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Keeping Lebby around at whatever the cost is vitally important long-term. When Kiffin leaves for Alabama (which is my prediction after he beats Bama eventually), Lebby drops right in as the new Ole Miss head coach. By then he'll know the system, establish himself recruiting-wise, and have an impressive resume. Bama gets their man; we keep our rising star. Everyone wins...except the other 12 schools in the SEC, of course.
...and since I'm reading this column three weeks later than everyone else, I guess I get the final say. Bo Nix sux, sux, SUX! Overrated, undercoached and over-hyped. I personally wish he was better. He raw downfield vision is great at time; and, he has an SEC arm. But, sh*t man, there just isn't much between the ears. Ranking Nix above so many others, especially the Missouri quarterback, is ridiculous and lessens the credibility of the writer. Dude, man, can you not tell by the comments here (and every week) that everyone knows Bo just simply... SUX!
^^^ SMACK DOWN! *Coolness* extra base! Great comment! ^^^
Willybob, you have the right to your opinion, but keep it off sports boards. This is the one place all of us (both parties...and I happen to be a Democrat) come together to enjoy. Take your sh*t elsewhere please.
I think it was yellow Camaros at Ole Miss...I haven't seen any Shelbys given out lately. UT could work a deal with Ford on that...maybe some bright orange ones.
Herman was tempted by the Texas candy and paid the price. UT is the same temptation unfortunately.
"Getting an invite to the AAC also might help." ...I think that invite comes soon if he stays. The AAC would be a good fit for Liberty. If not AAC, I see maybe the Sun Belt.
...and Liberty is a PRIVATE school (lots of privacy and no one looking over his shoulder). It's a perfect fit for him. They'll name the stadium after him eventually if he stays. There's no reason Liberty couldn't become the Gonzaga of college football.
To your point, Buzzard, I think UT should seriously consider hiring Gus Malzahn. He's experienced with a good NCAA reputation. He could steady the ship and set up for the next great young hire.
Re: tjhillis.... Great comment! Tennessee is a blueblood. It benefits the conference when they are good...huge following; great for bowl games and conference exposure. A real UT fan would never accept mediocre even if they've been mediocre for years. It's still unacceptable. And to all the UGA/FL fans, wouldn't it be better to beat a good UT team? I'm glad Ole Miss competes in the makes the wins sweeter and and loses for acceptable because the division is the best in the whole effin country. So, I understand the UT fans and agree 100%. There's no excuse to be considered an "average" programs when nothing in their proud history suggests such an impression. Wandering aimlessly through the wilderness for 15 years doesn't mean you won't find a clearing one day. But wandering in a circle of failure ensures failure. So, what's it going to be UT? Step up/pay up/man up...or... shut up.
"Stick to basketb…never mind." Funny :-) But in all seriousness, UT has all the money in the world to do what they want. The problem is the attitude and approach. If the Vols want to truly be relevant again, The Big Orange Club need to take the Red Elephant Club method to heart. After missing on Rodriguez, the Club decided no one else would do other than Saban. That was Plan B... Open the bags and do WHATEVER it took financially to get him there. I remember when the contract terms were disclosed...I was like WTF??? Today we don't even blink at contract terms like that if there are results on the field. UT needs to find the very best coach in the country (available or not) that fits their program and just effin get the SOB. Just do it! No more excuses! If you're one of the big boys, play like one. Cheers my friends!
"Our time will come, same as Death and Taxes. Kirby will break through..." ...Christ will return one day too...just a question of WHEN?
"I think this is the most brutal article I ever read here." ^^^ AGREED ^^^
"Does Manning love the program enough to come in and save it?" ...NOPE!
^^^THAT^^^ 100% agree! Pittman is who you want if NFL is on your mind (defense-wise). He'll make you a hella lot better...even if you're already great!
Harsin is a good hire. Good offensive coach and exactly what Auburn needs. No baggage either. I think he'll do well there. Just glad they didn't hire Freeze. That dude wants the Tennessee job more than anything...and if that happens, may God have mercy on their souls.
I agree also in regards to Nix. He's maxed out. Smart, quick-thinking QBs are all that make it in the SEC. Nix just doesn't have the smarts, but certainly has raw talent and a rocket arm. But SEC ball is more complex and faster. Its why TJ Finlay won't make it at LSU either. Great talent but would be a better fit at Memphis, UAB or South Alabama. TJ should transfer to Jackson State ; he'd thrive under Deon Sanders.
Academic powerhouses like Stanford and Northwestern show they can win in football too... IF....the administration supports it. Vanderbilt administratively is a train wreck. I'm surprised any of their athletic programs are competitive; but some are (soccer, baseball). Minimum SEC "accepted standards" of all schools' fanbases are (1) Never lose to inferior non-conference schools and (2) at least be competitive in conference as a whole. 41-ZERO and 0-8 is NOT competitive and will get you fired at any SEC school. Best wishes to Derek Mason as a person though...seems to be a quality guy.
I don't know the criteria for Coach of the Year. Is it best turnaround, doing more with less? I don't know. I do think Kiffin's done a good job. However, in the framework of the best turn around of a program, Sam Pittman has done the best job. Virtually no NFL talent to work with and the school hadn't won an SEC game in years. His job at Arkansas deserves recognition. My hat is off to this guy regardless of whether he wins the award or not.
Have you seen our defense? State's defense is pretty good. Expect a very close game.
One more comment regarding Sankey and the SEC and Freeze. The SEC DOES NOT NEED THE NCAA stiffing around ANYONE's campus. With the cheese the rats will come...and rats in the neighborhood bring problems for all...just sayin...
Bcreek... how about the Norse God, Thor? ;-)
^^^MS State and Ole Miss fans KNOW this guy^^^ He ain't coming to SC gamecock fans...sorry.
I don't see it happening. Hugh wants to win championships. I don't see him taking the "second" job in any state. He's got a good gig in Liberty (private school; nobody overseeing his activities; non-disclosure protection; and don't forget the beautiful house on the mountain he absolutely adores). I don't think the SC job is attractive enough. IF he leave Liberty (...and that's a big IF), the Tennessee job or even the Vanderbilt job would be better fits. I know..I know...crazy thought you say (regarding Vandy)...but if you knew Hugh like we do, a "private" school in the SEC is the perfect fit...very little disclosure...if you catch my drift... Vandy goes against the desire for championships, but Nashville is a great draw and only a few hours from his north Mississippi family. Hugh will pass on SC. What about Steve Sarkasian? SC likes to hire re-treads; and, he's a good one.
^^^ DITTO, LOL ^^^ ... defending Auburn's "wins" is like defending the vote count in Philadelphia.