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You say the conference is bad, but the 5th best team beat the best team in the pac-12. That tells me the SEC is far from bad. Heck, name another conference that has consistently, if at all, had 4-5 top 10 teams every week.
While I don't really care about Auburn's ranking, I fail to see how losing to a top 10 team on the road is worse than losing at home to an unranked team (looking at you georgia.) And as always, Notre Dame is a joke.
Was it classless? Yes. At least they didn't get poisoned and completely destroyed (looking at you Updyke)
I'd still put Bama over Ohio State. Ohio State hasn't beaten anyone of consequence.
Ohio State at #1 is a joke. LSU/Bama should be 1 and 2, with LSU taking the #1 spot this week due to a huge win over a top 10 team.
Were you outraged over the holding no call that caused a "dirty" hit on Trask? There were alot of missed calls against Florida as well, and some garbage calls against Auburn. At the end of the day y'all won, so quit crying and enjoy the W.
Miss state scored 1 less point against Kentucky than Florida did but also held them to 6 fewer points. Tulane is far better than Towson, not to mention Towson is 7th in their conference IN THE FCS. Speaking of another of your comparisons, Kent state is an FBS team while UT Martin is again, an FCS team. Your comparisons are either trolling or showing a serious ignorance of all things football. Auburn isn't overrated. They currently are the only FBS team with 2 wins over ranked opponents, both of which were away from home. Does that mean we will beat Florida? No, but the level of competition prior to this game is a huge disparity.
The Frank’s offense struggled against Miami and Kentucky. That’s what most people outside of Florida have seen. And let’s be real, only 38 points against the same Towson team that Villanova dropped 52 on? Also Boobee Whitlow has mote rushing yards than all 3 of Florida’s RB’s combined, not exactly impressive. That being said, I believe Trask is a far superior QB to Franks and is exactly what the Dr. ordered for this Florida offense to explode. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if he has a coming out party today against Auburn (though I really hope he doesn’t) I honestly don’t know how this game is going to turn out today, I can see either team winning a close one or having a big statement win, but luckily we don’t have to wait much longer. Good luck and War Eagle.
"Corso is 5-2 in headgear picks this season" One of those losses was when he picked Oregon to beat Auburn.
It doesn't matter, Auburn still has to play Georgia and Georgia also has to play Florida.
Who cares about troy or mizzou? This is very clearly an Auburn article. Go cry somewhere else.
The issue with Gus is he's inconsistent. 1 year he'll have us in playoff contention and then the next year with the same personnel we'll only get 7 or 8 wins. There's been alot of games lost after having a decent lead due to him taking his foot off the gas and playing ultra conservative. When he's good, he's great. The rest of the time he's terrible.
Whitlow is 2nd in the sec in rushing yards and our defense is only giving up an avg of 80 rushing yards a game. It's easy to see whitlow breaking well over 100 yards rushing and holding hill to less than 100.
There was literally nothing derogatory about state.
Your reading comprehension must be the one lacking as I didnt claim that you never said he was late. I merely accused you of defending the indefensible, do try and keep up.
Forward progress was stopped and the whistle was already blown. Technically he WAS a defenseless player at that point and the hit was definitely a malicious helmet to helmet hit. Quit defending the indefensible.
Leave it to a Tennessee fan to try to justify the unjustifiable.
Surely you mean Florida hasn't played anybody. Auburn has one of, if not the best current resumes in all of college football.
Nix gets better every game and there's still a lot of time for improvement before November. Do I expect him to be a Tua or a jake Fromm by then? No, but the future is bright and with our defense he doesn't have to be for us to still be competitive and potentially beat some teams we aren't supposed to.
While I would love for stoops to replace Malzahn, this article is the only one I've seen saying literally anything about him. #fakecontroversy.
Well it's more impressive than any if Bama's wins so far this season.
I took that as an intentional jab at Tennessee, could be wrong though.
If LSU had lost to Texas the SEC would struggle to get 2 teams into the playoffs. The only way for the SEC to get 2 teams in is to have a strong non-conference record. Clemson is a lock. 1 sec team is a lock, and as it currently stands both Oklahoma and Ohio State appear to be locks as well. Since Auburn beat Oregon you can cast aside the Pac 12, and if Texas beats Oklahoma a 1 loss SEC team can potentially slide in now. Point being, if LSU lost to Texas it would be almost I possible for 2 sec teams to make the playoff.
Bama will play Oklahoma in the playoffs. The football gods demand it.
True freshman qb starting his first game against the #11 team in the nation. Throw in our o-line not being able to block Nix having to run for his life almost every passing play and I'd say he did pretty well all things considered.
Bo Nix is the future and our defense is downright nasty. If our o-line can figure out how to block Auburn can become a contender.
Bo nix was the #1 dual threat qb this past cycle. He ran a 4.6 40 at the opening, which is a good bit faster than Gatewood. On top of that, he's run an offense similar to Gus's his entire high school career. It doesn't take but 2 mins to Google Bo Nix and publish some facts instead of completely missing the mark.