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All week long I said I expected Bama to cover UNLESS we got our injured players back, which didn't happen. That being said, the refs are definitely calling a one-sided game and missed 2 blatant PI calls against Bama that ended 2 Auburn drives. Bama doesn't need the refs help, so at least give the semblance of calling a fair game. How you don't throw a flag when the receiver's shirt is a full yard line behind him blows my mind.
Ball carriers get away with more than anyone else. For instance, as a ball carrier you can grab a facemask and yank the defensive player to the ground and then get a pat on the back. As a defensive player even accidentally grazing a facemask you get a 15 yd penalty. I neither understand nor agree with it but it is what it is.
From what I've read the only symptom he has is a slightly runny nose
I imagine he will be miraculously deemed eligible AFTER game 2 when we play Gonzaga.
I don't anticipate the NCAA handing down anything much worse. The players were already punished years ago, the coach was both fired and arrested, and although he gave money to family members of 2 recruits, he was also working against Auburn by paying recruits to go elsewhere. Its already been determined he acted on his own and this isn't an institutional issue.
Season is never meaningless when you beat your rival :)
The only way Auburn stands a chance at keeping it close is for us to get KJ Britt back on defense and for Tank to be back to 100%. Without Britt, Harris will gash and destroy us. Without Tank, I don't see us getting enough of a running game going to take some of the pressure off Bo and open up our passing game. Even with them both at 100% and the old "throw out the records anything goes in the iron bowl" I don't see Auburn sticking within 2-3 scores.
Bruce Pearl had nothing to do with this. This ordeal is several years old at this point and came about due to an extensive FBI investigation. If Bruce was involved it would have been discovered. They already punished the players, and then cleared them to return. Au immediately fired the coach once it was discovered, and I believe this ban will be sufficient. Keep in mind, the cheating coach was also paying kids to go to other schools/straight to the NBA while on AU's payroll thus damaging Au as well.
Bigsby wasn't hurt after a gang tackle, he was hurt by getting slammed after he was down.
There are tons of news stories in which guys were accused of sexual assault and kicked out of school only to later find out the accusers were lying. You can't punish someone based merely on accusations. Should I be able to accuse my boss of harrassment just to get him fired? No. Should someone accused of murder get the death penalty without his day in court? No.
Since when do you punish someone for merely being accused of something? Enough with the #metoo and cancel culture devoid of the fundamental right to due process. By all means investigate CREDIBLE accusations, and if it is then determined that said incident happened then, and only then, should you punish a player.
Since when is arguing with the refs over a blatant CHEAP personal foul no call inciting a brawl? The Mizzou player should have been ejected. Defending your teammate isn't thuggish behavior, it was refreshing in today's day and age.
I'm with Mullen and the gators in this one. The refs should have flagged the late hit and ejected the defensive player. Tons of players get ejected for far less week in and week out.
That's what's so frustrating about Bo, he's like Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. When he's good, he's great; but when he's bad, he's terrible.
Waycross, how do you sit here and say "You cant compare a bad call against Auburn earlier in the game to a later bad call that went against the other team" and then go on to say KY got the short end of the stick when they still had over 30 minutes left to play? You've completely contradicted yourself.
my bad, confused you with a different troll. Nonetheless, the only game with a potentially outcome changing call was the arkansas game. KY had 30 minutes to bounce back, and yet even after the refs stole an AU td, Auburn managed to beat them by double digits. Before the missed fumble in the OM game, the refs stole an AU td due to a non-existent hold. Even after the fumble, AU had to drive all the way down the field to score and OM couldn't stop them. OM STILL had a chance to drive down the field, but threw a pick, their THIRD turnover of the game.
lmao, well glad2besec, at least this wasn't another one of your misguided and missplaced Trump trolls.
What about the TD the refs stole from Auburn on a non-existent, phantom holding call?
I don't deny that it was a fumble and should have been reviewed, but that doesn't negate the fact that Auburn was also on the receiving end of a terrible "Holding" call that negated a TD. I get that holding calls aren't reviewable but that doesn't negate the fact that they offset each other, and OM couldn't stop auburn from scoring the last TD, as well as OM couldn't score on the following possession. None of the "hot takes" like to bring up that fact.
1-4? Interesting, considering in 2 of those "shoulda been losses" Auburn had a TD called back on a BS call as well. Funny how Auburn beat KY by 2 scores even after having a pick 6 denied by a bs call but "they should have lost." The only "shoulda lost" that has any merit is the Arkansas game, but had the refs not blown the whistle it's still possible Auburn could have recovered the ball. As for Ole Miss, to continue beating the dead horse, bad officiating cost Auburn a TD on a kick off return. Even after the missed fumble, Auburn still had to march down the field, and OM didn't stop them. OM then had another possesion in which they could have scored, yet they couldn't. So enough with your "hip, woke" takes.
In every game with a "bad/lucky" call, aside from the Ark game, Auburn was also docked a TD by a bad call. It's funny how no one brings this up. Against KY, Auburn had a pick-6 get taken away by a stupid targeting call. Against Ole Miss, Auburn had a KO return TD taken away by a phantom, non-existent, holding call. Gimme a break. Auburn beat KY by 2 scores. One call going the opposite way wouldn't change the outcome in that game, but hey, lets retroactively give KY 7 points so their loss isn't quite as bad and we can stop hearing about it. Lets also give Ole Miss and Auburn 7 points each due to the bad calls. the outcome is still the same, but we can stop reading 257 articles about it.
Glad2besec, Taking away a td due to a non-existent hold absolutely fits that criteria.
This is like the 27th article in this site talking about this missed call. I've seen exactly ZERO articles on this site bashing the horrible phantom holding call that erased Auburn's 100yd return that was every bit as costly as this bad call and offsets it. Biased much?
What is it with you and comments about Trump? This isn't Slate, it's SDS.
This was a bad call. I'm not afraid to call a spade a spade. That being said, this call didn't cost OM the game anymore than the terrible phantom holding call on the 100 yd return cost Auburn. Two offsetting terrible calls, end of story.
I would argue that bad non-reviewable calls are worse than bad reviewable calls.
I have a few concerns about replacing Gus, and if they were to be alleviated then I'd be all for replacing him. 1) can we keep Kevin Steele? He's been the best defensive coordinator we've had in my lifetime, at least that I can remember. It's worth noting how thin our defense was yesterday. We were out alot of our key starters on defense or else the game wouldn't have come down to a fumble controversy. 2) Can we actually get a great head coach that's not just going to give us the same fits gus does? Sometimes the devil you know is better than the one you don't, but if the answer to my questions is yes then I'm all for it.
Agreed, I honestly have no idea how this game will go considering there's only been one game so far and the uncertainty at UGA's qb position. For both teams, how much of last week was just shaking off the offseason rust? Regardless, I think UGA will get at least 17 if not more, and I expect Auburn to be within 3 points whether that's on top or not.