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Since you just want to focus on the most recent history possible - Georgia got stomped in the SECCG by Alabama and didn’t even make it to the playoff last year. You’re not really in the strong position you think you are. You know that though.
To pretend that any team in the final four isn’t a threat is just crazy. You don’t need to talk t rash on every single Alabama post. Especially when your t rash talk is completely toothless and has no basis in reality. Focus on your own house. You have a dump ster fire raging down there.
No one thinks he’s going to be the next Nick Saban and no one is expecting that kind of success. Whether or not he’ll be a better and more successful coach than Kirby remains to be seen. Hopefully he will be.
Got ‘em! You saw it here first. Saban defeated by sophistry and cope.
They could solve the whole problem just by banning a handful of accounts
Yes, because vermin like you say disgusting stuff like that.
He got a promotion, a job in the NFL, and probably a big raise. It’s a move just about anyone would make.
Why are Georgia fans like this? Just so jealous and constantly obsessed with Alabama. Nine times out of ten, an angry Georgia comment is the first comment on every Alabama article, win or lose. Just focus on your own success and program and don’t worry so much about what Alabama is doing all the time. You have a promising year ahead of you. Focus on that and stop spewing negativity everywhere.
Why even have them affiliated with universities at all then?
That’ll be interesting as the incoming freshmen will have only been alive for a single victory against Alabama. Maybe it’ll happen again for them. I hope not but stranger things have happened!
I really don’t understand why every single Alabama post, win or lose has comment sections completely filled with Georgia trolls. It’s the only fanbase that does it. Why are you guys so uniquely obsessed with Alabama?
He’ll be a senior in the fall. Most people turn 21 their junior year so he’s actually on the younger end of his class.
What’s a head coach supposed to say/feel when he just barely misses out on being selected for the playoff and then one team completely destroys the entire field?
LBJ was the most rac1st and destructive president we’ve ever had
11k is nothing. If the NFL is going to use fines as punishments for this sort of thing, they should be at an amount that actually discourages the behavior.
Only one team ever has the opportunity to practice in it though
The year after he won the NC and started with a new qb?
Paul… it’s not “off the record” if you say it on a national TV broadcast.
I always get the feeling that the people that make these things never played sports themselves