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But, see, that's not true John. Even when we weren't cellar dwellers (ahem, the past two years) you still hated on the Vols. Proof: I get the fact that you thought TN would win the East in 2016 and then they let you, and everyone else, down because you incorrectly picked them. But, my gosh, before they have a press conference announcing the new coach who they've hired to (again) try and turn around the program, you state the most obvious truth there is: Tennessee football is still in a bad spot right now. As a "handsomely paid columnist" who is supposed to be the most "seasoned" writer on the staff, I'd expect a little more critical thinking.
This, sports fans, is why modern sports "journalism" is a joke. I'm sure SDS (and other sites) made a lot of money in advertising today. Kudos to you guys if your objective is to make money. If your goal is to report sports, though, you should rethink your articles. Too often you guys are the epitome of fake news.
If anything, CBJ should've told Dormady to go down so they could get the benefit of a TV timeout (or injury timeout) and get some snaps. But, looking at the film (TV replay), I don't think that Dormady ever actually "goes down." He hobbles and limps, but that's about it. Florida got assessed the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and JG was in the game, but TN had a false start. If everybody is all over CBJ because of his comment about not being able to get a practice snap while Dormady was out, imagine what everyone would say if he called timeout to do so. Here's the point: because of writers like Adam (and John Crist), everything CBJ does is wrong. He cannot do anything right. You can go back to 2015 and read the articles. They will all point to a "flaw" in something that Tennessee does in some shape or form. There's blood in the media water, and we the fans are the sharks that eat up the click-bait. Adam and John Crist don't really know football. They couldn't tell us the difference in Cover 4 versus Cover 6, let alone which coverage to run when there are 9 seconds on the clock and the opposition has the ball at their own 37 and they need 22-25 yards to setup a potential game winning field goal. They don't get paid to make decisions like that. They get paid to criticize (or, as they call it, "critique") coaches, no matter what the coach decides. This website is a joke, but so is most of sports media these days. Other than Pro Football Focus, there's nothing substantive about the daily "articles" that come from websites like SDS. It's apparent that Vol Nation is frustrated, and why wouldn't they exploit it while they can? For every article they write with some headline about Butch Jones, they generate revenue. No different than what CNN or Fox News does with politics. Great business model. Terrible journalism (if you call it that).
Adam, I know you're trying to get Butch fired today, but did you have any experience with reading comprehension? Jones was referring to taking snaps on the sideline when QD got hurt. Have you ever seen a football game, or is that not a requirement for SDS writers?
This isn't what he's referring to at all. He's talking about during the FL game, when QD got hurt, JG didn't have time to take a snap under center. Reading comprehension bro.
The problem is that he's correct, the backup quarterback didn't have time to take a snap from under center. Why is this a bad look? If JG goes under center and fumbles the snap (unlikely, but not out of the question), then you would just write a click-bait article about how "strange" it was for CBJ to put his backup QB under center on the goal line when TN predominately operates out of the shotgun. Do you really think this explanation would be one of the big reasons TN fires him, if they fire him? Really? Do you think before you write? A Monday press conference can do a lot of things for a coach, but please name me ONCE where it was a big reason a school fired their coach. One time. I'll wait.
Care to explain how Alvin Kamara underperformed last year at UT?
They call that a typo. Although if Vandy goes 1-7 and finishes 2nd in the East because Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri, and South Carolina get put on probation and Kentucky wins the East by default, I will call John Crist a friggin genius.
"I'm paid rather handsomely to know more than you do." -John Crist. Except, John, how much do you really "know"? Last year, you, like nearly everyone else, thought Tennessee was going to win the East. ( Is that how you define your "job" and what you "know" and get paid "handsomely" for or is there more to it than just going with the flow to get click-bait on your website? John Crist, Senior Writer, 2016 Predictions East order of finish: 1. Tennessee, 2. Georgia, 3. Florida, 4. Kentucky, 5. Missouri, 6. Vanderbilt, 7. South Carolina. West order of finish: 1. Alabama, 2. LSU, 3. Ole Miss, 4. Texas A&M, 5. Auburn, 6. Arkansas, 7. Mississippi State. *The jewel of last year was John's predictions on South Carolina (2-10 overall and 0-8 in the SEC). ( Nice work JC!
Jones hasn't said "brick by brick" in several years. Sure, a few days ago he highlighted the progress the TN program has made in his time there. I disagree with him about last year not being a disappointment, but what do you expect him to say? How about a Dooley quote about how no one is "going to have Tennessee to kick around anymore"? Want him to "guarantee" an SEC Title? You're just mad at the dude because he only delivered one 'disappointing' quote during his session and you can't make more fun at him. And you're butt hurt because he made you, and nearly everyone else, look foolish with your preseason predictions. I agree with you in that 9-4 is not where Tennessee should be measuring themselves. You could probably say that about several prominent programs around the league (LSU, Auburn, Georgia) and the country (Notre Dame, Nebraska, Texas, Miami). Gonna ask those coaches how they view last year and then compare it with what Nick Saban said about his 14-1 "failure?" You seem to forget that at this time last year, the question for Jones was if he could actually beat Florida, Georgia, and Alabama in the same season. It was foregone that if he won all three of those games, or perhaps just two of three, Tennessee would win the East. A better question for Jones is what's the difference between this year's team and last year's team that makes him believe he's built to sustain success (yes, success) for an entire season rather than 6 weeks. But I'm not a "credentialed" media member so...