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I would say the number doesn't exist because with how bad OU's defense is, Bama could score on a whim to retake the lead at any point in the game if they fall behind, no matter the score. And with a quarterback that just got robbed of the Heisman trophy running the offense, you can bet that OU will probably never even get close to having the lead.
I stopped taking this guy seriously when he referred to UCF and their conference as "Power 6".
I'm sure they'll bounce back like they always do. For the time being though, Kentucky is currently ranked higher in football than they are basketball. Wrap your head around that.
Honestly, this needs to end in a blowout of UCF. If UCF only loses by something like 27-24, or even if it's a two-touchdown game, their idiotic fans will probably still try and play the "we belonged in the playoff" card just for keeping it close with an SEC blue blood. All it'll take is one bad blowout loss though, and we never have to hear from them or about them again. Whatever you do though, don't pull an Auburn. Hopefully the sting from that A&M ending really does fire up y'all's team. GEAUX TIGERS! Put this "Power 6" team in their place.
Best of luck to the guy. Hated who he played for but he seems like a good kid and he's a hell of a player. Hope he ends up being successful somewhere.
One of the best games of the season so far, easily the best of this weekend.
That had to be one of the most gruesome football injuries I’ve ever seen. Honestly wish I hadn’t watched it. Prayers for Milton and his family. Shame anytime a player goes down with something like that.
Hell throw Louisville in there too. Make it a 4 team playoff.
Once again I say, the only solution is to give the delusional UCF fans exactly what they want. Put them in the playoffs. They can't complain about "disprespect", and we get to watch them lose by 50.
We're not perfect, that's for sure. But we play a tougher schedule than y'all as well. If UCF was playing an SEC West schedule, they would have at least 4 losses. Y'all are a good team, but you're not playoff caliber. A lot of SEC teams could play y'all's schedule and go undefeated. But I've said this before and I'll say it again. I want UCF to have their shot against the big boys. That way no matter what happened in the end, one side would be forced to eat their words, and the other side could say "I told you so". If y'all managed to pull an incredible upset or even kepp it close, I'd have to take back all my criticisms of y'all that I've made, and I would. On the flipside though, if y'all got blown out, then y'all would have to hear about it for a while, as a reminder to be careful what you wish for. Either way, it'd be settled. So don't think I don't wanna see the same thing you do. Y'all's fans seem to think that you're better than you actually are though, just because there's a 0 in the loss column of y'all's record.
It would be one of the most glorious blowouts anyone has ever witnessed. Sadly though, even if they win out, their wimpy schedule won't get them in. We'd have to pray they get matched up in a bowl against a team that won't choke like Auburn though. I'm thinking OU. Kyler Murray would rip their defense to shreds.
Those last 3 sentences are all that need to be said. Couldn't agree more.
The Irish also beat Navy by twice as much as UCF did. I guess he just forgot about that one though. I'm sure he also forgot that Notre Dame is also still the only team that's beaten No. 4 Michigan.
Hey man don't disrespect UCF's schedule. Just this past weekend, they came out a winner in a hard fought battle against a 2-win Navy team, winning by an astounding 11 points. And don't forget the incredible win against that Temple dynasty, in which their defense allowed 40 points at home.
For the 9 billionth time, does UCF deserve a shot? If they go undefeated, sure. Does UCF stand a chance against a playoff team? Hell no. All this UCF hype is getting ridiculous. I'm going to be the biggest Cincinnati fan this weekend. The Bearcats have the best defense UCF has faced all season (ranked 6th in FBS in total defense). Let's see how they handle their first real test. All it'll take is a home loss to another G5 team, and this UCF discussion should finally go away. Kanell once again makes himself out to be a complete moron. UGA would demolish UCF. Their offense found success against UK's defense, who has been pretty stout all season. If Temple could put up 40 on UCF's defense (ranked 91st in FBS in total defense), imagine how many points UGA could?
I agree. We had the Bama hangover last year when we came to Fayetteville and y'all put a scare in us. Y'all always play us close anyways for whatever reason, no matter the talent gap. Looking forward to a good game.
Well, the good news this year is that due to Auburn's struggles, UCF wouldn't get matched up against Mr. Chokes-in-the-postseason Malzahn. I imagine they'd play maybe OU, WVU, UGA, or Wazzu. All of those teams should be able to roundhouse-kick UCF all the way back to Disney World.
Yeah didn't this Notre Dame team struggle to take down Vandy and Pitt?
Hell I would take the 31 points and then some. That weak defense that just allowed 40 at home to Temple is the kind of defense Tua and company would feast on. But while I would love to see Bama put UCF in their place, it won't happen. I think UCF's gonna lose to a conference opponent before the postseason even gets here actually. Temple, USF, and Houston (in the AAC championship game) all have the potential to knock the "defending national champs" off of their pedestal.
I love my team to death, but no. Tua and the Bama offense are unstoppable until further notice, even with our defense playing out of their minds.
No doubt. It's almost like the refs were trying to keep UCF in the game all night. That pass interference call at towards the end that helped set UCF up for their last touchdown was garbage too. Even the announcers were talking about it.
UCF plays absolutely nobody, and they still struggle. We’ll see how they handle Cincinnati, USF, and Houston (assuming they meet in the AAC championship game). Much better teams than the teams they’ve been struggling to beat so far.
"Should" is the keyword there. Bama of course is a loss, and LA Tech and Arky look like easy wins. You never know with the Egg Bowl though. I think they gave us plenty of bulletin board material last year though, with Fitz getting injured and Metcalf's behavior throughout the game. I would hope Fitz especially would want revenge on them.
Losing at home to Mizzou? I don't think so. That'd be quite the upset for a team that's still winless in conference play.
I never realized that. Thanks for the insight. I usually go by whatever ranking (if any) a team has next to their name on the broadcast scoreboard during the game.
I'm still just wandering why you keep bringing up those three wins while completely ignoring the 17 losses y'all have suffered from the SEC. Maybe you think Bama is still a 3-8 team on probation and haven't been paying attention to college football outside of UCF since 2007. Either way man, keep holding onto that '00 win over Bama while you can, because God help your team if they have to face this year's Bama team later on.
It is interesting that before Fitz was our starting QB, we only beat A&M once. Also, not all of his wins over the Aggies were against ranked Aggie teams. Last year's win in College Station was against an unranked A&M.
What's he supposed to say in the middle of a season? "Now that you mention it, I am exploring other options."