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I know I says this with blue glasses, but he has Louisville written all over him. They’ll beat their chest that he was at Florida and they get the bonus of questionable character.
You said they quit on the coach when Kentucky played them, but they were 2-1 and ranked when they played UK. Just so I'm clear, they quit on Pruitt during an "epic collapse" during week 4 because the lost to Kentucky, but week 5 they dominated Alabama and should have won? Seems like cherry picking to me. Tennessee will be the team to beat in the SEC basketball, but without a deep run in the tournament, it should not matter for the fan base. Barnes has to win something meaningful. That final four was a long time ago and in the wrong shade of orange for you all. With Calipari, we never know how it will go. We usually just hold on and assume they'll get it together by tournament time. This year threw everybody because they kept expecting that turn that usually happens and never did.
I have no idea what my mother's underwear look like, but I guess you are more familiar with your mother's.
But in all fairness, doesn't fired with cause imply something? Seems like an awfully dangerous ploy to get rid of a coach cheaper.
I’d bet you’d take a few extra losses to a conference school to have half the success Cal has had. Matching the Elite 8 count of some schools in his first year in Lexington.
You are certainly gonna beat Oral Roberts, but I have always hated when Kentucky played a school like that in the second round. It gives you that, please don't lose to them feeling. The, this would be embarrassing feeling. At least when it is a recognized team a loss is acceptable and forgotten. Maybe that is just because we have UL that would taught us mercilessly. Good luck.
Mr. Truth speaks the truth. Points have been the downfall over the past few years.
Fair statement, but it isn't like he doesn't have a fairly strong track record to base it on.
For sure. With Robinson coming in and several young guys signing, the receivers saw the writing on the wall.
Most of us would probably agree with you, we're gonna have these years. We missed it in 2013 too. Oh well, we'll just have to reflect back on the 59 tournaments we have been in.
I'm guessing your name implies your favorite part of a family reunion.
Maybe all these parties are why Mack cannot get his team on the court. I swear they are quarantined every other week. This dude has made a living out of dumb social media decisions.
True and a bunch of us want college players in Lexington. It won't last though, he has already recruited heavily for next year along with the transfer from WV. I'm not sure where the current roster is going. The NBA farm teams have had some pretty good success the past 12 years, but fan favorites are usually those guys that come back.
Most veterans served so they had that right. I guess your you missed that in your service. Anyway, didn't they get up from kneeling and win at Florida by 20?
Robinson from averaged a bit over 5 yards a carry while at Nebraska. We'll probably see him carry a few times too.
Do they still sing that at football games? I don't really recall hearing it this year.
It was 5 in a row, before the let down this season, but who is counting.
Mizzunizzu, I'm not sure the NCAA completely takes the cash cow thing into account. They seem to go after schools that aren't nationally popular, and go after schools that the fan base if more regional. If they can sell the jersey anywhere in the country, you are good to go. If not... Ask Louisville basketball. Forbes magazine put them at #2 in value behind UK and the previous year put them at #1 ahead of UK. They are consistently ranked at or near the top financially and they still took their title the same year they finished #1 in profit. In 2020 they were #2 and received notice that the NCAA doesn't believe them. They will get the hammer. UNC big name, nationally popular, cheated for 10 years, no sanctions. Louisville (and Mizzou for that matter) more regionally popular, they let it drop.
Bama had some rough football years and remained a football school. Kentucky will have a bad season this year, but still be a basketball school. You don’t have more wins than any other program by not focusing on that sport. The best part is, we have a pretty solid football team to to take pride in during these times.
Louisville fans were thrilled to see him go when they basically traded with MSU.
Wuhan virus? You automatically lose your debates. It makes you sound like a child.
I was going to say the same thing. As a guy that has lived outside the south, SEC schools should at the very least not call each other names. The rest of the country already does it to all of us.
1-2 (Pruitt years), but BBN is still good with him staying. Only took until his third year to lose to Kentucky.
Wisconsin and Notre Dame are in that group, but yes the northern states are NFL states.
I’m alway relived when I don’t recognize the name.
I doubt he has ever been on a campus, let only Kentucky’s. Looks like Paris10 had a child.
It is kinda hard to argue supremacy over a team just because we finished ahead of them in conference standings a few years. We still only beat them every few years. Vandy on the other hand has beat them something like 6 out of last 10 and finished behind them in the standings. We have some work to do. Some nice streaks going with teams over the last few years (Mizzou, USC, Vandy), but UT isn’t one of them.
Maybe it was Mizzou, but as people who watch Kentucky weekly, they were flat and played a different kind of game than they have all season. That has to have something to do with the coaches. In all fairness, you all blamed Odom for years rather than giving teams credits.
You should be. He just beat a coach that had won the last 5. If he keeps this up you all will be having he same anxiety we have every year. Big school poaching. Congratulations!
Maybe Stoops isn’t aware, but we are past the years where beating UT is enough. Today was a total flop. Will 2020 ever end?