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A different look, I like it. A lot better than those yellow jerseys they wore the last time we came to Death valley.
Hey I'll take that. I feel like LSU might be the only team in the conference that can challenge Bama this season, so I'm not expecting a win here at all. Just hoping we stay in it for all 4 quarters.
I don't think they can. I don't know all the details of it, but I think the university is under contract with the stadium and they have to play a certain number of games there every year.
I'd have Orgeron, Muschamp, Mason, Odom, and Luke in that order personally. Honorable mentions go out to Jimbo, Kirby, and Pruitt.
So since you think we lose to Arkansas, are you saying Arkansas is a better team than Auburn? Just curious.
Honestly, I don't think just because we beat an Auburn team that doesn't look good at all right now we're still as good as this article says. I think 8-4 or 7-5 is a good bet. We'll beat Arky and LA Tech for sure, probably beat one/lose one to Ole Miss and A&M, and lose to LSU and Bama. I think LSU looks really good right now, and they're Bama's biggest threat in my opinion. Don't see us winning in Baton Rouge next weekend, just hoping we keep it respectable.
We may very well get boatraced by LSU, but what makes you think we're gonna lose to Arkansas? I can maybe see Ole Miss just because that's a road rivalry game, but Arky at home? Hahahahaha! Thanks for making me laugh. We'd lose to A&M before we lose to Arky.
I say if UCF ends up being one of four unbeaten teams at the end of the season, put them in the playoff. I'd love to see what they can do against Bama, Ohio State, or Clemson. That way they'll have to actually earn the trophy to claim a championship this time. If they get left out and win a NY6 bowl game again, they'll just claim another one again probably. I say let them prove themselves. They somehow win out, they get to say "We told you so" and if they lose we get to joke about how good the team that beat them is for beating the "defending national champs".
I understand creating a conference rivalry for Mizzou since they never had any rivalries with the SEC before they joined (even if that Battle-Line rivalry with Arky seems really forced), but why is this considered a rivalry? A&M already had much more noteworthy rivalries with LSU and Arky before they joined our conference. Just because they're cross-divison opponents every year doesn't mean it should be considered a rivalry.
Pitt is Power 5 (ACC), but I agree with your point. Not to mention the P5 opponents they've scheduled here lately (Pitt, UNC, GA Tech last year that also got cancelled) haven't exactly been setting the world on fire themselves.
I wouldn't say they're gonna be underdogs against us, seeing as how we're playing. They're at home, so they'll probably be a slight favorite like in 2016. It'll be a team that can't play defense hosting a team that can't play offense. This year's Egg Bowl will determine who finishes .500 and who doesn't.
I keep trying to tell myself the same thing Joe. Let's see if it does. It starts when we actually start seeing an offense that can at least play football against an SEC team.
I agree. I think with the home crowd behind them, our boys are gonna be angry and ready to bounce back from this past Saturday night. This game has been circled on every player's calendar since Mullen left for UF.
Don't blame the guy. Wake Forest is irrelevant to him. They're not on UConn's schedule nor does this guy seem to have any ties to Wake Forest. I would've done the same thing. Stupid question.
I mean, how does if make my team look if the teams that beat them end up crashing and burning? Of course I'm supporting UK. Plus who doesn't like a good underdog story?
Honestly, I see only 2 games that are probably sure losses (A&M and Georgia). If they can squeak by Mizzou and USC, they should win every game except those two. The rest of their schedule looks manageable. Imagine a 9-3 or 10-2 Kentucky. Get it done Cats!
Despite how painful Saturday night was for me, the kid has earned my respect. He's certainly not lacking in confidence, and if he takes Kentucky to new heights this season, I don't see why he shouldn't be in the Heisman discussion.
I’ve been rooting against them ever since they declared themselves “national champions”
I'll be completely honest. If my duties as a State fan didn't prevent me from disliking y'alls team, I might go catch an Ole Miss game every now and then. The Grove really is something else. I've been to Oxford multiple times, but I've only been for football twice (2012 and 2014 Egg Bowls) and it was still an enjoyable experience for me aside from the scores of those games. A great tailgating experience, not to mention some of the most beautiful women you'll find east of the Mississippi.
I'll tell you about the glorious history of MSU football if you tell me about the glorious history of UK football. I'm not denying that you have a good team this year, or that we've had a lot of bad years ourselves, but you seem to think that this will be an easy win for UK, or that you've had sustained success against us recently. What was it you said on a different article? "Enjoy the beatdown!" I promise you buddy we're not gonna get blown out by UK of all teams.
Why is the LSU-Ole Miss kickoff time so late? Did they both join the Pac-12 all of a sudden?
Oh I think we win. I just don't see us blowing them out of the stadium.
I wouldn't be so sure. While I think we win, keep in mind that UK always plays us close in Lexington. Even when we were No. 1 in 2014, we still only won 45-31, hardly a blowout. Factor in the momentum Kentucky has after how they've started the season off, and we could be in for a tough test. I'd love to see an easy win, like last season, but I just don't think we'll blow them out.
I wouldn’t say we’re in the clear to beat Auburn just yet. Despite the loss in the Tiger Bowl, they’re still a good team, and will bounce back. I’m not sold on us beating Texas A&M just yet either. Let’s see how the Aggies handle the trip to T-Town next weekend. That being said, I’m perfectly fine with road losses to a great LSU team, and what looks like an unbeatable Bama team, so long as we can keep the score respectable.
North Texas is C-USA, not Sun Belt.
Hell of an effort 'Dores. Get back up, brush yourself off, and get ready for the Gamecocks.
I feel like they always wear the Navy jerseys against Bama at home and the white and red-striped jerseys with powder blue helmets in T-Town nowadays. I actually like the all white they wore in the opener.