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The only whining and crying I see is from UGA fans. I personally don't like having to play UGA then Bama in a 3 week span. The UGA game is always physical and wears a team down right before the biggest game of the year. Someone, anyone, show me a tougher stretch than playing (potentially) UGA and Bama on the road then the SECCG. That said, quit crying about the back to back UGA road games. Auburn had nothing to do with that, you can thank mizzou and aTm.
National Championships: Auburn 1 UGA 0 National championship appearances: Auburn 2, UGA 1 Throw in Auburn has beaten Alabama 3 or 4 times, UGA has beaten Bama 0.
Within the current decade Auburn has had 2 national championship appearances and walked away with 1 championship. When's the last time UGA won a natty?
Not to discredit the victim, but is there more proof than just a recording of said victim and some guys voice? I'd like to think so considering the drastic consequences. Is there a police report accompanying the recording?
I sincerely hope Willis isn't the starter. I've always been extremely underwhelmed with his performance, and he's yet to show that he's a dual threat, all he ever does is run. Gatewood has shown promise, but my money/hope is in nix.
This. The Auburn/Georgia game is our biggest rivalry outside of the Iron Bowl. I might miss a game or 2 every season, but I always clear my schedule to watch the UGA game and the Iron bowl.
Trevor, Tua, and Jalen. As purely a fan of football, Jalen to Oklahoma sets up so many interesting plot lines for next season.
He should excel at OU as well as get some pretty good polishing. Playoffs are certainly going to be interesting next year.
He's the same height as Wilson, but Wilson has 35 more lbs of muscle mass which is crucial.
Not to mention he's had 2 years to develop and learn from Mayfield and Kyler Murray.
He was the 9th ranked pro-style qb, 12th qb overall, and was ranked ahead of Jalen Hurts at the time. Allegedly he ran a tight race with Kyler Murray for the starting spot this past season. He'd be a solid addition to help us get through the growing pains next season but ultimately Nix will be a better qb in the long term.
And yet they have more championships than any 2 or 3 other schools combined this century. Not to mention Bama has more players on NFL rosters than any other school. If you're trying to make a point it's falling flat.
That's my hope/prediction. He's probably not as good of a runner as Gatewood, but he's by far the most accurate/polished passer on the roster. Really just comes down to how much and how fast he can grasp the offense. Wouldn't surprise me if Gatewood gets the first couple of starts only to be replaced by Nix later on though.
I'm of the variety that always pulls for SEC teams vs OOC opponents. What's good for the goose is good for the gander and vice versa. That being said, both recent Auburn championship appearances my timeline was filled with Bama fans pulling for Oregon and FSU. You can paint this as "little brother's only do this sort of thing" but in reality it goes both ways.
I could see blasting this all over sports media if he was charged with assault, theft, dui, etc, but public intox? Please. He's a college kid and literally 99% of college kids have been guilty of the same charge. I hate seeing kids names run through the mud over stupid charges.
Considering we're returning almost all of our starters and historically Gus does great after an underperforming season, yep, I'd say I'm warm and fuzzy.
An SEC West championship and victory over #1 Alabama. Embarrassing was UGA'S loss to Texas.
False. Do you believe the sh!t that comes out of your mouth or do you just spread it anyways? Literally every Auburn fan I know would LOVE for Jalen to come to Auburn. He could run Gus's system better than everyone except Cam. With Hurts we'd almost certainly make the playoffs, at the very least the Iron bowl would be the defacto SECCG. Go back and look at all of the posts from Auburn fans after hurts beat Georgia. Every single Auburn fan, regardless of how they feel about Alabama congratulated Hurts and said they were beyond happy for him. AS for the Bama fans, I'm sure they'd still love him outside of the Iron bowl.
Nick Marshall was a DB turned QB. If Gus can win with a DB, then the potential with Gatewood and Nix is sky high. Barber and Payne really weren't all that great, and Tre mason didn't explode till his final year. We're returning almost all of our starters, at least the ones that are the most impactful, and the music city bowl showed how explosive our offense can be next season.
Maybe he just enjoys occasionally beating Bama, something no one on UGA'S roster has accomplished.
I'd love to see him in Malzahn's system, but Auburn's probably the last place he'd go. Best of luck, Hurt's is certainly the epitome of class in a sport losing more and more of it everyday it seems.
I called it. This is why I really wanted UCF to take the 4th seed this year. Bama would absolutely have destroyed UCF 78-3 and then we would never have to hear another word.
I went to see Auburn in Pasadena, but that was only because at the time I was stationed at Camp Pendleton a few hours away. No way I would pay all that money to travel to San Francisco now assuming Auburn had made it.
That was an Alabama fan shooting another Alabama fan because they "weren't upset enough about Bama losing." Still though your point rings true and there's no need for updyke to be brought up when talking about texas.
I'm excited for Bo Nix. His passing is light years ahead of Willis and Gatewood, and he's the top rated dual threat qb this cycle.
4 SEC teams have combined to win 9 of the last 12 championships and an SEC team has appeared in 11 of the past 12 championship games. 2 of the championships games in that timespan have been between 2 SEC teams. No other conference in history has had 2 teams competing against each other in the championship game once, let alone twice.
Oklahoma won their conference championship AND beat Texas.
Excellent retort. Go lose to another bottom barrel big 12 team.
It's not THAT bad, at least for the SEC in general. Bama absolutely destroyed the big 12 champion and their heisman winner so that makes up for UGA losing to their runner up.