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OSU hasn’t played a game. A team that hasn’t played a game has no business being ranked, much less in a playoff spot.
It astonishes me that they seem to get absolutely no hate or kickback from anyone. Obviously rankings won’t matter for several weeks but to rank Clemson over Alabama at this point is just absurd.
Why are we talking about football here? I thought Saturday Down South was a forum to discuss social justice and systemic racism. Come on man! Think about it!
Thank you. Also, if your base assumption in writing this post is that the readers of this blog are knuckle dragging uncultured rednecks that have no familiarity with 20th century pop culture... why write a post about 20th century pop culture?
Yes, National Geographic is saturated with political bias too. The fact that you can’t see that unveils your own bias.
That’s the best you got? Pathetic! 1) Bread lines at grocery stores? CITATION NEEDED 2) Everyone is wearing masks where I live and I have yet to see a single person put up a fight about it. 3) I don’t think it’s Trump’s job to make sure your Regions branch has enough pennies. He’s more concerned with winning an election and negotiating HISTORIC peace deals. But I’m just a moron, right? ORANGE MAN BAD ORANGE MAN BAD ORANGE MAN BAD
Queen Negan - Did you steal bubbatime’s account? Your team hasn’t won’t a championship in nearly a half century! Curb your trash talk until you have at least a modicum of substance to back it up.
Believe it or not, before the internet, “going viral” exclusively applied to infectious diseases and carried a negative connotation. I love this new trend on SDS where every comment section is rife political hackery. Who cares about football anyway? OrAnGe mAn BaD!!!!
Oh heavens! What’s the world coming to?!?! College students acting a little reckless??? I’ve never seen such horrors. A mountain needs to be made of this molehill! Disregard all the parties, protests, and other mass gatherings happening all over the country. Let’s just ignore the overarching critical considerations and focus on those young privileged white rednecks - you know... the easy targets.
That’s their job, dude. Should we go around wearing scuba gear 12 hours a day because professional divers do too? Great analogy.
I’m sorry but your job needs a salary cap. When I look at the number, it just gets me really triggered for some reason and I get really jealous(although I’d never admit that) so I just can’t have that. We need a one size fits all number that everyone gets paid. Don’t worry though. Everyone gets a trophy too! Yes, pay coaches an amount that doesn’t violate my socialist sensibilities instead of what their value is in an open market.
How on earth do you have the time to compose these rants that no one actually reads?
Updyke‘s actions were an embarrassment to the entire university.
Did I mention Nike uses concentration camp labor because I feel it warrants repeating. I guess the one thing they learned from being exposed for using child labor in the 90s is that there’s always someone lower in society to exploit. Where to next, boys? Eritrea? North Korea? Let’s get creative!
They don’t care about traditional American values. They want to subvert them to appeal to the “woke” and international markets(you know - the real football fans with real passion for the game and the league). Just wait until China starts getting into it though. Speaking of... Nike has finally pledged to stop using concentration camp labor to manufacture their overpriced, low quality goods. I’m just glad we have our priorities straight. Make a mediocre, years out of work qb the face of your ad campaign but wait a few years until everyone finds out to end CONCENTRATION CAMP LABOR. The great American experiment is failing before our eyes and this is only the beginning.
Why do you think we will lose the SEC championship game?
Nor was it funny the first 5 times he made the “joke” on other posts. “bubbatime” is so cringe and the fact that he thinks that he’s actually funny makes it even more pathetic and uncomfortable.
I can’t imagine they have much in common. Ross’ whole story is that he was a Miami drug kingpin before he started rapping. The truth is his only connection to the drug trade was being a corrections officer that just stole stories he heard. Either way, Ross is a scumbag and Tua will be well served by staying clear of him.
Did you not catch my sarcasm? I was trying to point out the absurdity of criticizing a president for not getting the name of a college football coach right.
Trump is just awful, isn’t he? He’s gotta he the first president in history that didn’t know everything about everything. No wonder Biden is so eager to debate him! He’s such a... uh... a... you know the thing!
Mac Jones is totally underrated. Barring any serious injuries, our QB situation is just fine.
I would imagine that’s his primary source of hesitation to committing to UGA. Probably lacks true confidence in being “TRULY ELITE”. That’s a tall order for a 3 star WR recruit.
I would hardly call “The Process” “broken” due to a single fluke season with two razor thin losses and injuries across the board in key positions. I might wait until at least your second playoff berth in history to start talking this kind of trash.
What an embarrassing comment. Where was all this confidence before the game was officially cancelled?
Leghumper - it’s a very old slur and was typically applied to black people, to imply that they live in the jungle and this use spears for various purposes. And yes, I’m painfully aware of the on field rituals of FSU. My father went to Purdue and somehow ended up an FSU fan. For the record - I’m personally not offended in the slightest. I’m just saying that that’s the sort of comment that melts the slow flakes that compose the SDS staff. Now that I type all this out, I realize that I don’t really care. Carry on.