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Andrew, any way you could break down the stats for the pass drops the receivers have had this year? That might be an article all in itself
This does not pump us fans up. I'm probably about as annoyed as Arkansas fans. A Junior who only starts because Scherer is out. We need to tackle better before we talk crap.
We're waiting.. Fourth quarter and you have two pick six' and one more completion than interceptions. 3/15 for 25 yards
I'm more worried about the dropped passes. Jmon Moore leading the charge again. Mason just dropped one. This year looks like it will be like last. One of the hardest things for a fan to watch is dropped pass after dropped pass. Defense has no leader, it shows. I saw two plays where we tackled the guy from behind knocking him to a first down. I think I might take the boat out and sell my tickets
I don't think Cowherd is good for the sport, eating sour grapes all day, making fun of Puerto Ricans, or was it Dominicans Cowherd?
Good job SEC teams!!! Bama, Blow Clemson away and silence Cowherd
Good luck to our defense. If Scherer or Brothers get an interception, and run it back, we'll get a touchdown. I watched some dvr of the games. I noticed the receivers get no seperation. Like watching some zombies. Me must catch ball grr
Pinkel gets paid millions to coach, and for him to just act like, ok I'm fine with them not playing...that's not going to sit too well with fans. I'm not the kind of person who can't see two sides to a story, but I mean come on, fans are important. Has he seen what a Miami Hurricanes stadium looks like recently??? EMPTY. Take care of your players but don't forget about us fans!
Well I really don't want to watch a team that doesn't care about its fans. I get that they're taking a stand for what they believe in. The cycle is that players feel jaded, therefore making us fans pay, which makes you wonder, is it the fans or is it the players that make the money for the university. I just real feel like not going to another game
offense is bad. I actually do cringe. I wonder how mad Pinkel is? Bye bye Josh Henson
Josh Henson, A.J Ricker.... Fire them
We need to have pinkel talk to the fans instead of saying we need to execute, they executed better, they played better than us... He makes good money, and us fans need to hear some accountability.... Admit that the offense is terrible, and that he's sorry to the fans and we're going to work hard to fix this. We are past the "we need to play catch better" phase. Wide receiver hands, offensive line, let's hear it!!!
Dropped balls, no receiver separation, terrible offensive play calling we have a 6'4" qb and our receivers never go over the middle. You can tell they run wrong routes too. Offensive line gets manhandled.
with Josh Henson as his offensive coordinator, kid has to help himself out. Who could we pick up as next oc?
And shout out to Christian Okoye!
Maybe he will be the next Nigerian Nightmare
I believe he's right on the injuries. You guys are missin your good players. I feel for you guys.. That was the scenario for Mizzou with injuries in 2012, but nobody woils buy that from Mizzou. Still a great season Rebels!!
So a modeling recruit, and a golf cart mizzou helmet with a 130 lb guy and girl picture headline pic... I get it. I'm with you.
This analysis coming from a guy who's program has found one year of relevancy over the past how many years? Your team played university of phoenix online first game of 2013. You lost 6 games in 13', 7 games in 12' 5 games in 11' , 7 games in 10'. I mean come on
Funny thing is I would rather play msu than Bama. Guess I feel the same way about your team