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Academic powerhouses like Stanford and Northwestern show they can win in football too... IF....the administration supports it. Vanderbilt administratively is a train wreck. I'm surprised any of their athletic programs are competitive; but some are (soccer, baseball). Minimum SEC "accepted standards" of all schools' fanbases are (1) Never lose to inferior non-conference schools and (2) at least be competitive in conference as a whole. 41-ZERO and 0-8 is NOT competitive and will get you fired at any SEC school. Best wishes to Derek Mason as a person though...seems to be a quality guy.
I don't know the criteria for Coach of the Year. Is it best turnaround, doing more with less? I don't know. I do think Kiffin's done a good job. However, in the framework of the best turn around of a program, Sam Pittman has done the best job. Virtually no NFL talent to work with and the school hadn't won an SEC game in years. His job at Arkansas deserves recognition. My hat is off to this guy regardless of whether he wins the award or not.
Have you seen our defense? State's defense is pretty good. Expect a very close game.
One more comment regarding Sankey and the SEC and Freeze. The SEC DOES NOT NEED THE NCAA stiffing around ANYONE's campus. With the cheese the rats will come...and rats in the neighborhood bring problems for all...just sayin...
Bcreek... how about the Norse God, Thor? ;-)
^^^MS State and Ole Miss fans KNOW this guy^^^ He ain't coming to SC gamecock fans...sorry.
I don't see it happening. Hugh wants to win championships. I don't see him taking the "second" job in any state. He's got a good gig in Liberty (private school; nobody overseeing his activities; non-disclosure protection; and don't forget the beautiful house on the mountain he absolutely adores). I don't think the SC job is attractive enough. IF he leave Liberty (...and that's a big IF), the Tennessee job or even the Vanderbilt job would be better fits. I know..I know...crazy thought you say (regarding Vandy)...but if you knew Hugh like we do, a "private" school in the SEC is the perfect fit...very little disclosure...if you catch my drift... Vandy goes against the desire for championships, but Nashville is a great draw and only a few hours from his north Mississippi family. Hugh will pass on SC. What about Steve Sarkasian? SC likes to hire re-treads; and, he's a good one.
^^^ DITTO, LOL ^^^ ... defending Auburn's "wins" is like defending the vote count in Philadelphia.
^^^ THAT ^^^ ... a true flame-thrower at the UT program ... yet, still ranks them the 8th best out of 14 ... hmmmm.
^^^ DITTO THAT ^^^ ... zero competition. GA should be GREAT EVERY YEAR!! No excuses.
dvhill100, note the beginning of the article where research shows the quarterback position has become a more "intellectual" decision-making position...errrrr.... hence the problem for Guarantano as well as Nix at Auburn. Good strong arm but no brain = disaster in the tough games. That bonehead play by Nix in the Arkansas game (spiking backwards) is something middle school quarterbacks even know not to do. I hate to say it but Guarantano is just not top-tier in the brain category. Raw talent? Sure! I just think the SEC game is too fast for him. He's very predictable.
^^^ DITTO THAT ^^^ ... Vols 8th "strongest" ... Ole Miss would beat them in their current state. Blueprint is out on Georgia; they're toast playing anyone with an average offense from this point forward.
I have to admit, that game last night was a serious beat down...hard to ignore.
As soon as Mason is fired at Vanderbilt, I want him as our (Ole Miss) DC immediately. Cut the deal now! LOL.
Arkansas found the RIGHT coach for the RIGHT program. I heard his interview last night. The guy is smart (like strategy smart). I'm like everyone else who thought WTF when he was hired. I humbly eat crow now. Perfect hire.
^^^ THAT ^^^... again, another Ole Miss fan saying Vanderbilt as an option. It sounds crazy to other people, but we know how Freeze thinks... Vandy is a good fit.
^^^ LOL, THAT ^^^ another Ole Miss fan saying Vanderbilt...we know the guy better than anyone else. Private school = private life. That's Freeze's style. And, BTW, he won't take an OC job ANYWHERE.
That's a pretty good short list if he really does look elsewhere. Freeze is all about Freeze (even more so than the money). I really think he fits a private school the best. Private schools can really do what they want and don't have to disclose information that public (taxpayer) schools have to do. I know it sounds crazy, but I'd add Vanderbilt on that list for 2021. The city of Nashville is a great drawing card for a country boy from north Mississippi.
He's actually at the best school for the way he "recruits"... private AND independent. He makes good money there, beautiful location and they'll name the stadium after him if he stays. I don't think you'll see many firings this year anyway since it's a throw away year. What about the Cincinnati head coach? They're doing "great" but do you even know the name of the head coach off the top of your head? I sure don't. Winning coaches win at every level and at every school. Is it only about money? Time will tell. He could probably go to Vanderbilt, win an average of 5 games a year and keep his job for who knows...
I still think the interception takedown last week has to be the best "never quit" moment in sports I've ever seen. DK is not only a beast on offense, but he's motivation to all the other players. Grit! Best player in the NFL.
Must have been amateur day everywhere cuz the Alabama game later was so poorly engineered the fake crowd noise literally drowned out the announcers 90% of the time. The camera shots and audio is controlled in the engineering truck outside the stadium. It looks like ESPN was getting some college kids a little experience.
He was known as Coach "O and 8" for a reason...also notorious for the 3rd and 23 sweep to the right...true brilliance. He obviously learned how to coach (or at least recruit/coach) since then. Glad to see his success in Baton Rouge. Agreed...good fit there for the home boy.
Smart money says stay away from ALL games involving Auburn this year.
I'm still wondering where the 6% for State comes from... God?