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Lol why does he look stoned as hell in the thumbnail?
I went back and forth on the Georgia game honestly. But just because you beat the best team in your division doesn't mean you win that division or that you can't still lose other games. Sometimes the great teams go down early to a team that'll fail to capitalize on that win, and the team that got upset will go on to do great things later in the season. 2007 Kentucky beating LSU, 2014 and 2015 Ole Miss beating Bama. Those losses happened, and the teams that pulled the upsets ended up losing games to teams that were far inferior to the great team they had beaten earlier in the season. Hell, 2007 Kentucky beat eventual national champ LSU and later lost at home by 17 to one of our Sylvester Croom coached teams, along with other losses.
Coastal Carolina: W Georgia: W (I'm still going with the upset. This game and the LSU game are easily Georgia's toughest road games of the year, and this one is pretty early in the season.) Marshall: W @ Vanderbilt: W @ Kentucky: L (I think the streak continues to 5. Kentucky's playing at home, and Kentucky will probably be plenty motivated to continue one of their more impressive win streaks.) Missouri: W Texas A&M: W (As I said on the A&M article, this could be a close one.) @ Ole Miss: L (USC's defense is more suited to stopping the run, which is something the Ole Miss offense does so rarely.) @ Florida: L (South Carolina is 2-14 in games played in the Swamp. I don't see how they get that third win this year. They didn't exactly blow last year's disastrous Florida team out of the water at home.) Chattanooga: W @ Clemson: L (I wanna see the Gamecocks beat them for the sake of the SEC, but Dabo owns this rivalry right now. The Tigers finally repay the Gamecocks for 2009-2013 with their fifth straight win in this series.) 8-4(5-3 in SEC play)
UT Martin: W Wyoming: W @ Purdue: W (I don't see them losing this time. They got flat out embarrassed last time on their home field, and I think they return the favor this year.) Georgia: L @ South Carolina: L (This could be a close one though.) @ Alabama: L Memphis: L (Yep. I'm picking Memphis to be a non-conference loss for Mizzou instead of Purdue. I just feel like after playing Bama, Mizzou is exhausted, and the Memphis offense lights up their defense. I could be wrong though. Regardless of who wins, we should definitely see a good shootout in this one.) Kentucky: W @ Florida: L Vanderbilt: W @ Tennessee: W Arkansas: W 7-5(4-4 in SEC play)
Gotta say I agree with all of these picks. I do think there's a slight chance they beat someone they shouldn't though, and get to a bowl. (Mayne SC again, Tennessee, Mizzou maybe)
I personally feel like they stand the best chance to pull an upset over UGA. It's tough to 12-0 in the SEC during the regular season. Even Saban's only done it 3 times in his 11 years at Bama. UGA's gonna have a great team again this year, but I just feel like they lose one along the way, and it's SC. Plus SC gets Deebo Samuel back from injury this year, and y'all just lost Nick and Sony to the NFL. I think early in the season y'alls offense is definitely gonna be adjusting to playing without them. If this game happened later in the season, I think y'all win it a lot easier. Fromm is a hell of a quarterback though, and I imagine if y'all win that game it's because of him making some big plays. I'm sure the atmosphere in Williams-Brice is gonna be unreal.
Austin Peay: W @ South Carolina: L (I'm going with USC to pull the upset. They hung with Georgia in Sanford Stadium better than most did last year, and I think they pull off a close upset win at home this year.) Middle Tennessee: W (I got a friend that goes to Middle Tennessee that actually thinks they can keep this one competitive. Poor guy.) @ Missouri: W (This is the start of a difficult 3-game stretch for Mizzou. I don't see the Tigers winning any of those games.) Tennessee: W Vanderbilt: W @ LSU: W (I just don't see LSU winning this one. Yeah Death Valley is scary, but I think the east Dawgs overcome that late in the game. I expect a final score of something like 28-21.) Florida: W @ Kentucky: W Auburn: W (Everywhere I look I see Auburn predicted to win this one. Why? Auburn hasn't won here since 2005, and Gus' only road wins against Top 10 teams, are in 2013 at No. 7 TAMU, which isn't surprising because Kyle Field is the only place they can beat the Aggies apparently, and at No. 4 Ole Miss in 2014, after Treadwell got injured. Not trying to take a shot at Auburn or say it's not possible they could win, I'm just wondering why so many other predictions I've seen give Auburn the W.) UMass: W Georgia Tech: W (The home team finally wins again in this rivalry.) 11-1(7-1 in SEC play)
Same. We tend to do much better when we've been told we won't do very well. I'm concerned we may turn out like Auburn did in 2015.
