.
It only makes you better. Let them give you their beat shot each week.
Well Paris the article was written to celebrate. They wrote one for almost every team. You are the one that wants to be a wet blanket. Go back to Card Chronicle. I believe the reason people call you a troll is not because of your facts (although they are usually just opinions or what ifs), but because you have nothing positive ever. You are the SDS poster child for keyboard warrior. I know your secret.
I agree, I was just saying for a major program to claim ownership of a division is like saying division ownership is the goal. Division ownership doesn’t matter to anyone outside that division.
Disappointing loss for sure, but I’ll take a Citrus Bowl win over PSU and a whole lot of fun this season over a 2 game skid to end the season every time. Just a heads up, bragging about owning a division is what teams do when they can’t brag about owning the conference. I do not recall the last time I saw a Bama alumni/fan brag about owning the West. See what I mean?
Or maybe he likes his job? People turn them down all the time.
Well Gran just tweeted let’s do this BBN so I guess he isn’t going.
This team played 10 Power 5 games. Which Power 5 school plays against all Power 5 schools? I assume you have the answer for the team that only plays Power 5 schools. Do you go on the UT, UGA, USC or any other school page to complain about the crappy teams they play? I’m not really sure what is missing from your life. Please don’t respond with your daily “my fans crap”. Hope you find friends or love in 19.
I don’t care what people say about Kentucky football, the SEC is better when we are better. Go Big Blue!
I’m not saying you didn’t get a good one, but there are a lot of variables when comparing quarterbacks from different season. Loss to the draft or graduation, Bryant was a first year starter but had played college games, even defensive changes. How many downs did each have to play? All of that said you got a good one. Interested to see how he does with a different line, receivers and backs. Which you have plenty of talent at as well.
I don’t see why this would baffle anyone. Auburn is a beautiful campus with great facilities. When I went down the fans were friendly, crowd was electric and that was against Kentucky (we won!). Anyway, kids choose schools from a lot of reasons, but I don’t find choosing Auburn a stretch. Bad by their standards is pretty descent by most.