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Auburn is tied for 3rd nationally in total heisman winners, not to mention John Heisman was once the head coach at Auburn, so it's not like this was a necessity.
How's this risky? The only way he's leaving Alabama is retiring, and this extension just sweetens the pot for him to stick around a little longer. It's a win-win for Bama and Saban.
Common sense would imply it's because UGA returns their offense whereas clemson and Ohio state have to replace 1st rd draft qbs?
Auburn folks swore Gus was a qb whisperer? News to me, I've long criticized, as have the vast majority of Auburn fans, Gus' inability to develop qb's. As for offensive genius, he was but his "genius" was mainly a one-trick pony that everyone caught on to.
"They're getting the very best Gus malzahn coach of my career." For the amount we were paying you and the roster talent we should have gotten said "best gus."
Football players shouldn't get special treatment.
"Those people"---- the antifa and BLM rioters. And yet people wonder why racism is a meaningless word, folks like you throw it around like beads on bourbon street. Quit being such a petty little snowflake.
Hey, Vandy loves doing things for attention, and what better way to stay in the media spotlight than getting an attention seeking drama queen for qb?
I would imagine Bo is thrilled to finally have a shot at getting some actual coaching/development. He's shown flashes of brilliance, and really his faults are easily, at least should be easily, corrected. The o-line certainly has played a part in making him look worse than what he is, that's evident when you compare his throws when he plants his feet vs throwing on the run, and most of his throws were on the run since our o-line needs industrial grade flex seal. I think if harsin can get a little development with Nix, as well as even a slight improvement in the o-line, Nix will look like a polished SEC qb should.
This. If you can beat Saban, then there's ZERO excuse for losing to significantly inferior teams throughout the rest of the schedule. I'd rather lose to Bama and be in a NY6 bowl game than beat them and then go to the music city bowl.
Tide, in the Ole Miss game a bad "phantom" holding call took an AU kickoff return td of the board, so if you make a case for OM getting jipped, the exact same case can get made for Auburn.
Boxster, Harsin got a RB this class: Jarquez Hunter. He didn't sign until today but Auburn was heavily favored. He's also favored for a couple TN recruits that are waiting to be released from their LOI's.
When Harsin was hired the class was ranked 55. The class is now ranked 27th, and still has potential to make the top 20. That is SIGNIFICANT for having less than a month to recruit, especially considering most of the top prospects had already signed elsewhere, and only 17 of the top 247 remained unsigned/available by the time he finalized his coaching staff. I don't see how anyone can claim this as a failure or negative against Harsin given all of the facts and circumstances if not for one of the 3 reasons I listed. That's the equivalent of bringing in an entire new coaching staff a week before a bowl game, giving them one practice, and then bashing them for losing in double overtime on a questionable call. It's neither reasonable nor logical.
Those bashing Harsin over this class are either 1) extremely ignorant, 2) completely disingenuous, or 3) trolls. The class wasn't great while Gus was still here. Then, Gus got fired like a week before the early signing period which caused alot of the committed recruits to sign elsewhere. Harsin then had essentially a month to start from scratch, all while not having alot of the staff in place, which makes it infinitely harder. That means realistically Harsin only had about 2 weeks to develop relationships and make a push for a limited amount of recruits, solely over the phone. Harsin was STILL able to move the class up 20 spots to 30, and there's still a couple targets that haven't announced, as well as the transfer portal to bump the class even higher. Bama was in shambles when Saban took over. His first class wasn't top 10, and it was only 7th in the SEC. Next year will provide an actual representation of Harsin's ability to recruit.
The stars/rankings bear some viability, but they aren't the end all be all. All of the schools you mentioned have elite coaches capable of developing players. Case in point: 15 of the 1st round draftees last year were ranked 3 or less stars out of high school. Also the majority of NFL QBs were 3 star recruits, such as Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield, Patrick Mahomes, and Russell Wilson. I don't see both UGA and Bama making the playoffs, sure it happened before and it could happen again, but I think Rattler improves in year 2 and Oklahoma takes one of the 4 spots.
