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He did add at least 1 center. #40 from Florida. He also noted no center made the NFL top 100 list and that past isn’t as important as were they are headed. Lock might be on it next year, but when you mix sports together jumping from off the list to top 10 would be pretty impressive.
Calling someone slimy is an opinion. Clearly never attended a school in this forum.
Bryant was only a star at Clemson early in. I would think you all were let down by him overall for the year he was there.
You may want to pass that insider info you have on to the NCAA.
In all fairness, I didn’t say he quit his job, a typo of quit in instead of quit on. He quit in his team and got his buyout. His players said he quit on them well before he was fired.
Sorry, quit doing his job, got fired, received buyout.
Although both are questionable on a good day, Pitino didn’t quit in his team and ride out with a $17 million dollar buyout. Pitino also stuck with UL while Petrino hopped around to new, shiny things frequently. UL, Altlanta, Arkansas, WKU, them back to UL. I’m thankful for what they did to UL, but I vote Petrino is the worse human by a nose.
It is a stretch, but what the heck. If it keeps IU out.
Tennessee did it to Kentucky the same week. UK blew a solid lead at home. It sucks, but it happens to everyone.
Considering they beat Louisville in the series 2-1, seems kinda weird.
Just didn't want my Big10 comment to be taken as a Mizzou doesn't belong kind of comment.
Kentucky doesn't usually recruit out of state that direction. I'd be surprised if Kentucky became a factor for Missouri during his recruitment. Stoops bread and butter has been the Michigan, Ohio and to a small extend Georgia and Florida.
It is nice to get coaches from universities I’ve heard of theses days. Go Stoops!
These games may not all be sexy, but it helps some of those smaller Missouri schools and lets be honest, not every team is built to play 2-3 Power5 non conference games a year. Only a handful in each conference could pull it off and salvage a season. Kentucky plays Louisville every season and another smaller Kentucky school most. I’m fine with pumping money into small schools.
Not as an insult, but you really make more sense in the Big10. From a university standpoint.
Oh lord, the Mizzou fans are gonna be livid. They already consider Kentucky a win on their way to 10 win season this year. Not to mention they don’t count the last game in Columbia as a loss (their post, not mine).
Healthy Smith held his own against Florida early on. Not a big sample, but a positive one.
He really just said "came into school with Cam Newton comparisons" and in all fairness, the coach saying he looks like Cam Newton is a comparison. Even if it was just for build not game. I hope he ends up playing like Newton. I think 75% Newton would be great.
I could see it become suffering too. Power5 schools poaching players that were underrated, but have stellar early careers at a mid major.
Besides, you are just proving Barnes point. He said they are the "most underrated and under appreciated" teams in the country before saying they are top 2 in his opinion. You are possibly underrating them. Like he said people do.
In all fairness, each of the teams you mention have been beaten by teams that UT could beat.UT played Kansas and lost by 6, Gonzaga was embarrassed by a less than stellar Michigan squad (21 point loss?), Baylor lost to TCU (and has had close games with other unranked teams) and Dayton lost to Colorado.
Well obviously Missouri wasn't mentioned, so it isn't a valid opinion.
Can we stop using the term “rouge tutor”? That makes it sound like some tutor was such a huge fan they concocted some plan to help the program.
Appalachian State fans were upset when they lost Satterfield. This guy was only there a year with Satt’s players. Kinda like Tubby won a NC w/ Pitino’s players.
It is really just the time of year. Articles right now are mostly basketball and baseball and those depend on team success. Kentucky, Auburn and LSU are getting frequent basketball articles. Several schools are getting baseball love. Football, outside the combine, is slow right now But to answer your question, Vanderbilt went 7 days between their last 2 articles. It will pick back up for you.
Kinda hard to believe Wisconsin was poached 2 times in 3 years. They could/should have one of the easiest routes to the conference championship every year.
I don't care who you are, just beat Louisville if you play them. That goes for UK too.
I look forward to seeing it. I've been the past 3 times Kentucky played in Columbia so not again until 21. Just please tell me they kept the unusual urinal system in the restroom. It is a loud place when they are successful.