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I respect the ballzy Vandy fan stirring it up today. You hangin good BlackandGold! Keep it up; makes it more fun for everyone.
^^^ THIS ^^^ Kiffin is indeed a fit here.
@Mountain Dog...Jawja will get plenty of love when they win the natty...don't worry man.
My cat could win at LSU. Hell, a mule and donkey have already won a natty there...and my cat is you go.
My cat could coach at LSU and the rest of the SEC should hope Lane stays at Ole Miss. Lane + LSU talent = The Wrath of God upon us!
Everybody should hope Lane stays at Ole Miss. Lane at LSU would be everyone's worst nightmare. You are fooling yourself otherwise. That's just fact.
There are some black bears in the bargain cart at the Oxford Walmart...all still there the last I checked...
Maybe Florida should considering any coach with names beginning with "M" ...just a though.
Again...discussions of LSU "having trouble getting a coach" is BS. It's the best job in America. LSU will literally choose who they want when the decide to do it. Don't count out any coaching prospect just because some "source" says to "count them out". It's BS. LSU gets who they want. Period. Good night!
Discussions about who LSU "can" get are irrelevant. They will "select" who they want...and get him. That's it. Period. Good night! ;-)
Dave Aranda is someone I DO NOT want at LSU. That's a scary proposition with all the talent in Louisiana. So yeah, I'd hire Lincoln Riley for sure ;-)
Anyone but Bryce Young for Heisman. I'm serious. What a joke. Bo Nix behind Alabama's line would light it up. So would Ken Seals from Vandy...any good quarterback would look good with Alabama. If Corral and Young switched teams, there would be no contest. Young is not a Heisman winner.
I think Kiffin has his eye set on one program...Bama. It's the only one he wants. Other than that, he knows he's got it good at Ole Miss with absolutely no pressure. I see him waiting for the Bama opportunity when/if it comes up in the future.
LSU gets who they want. Period. End of story.
Didn't say "no" to LSU and will most certainly head to Tuscaloosa if offered. College coaches are hired different to us with our jobs. If we get a better opportunity, we don't stick around where we are outta loyalty. Glad to have Lane while we got him but we ain't keeping him when the big boys call. Just the way it is.
Ole Miss to the Liberty Bowl??? Crazy. If healthy Ole Miss wins at least 3 and goes 9-3... At worse they are 8-4. With Lane Kiffin and an offense that could be healthy by year end, I can't see Ole Miss to the Liberty. Ima sure the Memphis fans would love it though. The Texas Bowl in Houston would be better in my opinion. Auburn loses to Bama and possibly A&M. Kentucky looked terrible. State is Jeckle & Hyde. A&M looks pretty solid for a late finish. But everyone else, who knows...
Any coach worth his socks would take the LSU job; Kiffin included. But, other than that, I don't see Kiffin leaving Ole Miss (much less the SEC, LOL). LSU will get who they want. It's just how it is.
If Kiffin stays at Ole Miss, I see coach O replacing Durkin either this year or next.
Arch comes to Ole Miss if Kiffin doesn't take the LSU job. I don't see Texas. If Kiffin goes to LSU, Arch goes there. Georgia makes sense too (SEC East and not great QB currently there). He'll stay in the SEC if he's smart.
When you play teams like Alabama, you can't PUNT on 4th and 1 TWICE! That's on your coach; gotta play to WIN.
^^^ That's the longest and most comprehensive Vanderbilt football explanation/analysis I've ever seen! ^^^
I see Plumlee over Altmyer a long shot. Plumlee is a super athlete and can do a lot on his own. I agree with GeauxTigers8 that I'd expect Plumlee involved a lot regardless of who officially QBs. Altmyer isn't ready and Dent isn't skilled enough for the SEC. That's why Ole Miss will look to the transfer portal for next year's starter.
Rattler with Kiffin (wherever he goes) sounds like the best fit in the SEC.