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Bobo and mason were problems. Harsin and co. are also problems. Both are true and not mutually exclusive.
I'm not so sure that that's much of a "hot take," more like national consensus at this point.
Auburn needs to forfeit the rest of the season for safety reasons. Thanks to our o-line, playing QB for Auburn is 167x’s more deadly than batflu ever was.
Mizzou's the real winner because now we're stuck with Harsin a little while longer. I was ready to rip the band-aid off
Harsin tried his best to lose and I'll be darned, Mizzou said hold my beer.
Reading comprehension isn't your strong suit, is it? Notice I said "re-injure." Had everything gone to plan he would have been healthy and fully recovered prior to the season, but he re-injured his shoulder over the summer. You can blame Harsin for alot of things, but his inability to be a fortune teller isn't one of them.
A simple way to compare beats to normal headphones is like comparing a 4k hd tv to an old tube tv. I've had several pairs of beats since they first came out and absolutely love them.
Calzada "would" have been ready to go but he re-injured himself over the summer. That's not on Harsin. Additionally Harsin recruited our freshman qb Geriner who's the most talented and has the highest ceiling of any Auburn qb in a long, long time. I'm no Harsin appologist, but on that same token I don't suffer from Harsin derangement syndrome either.
Yeah, because Harsin could totally predict that Calzada would re-injure himself over the summer and wouldn't be ready to play. Get a life, you seriously can't be this dense. We've got a qb in Geriner. Sure he's just a freshman and lacks experience, but he's the most talented qb we've had in a long, long time.
The true freshman is the most talented qb on Auburn's roster, he just lacks experience.
I've said it for weeks on here that he was still injured, but as always TBone knows everything.
Only a 3 star but better than any of our current oline.
If finley and ashford played with either bama or uga's offense, Finley would beat out ashford everyday. Finley's arm is lightyears better than ashford's. That being said, with what amounts to as jv pass protection, neither are the answer. Geriner is a true freshman with no experience, but he is hands down the best qb on our roster. Time to let him shine. We aren't going to win many games anyways so we might as well get him the experience needed for next season and beyond.
*shouldn't have given him that last contract extension* Fixed it for ya
Please take Harsin, it'll certainly save us alot of money and a HUGE blackeye.
How can you talk about anyone's family when you're married to your sister that starred on season 2 episode 3 of "My 600 lb Life?"
Auburn tested out a bold strategy today: playing football without an offensive line. Turns out that's not a winning strategy. If we had even a halfway decent line this game might not have gotten out of hand. Finley has certainly improved and did great the first half: 64% completions @ 9 ypa, and played his heart out scrambling for yards and converting crucial 3rd downs. Unfortunately for him our oline is nonexistent. Both of his turnovers came from getting hit in the backfield while trying to throw. All of that means nothing if you can't block a wet paper bag.
Considering he's only completed 50% of his passes and 10% were interceptions, is it reaaallly that strange?
It's just funny, the same people heralding Nix as a great qb are the same ones that were calling for TJ to replace him last year.
When it comes to UGA and Gus, the only thing that was consistent was getting our azz handed to us.
If we beat penn state I will NEVER let you live this down. You act like penn state is uga or bama. They aren't.
Mizzou and western ky are 2. Lsu and aTm wont be easy but are doable. Depending on our secondary ms st is also doable. That would be 7 wins. Only 2 games I'd say are guaranteed losses are bama and Georgia.
Check out Karmello English's tweet calling out fan hate.
Geriner is special, and if given the time to develop will be the best Auburn qb since Jason Campbell. I respect Harsin not throwing him into the fire prior to being ready, even though it could end up costing his job.
Agreed, and then those same "fans" bashing Harsin and pushing the narrative that win or lose he's gone all over social media wonder why recruits are scared to commit. Negative recruiting is a real thing and it's the biggest reason our recruiting is struggling.
Tank almost eclipsed 100 yards on them last year, I'm not worried about the run game at all. As long as Finley keeps the mistakes to a minimum our passing game SHOULD be ok as well.