Charleston Southern: W Kentucky: W Colorado State: W @ Tennessee: W @ Mississippi State: L LSU: L @ Vanderbilt: W Georgia: L Missouri: W South Carolina: W (definitely don't agree with the writer here. I think USC will be good this year, but not good enough to win in the Swamp against a Florida team that might have gotten more into the rhythm of things under Mullen late in the season.) Idaho: W @ Florida State: L 8-4 (5-3 in SEC play)
Northwestern State: W Clemson: L Louisiana-Monroe: W @ Alabama: L Arkansas: W Kentucky: W @ South Carolina: L (We could see a really close game here. A&M could win, but I think the Gamecocks pull this one off in the end. Keep in mind that A&M didn't necessarily blow them out at home last year either.) @ Mississippi State: L @ Auburn: L (We finally see the home team win this one.) Ole Miss: W UAB: W LSU: W (If this one was in Death Valley, maybe LSU. But I think the only coach that can claim a win at Kyle Field this year will be Dabo Swinney.) 7-5(4-4 in SEC play)
Texas Tech: W (Didn't like 4 of Tech's starters get arrested and suspended? I'm not so sure they'd be ready for the Rebs' offense even with those guys. Southern Illinois: W Alabama: L (Not gonna be a nine touchdown game this time, but I still don't think it's close in the end.) Kent State: W @ LSU: L (I really do feel like this one could be closer than a lot of people think though. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see the Rebs actually pull the upset.) Louisiana-Monroe: W @ Arkansas: L (I was pretty torn on this one. I do feel like the Rebs are the superior team, but Arky's at home. Who knows though? Maybe that curse Arkansas had over Ole Miss left with Bielema and the last child of the Allen family.) Auburn: L (I feel like the Tigers could take a while to really get rolling offensively in this one however.) South Carolina: W (Tough to say which one of these teams will be favored to win this when Nov. 3 rolls around. However, I think the Rebs win, upset or not.) @ Texas A&M: L (Jimbo gives Texas A&M their first ever home SEC win over Ole Miss.) @ Vanderbilt: W (This could be ugly for Vandy. Tough to say if Mason will still be coaching the Dores at this point in the season. I don't have high expectations for Vandy this year at all with Webb gone.) Mississippi State: L (I still feel like this is gonna be a shootout. I also still feel like we survive in the end. Revenge is one hell of a motivator, and that'll be on our players' minds all night. I can see the final score being something like 49-42, regardless of who wins.) 6-6(2-6 in SEC play)
I think 8 wins is a worst case scenario in all honesty but entirely possible. Jimbo could very well catch us off guard when the Aggies come to town, or maybe we do underestimate Bill Snyder's team and take a loss in Manhattan. And I think we underestimated a talented team in y'all back in November. This Egg Bowl might actually be more heated than it was last year. Should be a good game nonetheless.
While it is true that Gus' first season on the plains remains his best, I think Moorhead stepped into this job at the right time. Will he maintain any of the success we may have this season and stay consistent? Only time will tell. I'm optimistic about this year though. I still think 9 wins is realistic, and that wouldn't be a bad season at all. Maybe this year we'll actually give y'all somewhat of a game.
I hope it's Auburn too just because we owe them for these past 2 years of embarrassment. It's almost like all the magic we had against them left with Dak. Let's hope we get some of that back this year.
