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When the last time you won a series against us was.* This thing needs an edit button.
Nobody forgot the CWS. Did your forget the last time you won a series in baseball against us was? I did because it’s been that long
It’s the only major men’s sport you consistently beat us in. Cope harder.
Georgia would win without the ref help, but wtf. If you have to wait that long after the play is over to decide whether it was PI…it wasn’t.
I don’t think UT should be in. Can’t win your division, no playoff.
When Mullen was there it wasn’t as bad. Moorhead started a decline in the program and attendance and State fans just don’t really seem to care for Leach either. Leach is arguable the best coach we’ve ever had as far as beating top 25 teams goes, but alas. We want to fire him to hide some mediocre G5 coach who will just leave later anyways *sigh*.
Just before they work out there demons on us. #3 DB is getting torched.
Thank God the unrealistic Ole Miss hype train is dead.
Probably not. Says Spurrier is doing the recruiting and we’ve also got a 4 star QB that told FSU he would pass in this class. I think the Air raid works in the SEC. I just think we need better O-linemen and WRs to run it consistently. Teams, especially ones on the lower end of recruiting, are going to have to start hitting the portal hard and picking up guys from bigger schools who aren’t getting the snaps they want.
State just can’t handle playing out of Starkville. Oh well. Good win. The better team won tonight and that’s all there is to it.
Levis has been TOUGH the last 3 weeks. I get he was out last week, but he’s been hurt 3 weeks in a row and keeps comping back.
You say sarcasm and then say you have to acknowledge the hypocrisy….so which is it? Are you one of these morons who judges history through the lens of modern morality? Because, statistically speaking, there’s things a lot worse than the confederacy in human history. Just go check out an honest review of Alexander the Great or how being a P e d o p h i l e was socially acceptable in ancient times. History isn’t meant to be judged. It’s meant to be learned from.
Dawgs 35-17. If I’m wrong, I’ll eat it. Not much else to do in that scenario.
Arkansas did not lose because Jefferson didn’t play. It might’ve been closer, but they were out played in every facet of the game.
After holding R. Sanders <100 I am not seriously worried about a cats team that can’t seem to put it together this year. Gifted UM a win and then lost to S Car? Ouch. State lost to a not-so-great LSU team, sure. But they’ve looked improved every week after. I’ll take State 35-17.
Rogers is a good QB. I think he has the intangibles to lead his team. I believe his pocket presence is getting better as well. If LSU and State had to play later in the season instead of early I really believe State would’ve dog walked LSU. LSU is marginally better than ARK or Texas 8&4. Maybe not any. Tiger stadium is crazy place to play. Curious to see what happens the rest of the year to the Dawgs from the West.
State grad here, boys. Hope you guys keep winning so the egg bowl will be more interesting. Disliking you guys is like a sibling rivalry. Why wouldn’t I want more high profile matchups between in-state teams? Except for southern…..f*ck USM.
Oh please, Clanga by 17 is GENEROUS to Woo Pig considering your QB is possibly/probably out. One of the worst Pass Ds out there vs one of the best passing games in the country. You really like that matchup? Dawgs by 24 and won’t be close by half.
Yes….But should it? We were picked to go 6-6. Mullen had 5 8 win seasons in 9 years. That’s impressive success at State, BUT Leach brought in an entirely new system and 2020 was a wash. I think this is more like year 2.5 than 3. I really like Will Rogers. I’m not sure he’s the guy to take State to the next level.
All I’m saying is, from what I’ve seen so far this year is that if I had to pick someone to finish last in the West I wouldn’t pick state. But I would consider LSU.
You lose to a poor FSU team and then thump a Div II equivalent opponent and suddenly you’re going to pressure Rogers all night long? I doubt it. Not saying they won’t look better than in week 1, but the State D is better than FSU. You take that to the bank.
If it was in Starkville I would say that beating us would be huge. At Baton Rouge….Idk. I’m not sold on my Dawgs yet. I know you’re supposed to buy stock on the dip, but I’m going to wait until after next Saturday to decide. I’m concerned about D-line not seeming to get too many sacks. Sometimes pressure can be just as good, but I want to see some QBs blown up in the pocket.
Stadium used to sell out a lot when Mullen was coach and we were having success regularly. Would you expect every game to be sold out if last year was 3-7 season at UGA? You’re probably dumb if you say yes. Joe Moorhead also really rubbed people the wrong way. Program has to prove its on the right track to have support