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This is possibly the worst take I've ever seen, and that's not hyperbole. Neither the FBI nor the NCAA found ANY evidence whatsoever of Cam getting paid to play at Auburn. Auburn is 1 of 2 when it comes to National Championships in the past decade. In the past 20 years, Auburn has won 3 SEC championships and has won the west 8 times. Additionally, Auburn officially claims 2 national championships, and has 3 additional unclaimed nc's. I could continue, but there's no point, you're clearly an uninformed LSU homer.
For starters, Au-VA Tech featured the #1 vs the #2 (respectively) defenses in the nation so it was never going to be a high scoring affair. Oklahoma wasn't even a top 10 defense. Offensively OU was 14th and Auburn was 18th. Only 1 team scored 21 points all season on AU, which was the most points allowed, and that was I'm the SECCG. I'm not saying Auburn would have beaten USC, but I can guarantee it would have been a much, much closer game.
The fatality rate of covid-19 for those below age 60 is about an average of 0.2 %. Covid-19 really is only fatal to those over 70 with pre-existing health conditions. If there really are alot more cases undiagnosed that simply means the fatality rate is far lower than previously thought.
Well it was supposed to be a "fake" fake in order to get Bama to bring their returner up to the line so there would be no one back to return it.
So tired of hearing the Mizzou/SEC East unfair geography blah blah blah. Geographically speaking there's nothing "south east" about Missouri, so if your division argument is based on geography it's flawed from the start.
If this Bryce kid is as good as advertised (and frankly I haven't really read up or looked at his stats), then I could easily see him taking over midseason next year ala Jalen Hurts his freshman year. The hype attached to Bryce is unlike any other qb I can recall.
My family escaped from Poland and came to the US. They were Jews and certainly I had family that remained behind and perished. That being said, I would love to have dinner with Hitler. You can absolutely hate and despise everything about someone and what they stand for while simultaneously learning valuable info from them. Hitler was a massive POS yet he knew how to captivate and polarize an audience. Very few people that have ever walked this earth could get an entire country to follow their every word and commit such atrocities. Should the coach have known better with today's PC cancel culture, absolutely. Should he have been punished, absolutely not. He specifically stated sound logic behind his reasoning and criticized Hitler for his wrongdoing.
Is it because the black unemployment rate is at it's historical all-time low? Or is it they're just sheep blindly following the party that founded the kkk?
It is interesting that they did get Bama vs Michigan correct, albeit a much lesser bowl.
I assume the loophole revolves around the fact that normal bowls give players gift suites and the national championship doesn't so therefore the teams are allowed to give gifts. Just speculation on my part.
No way the Pats go for Fromm in the first couple rounds. They have a solid backup for Brady in Stidham so no way they waste an early pick on a qb. The saints MIGHT consider it since Bridgewater only has a year left, but they also have a good qb in Hill, so I don't really see then going for another qb either.
You should wait till Arkansas actually wins an SEC game before attempting to troll.
I'm happy with this decision. Our o-line has struggled mightily the past couple years. They had the talent but coaching was definitely lacking.
That's rich coming from an Arkansas fan.
Harsh truth isn't trolling. There are at least 3 surefire qb's that will be taken before Fromm (burrow, tua, Hebert.) At best Fromm will get selected in the 2nd round, but don't be surprised if he falls anywhere in the 3-5 round.
I don't know how long after the admission he was tested, but THC binds to fat cells so athletes in great shape can have it out of their systems in days, not weeks. I personally know people who've passed piss tests the same week they smoked. Nonetheless, why would you admit to smoking weed as a collegiate or professional athlete given the repurcussions if you hadn't actually smoked any?
Considering Alabama doesn't have any professional sports teams, what does it matter who or why he pulls for?
To be fair that fake punt should have resulted in a 1rst down due to the receiver being held the entire route.
No idea why that posted as a reply to your comment Matty, it was intended as it's own comment.
Bo Nix was 65% for 176 yds, 1 td and ZERO turnovers against Minnesota. He did his part to win the game, even hitting a long TD on a scramble play. The issue was the play calling and the defense. As for the Schrader comment, comedy/trolling isn't your strong suit, not that sports writing is either.
If only Auburn didn't go full Gus and miss state hadn't broken Schrader's orbital socket the SEC could be undefeated
Well Bo was 65% for 176 yds and a TD with 0 turnovers against a top 15 team, so I'd say he's learned a decent amount, and he did his part to put the team in a position to win.
Alabama didn't even have any big wins this season so.....
You sound like the typical toothless sister wife loving Bama fan. Smoke some more meth.
Considering the play calling itself was what attributed to only 176 yds I don't place any blame on nix is what I was alluding to. Gus rarely called any field stretching plays and most of the passing plays were either 5 yard screens or scramble drills. Nix made the most of it when given the chance. It all reverts back to Gus.
So UCF really was better than Bama a couple years ago? Strength of schedule and quality of wins certainly matters. 9 wins 2 of which are top 10 teams is certainly better than 11 wins with only 1 being ranked assuming Michigan doesn't fall out of the rankings completely.
Beat the Pac 12 champ, beat Bama, gave LSU the closest game of the season IN BATON ROUGE, all with a true freshman qb. Better than an 11 win season with no marquee wins.