Lifelong Bama fan. Born in 1932. Have seen the greats of SEC football.

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One doesn't have to be an Auburn fan to recognize slightly below average. #20, Sherwood talks a lot of smack but cant back it up to save his a$$.
And don't forget about Auburn getting bailed out against Kentucky with that horrible goal line call.
Let's all take a breath and a step back and remember that Cam Newton was at Auburn for 1.5 semesters. That's 18 weeks, with 12 of them being in the summer. We all remember he took his classes online because Chizik deemed him "too disruptive in class because everybody wanted to talk to him." 1.5 semesters. And he has a statue. Without the stolen laptop I assume.
Cristobal? Obviously I'm a Bama guy and I hate to be negative but there is no way Cristobal leaves to come to Auburn. Billy Napier is another former assistant Saban would drag up and down the field. Auburn gets way too excited when they beat Bama and start giving their Head Coaches massive contracts with impossible buyouts. You're stuck with "let's go for 2 with a trick play after our first TD" Malzahn. You actually lost to Arkansas. Why would yall give that Goober such a massive contract and buyout? Oh wait, I know the answer. Because he beat Bama twice in 3 years. Forget that he lost to Georgia and LSU and Minnesota... Come on man.
I thought his article was good, but what do I know?
Kirby is better than that and he will win one soon. He got caught in a logjam at QB in his first year or two. Sometimes you gotta play Jalen and sometimes you have to put in Tua. Know what I mean? Why would he take out a winning and consistent Fromm for an unproven freshman? Fields was so self-absorbed he couldn't wait one year to play. Bama has NFL draftees who rarely saw the field. Remember Alvin Kamara? Couldn't get on the field at Bama.
Seriously. And Saturday, we might make it 13 in a row against the Vols. Or is it 12? or 11? or 14? Fat Fulmer thought he was sticking it to Bama when he hired Jeremy Pruitt. Wrong again Fulmer.
No. Just a plain and simple no. I watched every other SEC kicker kick the ball into or through the end zone today except Bama's. We absolutely suck on KO's and punts.
Why on earth would anybody hire a special teams coach from Bama? Our punters average about 35 yards per punt, we've led the league in missed PAT's for 4 years and our kickoffs make it into the end zone zero percent of the time.
There is no probably. Georgia is going to kick yall's asses.
No way. UGA has a much better defense but they certainly don't have a Kyler Murray. But who does? Notre Dame will buy - I mean play - their way into the conversation. ND could have chosen any conference to join but they chose the ACC even though their campus is squarely located in Big 10 Territory.