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I'm not holding my breath for a Carolina win. There's been a lot of hype this week on A&M. Hopefully it gets to their head and USC can sneak out with a win. I do however see Bentley getting yanked early if his abysmal conference play keeps up. BMac and Muschamp better tighten up that run defense or it'll be a long day in Columbia.
I agree, Bentley is the starter, but I'd rather hold him out until he's 100% game ready... not 80-90%. Muschamp said that he could've played against Mizzou, but he would've been limited. I'd like to see him sit for another game and use the bye-week for additional rehab and comeback against the Vols.
I disagree here with Coach here, Mike. I think the right play is to leave Scar in until Bentley is 100%. Just like your BigOrangeVols cousin said on your Podcast. Let's be honest here, USC is not going to win this game and Scarnecchia is our best shot to keep it respectable until Bentley is 100%. I'm reminded of when Dylan Thompson started for us against Mizzou and was unable to move the ball. Connor Shaw came in and lit the fire in the comeback victory. You gotta leave Scar in until Bentley needs to do his best Connor Shaw impression.
I wouldn't be suprised to see him get a series or 2 this weekend, but the real dilemma will be next year when it's Bentley, DJ, and Helinski on the depth chart.