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Serious downgrade in programs, but he'll have a much easier time running the ball in the ACC.
I work in Louisville. They have no standards. With some prior coaches they took players that were removed from teams with pending charges or just released from teams for behavior. (i.e. Michael Dyer from Auburn finished at UL) He is probably transferring there to try pad his stats before the draft. Louisville's QB had almost 1k rushing yards. Running in the ACC is easy.
I'm with you. I always love when they play, but I always worry about something happening to a kid that is about to be drafted. That said, he clearly loves his team. Good for him.
Well, really, Kentucky THE basketball school in many ways. He didn't say it is a basketball school. I believe he was just giving the school's b-ball history props. And yes, we love football too.
I find it strange that people don't harp on this more. I saw somewhere ND is 0-7 in BCS, Playoff and NY6 games with him at the helm. LSU is going to expect him to win those games. ND was apparently content with being there.
We were there in 2018 and have our tickets for this year. Excited to keep this train rolling. Go Cats!
Well in all fairness, every Kentucky fan considers Mizzou a game we should win, so fair they feel the same way. Thankfully, we've won most of them.
Every school does the same thing, tries to lock down the boarders, but it is hard to fault a kid that wants to go away to college.
I just want them to make sure OSU is out.
Weaker or younger, it is the first time in quite some time that Alabama didn't come across as invincible. I'm not saying they aren't good, just not as scary as past years. If they are young and stick around, that fear will return.
Love that Oxendine got some love. He was a big surprise and doing quite well before being injured.
No, but in all fairness they do it in football all the time on here. Names first.
Based on what? We both beat Mizzou. You lost to LSU in OT, we beat them. You beat MSU, we lost. Both lost to UGA, but UK scored. A lot to use for head to head. Looks about the same. Kentucky has a better conference and overall record, so they should get the nod.
Maybe not, but I'd rather be in than out.
Just so I’m clear, you think being inclusive is a bad thing? Also, just so you are aware, enlightened means better understanding of a topic. Again, not sure how being more enlightened is a bad thing.
Nebraska was awesome in the 90’s too. UT acts like they were a power yesterday.
Another, we don’t have to take our lives into our own hands to walk back to our car after a game.
How Florida is given a 72% to beat 5-6 FSU and Kentucky is 39% to beat 6-5 UL (which squeaked by FSU) is weird. For what it is worth they almost always give UL the advantages. They love those ACC stats.
Louisville is a city school that has no chance to win over the state. I work in Louisville, their fans are the most fair weather I’ve ever seen. Constantly giving tickets away just to get the stadium half full.
2366 yards passing, 7 TDs, 6 int last year. What was deceptive was he threw all 7 in three games. I have always found his stats weird. So many yards and so few TDs.
They could both do worse. Florida has done worse repeatedly as of late.
Pretty broad stroke. I'd say a lot of schools would be interested in him if they had an opening tomorrow. He has already turned down Miami and FSU while in Lexington.
Honestly, I am content with that. Upsets are fun. I get teams chasing titles, but the truth is we've been enjoying the past few years while many of those title chasers are miserable looking for the next leader or wishing they had a new leader. I know from basketball that being the upper tier or blue blood just brings more disappointment more often. Title or bust is full of sorrow. The reality is most schools should be content were we are now. They would have more fun.
I would understand him being attracted to Iowa as a former player, but I don't see Iowa really offering a much higher ceiling as far as prestige goes. They suffer from what many schools suffer from, always behind OSU, PSU, MSU, UM and UW in terms of clout in the conference.
You seem to forget they have lost several people on defense since the season started. It isn't like they have any bad losses.
If Mark is as happy in Lexington as he say she is, then Bob won't go to Florida. Why crash your brother's party? If Bob wants to return to football, he can have most any job that opens. He'll wait for one that won't spoil the holidays.
Holding in to the ball is the key. Cunningham is good, but not great. Their defense is small and thin. They also ha e a habit of wearing down by the 4th. Just ask them.
I agree. More like, fans don’t feel like they have to go to those games to see them win. I went. I’ve seen worse crowds. Noon never draws in Kentucky.