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Hail State to that. That 2013 team mentioned in the article also made it to the final before falling to UCLA. Let's do that again without the losing to UCLA part. Bruins look tough right now though.
Same here with the Memphis Express. Would've been interesting to see what they could've accomplished with Manziel at QB.
Agreed. For the time being, it looks like UT's on the rise in baseball. We pay y'all a visit in 2 weeks. Should be a good series.
I thought Southern was unranked when we played them. I know they're unranked now.
Ah yes. "Gerogia". The newest addition to the SEC. Pretty good start to the season for them.
I have a feeling it's gonna be closer than a lot of people think. I by no means think we win though. Hope it's a good game.
It's definitely possible. If Luke fails to reach a bowl game during their first season without the postseason ban, I think he's gone. I don't think even think 5-7 with an Egg Bowl win would save him. Not to mention Rodriguez has something Luke never had. Prior head coaching experience.
What in the world makes anyone think we're gonna be a Top 10 team? We had a more talented team this past season and went 8-5.
So did Ole Miss change mascots again? "To see what the Tigers could be getting..."
Lol these are the same geniuses that sent that tweet of MLK wearing the FSU gloves out last week right?
Gotta say it was cool to watch UK have such a good year (aside from Week 4). Hopefully they can keep it up next year. Gonna be tough without Snell or Allen though.
Y'all's two games against UK ought to be two of the best SEC games of the season. The Vols can definitely hang with any other team in the country right now.
Jalen's always been a class act, and even though No. 2 on this list still hurts (no pun intended) for me to this day, I wish him the best of luck. He deserves to finish his college career strong.
So, Georgia got thumped by themselves in the Sugar Bowl huh? I guess that is a pretty rough end to the season.
Didn't UCF have to come from behind to beat a Memphis team that got blasted by Mizzou? And wasn't that WITH Milton playing? (I'm talking about the regular season matchup)
They already are that annoying little university that no one can stand being around.
It was something else to see the entire college football community put team allegiance aside this season to support this kid. Rest in Peace Tyler. Boiler Up.
No doubt about it. Congrats on that 10 win season. We'll see y'all in Starkville next season. Should be a good one.
I agree. Regardless, I'm not ready to run the guy off just yet, even given the shortcomings we had this season. We'll see how he does when he has his own recruits to run his system through. Congrats to your team on y'all's win today by the way. The UCF madness is finally over.
lol where’s that one UCF fan on here that brought up the time they beat Bama 18 years ago?
Congrats LSU and thank you. Makes the embarrassment of our game hurt a little less. Party hard tonight Tigers. After all, you just took down the “defending national champs”
I'm sure there's absolutely a 0% chance of that statement being used in the Gator locker room as motivation.