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I doubt three founding members are willing to just leave.
No problem with him or his comments, but those shoes are terrible. They have a cheetah print toe and zebra heel. He can afford a proper tiger print.
East 7+2=9 West 7-2+2=7 So somebody would have to move to make both 8.
Wolfman, I'm not sure bringing Colorado, Missouri and Nebraska back and adding Illinois or Memphis would move the conference up among the Power 5 conferences. Right now they are usually considered 3rd or 4th at best. Losing two premier programs and the only one that has made the playoffs hurts. Think ACC losing Clemson and Florida State. Yes there is some tradition in those schools you mentioned, but It wouldn't make your new Big 12 any more daunting than the current ACC (outside Clemson). I will say this though, I'd think a conference like you mentioned with the schools being pretty regional would be fun for the fans no matter what the rest of nation might say.
Should a coach with a loaded roster really be coach of the year? It is so much more impressive to see a coach over achieve with less talent. There is no overachieve for UGA this year.
But yes toss up game with Kentucky lean for home field. Like most teams.
Missouri lost that game all on their own. No first downs the entire second half and you blame the refs. Blame that hack QB that lost 4 games in the series.
The Kentucky reference in the article was about basketball. Not sure UK will fall from grace in that sport any time soon.
It is being written about in July because these kids keep entering the petal. It has made recruiting/transfers stretch out forever. People are filling Kofi because he is the top player in the portal. The entire Illinois football team transferring to Kentucky would be a downgrade in talent.
I have no dog in this but, Hardin has been a head coach in 100 games winning 76. Heupel has been a head coach for 3 bears and 12-1,10-3 and 6-4 in his first three seasons in that order. Not saying Heupel isn’t a good coach or won’t be at UT, but he was doing worse each season at UCF before leaving. Probably enough reason to give Hardin the nod in this case.
Relax, some day people will care about Mizzou during some sport season. Maybe even a sport people attend.
Blaming the refs for the Kentucky game and not the offense that never got a first down the second half of the game. Sounds about right.
SDS headline says former Florida recruiter, but he has been at Louisville since February. UGA took him from Louisville, not Florida.
Not to mention UL spelled official wrong on their official visit swag. Thanks any school that messes with duh villle.
This is huge for the program. We've been fortunate to get some good transfers from Power5 schools, but not the year after leading their program in tackles. Definitely excited for this.
Which is why his stats are more impressive. Remember who Kentucky plays.
So will the women's volleyball national championship be added in the spring?
I'd love to have more 4/5 star kids too, but why penalize a kid for being talented?
I say Mizzou goes 4-6 and Kentucky would have made it 6 in a row if Coach Schlarman had made the trip (RIP) along with the kids out for covid. Seriously though, every team had Covid issues throughout the season. I'm not sure anyone can honestly say last season showed them anything about most teams. Each week was a toss up if you had players practice or play because of protocols. Kentucky went do Florida down 18 players and 10 staff members. Not that it would have mattered much, but they went to Alabama down 10 players including the starting RB and a 1st round draft pick. I know you all had some games like that too. Everybody just needs to enjoy that we had some type of season.
Your choices seem kinda random. Alabama and MissSt are both farther east than Ole Miss. To make is truly geographical you just have so swap Mizzou and Auburn. Lexington is almost directly north of Knoxville.
I always say Florida Georgia, but I tend to go alphabetically. Not that what I say matters.
So 5 in a row over a 75 year span matters? Just curious. Why did you mention your record against UM and KSU and not Nebraska?
Not something you say often about a punter, but he was fun to watch.
I couldn't find a ton of articles ranking them, but SDS had Bazelak at 9, SAP5 at 7, Athlon nobody had him on their list (they were rating the top 3 in most cases arguing about the top overall). most articles put him solidly in the middle right now. He is a solid qb for sure, but I'd guess most people aren't sold on putting him at the top just yet because he tied with Terry Wilson at 88th with 7 TD passes and threw 6 interceptions. 6 of those passing touchdowns came in two games. I know last year was an all SEC schedule, but he only threw TD passes in 3 of the 10 games.
Rodriguez will climb your list simply because Rose graduated. They shared series between three backs regularly.
To be fair to your point, I would assume he couldn't possibly be that talented if he had chosen Missouri, so I'll respect your viewpoint. It just feels like you believe great quarterbacks have to go to certain schools, yet the third pick in the draft went to North Dakota State. If Levis believes in his game, but wasn't getting the opportunity, Kentucky is perfect spot. SEC for 90 years, needed a quarterback and play a fun, manageable schedule (manageable doesn't imply easy, just there are some upset and shine opportunities out there). Also, it isn't like Penn State is Pass U.
From that list, it looks like maybe he is thinking from an academic standpoint a bit too. I hope we get him, but I'd be happy for any kid getting a full ride to Stanford or Northwestern.