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It’s important to note that we play in the SEC and not the mediocre big ten or heaven forbid the embarrassment that is the pac12. Count yourself lucky that you play in a joke of a conference that you’re gifted 2 or 3 wins a year. Perhaps you should consider joining the FCS. You might even crack 500 one year. I believe in you guys
It’s cool to see UAB rebuild their program. Good for them and good luck UT.
How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?
Can we please retire "sweet Hawaiian prince" and think of something better?
He wasn’t saying they were. No need to break decorum and talk smack in a respectful conversation. Also with one of the only reasonable UGA fans on this site.
Are you talking about those same Patriots that just made it to another Super Bowl?
Wishing Jalen the best, he’s easily one of my favorite Tide players of all time.
Until he changes the narrative(which he is more than capable of), you are correct.
We're only hearing one side of the story. It makes little sense to me why Saban would spend 20 minutes chewing a guy out for resigning. What's a butt chewing even going to do at that point other than further alienate Gattis and waste 20 precious minutes he could be spending recruiting staff and players?
I’m not saying that not being a conference champion should disqualify a team. I’m just saying that in my opinion, the consistency and accountability of being in a conference makes it easier to accurately evaluate them. Also, I will admit that my own personal feelings may be clouding my judgement. I’ve lived in Chicago for the last 10 years so I have a lot more exposure to their fans than I’d like.
100%. ND needs to either join a conference or accept not being in any meaningful playoff conversation. Sure, they’re a huge tv draw since they have such a massive, aenemic fanbase but... Oh wait... I forgot that’s all that matters to the committee. I guess they’re a perfect fit.
What he said was pretty cut and dry. Not much room for interpretation. Wish the guy could just be a man(age certainly can’t be used as an excuse) and stand by his word.
Jalen certainly looked a lot better in the SECCG than Tua did in the natty. I was really disappointed to see him not start the second half.
And he’s certainly not leaving after the worst loss of his career. His legacy would be destroyed.
How many times are you gonna make this lame joke? And before you respond... 29-0
Yup. A Heisman QB and a garbage defense that gave up 54 points. I remember that too.
I’m surprised he didn’t give us his SSN and a copy of his birth certificate too
What about the angst of Alabama fans following Cam Dantzler’s blatant attempt to injure Tua?
If I'm understanding your comment correctly, he was indeed saying that Alabama's is easier than UGA's which would not rule out UGA as being a top team according to his logic.
I have NEVER seen a saltier fanbase than UGA. I've lost respect for UGA I didn't even know I had. I hope someday you realize how classless and pathetic you guys look.