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According to you on every single UK article, Mizzou’s biggest win in 2021 was almost beating Kentucky. Not sure how you bash A&M’s actual wins.
So you could actually hear air hissing out of the tires? Wow! I’m impressed. Weird beating a lousy team made tires go flat. More likely, we were embarrass that they let Mizzou hag around. Of course I’d was our QBs and OCs second game together and a win is a win. Wolfman. This might surprise you but nobody cares about the Big 8. Dead a long time ago. Funny how pointing out the misuse of literally touched such a nerve. This might surprise you, but Mizzou isn’t sending shock waves in anything. Now enjoy those guys wrestling around.
It is a thing because Marrow and Tucker are friends and Marrow wouldn’t leave Kentucky for MSU last year. Not a real issue.
I do not believe you understand the meaning of the word literally.
I'm glad he came and happy for him to go pro. It was going to happen someday anyway.
The last 5 or six years at least it has gone back and forth between Mizzou and USC being the trendy media pick behind UGA and Florida in the east. Kentucky has never been a trendy pick. We're used to it.
They put LSU at the exact same spot in the 2021 way to early. Maybe CBS is just lazy.
One of these had Louisville in it for last season. Don't worry about these way to early. They are based on nothing.
"I will not be enrolling at Kentucky..I will be attending another university with lower academic enrollment standards". Fixed it for him.
Tennessee is gonna be pretty good and will certainly have a great shot at second. I think you are wrong about the media, I think it will be yet another year that they make South Carolina the pre-season darlings. My guess, the media will go UGA, USC, UT, UK in that order at the top of the east. Like most years.
Honestly, I wouldn't pick a non SEC team to win, but yes, if I had too, it would be OSU. Not because they beat Utah, but because Alabama and Georgia missed their bus.
Indy really does pretty well in terms of tourist dollars with the final four every four years, the 500, the Colts, Pacers, Big10 Championship and a huge concert scene. Not to mention they play every high school state championship there for every season. Pretty much something to do about every weekend up there.
Lowly Kentucky has won 4 consecutive bowls over Power 5 schools. Penn State, Virginia Tech, NC State and Iowa. Also won 3 (likely 4 if not all SEC schedule) in a row against their in-state Power 5 rival. That adds up to 7-0 against Power 5 the last 4 years. You say the SEC is two teams, but what about the ACC? It had nothing this year. Until Clemson won, they hadn't won a bowl game since 2019 and got 2 this year. The Big10 is a one trick pony with OSU (three different SEC teams have won the championship since OSU last won it) The Big12 is imploding. Of course nobody really knows about the Pac because they play games so late in the eastern time zone. You can say the the not champion SEC teams are riding backs, but every conference has a star (Clemson, OSU, OU). SEC just has a few more.
Kentucky beat the Big10 West champion Iowa. That is one division that lost to a non divisional champion. Check out the ACC and tell me which division is so powerful Ole Miss couldn't have won it. Granted, the talent they have wouldn't go there if they played in the ACC.
I melted last week in Orlando at a 1 o'clock. A noon game in September would be awful.
It is fun to go back at the way to early 2021 and see how off these really are. Clemson (#1), Costal Carolina, Liberty, IU, Miami, Texas, UNC, Washington, and Iowa State made the cut. Just to name a few.
Does it really matter which Big 10 or 12 team slips in?
Indiana has done pretty well in the transfer portal this off season. That is just strange to say.
Honestly this is probably the most respect Kentucky has received in one of these. I remember the way to early last year had Louisville in it and left us out. Blew our fanbase up.
Seems like tee were getting a former head coach even without this Stoops. If this position is why Bo Pellini was on the sideline at the bowl.
I’m sure he could have gone anywhere he wanted, but I’d also bet some schools don’t offer because they don’t stand a chance or he wasn’t interested in listening.
I’m not we’ll versed in the NBA, so what is the UT A team of active NBA talent? Also, Kroger’s name is on the football stadium, but nothing to do with basketball other than concessions.
Many people on here are probably too young to really remember South Carolina being better than UK (which they were for several years prior to 2014). Since 2014 UK has had every right to think the program is in better shape. I think what gets people is every year, for the past few years it has been, SC is the dark horse and it has fallen flat so often since 2012/13 ish. All the love with none of the production.
Also, Levi’s is inconsistent and probably not top 5, but he also won 10 games this year so I’m glad he is here.
Relax, he only put Rattler in here to get comments on a boring article. Like someone else said, if Rattler was the man he’d be at OU.