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Don’t mind him guys. He is the new Paris10 with a smaller vocabulary.
Can’t pick and choose your losses. Mizzou hires him.
Probably saw the opportunity to punt quite a bit at Mizzou.
Just because I doubt you understand, cipher is a code, siphon is to route something away.
He does this to every team in here. Look at his post he says one thing. Always about athletes being paid.
Pretty sure you threw shade at Kentucky in the recruiting comment. Just pointing out Kentucky has done just fine against Mizzou the last 5 years. In 2012 we had Joker, do we get to pretend that doesn’t matter too? You all act like Mizzou is on some entirely different level then Kentucky. Last I checked Mizzou has 685 all time wins. Kentucky has 625 all time. Of course Mizzou has conferences hopped a bit and 20 years worth of those wins were in the Missouri Valley conference while Kentucky has played in the SEC since 1881. Oh since you mentioned it, Kentucky has 2 SEC football titles. Even though they were a long time ago, still got you by 2. Winning the East is great and I would love it, but without winning the entire conference it is still second place.
Kentucky has been enough of a force for Mizzou for what 5 years?
Is that an error or does it say they are almost overtaking North Carolina at #2 nationally? Great recruiting for UT? Absolutely! UNC at #2 nationally show this is a smidge early for everyone to get all upset.
Not sure why this is under the Kentucky section. I haven’t paid a ton of attention to other teams sections, but is the SC forum also Clemson and UF for FSU now too?
Cue dumb comment from guy that didn’t go to a school on this site in 3..2. Too late.
Daryl only knows one thing to on his name and read his post. He always says some athlete is getting paid by some school.
His feelings always seem hurt on here. If you have to come on a sports forum to defend your articles are you really an author?
It is like having Paris back, but with a much smaller vocabulary.
I realize you know very little about basketball from your go to Calapari bashing post, but Calapari was 6-1 against Pitino when he was at Louisville. Doubt he’d be scared to face him at Iona.
I bet you didn’t. NCAA tournament takes 6 wins in a row to be the champion. Alabama won back to back in the years of the controversial BCS era where voters put teams in. Great teams, but NCAA basketball back to back is more impressive.
Considering Mizzou is in the East, who knows where they would end up.
Louisville joined the ACC and immediately embarrassed it. They are currently waiting for a notice from the NCAA for offering money to a player while already on probation for strippers. They have ongoing investigations for inappropriate use of funds, the lost really goes on. The SEC doesn’t need the dirty birds.
To the tournament only 15 times? Only IU counts Sweet 16s and they have 5 titles.
A&M still hasn’t been to Lexington. Played there 2 years ago. The last expansion put too many years between games with West teams.
He did add at least 1 center. #40 from Florida. He also noted no center made the NFL top 100 list and that past isn’t as important as were they are headed. Lock might be on it next year, but when you mix sports together jumping from off the list to top 10 would be pretty impressive.
Calling someone slimy is an opinion. Clearly never attended a school in this forum.
Bryant was only a star at Clemson early in. I would think you all were let down by him overall for the year he was there.
You may want to pass that insider info you have on to the NCAA.
In all fairness, I didn’t say he quit his job, a typo of quit in instead of quit on. He quit in his team and got his buyout. His players said he quit on them well before he was fired.
Sorry, quit doing his job, got fired, received buyout.