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Lol Georgia talking about dirty hits, pot meet kettle. In the SECCG the dawgs had several blatant late hits squarely on Kerryon's injured ribs and shoulder trying to take him out. If you live in a glass house, don't throw stones.
Lol in that case, the only reason Georgia won the SECCG is because of Auburn's injuries, considering we all saw what a healthy Auburn did to the dawgs.
This is all your fault Gus. All you had to do was beat UCF to shut this guy up but noooooo.
So only about 10% of the crowd was Auburn fans, in a stadium an hour away from Auburn, and yet you still can't see Auburn didn't care? We beat 2 #1 teams, were a shoe in for the playoffs and then were overcome by injuries and bloodthirsty dawgs thus spoiling all our hopes. Anybody watching that game could see Auburn had zero motivation. UCF wouldn't stand a chance if Auburn actually showed up, no one would.
"Basically a 4 loss team that beat both of the championship teams in the regular season and destroyed the Mississippi schools." There bulldawgrock, I fixed it for you.
Lol like georgia can talk about dirty players with all of the late hits on an injured Kerryon in the SECCG. We all saw what a healthy Auburn did to a healthy Georgia team this year. Enjoy being runners up next week.
When Auburn showed up this season they were the best team in the country, that much is certain. Unfortunately Auburn was like Jekyll and Hyde and you never knew which team was going to show up.
I wouldn't put Auburn/UCF on this list. UCF has the #1 offense in all of college football and Auburn was in it till the very end. Yes, coaching was atrocious, and yes, Auburn is a much better team than what they showed, but this was far from a bad loss.
I'm actually glad both Bama and Georgia won, at the end of the day, what's good for the SEC is good for Auburn as well as every other sec school. It does suck that Auburn has been so inconsistent though, because when we were at our best clearly we could have won it all. Thanks Gus
Are you serious? If you really think bama would intentionally lose to Auburn then you are an absolute idiot. Let me guess, the dawgs also intentionally got destroyed at Jordan Hare as well.
Peach Bowl impact play of the game courtesy of the refs.
He completely regressed to his old ways of being completely predictable and always running on first down.
Agreed, please let us know how much money Cam's dad got considering the FBI,IRS, and NCAA found exactly ZERO evidence of any payment by Auburn.
*he isn't the same in big games away from home without a 1rst or 2nd string rb.
Feel free to remind us what the db turned QB did to bama courtesy of Gus.
Marshall was an ok qb, and he improved alot under Gus. Stidham only played for a part of 1 year, then sat out for 2 before playing another game,and he improved significantly throughout the season. Gus can in fact develop QB's, he just usually can't recruit the right high school QB's for his system.
Most bama fans are like that when it comes to Auburn bowls/championships. I personally hope the SEC wins all their bowls as that benefits us all. I also always pull for bama in the playoffs due to state pride.
Our only other capable RB has been injured all season, and even then Pettway didn't appear anywhere near as effective as he did last season. Kam Martin has shown some flashes but he still isn't as developed as we need him to be.
Lol, how many fumbles did a healthy Kerryon have against GA and what was the outcome?
OU over Georgia Bama over Clemson Auburn over UCF Mizzou over Texas ATM over Wake LSU over Notre Dame. Everyone else loses.
We all saw what a healthy Auburn offense did to UGA. Oklahoma is even better offensively. OU and Bama will be in the championship, and at this point it's a pick em.
We are one game away from potentially playing in our 3rd National championship in 7 years. If we beat GA it will be our 3rd SEC championship in 7 years. Besides Bama, which other SEC teams have had anywhere near that much success this decade?
If there was a 6 or 8 round playoff, Penn State wouldn't have gotten snubbed last year, and the Big 12 wouldn't have gotten snubbed before that. I like a 6 team playoff, it gives just enough slots to leave no doubts. I also disagree with Auburn getting in to an 8 team playoff should they lose to GA. There's no way Auburn would remain top 8 with a 3rd loss. The 6 or 8 teams would assure that bama gets in as well as the winner or the SECCG as they should.
It absolutely makes a difference as to whether or not Kerryon plays, anx if you think otherwise you are a fool.
Well we didn't have Kerryon at Clemson and it was Stidham's first real game in 2 years. To only lose by 1 score in Death Valley considering all that is pretty "elite" if you ask me. Both Bama and GA lost on the road by double digits, and Auburn's 2 losses were by a combined 12 points. I'm not worried about the road, in worried about Kerryon's injury.
Sure Auburn can win without Kerryon, but lets be real here, if he doesn't play Georgia is almost assured the W. KJ had 167 rushing yards and 66 receiving yards against GA 3 weeks ago. He's every bit as crucial to our offense as Stidham. He can run, catch, and pass. Sure, Martin averages more ypc and can catch, but he's no where near KJ's level.
That was also way before Stidham knocked the rust off. Stidham has improved tenfold since week two. Kerryon certainly would have mad a big difference, but ultimately Stidham was still too fresh.