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Leghumper, thanks for actually having a sense is humor in here. I enjoyed that response.
My way richer, significantly more important FSU booster buddy says he isn’t and neither is his brother.
I get it now. Zoucat is Mizzou’s Paris10 in this site. The guy that bashed all things UK and claims to be a fan.
i can’t tell if he is serious. Can you tell us more how Mizzou was able to bless the SEC with national exposure?
Did you really just reference the 60’s and 70’s for your argument? You realize 1979 was 40 years ago making anything in your argument obsolete.
You haven’t beat Kentucky in 5 years. So who were you referring to sucking?
And yet they have experienced more success in life than you.
Paris is just part of the problem and believes he is part of the solution. He doesn’t go to games and complains that attendance is bad. That kind of guy.
Paris 10’a most conflicting week. UK be UL week.
I assume you realize Bowden probably doesn’t read this site and if he does he certainly doesn’t care what you think. He has experienced success in life.
Is it me or is Paris talking to himself? He seems to post some rant and then post a reply to his own post. I think we have all we need to know about him.
That was definitely a UT fan trying it fire up the team. I’m sticking with that theory.
Not an insult, but saying “will they be good again, of course they will” is relative to your interpretation of good. Sports is full of teams that have a rich history in the past and never get back to their former glory. I think the real challenge for a fan base is to accept there are many good seasons that include losses and don’t include titles. If fans are only satisfied with the absolute top they’ll miss all the fun along the way.
We understand you won last year. I bet, you would gladly lose to Kentucky to have winning seasons again.
That is absolutely true. I was really just referencing. That Kentucky has become a big game for UT in recent years because it is winnable for UT.
The Kentucky game has become the Tennessee’s bowl for the past 10ish years so I’m guessing you really hope we Kentucky.
I think our fan bases should really get along quite well. We have a lot in common.
Don’t feed this Mizzou. You have a fine school with a beautiful campus.
I was impressed with the crowd when I arrived. Proud of BBN.
We love our team and coach, but are pretty sure UGA is going to take last week out on us.
You conveniently overlook the fact the staring quarterback (who won 10 games last year) has been out since the second game. You don’t think they would have won at least 1 of those games with Terry? You are so blinded by your hatred. We aren’t like a lot of teams this year. Kentucky fans weren’t hoping to see the back up like many UF, USC and UT fans were. (Not meant as disrespect to those schools) Our back up is just that, a back up, not a high profile recruit waiting for a shot.
I’ll save you the trouble. SC #6. #13 facilities. Light years? Either way, 2012. Last time that talent won.
You may want to research your facilities claim. Also, we don’t urinate on a wall in the men’s room.
You sure let a lot of stuff live rent free in your head.
I believe you all have been favored in every game during the 5 game streak. Kentucky rarely plays as the favorite.
I’ve been to both Columbia’s for games. SC wins by a hair based on atmosphere. Columbia Missouri is nice town though and worth the trip.