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Tennessee in the sugar bowl? Um wellll
It's Danny Wuerffel's hand. They are picking him up.
Nobody is moving to either Tallahassee or Gainesville to start "the rest of their lives"
I realized why I have stopped reading this "blog" Its all bulls**t
Ah, yeah that would be interesting but could you image a 5 start recruit doing tackling drills with some nobody? RUDY RUDY RUDY
And Auburn. Auburn did beat Kentucky. Could pull an upset.
I award you no points and my god have mercy on your soul
I don't hate LSU. In-fact I cheer for them 364 days a year.But it gets to a point where the rumors and accusations start to add up. I respect your opinion and understand where you're coming from.
Unfortunately LSU fans have a few bad apples that ruin the reputation of their fan base. I was in Baton Rouge last weekend for the game and I will admit I was treated fairly nice. I was there in 2007 during the Tebow years and man they did not like me. I've gotten beers thrown at me, called everything in the English language, and of course heard "TIGER BAIT" 45 million times. LSU fans have alot of passion and pride but sometimes they take it too far. It's just a football game but to some of them its much more. LSU with Bama not too far behind take it to a whole new level. People say "Florida fans are just as bad if not worse." I'm not saying we don't have our fair share of @$$holes but LSU, well man they can make Baton Rouge just darn right uncomfortable for the visiting fan base. P.S. - "TIGERBAIT" might be the most annoying thing in the world.
Last one has a tiny bit of potential. If he can make that power without that run up we have some hope..... oh my
Tennessee, don't hold your breathe.
With all due respect to Mr Fournette, Florida has been the toughest defense/team they have played all season followed by Mississippi State and yes, Auburn. I know Fournette is the real deal and I bet he would win the Heisman on week 2. With that said he needs to finish the mission. Needs to keep it going against Alabama, Arkansas, Ole Miss and Texas A&M. Dalvin Cook is an outstanding tailback but Fournette is the man.
I think the problem is both fan bases have ALOT of pride. Tough pill to swallow but I admit we lost the game fair in square. Both teams have their strengths and weaknesses. I was at the game, section 403 row 26. I told everybody before the game, somebody has to lose.
"One of the nation’s best teams had to resort to a trick play to beat us in their own stadium" Quote from Jim McElwain.
Great play call. Typical Les Miles. I want a video montage of all the LSU fake punts/kicks against Florida. Then I want that video played the week before we play LSU to the special teams/defensive players for Florida. If I were defensive coordinator Gregg Williams I would have this to say as I rub my fingers together "First ones on me, first ones on me." #bountygate
Bama in the start of the season was beatable (obviously) but now they are clicking on all cylinders. Bama at Bryant Denny vs LSU.... Harris will have to play perfect along with another 200 yard performance by Fournette. The fact that 200 yard performances by Fournette are a common thing blows my mind. #Heisman
Harris cannot complete a crossing route to save his life. Also loves to hold the ball in the pocket. Granted he didn't do any bone head plays to jeopardize the game at LSU but he doesn't make big plays. Calloway bailed his butt out a couple times.
Please, y'all won on a fake field goal! LSU's only touchdown in the second half! Be a little bit more humble please.
He's not a starter. No impact on the field.