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I don't expect him to run all over yall, but me and you both know he will get more than 25 yards. He's Tennessees play maker, they will find a way to get him the ball.
I would take you up on that bet, that he will run more than 25 yrds this game. UGA has a good defense. I would take the bet up one and say Kelly will have a run over 25 yards. Now will he have his big game of 100 yards plus that'd to be determined.
Rudderrangers, buddy your a little high on the horse. Do you see your schedule? You will make 8 wins. You guy got lucky with a proven transfer at QB. Your coaching staff is what's holding your team back. Your roster is Avg. Maybe above avg. On D but SEC is all about D. So slow down. You don't have a easy schedule that's for sure.
I know one thing the East is getting rivals back. Scares me to play UGA but it's also back to a game really worth watching.
Glad to see he is running again. Wish this guy the best. I hate seeing anyone hurt.
This might help us pull some more people out of FL.
Now why did TN screw ourselves over and get rid of Fulmer???
Don't be mad it just a post lol because Ole Miss wouldn't even make it that far. Hahahaha quit hating on the Vols let us enjoy the hype. Thank you.
Seven, I like you your comments your a funny troll. I have read almost all of them hahahaha
I am right there with you. When the hogs play their game and manage a clock they are good. Tennessee is heading in the right direction. Coach Jones even said it before the season started this won't be the year. So next year hope to be playing the Hogs in the SEC Title game.
Dude I hate FL as much as anyone. But people gotta give them the credit they are still winning without that guy.
I really wanna face off against Michigan.
I would change memphis over Auburn and I see GA winning their game. I think the best match up here would be FL vs Baylor. I wanna see if Baylor can throw over the best secondary in the SEC or be the other way around see if FL can slow down Baylors O.
I like us on a 7-3 SEC. A good game though would be FL vs Baylor we would really test out FL'S D and the Secondary. Either way gotta pull for SEC teams. TN should have another show out game if they play NC State. GA will have to pull things together that will be a straight old school game. I see LSU losing bad. I would rather see TN face off against Michigan.
See I like it but 1. Clemson still undefeated and played some good teams. 2. Bama 3. OSU I won't put them ahead of Bama till the win the next two weeks. 4. ND
Look quit complaining Tennessee isn't in a play off run so it doesn't matter what our score looks like it's a win. Dobbs will be in his 4th year next year. Mostly everyone else will go into their 3 year. If you pay attention Dobbs runs but why have him get worn out have a chance of getting hurt against a team like that. Yea should have been 60 but mostly the focus is on MO.
Good for Alabama, now go have some fun with your sister. I got a tree stand to be in. That's what a real man is doing.
You guys are the idiots that don't help get recruits to knoxville. Want a winning team go ban wagon Bama. While the real fans support the team. Your crying doesn't make rocky top a fun place to be.
I agree. Tennessee fans need to shut up and we need to bring support do you thinking Botching or putting Butch down will help our recruiting class no I don't it will scare them away.
I would have agreed but after reading you all are going to have some starters gone dude to breaking team rule. I believe one is a starting CB maybe one int. But you gotta remember Dobbs has only threw one Int. That was against OU in OT trying to force something not there.
This is why its a push. Tennessee has a good line if you wanna look past the hate for TN. Our D-Line gets pressure and is dang good at stopping the run game if you wanna fight it go look it up. Also another reason why UT's D-Line don't look as good as it should is because we have a weak Secondary. That's a reason why its a PUSH, I would agree with a push on LB's but we did have one get hurt so our back up hasn't proved himself yet.
I would say you will forget this loss in a couple of years. But I think you will remember that day forever. Good bet I have to say now that's keeping your word and more painful than losing money.
Well I hope so. We both like to see good games. Trust me I know FL has a good D I wont even say they don't but I am saying TN will find ways to score they do have a more powerful Offense then what you guys have play by far. Sorry KY nothing to put you guys down but I really think your D will have to play its best game yet to stay in this Game.
The numbers a from 2014 then 2015 then future sorry it didn't come out like I fixed it.
Team Stadium 2014 2015 Future Texas A&M Kyle Field 107,000 102,500 NA Tennessee Neyland Stadium 102,455 102,455 NA LSU Tiger Stadium 102,321 102,321 NA Alabama Bryant-Denny Stadium 101,821 101,821 NA Georgia Sanford Stadium 92,746 92,746 NA Florida Ben Hill Griffin Stadium 88,548 88,548 NA Auburn Jordan-Hare Stadium 87,451 87,451 96,951 S. Carolina Williams-Brice Stadium 80,250 80,250 NA Arkansas Razorback Stadium 72,000 72,000 80,000 Missouri Memorial Stadium 71,168 71,168 NA Miss State Davis Wade Stadium 61,337 61,337 NA Kentucky Commonwealth Stadium 62,093 61,000 NA Ole Miss Vaught-Hemingway Stadium 60,580 58,580 64,038 Vanderbilt Vanderbilt Stadium 40,350 40,350 NA
I think is Amazing! Well DONE!!!! Stationed at Hood, I have to say A&M Fans do it right.
I am sorry. ( But we all know FL does have a good D as well. Auto Correct.
Ya this a good response. The Vols have a Good O, But we all know FL does as well. I really feel if we can score on the opening drive we will put FL on their heels. They will put a lot of people in the box call some more blitz plays. This where you said Dobbs needs to step up and make some short passes and a couple of 25 to 30 yarders. FL hasn't really shown us much on O this year not looking good. That being said don't put FL's O out of the mix it takes one or to lucky plays, FL does have some good athletes. Tennessee will have 125 in passing and 200 in rushing. 31-14 Vols.
Ya sorry just got a little fired up. Playin under dog is alright I mean we have been playing it for a while.