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Sounds kinda desparate here. We have, we have, we have. Good for you. I was at that game. People weren’t cheering the injury. They were cheering the defense. People were cheering last week in Lexington when Terry went down. He had a nice run and it wasn’t immediately obvious he was hurt. Doesn’t mean they cheered his injury. What did happen at that game was police had to stand in the SC section above the visitors to stop them from spitting and throwing bottles. Your fans made fun of your team to your players walking out to the parking lot after the game. Come to think of it, I didn’t see much class either.
He may get that call, but at least people want our coach. Can SC say the same?
Kentucky has been waiting awhile. The NCAA doesn’t hurry unless Ohio State is involved.
Not making fun of UT, but it is a big deal because he flipped to a school that won 2 games last year.
Coming down again this year for the SC game. Gonna be fun because both teams, with new QBs will still be relatively unknown.
I’m just happy that games with Florida seem competitive. Even without Wilson. Great progress for the program.
I’d tell you we are the Wildcats, but I’m guessing if you don’t know the mascot of Kentucky (a team LSU lost to last time in Lexington), you didn’t go to any of these schools.
I ask this respectfully. Do you all really need to have a blackout game to pump fans up and beat ND? I would think your fans will be hyped enough and your team will pound them. I live near Louisville and they hold gimmicks like this every time they play a team they’ve heard of. Teams with proud traditions don’t need it. UL did it for ND this year too. UL is probably what ruined the idea for me, but I see this as motivation for fanbase and team in game that will be tough and an upset if you win. That being said, you’ll beat ND with any color you choose to wear.
You never seem to see that most of the SEC played non power 5 schools last week. Kentucky isn’t Georgia or Alabama. No shame in getting a game under the belt.
You didn’t exactly point out any powerhouses there. I mean is playing Indiana that much tougher than Toledo, MTSU or EMU? Really?
Normally I would totally agree with the easy way out comment, but with the losses Kentucky suffered at DB after last season, we need talent coming in so most us us will take it. He’ll likely start so that should keep him around.
The SEC East never gets respected again if Kentucky wins it? You act like it really rebounded from Mizzou winning it. Talk about making a division look bad.
Rose, Rodrigues and Smoke aren’t shabby. Sometimes a star leaving can open the offense up more. I’m excited to see some nee blood. I love Snell, but they would continue to pound, even when it wasn’t working.
We trust him. My favorite part of football has become the obsession of SC fans on SDS over every positive UK article and bash. UGA fans come on and are pretty complimentary about UK football, UT and UK always enjoy banter, but it is fun.. The streak could very well end this year, but then again it might not. I like our odds with Muschamp.
Tell us your analysis of Rodriguez. I’m curious. Why exactly can’t he be the back of the future?
Snell was certainly special. Rose isn’t shabby, Rodriguez and Smoke have shown some spark. There were several games Snell was held well under 100 yards. The side effect of teams being able to focus on one back and his style.
Why? You’ll just fill the comments with ramblings full of Louisville love.
Well anyone that lost to Louisville last year wasn’t a Power5. At the moment Louisville would probably consider ending the series in football and basketball. Appalachia State was good. It will be interesting to see how they do in the ACC.
Or Saban might call Stoops for some pointers.
Definitely gonna be different for him, but i’ll Take his experience at Troy and a bowl game over the young guys experience in high school with a running qb. He is coming in as a back up. Maybe he’ll do more. Wilson came out of Juco. Some experience at back up is not the norm in Lexington.
I know this is a ridiculously early take, but why is Mizzou left out?
2013 fast forward to 2015 is a bigger jump than next year. Kentucky lost talent, that is for sure, but I’m all fairness they have some returning too. Coaching changes were small (DC, but that is what Stoops is). I do agree, it really is only a select few in football too.
Not you Arkansas Vol. the ParisCardinal above you.
Well, i’d Guess your school (although I doubt you ever attended any university) is off his list since they are busy mopping up App. State kids.
With all do respect, I don’t know how you see Clemson as a toss up. I know it is a rivalry, but they are miles ahead of pretty much everyone right now.
It is interesting reading all of these comments and discussions only one small mention of the fact SC hasn’t beat UK in the last 5 tries. I know we lost some players, but none of them have been here all 5. Believe me, I know streaks and I know they do always end, but each year they ignore Kentucky in these SC conversations. It is just weird. And yes i’ll be at Jordan Hare again this year. It is fun, even is the restrooms are odd. None of this is intended as a slight at SC. Just an observation.
For sure. I’m thrilled Cal has finally started doing this. There are some good grad transfers on the market.