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2017 Bama's first game after a loss was Clemson in the playoffs.
I love this game. If Auburn did all those they'd be 5-1, maybe even 6-0.
Semper Spell-check. Wait, I mean Semper Fi.
Oh please, Auburn got just as screwed in the ole miss game and had a TD vacated by a nonexistent phantom holding call.
If the receiver's caught the balls that hit them in both hands and on the numbers, then Bo would have been around 33 of 38 for 278 yards, 3 tds, and nost importantly, zero interceptions. That was entirely on shivers.
The targeting call was unfortunately legitimate, even though I disagree with that type of hit being a penalty. That said, the no call PI certainly was a massive blown call, even though it didn't change the outcome.
Nix did his job. He can't magically make the receivers catch passes that hit them square in the hands and chest.
Not to take anything away from UGA, they're clearly a top 2 team, with a strong case for #1. That being said, enough with the "bo nix sucks" narrative. This loss is ENTIRELY on our WR corps/receiving in general. Way, way, way too many dropped passes killed drives, momentum, and cost us at least 2 td's. I'm not saying it would be enough to have gotten the upset, but we could potentially have kept it to a 2nd one score loss to a top 10 team this year.
That's always his "analysis." Even if by some miracle we beat UGA, that will continue to be his "analysis." It's not based on logic/statistics, or frankly any actual metric, merely his homerism.
We hear the same thing every year and yet that's rarely the case, especially in Jordan Hare. Bama isn't even close to what they've been in the past, and Auburn should be much improved by then. Again, doesn't mean we'll beat Bama, I haven't claimed we will, but I like our chances in the Iron bowl far better than our chances against UGA.
I don't see us beating UGA, but frankly I don't see ANYONE beating them this year. The Iron Bowl is always a toss up in Jordan Hare. Aside from UGA and bama though, all the other games on the schedule are winnable. TAMU has shown they aren't the powerhouse everyone thought. Arkansas isn't the Cinderella team everyone thought. We could very well lose against both, but we could just as easily finish 9-3 and I would be absolutely stoked with that result for year 1 under Harsin.
If this is news worthy then just imagine the field day other conferences have with Negan's posts. On a scale of 1 to Negan this is merely the onion.
I don't get the Finley savior logic either. Yes he throws a better ball, steps up in the pocket, and made some great, if not lucky, plays. That being said, his accuracy is frankly not there. He's yet to show He's more accurate than Nix, not that that's a high feat. The biggest issue with our passing game isn't the qb's, it's the dropped passes. No less than 10 TD's have been left off the scoreboard the past couple games because receivers couldn't come down with balls that hit them in their hands. Nix is easily in the upper 60% to low 70% range when removing dropped passes from his stats.
No idea, unless they're just trying to keep him fresh for the rest of the season. Frankly I think we need to run more 2 back sets with tank and hunter.
I don't usually comment on these types of articles, but Auburn has perhaps the best TWO rb's in the entire SEC, and yet they don't even make the honorable mention? Hunter leads the sec in ypc, and both he and Tank are top 5 on total yards.
Auburn receives it's fair share of negative bad calls and no calls as well. Funny how that's never brought up.
I mean, Bama has 3 starting qb's in the NFL as we speak.....
Imagine losing by 1 score to what is now the #6 ranked team, on the road nonetheless? Gus and his version of Bo would have lost by 3 scores.
Tide fan, although I agree with your logic, I still find it impressive because I don't believe with Gus the scores for those games would have been nearly as overwhelming. Gus had quite the habit of jumping on those types of teams and then taking his foot off the gas and just coasting, and usually giving up more points. It was refreshing to see an Auburn team continue to steamroll long after the game was put out of reach. That's why I personally consider it, if not impressive. At least refreshing.
Auburn's only loss so far is a 1 score loss to a top 10 Big 10 team in one of the toughest environments. LSU's lost by 2 scores to a pac 12 bottom dweller that just got beat by Fresno state. I'd say Auburn is definitely more improved.
Lmao, Arkansas finally beats an over-rated unranked p5 team for the first time in the past decade and thinks they're world beaters. Get back to me after y'all have beaten someone relevant.
There was incidental helmet to helmet contact, but it wasn't forcible contact, and he didn't lead with the crown of his helmet, both of which are criteria for targeting.
For starters, he led with his shoulder, not with the crown of his helmet. Second, the receiver could have potentially reached for the goal and gotten a td had McClain not tried to stop him. I don't care who you are, that hit should not be considered targeting, and I'd 100% feel the same if it were called against Penn State.
THIS JUST IN: President Lincoln has been assassinated by the fledgling actor John Wilkes Boothe.
What's there to reward? They got destroyed by Alabama, and barely squeaked by the powerhouse that is APP State. Miami has zero business being ranked.
Auburn is tied for 3rd nationally in total heisman winners, not to mention John Heisman was once the head coach at Auburn, so it's not like this was a necessity.