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I can’t believe you just said that. Seriously you don’t remember the butt whoopins Mizzou has been handing us? Plus the game is in Missouri and it will be very cold. That game scares me more than any other game that we have left on our schedule. Plus Bryant is a much better qb than Fromm.
You are right as long as Franks is the starter. Unfortunately Mullen is one of the go with the status quo type coaches so barring Franks getting injured he won’t lose his starting job, and jones will be lucky to throw the ball again this season. Heck I bet Trask couldn’t play worse than Franks. But I am guessing we will see Franks go 13/25 with 2 TDS and one INT against Idaho while Florida only manages to score 47 points on them. We won’t touch 70 unless the defense makes it happen lol
Wait what? Florida is bad at running the ball since when?? We are averaging just shy of 200 yards rushing a game, and 5.1 yards a carry. We also have 3 very good backs, and honestly a fourth very good and under used back in Toney. Our passing game can be weak though. We have the receivers but Franks makes piss poor decisions half the time. Other times he looks like a capable qb with a big arm. If only he would learn how to focus, not throw boneheaded picks in the end zone, and miss wide open receivers...but you never know because in a rivalry game he might just be locked in and be a competent qb and take advantage of our good receivers. Either way we do have a very good running game. Not the best in the country but certainly nowhere near bad!
In his extremely unlikely scenario bama would still be in the playoffs. Florida would make it 2 sec teams. It would be bama, florida, big 10 and acc champ. He eliminated the possibility of the pac, big 12, 2nd big 10 and 2nd acc team. Bama would have to have a meltdown to not make the title game. Auburn and florida would both have to beat them for there to even be a chance. Even then depending on other upsets bama could still make it in.
I can see what he is saying. I live in florida, and am a lifelong gator fan. However, I hate the weather here. Some people, especially those who have only known one place their whole lives, desire a variety and to experience new things. Not everyone wants to be born, raised, live, and die in one place. Granted some people are afraid to come out of their shells and experience the rest of the world preferring to stay in one place and considering a vacation going someplace in their state. Then there are many of us who like to travel and get oht there. To each their own. Perhaps that recruit once to live somewhere with less humidity, seasons, fall foliage, snow, etc? Just because you live somewhere doesn't mean you have to love the weather. Also, gainesville is inland and gets hotter than miami in the summer. Perhaps he prefers miami with the sea breeze if he in fact does like swamp butt weather with a nice breeze? Or perhaps he is a pansy and can't deal with any kind of cool weather and therefore prefers miami because it is warmer in the winter? Those are a few reasonable options on what he meant. If I was a recruit the weather and boredom of only playing in the southeast, and barely leaving the state to travel would be the two things I would dislike the most about florida. The only thing I admire about Tennessee is they have th balls to go to california and play a pac game. Ut, bama, lsu will go almost anywhere and play anynody. I don't care if florida plays oregon state or another garbage major conference team. They need to take these young adults on real road trips for their once in a life time experience of college ball. I'm sick of florida playing st marys school of the blind during the year. They could at least play a cupcake from a major conference on the road every couple of years instead. But that's just me and to each their own.