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Not you Arkansas Vol. the ParisCardinal above you.
Well, i’d Guess your school (although I doubt you ever attended any university) is off his list since they are busy mopping up App. State kids.
With all do respect, I don’t know how you see Clemson as a toss up. I know it is a rivalry, but they are miles ahead of pretty much everyone right now.
It is interesting reading all of these comments and discussions only one small mention of the fact SC hasn’t beat UK in the last 5 tries. I know we lost some players, but none of them have been here all 5. Believe me, I know streaks and I know they do always end, but each year they ignore Kentucky in these SC conversations. It is just weird. And yes i’ll be at Jordan Hare again this year. It is fun, even is the restrooms are odd. None of this is intended as a slight at SC. Just an observation.
For sure. I’m thrilled Cal has finally started doing this. There are some good grad transfers on the market.
How many semesters were you in campus? It was your personality, wasn’t it?
Horse racing is huge here. Think central Florida, redneck mud bog big.
Boom was smaller but faster. He also injured his shoulder frequently and had no business leaving early. Boom left early because his body wasn’t like Benny’s. They only had one season together. Benny got to a thousand yards like Boom, but didn’t play until the 4th game. At the rate Benny ran yards his freshman year he would have smashed Boom in total yards. Boom was an outside threat, Benny runs up the middle. Different animals.
I take it you are still kinda hurt Bobby told you all you would be better without Lamar. ParisCard10. I’m sure your you’ll get a hug real soon. Chin up!
Really hoping he breaks out this year. We need a play maker.
Cherry pick much? Soccer ended ranked, cheer won NC, men’s b-ball made elite eight, football won 10 w/ a bowl, rifle is always a national contender, track and field shows well, women’s b-ball made the second round,, oh but baseball is struggling. Of course that is after losing several to the draft off a pretty fine team. Yeah, your right, times are hard in Lexington. Repling is totally unnecessary. I never come back to read yours ParisCard10. FYi, your school is ran by. UK alumni, which you are not.
I’be only been to a football game at Auburn once, but they are certainly tradition rich. Looks like fun.
When Louisville wins big games the men are home watching the women.
They played 2 this year. Kentucky won both, Three wins against anyone is a tall order. Wish these two teams were in different brackets. Would love to see Auburn make it to the Final Four. Just not at Mentucky’s expense.
ParisCard10 you don’t have a fan club just people who try to help you through your special need for attention. See if someone near you will give you a hug. You sound like you need it.
Calipari doesn’t owe you anything. He brings tons of cash in and sends kids off to a bright future even if it isn’t in the NBA. So as an employee of a state university, i’d say he is doing fine. There are many universities that would take Cal’s success over what they have had the past 10 years. I said many, probably most. Tough loss to Minnesota ParisCard, but hey glad you’ve found more time to build that self esteem back up. Now, go root for your Lady Cards and their success. Not a fan of yours so hold your “my fans” crazy crap. I never come back for your replies.
I went to Columbia for a game before the renovation. First I will say the town was pretty on par for most SEC towns. Reminded me of Bloomington, Indiana if you’ve ever been there. The football stadium wasn’t anything to write home about, but i’m sure that is changing. They need to remove the big rock M. It kinda looks like a DIY yard project, but it is probably special to them so I get that too.
I just realized he is saying all time. My apologizes. 3-6 all time against Kentucky. Out of curiosity, what is the SEC record since joining the SEC?
Eastern Michigan is free to season ticket holders because it was supposed to be in Michigan. They (EMU) requested,after it was scheduled, it be played in Lexington. If i remember correct they have a stadium issue. It is an extra home game this year.
Your comment implies that losing to UT makes a coach suck and not worthy of high pay. They pay him that amount because of the 300+ games he has won since arriving in Lexington, final fours, SEC tournament championships and such. Don’t you think UT will raise Barnes salary when he accomplishes something there?
Because Mississippi State couldn’t? Just trying to figure out what you are basing it on.
UofL has enough of a quarterback battle for you to worry about. ParisCard10 (there version of Paris) Anyway, glad I could make you feel important for a few seconds on the internet. Screen shot it and show your parents.
What a cute interpretation. I’m really happy you have a special place were you feel important. Paris special day! ParisCard10
If Louisville doesn’t get it, nobody will and Louisville isn’t getting it.
SC is certainly not the 3rd toughest game in my opinion. I assume you are putting yourself behind Florida and UGA. Does that mean you are ahead of Mizzou, Mississippi State and UT? All 3 have given UK more fits in recent years than SC. Not saying Kentucky will get there 6th in a row in the series, just saying playing SC hasn’t been as scary as it was when Shaw was running the offense.