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When we lost a couple games we shouldn't have this past season I was livid and wanted Gus fired. Now that the dust has settled though I really want him to have at least 2 more years. I really believe Bo Nix at qb will change things and get us back in the championship picture. It won't happen overnight, but he's the type of qb Gus excels with and he's the real deal. I firmly believe that he needs to start next year, and if he does than I have no problem with yet another 7-8 win season so long as box gets the experience he needs to explode in year 2. Frankly Auburn hasn't had a qb of this caliber since Cam, and I'm excited for the future. Lastly, I don't really care who the OC is so long as they can develop Qb's since Gus has frequently proven he can't.
Please tell me it's a typo that Malzahn will be the play caller (even though I know it's not)
You changed your tune awfully quick. Just the other day you were hoping no one took the position and Auburn suffered. My how times change.
Exactly, they make it impossible to get anyone with the shenanigans they're pulling.
Hailstate, things could be alot worse so I'd disagree as would most everyone else.
I really wouldn't fault Steele too much. We lost our secondary and a couple key pieces of our front 7 from last year, and our defense played well enough 95% of the time to keep us with any team in the country. The problem was our offense always went 3 and out so our defense was always on the field. If our offense had sustained drives and scored points we very well could be sitting with only 1 or 2 losses.
And yet it was Hurts who single handedly changed the outcome of the SECCG this year and ensured Alabama made it to the playoffs, not Tua.
Thomas is an idiot, and given his comments it's hard to fathom that he's actually an Auburn fan. Who seriously hopes their team goes from a dumpster fire to an all out wildfire just to get rid of a coach? Thomas. Thomas does.
Well Thomas, I'm an Auburn fan so I hope we do in fact get someone AND Auburn wins the bowl game. Why? Because I don't want Auburn to fail, given I am actually an Auburn fan. Hoping for us to fail in order to maybe get better is like cutting off your pecker hoping to lose your virginity, it's absolutely retarded. The bigger the dumpster fire we end up in the longer and harder it will be to rise out of it. What's easier to put out, a burn barrel or a wildfire?
He wants to be an AUBURN tiger like his dad. Why would he go to any other school and wait a year maybe two when he's all but guaranteed to start at Auburn next year?
Definitely. He's vastly improved over the course of 2018.
I seriously doubt this is true. I find it incredibly hard to believe the boosters wouldn't make an exception for freeze even if the 1 year contract is true.
We have some really good RB's, what we don't have is a really good O-line, THAT is the problem. We've had at least one 1k yard rusher going back almost 10 years and often times it was a different RB from year to year. For example, Kerryon didn't do all that great till last year. Granted KJ is pretty good, but it never really showed until his final year.
Hurts won't come to Auburn, if he even leaves Bama. My money is on Nix. Both Gatewood and Sandberg need work, and I believe Nix to be miles ahead of them in development at this point. I'm really surprised that Gus didn't get Gatewood and Sandberg more reps throughout the season considering Stidham was likely leaving. I also wonder how common it is for a preseason thumb injury to take you out for the entire season, makes me wonder if there's more to the story about Gatewood than meets the eye.
It really doesn't matter what OC we have, they're just figureheads running Gus' system. That's the problem with Gus, he doesn't let the OC do their job. So because of that, I don't think Chip leaving played much of a role in his decision. Or at the very least it shouldn't have given like I stated the OC position at Auburn is just a formality as opposed to an actual job.
I'd guess high freeze at this point, not really sure of any other big name OC's available right now and he is friends with Gus
Lol Tre didn't account for Marshalls 2nd and 3rd most yards in a season by a qb at Auburn. Marshall was a db acting like a qb. When Gus has had legitimate dual threat qb's he's done amazing.
Lol nevermind the fact that neither the FBI nor the NCAA found any evidence whatsoever of Cam getting paid, it's nice to see you already making excuses as to why someone wouldn't want to go to Missouri.
Prediction: Gus will perform decent this next season with Kelly Bryant and thus return for the 2020 season. In the 2020 season he will greatly underpeform as he always does and get the boot. Urban Meyer will miraculously be healed and replace Gus. 2022 Auburn wins the playoffs.
Hard to give an opinion about Lindsay considering Gus doesn't let him do his job. I will say though that it was apparent when Gus actually let him call plays last season as our offense actually clicked and became efficient. I believe he's pretty good, it's just he's been handcuffed to being a name on paper by Gus.
Lol Auburn didn't show up to that game and greatly underestimated UCF. LSU won't make the same mistake.
Not against a real defense, especially without Mackenzie. LSU is going to do what Auburn should have last year and crash their parade.
Had Auburn beaten Georgia last year in the SECCG the 2 loss stigma would have been broken, but we screwed that one up as always.
Story of the year? I'd say it's at least the story of the decade. I'd even go so far as to say it's one of the top 5 SEC stories of all time. Jalen is the epitome of class, dedication, and teamwork. I love the fact it all paid off for him.
Lol, the refs gave Georgia some help. For instance the Fromm fumble that was ruled an incompletion. The ball clearly moved before his arm started forward. The refs didn't make GA go for a terrible fake punt on 4th and 11. Bama did what good teams do, they found a way.
Auburn was originally the favorite? That's funny considering all of the original articles on this site said he was going to Arkansas.