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Title is definitely misleading. Should have read "Georgia Support Staffer.......", but then again, you wouldn't have gotten credit for my click then.
Really now? Remember losing to UCF in Richt's 10th year? I do
Schotty was exactly that.....Shotty. His offense was terrible, and for some reason, seemed handcuffed all season. Only high level assistant I have ever seen to just leave town quietly the way he did. Taking away last year on a booboo Pitt team, CHaney has proven he can do a lot with talent (Tennessee) and a good bit with some decent talent (Arky). I think our current roster is going to suit him very well. No reason to believe our running game will not improve even if Chubb is not back at 100% right away. Holyfield and Herrien are a vast improvement over where Marshall was last year. They are young and fresh, and at RB that's almost just as important. Both are VERY good backs and I feel like both are undervalued. Douglas and Crowder will most likely be seen rarely, if at all. I will always appreciate BD22 for those late game truck moves, and the get yards by all means necessary attitude. Even if it meant scoring on his head, he tried.
Very well put. I agree 100 percent. It was very obvious Clemson had not gameplanned for Howard to be used the way he was, and for good reason, as he was rather silent all year. The problem was, they never adjusted and they paid dearly for it, with 200+ yards on a few BIG plays.
I have to go with the home team, because I love the red and black. UGA gets my nod. I know that have not been exactly the same for 100 years and I am ok with that, so long as they don't bring those horrid Nike ones back from 2011 or anything similar! Bama definitely gets the nod for most traditional, and timeless. Tennessee would get my vote for ugliest, in a close win over Florida. Hate that awful orange!
Defensive staff is top notch. Other than the TN game, they have been the backbone of the team. Hard to say fire Schotty after only one year, but he is bad, and Rob "yard" Sale needs to go with him.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Won't fault a Bama fans for calling Bama for the win. I'd expect that. I disagree, but who I'll be there, rain or sh I ne, win or lose, in section 107.......Go Dawgs! !!!
I feel like I agree with the top 10 or so, but after that it gets a little murky. Like, for instance, Auburn should not be above Minnesota. Vanderbilt, I feel, is better than what their record shows. They were never out of the Ole Miss game. They are really looking stout on defense, and could be up around the 18-19 slot. I think people are still clinging to the fact most of them picked Auburn to win the SEC that they don't want to drop them too low. People, accept the truth. For whatever crazy reason, and I don't understand why, but Auburn is just plain bad.
Not trying to sound like a homer, and you could make the argument for either, but did he really just call into question Chubb's durability?
I don't know that I'd be able to call a number 1 between Fournette and Chubb. Fournette has 2 more TD'S but Chubb has 81 more yards on 9 more carries. I would honestly have to go 1a and 10 on this one. And it isn't close after that. Henry is 3rd and rightly so, but a distant one.what a great RB class this has turned out to be. Glad we got Nick and Sony!
He was pretty humble when they hit him with post game questions trying to get him to take all the credit. Just simply credited the team. I love to see that. Chubb had another quiet little 160 yard game. I feel privileged to get to watch these two become superstars.
Happy to stay right there. Win the games and the rest will work itself out
We UGA fans know a little something about "hands to the face" penalties. Oh, and ours was by SEC referees.
Finally.....Revenge for Aaron But seriously, bama better pick it up.or they are gonna get beat
I sure hope you are right ,but I don't know. If we don't open it up in game 3 regardless of who the opponent is, then we may be subjected to the most conservative offense we have seen. That would NOT help our recruiting at all. We have some pretty impressive visitor lists for this game and the Bama game. Hope they open it up some.
Agreed. Makes absolutely no sense. Personally, I am completely tired of the conference talk. Honestly I enjoyed watching TN lose. I wanted AU to lose too. I love the Dawgs, could care less about the rest. I did enjoy seeing KY get a big road win. It was probably more to do.with the fact that USCjr lost though.....but yeah, you should only count the OOC games. And is TCU vs SFA really a "notable win"? Come on man.
Hawaii been practicing with the Gators?? Lol
Oregon and Vandy Don cool uniforms.....aaaaand lose.
Imagine that. You could see he knew exactly what he did wrong as well as his teammates. The coach only handled it that way because he knew that was how he would get through to the kid.
My worry here is the lack of even an attempt! It's not like we need to throw deep 15 times a day, or be TCU on Offense, but we have yet to throw the ball more than 20 or so yards down the field. Wondering if the guy has the ability at all. Guess we'll see Saturday.
Why worry, win and it will work itself out. Ball state beatdown isn't gonna bring the high rankings. Beat bama.......then you will rise.
They won......yall lost to Toledo. That's why you don't talk shmack
But they will, because they got a high start. They will drop one or two spots probably. I hate preseason rankings.
Awww, don't give up buddy. When you basically have a couple coaches basically murder your program it takes time to.come back. On the bright side, you are undefeated in SEC play......