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I’m so glad we got rid of this clown. Can’t wait for him to experience the “unconditional love” he’ll receive from Texas fans after he continues to completely fail at living up to that five star rating
Again, lots of people have those degrees, believe me. I have one of those degrees. Not Stanford but a different world top ten school(I also have two other degrees from Alabama). However, that doesn’t entitle him nor me to anything. We still have to work just as hard as anyone else to get ahead.
As do tens of thousands of other people. You have no point. Why aren’t you outraged he’s not Black? Oh I guess he’s just POC enough, huh?
Well there’s not a single Asian head coach. There’s also not a single female head coach. If all we care about is identity, wouldn’t it make more sense to get “representation” for those folks first?
Not everyone bases their hiring decisions solely on race. This is football, not the Supreme Court.
Don’t group us all in with fans. Most of us(Alabama fans generally) are respectful and can take jokes. I hope Corral is ok. Hate to see this happen to such a talented player. Especially in a “meaningless” bowl game right before entering the draft.
The Mizzou player that did that mocking salute after getting a first down near the end of the first half is a disgrace. That should’ve drawn a penalty. If I were coach, I would’ve taken him out of the game.
Cool comment, troll. Yeah, football should just be a fashion show
Easy way to understand it: ”affect” is a verb and ”effect” is a noun. It’s effect on this case
The fact alone that SP+ even allows tied final scores is all the evidence you need to see what a joke these projections are
They use the same factors but it is calculated differently
Because it gives them an obvious unfair advantage
He has been phoning it in lately though
BBN is totally right. Lawyers in the modern era make this country less free and fair much more often than they don’t.
The fact that Cincinnati essentially has an automatic playoff bid is further evidence that the playoff does not need to be expanded.