I do see your point about not having a RB that's on the same level Barkley was. Aeris is good but not that good. The new coaching staff doesn't concern me though. Remember, y'all had a new coaching staff when Gus arrived in 2013, and he took y'all to the title game. Sometimes it works out just fine for new coaches if they inherit a loaded team.
It is possible we beat one of them. I'd lean more towards Auburn just because it's at home, and Gus tends to struggle on the road against ranked competition a lot.
Stephen F. Austin: W @ Kansas State: W (I get the whole working out the kinks thing, but K-State lost to Vandy last year. That's not to say they couldn't be better this year though. We could very well lose, but I think we pull away in the end and win a close one.) Louisiana: W @ Kentucky: W (might be somewhat close for a while. Even against Kentucky's worst teams, we typically never blow them out in Lexington.) Florida: W Auburn: L @ LSU: L Texas A&M: W LA Tech: W @ Alabama: L Arkansas: W @ Ole Miss: W (I don't think we see a blowout like in 2016, but the Rebs did give us plenty of bulletin board material last year aside from just taking the Egg. Fitzgerald's injury as well as D.K. Metcalf dog-pissing in the endzone and planting the flag midfield after the game are things I'm sure our players will be fired up about. I do expect Ole Miss' offense to roll too though. I love a good shootout.) 9-3(5-3 in SEC play)
Honestly this whole situation just keeps going from annoying to funny then back to annoying. They'll shut their mouths when they suffer their first loss this season though.
Y'all play South Carolina at home this year.
Miami: W (I like the upset here. Miami was slightly overrated last year, and I think LSU surprises people with this one.) Southeastern Louisiana: W @ Auburn: L LA Tech: W Ole Miss: W (This one could be closer than some think) @ Florida: W Georgia: L Mississippi State: W (I went back and forth on this one. Yeah we destroyed them last year, but Death Valley is tough. Even Saban's Bama teams have never won by more than 10 in that stadium, and two of those wins have come in overtime.) Alabama: L @ Arkansas: W Rice: W @ Texas A&M: L (I think all the fun LSU's been having in this matchup comes to a halt in the first year of the Jimbo Fisher era.) 8-4(4-4 in SEC play)
Oops. That should be a loss for the Bama game. SDS still hasn't made an edit option for posts?
Washington: W (could go either way though honestly) Alabama A&M: W LSU: W Arkansas: W Southern Miss: W at Mississippi State: W (This one could honestly go either way. We've just done so bad against them these past 2 years though, and I don't see that changing anytime soon.) Tennessee: W at Ole Miss: W Texas A&M: W (the home team finally wins this game) at Georgia: L Liberty: W at Alabama: W
Eastern Illinois: W @ Colorado State: W North Texas: W (could be interesting though) @ Auburn: L (could get just as ugly as the last 2 games they played too) Texas A&M: L Alabama: L Ole Miss: W (honestly more of a toss up though. I just went with the home team.) Tulsa: W Vanderbilt: W LSU: L @ Mississippi State: L @ Missouri: L 6-6 (2-6 in SEC play)
I have to give the guy credit. Not many people thought Ole Miss stood a chance against anybody when Shea went down. He's proven though that he's a hell of a quarterback. Gonna be interesting to see him play all the teams he didn't get the chance to play last year. I just hope we're better prepared for him this time around. You'd be crazy to overlook this guy. We did, and we payed the price.
On a side note, why is Spurrier wearing a Sooners jacket in that photo?
They're probably scrambling right now to find someone aside from Urban to place the blame on. Wouldn't want their program going where Florida's went when Meyer left there.
There wasn't really even that much to rebuild after Tressel left. They dropped from 10-1 in 2010 (Tressel's last season) to 6-7 in 2011 under an interim head coach. The very next year they were back on top with Urban. They literally only had that one bad season. An example of rebuilding is what Saban did at Bama after they kicked Mike Shula to the curb.
Same to you. Hopefully y'all can get back to looking like the Tennessee of old soon. Was planning on coming up to the game next year too. Always wanted to go to a game in Neyland.