Mizzou eeked out a win against a depleted LSU. The same LSU team that got absolutely steamrolled by Alabama and Auburn. Sure, LSU upset Florida, and mizzou beat LSU, but Florida steamrolled Mizzou. So your argument really is pointless. As for your argument about "less than 80% returning being a mismanagement by the school" that's possibly the dumbest take I've ever read. Let me break this down barney style: if each year of classmen comprises 25% of the team, then you are guaranteed to return no more than 75% max a year. Now throw in the juniors who declare early for the draft, and you could potentially lose 50% of your team. Obviously not all juniors will declare, but it could still happen. The school has ZERO say or responsibility in the matter. Going one step further, you only have to lose a handful of players to have lost all of your production on offense and defense. Case in point: LSU only returned 3 starters on offense, and 5 on defense. Gone was the vast majority of their offense, to include Joe Burrow, the qb responsible for their historical season. Aside from Bama, no other school in the country can lose that much talent and still turn around and be a championship caliber team. Do us all a favor wolfman and quit spewing your illogical and frankly idiotic "hot takes."
Lmao, I pity people with such low reading comprehension as yourself, Senoia. Holden had offers from LSU, UGA, Michigan, Michigan St, WV, and numerous other power 5 schools, but hey, I'm sure you're a better evaluator of talent than Kirby, Harbaugh, and all those other power 5 coaches that are paid millions to do just that.
An argument could be made for Tank, but then again he was a 5 star recruit for most of his recruitment, and still ended up as the #4 rb and 40 overall. In my eyes he might as well have been a 5 star recruit considering most years his .981 grade is good enough for 5 stars, so I wouldn't necessarily say he exceeded his ranking.
I'm not losing any sleep over this, until 2 weeks ago Auburn was never even in the picture for him. The talk of him coming here was all just media speculation given his connections to Bobo. That being said, there's still a long way to go before next years signing day so if Auburn and Bobo continue to pursue him I think there's still a good chance they flip him. Besides the Bobo connection, should he come to Auburn there's a great chance he starts as a true freshman and if not, he'd be guaranteed to start as a sophomore, as opposed to a junior or senior at UGA (that's assuming he doesn't beat out brock which he very well could.)
Drew Brees is 6'0" and hasn't had a problem seeing the field well enough to break and hold almost every nfl qb record.
I wouldn't really call 2010 Auburn an "outlier" considering they went back to the national championship game 3 years later with some of the same players and coaches. I'd also throw in the 2004 season as further evidence that it wasn't an outlier. Auburn deserved a chance to compete that year and was left out, which if they had had the playoffs AU definitely would have gone. That being said, you are spot on in that Auburn can't get there with any regularity or consistency if they don't up their recruiting and development game, which I'm optimistic that Harsin will be able to do.
No coach worthy of being called a "home run" will be willing take this job right now considering the impeding sanctions/restrictions UT is about to get hit with.
Tfk, I'll also add that I'd much rather beat a team that is successful and full strength, as opposed to a weak, handicapped team. Nobody would pay to see McGregor or Mayweather beat up so dude in a wheelchair.
TFK, conference strength absolutely matters. The SEC being the strongest conference is the only reason UGA made it to their first National game appearance in several decades. Sure, a single mid-lower tier (currently) team getting the hammer won't phase the overall outlook of the SEC, but imagine if this was happening to Bama, who's success has single handedly elevated the SEC to superiority, the conference as a whole would suffer. That's why the majority of SEC team fans pull for the conference as a whole, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. The other conferences can't grasp that notion, and as a result will continue to play second fiddle.
"Most coaches get a grace period but this is Auburn." I'll be happy with an 8-4 season next year, which is pretty doable. I won't even be upset if we only get 7 wins, especially if one of those wins is in Baton Rouge which hasn't happened in well over a decade. I'm sure there are a handful of fans that will view anything less than an SEC championship as a failure, but by and large I'd bet most Auburn fans understand there will be at least a year of growing pains with the transition. Heck, Saban didn't do so hot his first year or 2 at Bama, and he's the greatest coach in CFB history.
Well it was good enough to win a national championship sooo?
Tank was the #4 RB in the nation. He was the #40 overall player that recruiting cycle. Tank would be great with or without Cadillac. That being said the 'Lac is a good coach, but more importantly he's a great recruiter.
Mason and Bobo each have more wins as a HC than Steele and Morris combined sooo? Mason is a proven top notch DC. Bobo has also had success as a coordinator, even though I'm personally not a fan of his.
Auburn consistently had top 10 recruiting classes under Gus. In what world is that considered weak?
For perspective, Nix just passed for nearly 300 yds against the #11 pass defense in the country, while being out his leading receiver, leading rusher, and while having an imaginary o-line. Unlike Gus, Coach Harsin has a history of developing QB's and o-lines. With even a little bit of development Nix can take a significant step, and should our o line improve a little as well this offense could be a night and day difference next year. Nix has the tools, he just hasn't been developed at all. Throw nix into the offense at alabama, ohio state, or Clemson and he'd be a much different qb than what we've seen.