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Jalen won a natty, then got replaced by a freshman. Instead of leaving for another school like 99% of players nowadays he stayed and supported Tua. He always was the first to congratulate Tua and was genuinely excited for him. He persevered and kept his head high. Then in the blink of an eye it all paid off and he came in, replaced the guy that beat him out and led an amazing comeback. Given the backstory in my opinion it's a better story than just a freshman winning a natty.
A few SEC WEST championships, a couple SEC championships, 1-1 in national championships, a heisman winner, and a heisman finalist.
Jalen Hurts coming off the bench to rally and win the SEC, given all the history that led up to that point, is by far #1 of this century. Kick 6 was the craziest play with the biggest implications so that's easily #2.
"Not intending" for something to happen doesn't relinquish you from the responsibility and consequences of your actions hence the use of manslaughter charges. The fact is he killed 2 people due to gross negligence and should rightly pay. Sure I've done negligent things in my life, and fortunately for me it never led to anything bad, but if it had I'd have ZERO issues with whatever consequences followed. That's called personal responsibility.
Oregon: A preseason top-10 team with a potential heisman finalist QB. Duke: a maybe 5 win team.
I can almost guarantee that Gatewood gets the nod to start vs Oregon. That being said I'm not so sure he remains the starter for the entirety of the season. Based on pure talent Nix is much better, but Gatewood has more experience (Not much though) and already has over a year in the system.
This year should finally put the "Gus can't develop qb's" myth to bed. I will give you he's had alot of transfer qb's, but to anyone watching this past a-day game, Gatewood has developed into a night and day better qb than he was at this point last year.
Actually he said "he might be a dark horse"
Auburns O-line isn't rebuilding, we return all 5 starters from last year. As for the RB's, we've got plenty of talent, but the o-line and playcalling last year was the issue. Qb's? We've got 2 great options, and while they are unproven, I fully expect whoever wins to become one of the top qb's in the SEC this year. I'm not saying I buy into the 10 wins, but historically after a disappointing season of underperforming, Gus usually gets an unknown qb and excels coaching with his back against the wall.
I love when people hate on millenials. Here's the thing about millenials. 95+% of all current professional athletes are millenials. The fastest man in the world history is a millenial. One of the richest self made men in the world is a millenial. Social media? Thank millenials. The majority of Iraq and Afghanistan vets? Also millenials. Is there a portion of millenials that cry and whine? Sure. Here's the thing: the fault lies squarely on previous generations for terrible parenting. The real "safe space" generation is the latest gen, gen z.
Based on the initial declaration that was used against the big 12 (you gotta be a conference champ to enter) Bama didn't earn it. BUUUTTT the committee changed the rules for that osu $$$$$$ and as a result of that precedent I'd certainly say Bama earned it. In my eyes any 1 loss team in the SEC West should earn a spot, but that's just me.
When's the last time Tennessee won anything of significance? The SEC? Natty? SEC East?
Gus deserves alot of criticism, but his offense when equipped with the right personnel, doesn't. People constantly say it's bad for qb's. I don't think so. Gus has had 4 different Qb's set countless different single season records, particularly in passing. Heck, Stidham, in just 2 seasons, became #2 all time total passing yards. The stats paint a much different picture than the analysts and talking heads.
That high school offense has produced 1 national championship, 2 SEC championships, and 3 SEC West championships.
Had the refs called the double dribble, the foul wouldn't have occurred and Auburn would have won. They didn't call the double dribble but they did (rightly) call the foul. Sucks, but it is what it is at this point.
Wins/losses don't really tell you whether an offense is great or not. It's possible to have an amazing offense and a poor defense and still lose alot of games. It really comes down to stats and performance against good defenses. Offensively Auburn has performed great against good to great defenses far more consistently than not. Alot of Gus's losses have been in the 1 score range, and alot of those losses came down to poor play calling and decisions, which is definitely a hit on Gus, but not his scheme.
Say what you want about the offense, but it's produced countless records and sent quite a bit of players to the NFL. Is Gus a qb guru? No. But 1 thing is certain, he's drastically developed Gatewood over the past year as evidenced the past 2 spring games.
All I need/needed to see in regards to Gatewood was some significant improvement in the passing game. This spring showed he's developed shockingly well in that regard, so ultimately I'm 100% on board whether he gets qb1 or Nix does. I feel like it's really a toss up at this point between the 2, with Gatewood currently ever so slightly ahead since Gus was helping Nix with reads and progressions.
Since Stidham declared I've stated on the record that it would be Gatewood or Nix. My initial impressions had Nix with the edge, but that was contingent on Gatewood not developing in the passing game. Gatewood appears to have progressed quite nicely thus far, which is shocking considering Gus has yet to show he can develop qb's so I wouldn't be surprised at all now to see him get the nod.
Malzahn has yet to be consistent. Every other year he's on the hot seat. He's yet to develop a quarterback. As a Head Coach hes been mediocre. He needed an extension, but he was not worth what it cost.
I don't deny that it was a foul, my only issue was Virginia had been doing the same thing all game and never got called for it. If you're gonna call something at least be consistent and not wait till the game is on the line.
Being the underdog means the other team can overlook you to an extent. Also, Auburn has been an underdog all tournament except for rd 1 and yet they keep winning. Besides, underdog is just an opinion.
I know you're butt hurt over that a$$whooping today, but Coach Pearl has already been cleared of that mess. Whatever helps you sleep at night though.
The only whining and crying I see is from UGA fans. I personally don't like having to play UGA then Bama in a 3 week span. The UGA game is always physical and wears a team down right before the biggest game of the year. Someone, anyone, show me a tougher stretch than playing (potentially) UGA and Bama on the road then the SECCG. That said, quit crying about the back to back UGA road games. Auburn had nothing to do with that, you can thank mizzou and aTm.