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"Scoreboard!" How clever. No one has ever responded like that before. You're so cool.
Arkansas already knocked off one ranked team this year in Mississippi State (16 at the time) and should have knocked off another in Auburn (13 at the time) if not for a bad call by the refs. Rankings don't always matter. Anything can happen on any given Saturday. Do I expect the Hogs to win this Saturday? No, I don't, but you never know until the game is played.
Between this and the 87+ yard punt from Texas Tech, it's been one weird day for punters.
The NCAA rulebook states that even if the play was blown dead, the ball can be given to the recovering team on reversal of the call. Since it should have been ruled a fumble via replay, it's a live ball. Since both Auburn and Arkansas players were still going after the ball on the ground, that was "continuing football action" and there was a clear recovery by Foucha of Arkansas. Rule 4-1-2-b-2 Loose ball ruled dead or live ball ruled dead in possession of a ball carrier, when the clear recovery of a loose ball occurs in the immediate continuing football action. 1. If the ball is ruled dead the the replay official does not have indisputable video evidence as to which team recovers or does not have confirmation of the recovery by the officials on the field, the dead ball ruling stands. 2. If the repay official rules that the ball was not dead, it belongs to the recovering team at the spot of the recovery and any advance is nullified. Of course, none of it matters now and Arkansas is 1-2 while Auburn is 2-1.
"You tell me Alatide, how is that any different than the three years of lies and conspiracy theories put forth by CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, The Time, Newsweek, Daily Beast, Slate, Salon, Media Matters, John Oliver, Sam Bee, and oh so many more people with regards to the ridiculous Russian Collusion Hoax?" Oh, you're one of those "everything that doesn't agree with me is FAKE NEWS!" people. It's funny how the NYT, WaPo, CNN etc. were never "fake news" until the current president was elected. I'm sure he'd have said the same about Cronkite and Rather as well.
OAN constantly reporting BS as "truth" may have something to do with the players criticizing their coach for wearing the shirt. I mean, they did say that a 75 year old man, who now has brain damage and can't walk because he was thrown to the ground by police for no good reason, was an "Antifa provacateur" and faking his injuries. OAN is no better than freaking InfoWars, so they were absolutely right to be upset by their coach wearing that shirt.
As a Hog and Charger fan, I really shouldn't like Josh Jacobs. Considering my non-profit (StandUp for Kids) is one of the three being donated to, though, it's really hard not to. Plus, that is a really great commercial and, as someone who lived on the streets in my youth, it's always great to see someone else that's fought their way out of that situation.
Awesome. Hopefully he can help jumpstart the program under Coach Pittman.
McTelvin Agim was a 5 star recruit. Ty Storey was a 4 star recruit. Devwah Whaley. Rakeem Boyd, C.J. O'Grady, Hudson Henry...all 4 star recruits. This team had and has good players, but good players can only go so far towards overcoming bad coaching. One of the bigger issues was that Morris would pick favorites and play them, even when someone else might be a better choice. Another was not getting any kind of consistency going. Swapping out your starting QB every other game is going to lead to offensive struggles, and we saw that last year with Storey and Cole Kelley and this year with Hicks and Starkel. Chad Morris will get a shot somewhere again, but he's almost certainly better as a coordinator than he'll ever be as a head coach.
Arkansas would lose some commitments if they fired Morris, but they're already losing some after each terrible loss, it seems. It's definitely time for Morris to go and for Arkansas to rebuild with another coach.
So she got it right after going back and forth for several minutes? That's exactly what replay is for. She came to the correct decision after multiple viewings of the play.
I mean, it could have been worse, I guess. At least it wasn't Rutgers again? I don't know.
I know it's just a typo, but the thought of that house selling for only $1.82 is hilarious.
According to, Frank Ragnow put up 26 reps on the bench press. Not sure why he's not on the list here.
How is he going to make the Chargers pay? By only giving up 3 sacks instead of 5? He had one good year with the Chargers and then became mediocre. I'm glad he caught on somewhere else, because he seems like a really good guy, but he really should not have been surprised that he got cut.
I agree that the pick for the Chargers should be Alworth. Just because his stats were mostly put up in the AFL shouldn't disqualify him from consideration.
Hunter signed for 4 years, $6,380,308 with $4,030,238 fully guaranteed Allen signed for 4 years, $2,464,272 with $124,272 fully guaranteed
If you watch the video, which I absolutely do not recommend, he didn't point a gun at a cop. He was pinned to the ground by two cops that were straddling him. One cop pulls his gun, pokes Sterling with it and says something like "don't make one move" then a couple of seconds later leans off of him and starts pumping bullets into his chest.
Oh tackman, please tell me you're joking...hahaha
As both a Hog and Bolt fan, I was pretty damn stoked when I saw his name pop up. Can't wait to see him catching TDs from Rivers.
Oh, my bad, I did see one 2-3 round projection at WalterFootball.
Most projections I've seen (, CBS etc.) have him projected 3-5. I haven't seen a single second round projection.
"Film is the only and best tool to study ur opponent. How else do u study ur opponent?" Well, having a kid walk in from a rival school with full knowledge of that school's playbook and system would be a great way to study that opponent. That kind of seems to be what you're advocating. "Sounds if u never played football." Actually, it sounds as if you have never played football. Do you know what a playbook is? "Just saying dont dictate where he can and cant go. They future might be brighter since they not on Ark team now. " When they signed the sports scholarships to play at Arkansas, they gave the coach and the university the right to dictate where they can go play sports if they decide to transfer. It's a pretty common clause in sports scholarships, as has been mentioned more than once.
You'd be a terrible college coach. "All they have to watch is film." True, but if they know the exact plays to watch, then they definitely have an advantage. "Cut out the juco..." Because systems and plays don't change over the course of a year or two, right? These guys made their beds by not going to class, now they have the right to transfer to Ohio State or USC or Oregon etc. You're acting like they've had their futures taken away from them by Bielema, when they have a world of opportunities in front of them if they can stop being screw ups that are just there for football.
Newton went to a junior college before ending up at Auburn, so that's not even in the same conversation. If you're a coach that kicks a player off of your team and releases them from their scholarship and you allow them to go to a rival, then you're not a very good coach.
I'm* pretty sure Saban or Miles... Hate it when I type too fast and miss a letter or two.
I'm pretty sure that's pretty common, actually. In fact, I pretty sure Saban or Miles would do the same thing. Why would you give a kid permission to go to another school in your conference when they've got your system and playbook down and can feed that info to their new school?