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Did you really expect anything less from Wasson in one of his overwrought fan fiction pieces?
And yet again, the rules of college football are changed to make things a little easier for ohio state. I never had any doubt this game would be postponed. I’m sure behind the scenes it already has been. Now it’s just a matter of making it official.
Hopefully he can grow from this lesson and it’s an isolated incident. Getting arrested for this sort of thing year one is not a good sign for the future.
Well look at Coach Mullen doing a bang up job down there in Gainesville. Hasn’t won a conference championship or made a playoff appearance yet has already cultivated a “playoffs of bust” mentality amongst his team. This man works fast!
If I was Sarah Fuller, I’d much rather be known as an elite soccer goalkeeper than a terrible charity case publicity stunt football player that runs away and leaves her team outnumbered every time she’s put on the field.
So you would rank Sarah Fuller higher on the list but you won’t because you’re scared of the hate you might get? Dude... man up and don’t be scared to speak your mind. It’s a sports blog. No one cares.
He got a little choked up after the 2018 national championship. Or did you not watch that part?
What a pathetic attempt to deflect. It’s COMPLETELY irrelevant. Alabama and Clemson both played TWICE as many games as OSU. The nerve of that clown never ceases to amaze.
“Virtue signaling patriotism”? It’s so obnoxious how you leftist cultural marxists constantly use/misuse words you don’t understand the meaning of.
You sound very unintelligent. I didn’t say anything about officiating. I’m talking about living by standards and being a man. If Bax’s stunt was the kind of thing you like to see your team do then he should probably be starting so he can get more reps. He can’t break any ankles sitting on the bench.
That Bax clown should be cut from the team. Not only were his actions egregious and inexcusable, he did it on possibly the biggest stage Arkansas would be on this whole season. He stained the reputation of the football program and the university as a whole.
Don’t really see how this isn’t living up to “the hype” just because they have 72 instead of 84 years of NFL experience. Not sure what people expected in his first year coaching. At an FCS program no less. Looks to me these doing just fine so far.
What did he do after the game last year? I can’t remember
Good boy. Virtue signaled! However, if you asked Trey if he is disappointed he can’t play this silly game after missing last season, he would probably tell you he is... and that doesn’t make him a bad of petty person. No one wants to see a kid get hurt. Especially when it could permanently hinder his earning potential and general health. That just goes without saying for most people and isn’t the revolutionary idea you seem to think it is.
You really expect him to stay on this list because he played really well in one game that took place over a month ago?
Lol. As you list the few SEC schools that don’t even try to have football programs.
I wish the best for him too but he’s just not on his brothers level. Not even close unfortunately.
Are you talking about the same OSU that hasn’t played a single game and the same CU that only plays cupcake after cupcake after cupcake until the CFP semifinal every year? If so... I’m not sure how you compare either of those teams to any SEC team.
Yes, it’s absolutely still I rivalry game. And I wonder what was different in 2006 than in seasons since. Hmm... I wonder...
OSU hasn’t played a game. A team that hasn’t played a game has no business being ranked, much less in a playoff spot.
It astonishes me that they seem to get absolutely no hate or kickback from anyone. Obviously rankings won’t matter for several weeks but to rank Clemson over Alabama at this point is just absurd.
Why are we talking about football here? I thought Saturday Down South was a forum to discuss social justice and systemic racism. Come on man! Think about it!
Thank you. Also, if your base assumption in writing this post is that the readers of this blog are knuckle dragging uncultured rednecks that have no familiarity with 20th century pop culture... why write a post about 20th century pop culture?